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Traditional Divorce Process传统离婚程序In traditional Chinese society,there are three major ways to dissolve a marriage.在中国传统社会有三种解除婚姻的主要方式。The first one is no-fault divorce.第一种是无过失离婚。According to the legal code of Tang Dynasty (618-907),a marriage may be dissolved due to personal incompatibility, provided that the husband writes a divorce note.根据唐代律法(618-907),如果丈夫写了休书,双方可以因个性不合而离婚。The second way is through a state-mandated annulment of marriage.第二种是通过国家下达的婚姻无效。This applies to when one spouse commits a serious crime (variously defined, usually defined more broadly for the wife) against the other or his/ her clan.这种方法适用于夫妻其中一方触犯了严重的不利于他/她所属宗族的条规(定义广泛,通常对妻子那方更广义)。Finally, the husband may unilaterally declare a divorce.最后一种是丈夫可以单方面要求离婚。To be legally recognized,however,it must be based on one of the following 7 reasons:法律上的承认需要基于以下七条原则:The wife lacks filial piety towards her in-laws. This makes the in-laws capable of breaking a marriage against both partner’s will.女方不孝敬她的姻亲。因为姻亲足以在违背双方意愿的情况下强行解除婚约。She fails to bear a son.女方生不出儿子。She is vulgar or lewd/adulterous.女方粗俗、淫荡、通奸。She is jealous. This includes objecting to her husband taking an additional wife or concubine.女方吃醋。这包括不同意男方娶妾。She has vile disease.女方有难治的病。She is gossipy.女方闲言碎语。She commits theft.女方盗窃。Obviously, these reasons can be stretched quite a bit to suit the husband and his family.明显地,这些原则的延伸更利于男方及他的家族。However there are 3 clearly defined exceptions, under which the unilateral divorce is disallowed :然而有三种明确的例外使单方面离婚无效。She has no family to return to.女方没有娘家。She had observed a full 3-year mourning for an in-law.女方曾为一位姻亲过三年丧。Her husband was poor when they married, and now is rich.女方嫁过去时男方一贫如洗,如今富有。The above law about unilateral divorce was in force from Tang Dynasty to its final abolition by the government of Republic of China in 1930.以上关于单方面离婚的法律从唐代开始施行,直至1930年新中国才最终废除。 /201605/445049。

Due to our inability to see past the propaganda bombarded on us by various outlets, we believe that all is good in the world with the ‘us vs them’ fight. However, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, in 2015 women received 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, giving us a gender wage gap of 21%.由于我们没有能力去审视过去那些对我们进行的爆炸式宣传,各式各样的传单等,我们相信通过“我们对抗他们”的战斗,最后世界上所有的东西都是好的。然而,根据女性政策调查机构的数据,在2015年,与男性相比,女性的收入仅为男性的79%,相当于男性挣一美元,女性仅收入79美分,性别薪资差距为21%。Women are often subject to abuse and rejection女性总是受到侮辱和拒绝That is only in the workplace – but there are many other avenues where women are subject to abuse and rejection: Women feel they have to succumb to the ideal picture society (that is mostly dictated by men) set out for them to be and they take extreme and many times, dangerous measures to comply with it.这仅仅是在工作场所——但是在许多其他的大街上,女性也会受到侮辱和拒绝:女性认为他们不得不屈于摆在她们面前的理想社会画面(大部分是男性主导的世界),而且认为她们需要采取极端多次的危险措施来应对这些。It is time to remember our worth是时候记住我们的价值了Ladies, it is time to remember our worth. It is time to remember we are roaring lionesses that no one should dare to mess with. It is time that we stop our bickering and criticizing, come together in unity and teach the cubs – and by cubs, I mean boys and girls – of tomorrow that they are powerful beyond measure.女士们,是时候记住我们的价值了。是时候记住我们是咆哮的雌狮,任何人都不敢来打扰我们。是时候停止我们的争论和批判了,团结起来教育未来的孩子——说到孩子,我指的是男孩和女孩们——告诉他们的能力无可限量。 /201607/454351。

A study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology found that children, like adults, inherently trust good-looking people more than unattractive ones.一份发表于《心理学前沿》杂志的研究发现,孩子和成年人一样会本能地更信任长相好看的人而非缺少魅力的人。For the study, a team of Chinese researchers recruited groups of 8-, 10-, and 12-year-olds, with 33 to 34 kids in each group (a similarly sized group of college students served as a control). These pint-size volunteers viewed a series of 200 unfamiliar faces, categorizing each one as trustworthy, untrustworthy, or neither; a month later, they came back to view the same faces, this time rating them on attractiveness.为了开展本项研究,中国研究团队招募了一群8岁、10岁和12岁大的孩子,每组33至34人(数量相当的大学生组成控制组)。小志愿者们观看了一系列200个不熟悉的面孔,将它们分为“值得信任的”、“不值得信任的”和“无法判断的”;一个月之后,他们又回来看了同样的面孔,这次根据魅力值为它们划分等级。Across age groups, the two judgments were closely linked — the more attractive faces, in general, were also considered more trustworthy. It#39;s one more in a pile of similar findings about how kids make appearance-based judgments: Past research has shown, for example, that preschool-age children seek out more attractive peers as playmates, and that they prefer to rely on better-looking people as sources of information. Even kids as young as 3 can a person#39;s face to make assumptions about their character.不论在哪个年龄组,这两项判断都是密切相关的——更有魅力的面孔一般会被评定为更值得信任。在此之前,已有大量类似实验,研究小孩子如何依据外表作出判断:比如,过去的研究明,学龄前儿童会寻找更有魅力的同龄人作玩伴,而且他们更喜欢依赖长相更好看的人作为信息来源;甚至连3岁小孩都能通过看人脸来猜测别人的性格。;The #39;beauty is good#39; impression may gradually develop through children#39;s daily experiences in witnessing the association between attractive individuals and trustworthy behaviors,; the authors wrote.研究人员写道:“在孩子的日常经验中,他们会目睹有魅力的个人与值得信任的行为之间的联系,而‘美是好的’这种印象也就逐渐形成了。”As we have previously noted, beautiful people have it easier in many ways: They tend to be better paid, more confident, and better liked — even by the tiniest of humans.正如我们此前提到过的,漂亮的人在许多方面都会过得更容易一些:他们往往薪资更高,更有信心,更讨人喜欢——甚至连最小的孩子都更喜欢他们。 /201606/450641。

5.Quesadilla, Mexico5.墨西哥油炸玉米饼First of all, forget everything you think you know about quesadillas. A microwaved flour tortilla stuffed with cheddar cheese is about as authentically Mexican as a Dorito Loco taco from Taco Bell. When my wife and I lived in Mexico, we discovered that the soul of real Mexican food is masa, the ground-corn dough — not wheat flour — that#39;s used to make soft corn tortillas for tacos, steamed tamales, gorditas, and innumerable regional antojitos, Mexican street snacks with deep indigenous roots.首先,忘记你之前知道的关于油炸玉米饼的一切信息吧。在一张微波薄面饼里塞入切达干酪才是真正的墨西哥式食物,就像由餐饮品牌塔可钟提供的食物一样。当我和我的妻子在墨西哥的时候,发现墨西哥食物的精髓就是用玉米粉制作面团,而不是小麦粉。松软的玉米饼、玉米粉蒸肉、圆形玉米饼和玉米饼餐都是用玉米粉做成的面团作为材料。墨西哥的街头小吃都彰显着这种源远流长的本土特色。A real Mexican quesadilla starts with that freshly ground corn masa. A large hunk of soft dough is pressed or rolled into a rough circle and laid on a hot griddle. The basic version is filled with shredded Chihuahua or Oaxacan string cheese and folded over into a half moon. But why stop with cheese? At Mexican street stalls, you#39;ll find mouth-watering fillings like potato and crumbled chorizo sausage, nopal (cactus), squash blossoms, sautéed mushrooms, huitlacoche(an earthy corn fungus), refried beans, and all varieties of grilled or slow-cooked meats. I#39;ve found that real-deal quesadillas are best enjoyed on a wobbly wooden bench inside a bustling open-air market with a healthy dollop of salsa verde (the tomatillo-based green salsa) and an icy agua fresca, a sugary fruit juice in every imaginable flavor ladled from giant plastic jugs.要做一个真正的墨西哥油炸玉米饼,首先要有发酵好的玉米面团。一大团松软的面团被揉捏碾压成圆形,然后放在热的平底煎锅里。最基本的做法是在饼里填满切碎的肉或者瓦哈卡的拔丝奶酪,然后折叠成一个半月形。但是为什么一定要加奶酪呢?在墨西哥街头美食小摊处,你会发现其他令人垂涎欲滴的馅料,比如:土豆和切碎的西班牙腊肠、仙人掌、南瓜花、腌制的蘑菇、墨西哥玉米松露(玉米蘑菇)、炸豆泥和各式各样或烤或慢火烹调的熟肉。在熙熙攘攘的露天市场里,坐在摇摇晃晃的木质长凳上,吃着油炸玉米饼,搭配上健康的欧芹酱(洋葱做的辣调味汁的酸浆)和一杯加冰的清凉水果饮料(装在大塑料罐里的一种风味独特的甜饮料),无疑是一大享受。4.Crepes and Galettes, France4.法式可丽饼和酥饼For a country that invented fine dining, the crepe is astonishingly simple. There are two basic varieties, the savory galette made from dark buckwheat flour and the white-flour crepe reserved for sweet treats. Both were traditionally eaten in Brittany in the northwest of France, but immigrants from the region brought the quick-cooked griddle cakes to Paris, where everyone from street vendors to Michelin-starred restaurants, serve the classic dish.对于一个以美食闻名于世的国家来说,制作薄饼真的是小菜一碟。法式薄饼通常分为两种:一种是用黑色乔麦面粉做的可口的法式酥饼,而另一种是专为喜欢甜食的人提供的白面法式可丽饼。两种薄饼都是法国西北部地区布列塔尼的传统小吃,之后当地移民把这种通过速烤制成薄饼的方法带去了巴黎,最终从街头小吃摊到米其林餐厅,到处都可以看到这种经典小吃。The traditional filling for a savory galette is country ham and melted Gruyere cheese washed down by a dry cider. The complète version of the galette includes a fried egg with a sumptuously runny yolk. For a sweet crepe, there#39;s always the hazelnut-chocolate sp Nutella (my personal favorite) or strawberries and cream, but don#39;t miss out on salted caramel or the simple pleasure of powdered sugar.传统法式酥饼里面的馅是火腿肉和在干苹果酒中冲泡融化的格鲁耶尔干酪。真正的法式酥饼还会再加上一个有着奢华松软蛋黄的煎鸡蛋。说到甜品可丽饼,通常里面都会加点能多益牌的榛子巧克力酱(我的最爱)或者是草莓和奶油,但是不要忘了还可以加点咸味焦糖或者白砂糖。3.Banh Mi, Vietnam3.越南三明治The banh mi is the world#39;s best sandwich. Hands down. The Cubans make a mean cubano and it#39;s hard to argue with an Italian panini, but if you want to know what heaven on b tastes like, hop the next flight to Hanoi and sink your teeth into one of these French-Vietnamese beauties.毫无疑问,越南三明治是世界上最好吃的三明治。古巴三明治与意大利帕尼尼三明治的味道不相上下,如果你想知道天堂的三明治尝起来是什么味道的话,你一定要立刻去搭下趟航班前往河内,去尝尝那些美味的法式越南料理。Vietnam was once a French colonial outpost and arguably the only good thing that came out of that chapter of Vietnamese history was the banh mi. A world-class banh mi starts with the b, a fresh-baked mini baguette. The baguette is sliced lengthwise and slathered in mayonnaise and a thin sp of p#226;té. So far, so French. But here#39;s where things get interesting. The meat of choice is usually barbecued pork, although Vietnamese-style pork meatballs, pork ;roll; or Vietnamese salami are other solid choices. Then the veggies: thin-sliced cucumber, pickled daikon radish and carrots, a handful of cilantro and enough chili sauce (or straight chili peppers) to make you sweat.越南曾经是法国的殖民地,据说这段历史给越南带来的唯一好处就是越南法式三明治。世界一流的越南三明治主要原料是面包,而且必须是现烤的法式长面包。把面包纵向切开,然后涂一层沙拉酱,放上一层馅饼。到目前为止,这些都是法式的做法。接下来融入当地特色后,事情就变得有趣起来了。肉料一般选择叉烧肉,但也可以考虑越式猪肉丸、猪肉卷和越南香肠。里面的蔬菜通常都是切成薄片的黄瓜、腌制的白萝卜或胡萝卜,以及一些香菜和足够的辣椒酱(或者直接洒胡椒粉),保让你吃起来酣畅淋漓。2.Burek, Bosnia-Herzegovina2.波斯尼亚-黑塞哥维亚的波黑The Bosnian people didn#39;t invent burek, but by all accounts they#39;ve perfected it. This tubular flaky pastry stuffed with ground meat arrived in the Balkans by way of Turkey, where it#39;s called borek.波斯尼亚人并未发明波黑,但将其发扬光大的却是他们。这种管状的酥饼由土耳其传到巴尔干半岛,以肉末儿为馅儿,在这儿它被称作波黑。In Bosnia, meat-filled burek is only one type of pita, the term for all rolled and stuffed pastries. Other varieties include a spinach-and-feta pita called zeljanica, an egg-and-cheese version called sirnica and a potato-and-onion-filled krompirusa. A sweet version with apples and cinnamon is called jabukara. The best pita are still made by hand in Sarajevo, the impossibly thin dough rolled and flipped into wide ovals, then painted with oil and rolled gently around the chosen filling. (One local opined that the dough should be as soft as an earlobe.) The tubes of stuffed dough are then coiled into circles or lined up in tight rows before entering the oven until the top layers brown and blister and the savory center remains chewy and warm.在波西尼亚,肉馅儿的波黑只是圆面饼的一种,它也是各种卷状馅饼的统称。其他种类包括菠菜羊乳酪圆面饼被称作蔬菜馅饼,由鸡蛋和奶酪馅儿做的叫奶酪派,还有一种叫土豆洋葱馅儿的叫土豆派,还有一种甜味的苹果和肉桂馅儿的叫做果肉馅儿。最好吃的圆面饼仍然要数萨拉热窝当地人手工制作的。他们把超级薄的面团揉成宽椭圆形,然后抹上油,塞上馅料后轻轻地卷起来。(有当地人认为面团应该做的像耳垂一样柔软)。接着将卷好的管状面团围成一圈或者紧紧地排成列,放入烤箱,等到首层烤至棕色起皮、中间美味的馅儿熟透且嚼劲十足即可。1.Falafel, Israel1.以色列炸豆丸子Falafel has become an international street food staple, the golden fried chickpea balls as ubiquitous on the streets of Paris as in New York City. But the undisputed king of falafel is Israel, particularly the modern coastal metropolis of Tel Aviv. Here you can get a warm, thick, oversized pita stuffed with fresh-fried falafel and all the fixin#39;s any time day or night.炸豆丸子如今已成为一道风靡全球的街边小吃了,金灿灿的鹰嘴豆丸子在巴黎和纽约街头随处可见,不过以色列的炸鹰嘴豆丸子毫无疑问是最正宗的,尤其在特拉维夫的现代沿岸都市。不论白天或晚上,你都可以吃到一个热热的、厚厚的超大份美味馅饼。Falafel originated in Egypt and sp throughout the Middle East before Israelis adopted it as their national food in the late 20th century. The classic Israeli falafel is a fritter of ground chickpea spiced with cumin, coriander, paprika, raw garlic, onion, and lots of fresh parsley. The basic toppings are tahini sauce and an Israeli salad of chopped tomato and cucumber. At Tel Aviv falafel stands, you can also add hummus, pickled veggies, roasted eggplant salad, feta cheese, French fries (just stuff #39;em in) and a wide assortment of adventurous hot sauces. I remember my first Tel Aviv falafel, steps from the beach and only hours off the plane. Confronted by the overwhelming topping choices, I did the only reasonable thing: add a little of everything. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.炸鹰嘴豆丸子源于埃及,早在20世纪末以色列将其作为国食前就已传到中东。正宗的炸鹰嘴豆丸子配以茴香、芫荽、辣椒粉、生蒜、洋葱和许多其他鲜芹佐料。最常用的配料还有芝麻酱和土豆黄瓜泥。在特拉维夫的大排档,你还可以加上鹰嘴豆泥、泡菜、烤茄子沙拉、山羊奶酪薯条(直接夹到里面),还有各类值得冒险尝试的酱汁。我还记得我第一次去特拉维夫吃鹰嘴豆泥的情景:刚从沙滩尽兴归来,准备享受鹰嘴豆丸子,然而这时候飞机还差几小时就要起飞了。面对种类如此丰富的酱料,我做出了唯一明智的事情:把各种酱料逐一放了一点。这绝对是我人生中做出的最佳决定之一。审稿:橘子 橘子 校对:王玲 前十网 /201604/437479。

The sounds you make while chewing have a significant effect on the amount of food you eat, a new study has found. The results suggest that people are likely to consume less if they can hear themselves eating.一项新研究发现,咀嚼时发出的声音对摄入食物的总量有着显著影响。该研究结果显示,如果人们能听到自己吃东西时发出的声音,则有可能会吃得更少。Researchers at Brigham Young University and Colorado State University have found that your TV, radio, and computer are making you fat. Not by bombarding you with food ads (though they totally are) but by blocking the sounds of your chewing. In a recent study, they found that the noise your food makes while you#39;re eating can have a significant effect on how much food you eat.美国杨百翰大学和科罗拉多州立大学的研究人员们已经发现,你的电视、收音机和电脑正在让你变得越来越胖。但它们让你变胖的方式并不是给你放各种食物广告(虽然它们一直在这样做),而是封锁你的咀嚼声。这些研究人员们在最近的调查中发现,你在吃东西时发出来的声音会给你吃下的食物总量带来非常大的影响。Sound is typically labeled as the forgotten food sense,; adds Ryan Elder, assistant professor of marketing at BYU#39;s Marriott School of Management. ;But if people are more focused on the sound the food makes, it could reduce consumption.;杨百翰大学麦里特商学院的市场营销助理教授Ryan Elder表示:;声音基本被人们当做一种被遗忘的食物感觉。可如果人们能够更加专注于他们在吃东西时发出来的声音,那么这样做能够减少他们摄入的食物。;;For the most part, consumers and researchers have overlooked food sound as an important sensory cue in the eating experience,; said study coauthor Gina Mohr, an assistant professor of marketing at CSU.科罗拉多州立大学的市场营销助理教授Gina Mohr是本研究的共同作者,他表示:;在大部分情况下,消费者和研究人员们均忽视了声音在进食体验中扮演的重要感官暗示。;The team carried out three separate experiments to quantify the effects of ;food sound salience; on quantity of food consumed during a meal. In one experiment, participants were given snacks to eat while they wore headphones playing either loud or quiet noises. The ones loud enough to mask the sound of chewing made subjects eat more — 4 pretzels compared to 2.75 pretzels for the ;quiet; group.该团队做了三个独立实验量化咀嚼声给参与者的食物摄入量带来的影响。在其中一个实验中,参与者们需佩戴着耳机吃零食。耳机里面会播放音量大和音量小的噪音,最后吃东西时耳机中大声播放噪音的参与者吃下了4块椒盐脆饼干,而听小声噪音的参与者吃下了2.75块椒盐脆饼干。In another of their experiments they found that just having people hear chewing sounds through an advertisement can decrease the amount they eat.在另外一个实验中,研究人员们发现让人们听广告中的咀嚼声能够减少他们的食物摄入量。Elder and Morh call this the ;Crunch Effect.; The main takeaway of their work should be the idea of mindfulness, they said. Being more mindful of not just the taste and physical appearance of food, but also of the sound it makes can help consumers to eat less.Elder和Morh称其为;咀嚼声效应;。他们表示他们研究工作的中心思想应该是专注。人们不仅仅应该专注于食物的味道和外表,还应该专注于吃东西时的声音,这有助于人们吃得更少。When you mask the sound of consumption, like when you watch TV while eating, you take away one of those senses and it may cause you to eat more than you would normally,; Elder said. ;The effects many not seem huge —one less pretzel— but over the course of a week, month, or year, it could really add up.;Elder说:;当你看着电视吃东西的时候,你的咀嚼声就被遮盖住了,这样做的后果是你可能吃得比平时多。这种影响也许看起来并不大,只是一两口饭而已,但长期下来它会累积起来让你发胖。;So the next time you sit down for a meal, take your headphones off and mute the TV. Or find a movie where there#39;s a lot of very audible chewing.因此下次你再坐下来吃饭的时候,请拿下耳机调低电视的声音,或者你也可以放一部有许多咀嚼声的电影。 /201603/433514。