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松江共振吸脂价格I once calculated that I did about 1, 000 hours work in the three years I was at Oxford,an average of an hour a day.我曾算过 我在牛津的三年里 做过1 000个小时的工作 平均每天一小时I am not proud of this lack of work.我不会因为不勤于工作而感到骄傲I am just describing my attitude at the time an attitude that nothing was worth making an effort for.我只是在描述我当时的态度 当时就觉得没有什么是值得努力的He used to produce his work every week for tutorial and, as he never kept any notes or papers or that sort of thing.每个星期的课外辅导他都做些研究 因为他从来不保留笔记 草稿或者类似这些资料on leaving my room, he would normally throw it in my wastepaper basket.离开我房间的时候 他都把那些会扔到我的垃圾桶里And when he was with other undergraduates at the tutorial.当他和其他一些大学生一起做研究and they saw this happen, they were absolutely horrified.他们看到这些时 完全吓坏了cause they thought, he did this work in probably half an hour.因为他们认为 他只要半小时就完成的工作If they could have done it in a year,they wouldnt have thrown it in the wastepaper basket.如果他们能在一年内完成 他们都不会扔到废纸篓里They wouldve put it in a frame on their walls.而是把它们裱起来挂到墙上Because of my lack of work.I had planned to get through the final exam by doing problems in theoretical physics.由于我疏于学习 我打算解决理论物理的问题 来通过我的期末考试and avoiding any questions that required factual knowledge.I didnt do very well.并避开需要事实性知识的问题 我做的不是很好I was on the borderline between a first- and second-class degree.我处在一等和二等学位的边界and I had to be interviewed to determine which I should get.我不得不通过面试来决定我能够获得第几等They asked me about my future plans.I replied, if they gave me a first I would go to Cambridge.他们询问我的未来计划 我回答到 如果他们给我第一等 我就会去剑桥大学If I only got a second I would stay in Oxford.They gave me a first.如果我获得二等学位 我就留在牛津 他们给了我一等学位201603/434349黄浦彩光祛斑的价格Chinese President to visit Turkey, Philippines中国国家主席习近平将访土耳其菲律宾 出席G20和APEC会议Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the the tenth summit of the G20 in southwest Turkeys Antalya next Saturday.中国国家主席习近平将于14日至16日赴土耳其安塔利亚出席二十国集团(G20)领导人第十次峰会。His Tukish tour is at the invitation of President Tayyip Erdogan. Later, he will travel to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, to attend the 23rd informal APEC Leaders Meeting at the invitation of the president, Benigno Aquino.随后,他将赴菲律宾马尼拉出席17日至19日举行的亚太经合组织(APEC)第二十三次领导人非正式会议。译文属201511/408969The kids behaviour today has hit Miss Yang hard.孩子们的举动重重地打击了杨老师We cannot afford to fail.我们不能接受失败This does mean a lot.这一切的意义重大And I am standing here, representing Chinese way of teaching.我站在这里,代表着中式教育Ive got to deliver.我必须要传递理念Ive got to present the Chinese teaching the best I can.我必须用最好的面目来展现出中式教育My dad always told me when he was still very healthy...我爸爸还很健在的时候总是跟我说He said to me, what I have left to my three daughters are knowledge, qualifications, good ability to survive in a tough society.他对我说,他能留给三个女儿的,是知识,品德,在一个恶劣的社会环境下良好的生存能力And I cannot forget that.我不能忘记他说的I can never forget about that.我永远都不能忘记I want to pass this to my students...我想给学生传递这些理念Because I think my dad is the best teacher in my life.因为我觉得我爸爸是我人生中最好的老师And I want to teach my students what I have been taught.而我想教给学生们我所学到的Its over halfway through the four week experiment and tonight is parents evening.四周的实验已经过了两周,而今晚是家长会Ladies and gentlemen, can we mop a little bit?女士们先生们,能不能稍微拖下地We only have ten minutes. Please be quick.我们只有十分钟了,请快一些With the Chinese school facing failure, this could be the last chance to turn things around.在中式学校正面临失败的时候,家长会也许能改变事态The hope is that the parents can make their kids behave.理想情况是家长们能让他们的孩子端正行为Parents in Britain, they maybe not as determined as the Chinese in getting their kids to do very well at school.英国家长,他们可能并没有像中国家长一样强烈地希望自己的孩子能学得很好But they may cooperate with us.但他们也许会与我们合作In a typical Chinese parents evening, the parents sit in rows and the teachers address them from the front of the class.在一场普遍的中式家长会中,家长们坐在一起,老师在课堂前作说明Their speeches could be their only hope of saving their school.他们的演讲也许是拯救中式学校的唯一希望201604/439095上海玫瑰医院治疗痤疮价格

上海市徐汇区宛平地段医院做红色胎记手术价格金山区人民中医院做双眼皮开眼角价格费用TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201603/434321上海市第七人民医院做去眼袋手术价格Some Native American tribes used smoke signals to share locations or warn of danger. You can use this communication system to secretly woo your crush.一些美国土著部落使用烟火信号来分享位置或预警危险。你也可以使用这种交流方式来秘密向你的心仪对象求爱。You Will Need你需要Fire火Grass, green sticks, or wet branches草,绿色的棍子,或者新鲜的树枝Wet blanket湿毯子Code暗号Steps步骤STEP 1 Build the fire in a high place1.在较高的位置架起火堆Build your fire in a high place so it is visible.在较高的位置架起火堆,这样比较容易看得到。STEP 2 Make smoke2.制造烟雾Smother the fire and create smoke by adding grass, green sticks, and wet branches to fire.把火堆浇湿,可以在火堆上面加一些草,绿色的棍子或新鲜的树枝。STEP 3 Direct the smoke3.引导烟的走向Direct the smoke using a wet blanket. Hold the blanket over the fire, and let the smoke build up under it. Remove the blanket to send up a puff.用湿毯子引导烟雾走向。把毯子放在火堆上方,让烟在下面聚集。把毯子拿走,让烟向上冒。STEP 4 Communicate through code4.通过暗号来交流Communicate through a code. Work out a code ahead of time with your crush, or use Morse code if both of you know it.通过暗号来交流。提前与你心仪的对象规定好暗号,或者如果双方都知道的话,用斯密码也可以。Avoid using 3 puffs of smoke in your code as this is often considered an alarm signal.避免使用三次冒烟的信号,因为这通常被认为是警报信号。STEP 5 Say hello5.说你好Say hello using your code.用暗号说你好。STEP 6 Compliment6.赞扬Compliment your crush. Spell out ;youre cute; with the smoke signals. Keep the conversation light because youre flirting and because the smoke limits how much you can say.赞扬对方。用烟雾信号拼写出“你很可爱”。保持对话轻快,因为你们是在调情,而且烟雾会限制你说话的字数。STEP 7 Arrange to meet up7.安排见面Conclude your smoke signal conversation, after youve gotten a good response from your crush, by agreeing to meet after curfew, and youll be in for a hot evening.从对方那里得到积极的回应,同意夜晚约会之后,结束烟雾信号对话。你将拥有一个温馨的夜晚。The Vatican uses smoke signals when selecting a new pope. Black smoke means no pope has been selected, and white smoke means there is a new pope.梵蒂冈选举新教皇时使用烟雾为信号。黑色的烟雾意味着没有教皇当选,白色的烟雾意味着新教皇诞生。201502/357380虹口区妇幼保健医院割双眼皮手术价格

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