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佛山割包皮多少钱佛山市第三人民医院看前列腺炎好吗Plasmas I always like to think of as being like naughty children.我一直觉得电浆就像调皮的小孩They#39;re full of energy and they are,充满了能量,随时随地都想捣蛋want to misbehave and it#39;s ourjob to try我们的工作就是and control that misbehaviour.试着控制它们的行为For the particles to fuse on Earth要让粒子在地球上融合the temperatures need to be raised to 10 times温度必须提高至those found at the heart of the sun.太阳核心的十倍Bombarding the gas with a stream of fast neutrons用高速中子束撞击气体raises the temperature to over 100 million degrees.能让温度飙高至一亿度以上Only then can the energy of nuclear fusion be released.只有这时才能释放出核融合的能量After years of learning to control the plasma,在苦心研究控制电浆多年之后scientists now believe they are科学家相信within sight of harnessing the sun#39;s power.利用太阳能的时刻指日可待The aim of it is to be able to produce cheap,我们的目标是clean and effectively an inexhaustible supply为后代子孙制造廉价of electricity for future generations.清净和用之不竭的电力This is only small experimental reactor.这只是个小型的实验反应炉It can only run for a few seconds它只能运作数秒钟and sucks up more energy than it creates.而且消耗的能量高过于制造的能量But the next generation of bigger reactors但是新一代的更大的反应炉is aly being built.已经问世When operational they will produce 10 times一旦开始运作之后,它们可以制造十倍于more power energy than they use.它们消耗的能源They will be stars on Earth.它们将成为地球上的恒星Power stations that won#39;t deplete natural resources是不会消耗自然资源or produce dangerous waste products.或产生危险废弃物的发电厂It sounds great.听来十分美好But recreating the sun isn#39;t easy但重现太阳并不容易and it may be another 50 years而且核融合发电厂的落实before the fusion power station becomes reality.可能还得再等50年Until then we#39;ll just have to make do在那之前,我们只好将就with the real thing.利用真正的太阳But that#39;s not so bad.其实这也不赖Just seeing sunlight is enough to cheer us up.光是看到阳光,就能让人精神一振Well many people think it#39;s the warmth of the sun很多人认为阳光的热度that is associated with us feeling good让我们身心舒畅and of course that#39;s true.这话说得当然没错But in fact research has shown that it#39;s not really但研究结果显示the warmth it#39;s actually the light that#39;s important.最重要的不是热度,而是光线Sunlight controls our daily cycle阳光控制着我们的日常生活making sure we wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night.让我们黎明即起,日落而眠When there#39;s not enough light those patterns get disturbed如果光线不够,我们的生活模式便会受到干扰with miserable effect.产生不幸的后果It#39;s a clinical fact that depression is more common in winter临床研究结果显示,忧忧症在冬天较为常见because of the lack of sunlight其原因就是日照不足they call it SAD seasonal affective disorder.这是简称为SAD的季节性情绪失调Seasonal affective disorder is a depressive illness季节性情绪失调是一种忧忧症that starts during the autumn and early winter.它在秋天和初冬发生And usually goes away completely during the spring and early summer.通常到了春天和初夏就不药而愈 Article/201504/368205顺德人民医院有治疗前列腺炎吗 The bacteria forming the stromatolites were the first life to photosynthesise叠层石是第一种进行光合作用的物种and release oxygen into our world.生成氧气到我们的世界中This led to one of the most profound changes in the history of Earth.它们领导了一场地球史上最深刻的改变Ultimately, the planet would have an atmosphere rich in oxygen,最终,地球有了富含氧气的大气层but before that could happen, something got in the way.不过在此发生之前还有些阻碍To see what stopped the oxygen reaching the atmosphere,看看有什么阻止氧气到大气层I#39;m heading deep into the Australian outback.我朝澳大利亚内陆深入Although this area is dry and dusty now,虽然这一地区现在干燥和沙漠化two and a half billion years ago these rocks were formed beneath the sea二十五亿年前这些岩石是在海底下and they hold the key to what happened to the oxygen.它们是制造氧气的关键Back then, the seas were rich in iron that was dissolved in the water.那时候,海水里溶解了大量铁When the oxygen given off by the stromatolites met the iron.当叠层石生成的氧气遇到铁they bonded together.它们结合在一起The result huge amounts of iron oxide formed, or as we usually know it, rust.结果,生成了大量的铁氧化物或者如我们平时叫法,铁锈 Article/201509/400224Your Wishes Delivered: Driver for a Day小卡森的快递梦I made deliveries to Carson probably two or three times a week. When I first started off, he wouldn#39;t even come out of the house. He would just look at the truck from inside the window. There#39;s a picture window. He loved just trucks in general, but for some reason, the UPS truck really captivated him. He#39;s just intrigued by it.我大概一星期送货给 Carson 二或三次。我刚开始时,他甚至不会从屋子出来。他就只会从窗户内看着卡车。那有片大玻璃窗。他只要是卡车都爱,但因为某种原因,UPS 的卡车真的很吸引他。他就是被它给迷住了。Who is that guy?那是谁啊?Mr. Ernie and me.Erine 先生和我。Yeah, it#39;s pretty neat to see him all the time with his UPS uniform on. He is always looking really sharp. You know, with his hat and his boots and his...I mean the whole outfit.对啊,看到他总是穿着他的 UPS 制还蛮棒的。他总是看起来十分有型。你知道,戴着他的帽子和他的靴子以及...我是指整套装。Who#39;s that? Mr. Ernie!是谁?Ernie 先生!Hey!嗨!Every single day, like I said, I can come here, you know, three times in a week, and I get the same reaction every single time—all that excitement, you know. So...and he is always y, waiting.每一天,像我说过的,我可以来这儿,你知道,一星期三次,而我每一次都得到同样的反应--那整个兴奋之情,你知道。所以...他一直都准备好、等待着。I can#39;t see! I can#39;t see. Oh, my god... That has a pedal in there. Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh...我看不到!我看不到。喔,我的天... 那有个踏板在里面耶。喔,我的天!喔,我的天...Well, are you y to do some deliveries?嗯,你准备好要送些货了吗?Carson#39;s always wanted to be a UPS driver. And today, we#39;re gonna make his wish come true.Carson 一直都想要当个 UPS 驾驶。而今天,我们将让他的梦想成真。It#39;s locked. One, two, three, four, five...锁上了。一、二、三、四、五...Is this trick-or-treat again?这又是不给糖就捣蛋吗?It#39;s package day.是包裹日。It#39;s... It#39;s what day?是... 是什么日?Package.包裹。Package day.包裹日。You can pretend you#39;re signing. Okay.你可以假装你在签名。好。Okay!好了!We got a bone for Miko.我们有根给 Miko 的骨头。Oh...thank you!噢...谢谢你!Thank you.谢谢你。Well, I#39;ve been driving for over 25 years. You know, everything is different every single day. And there#39;s a lot of really neat people, but nobody, you know, stands out like Carson does. Yup, he#39;s really special.嗯,我已经开车超过二十五年了。你知道,每一天每件事物都不一样。而有很多真的很美好的人,但没有人,你知道,像 Carson 这般与众不同。没错,他真的很特别。I really like Mr. Ernie.我真的很喜欢 Ernie 先生。 Article/201508/392984佛山中医院不孕不育科

佛山顺德医院收费贵吗栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧! Article/201509/399348佛山新世纪看不孕证哪个医生好 顺德新世纪医院网上挂号

大良医院正规吗Skiing Off Piste Intro道外野雪Ski off piste is brilliant fun but it does come with it#39;s own risks道外滑雪非常有意思,但也有相应的风险it#39;s essential to have the equipment and know how to manage these risks所以务必使用装备并且知道怎么处理这些风险find local a valance information area to determine risk and insatiably at the snow pack查看当地雪崩信息区,判断一下该处雪地的风险和不稳定性things can changed quickly in the mountain在山上的时候情况可能瞬息万变So make sure you keep checking regularly确保你定期检查get yourself an off piste course and if you#39;re not with a qualified guide参加道外滑雪的课程,如果你身边没有一个合格的向导seek profession advice from the ski patrol before you go off piste在你进行道外滑雪之前,向滑雪救护队询问专业建议stay safe and have fun注意安全,玩的愉快点skiing off piste can be unpredictable道外滑雪有很多情况是不可预知的there#39;s a lot of factors than can change the snow有很多因素能改变雪地状况wind snowfall aspect to slope and temperature风,降雪量,雪坡的朝向和温度now a good skier can come down nice powder and make it relatively easy一个好的滑雪者可以很流畅的滑粉雪but an expert skier can skilled anything the mountain is gonna throw at them但是一个专业的滑雪者可以很好地处理在滑雪过程中的各种因素注:本文翻译由en88字幕组完成。 Article/201508/391625 佛山新世纪治疗睾丸炎多少钱佛山前列腺炎治疗什么价格

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