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青岛市拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养棱背泥乌龟怎么养图片批发价格Like Eisenhower, this generation of men and women in uniform know all too well the wages of war and that includes those of you here at West Point同艾森豪威尔一样 这一代身着军装的年轻人 也都非常清楚战争的代价 你们西点人肯定知道这一点Four of the servicemembers who stood in the audience when I announced the surge of our forces in Afghanistan gave their lives in that effort在我宣布阿富汗增兵计划时 站在台下的听众中 有四名军人 为这一计划献出了生命A lot more were wounded I believe Americas security demanded those deployments受伤的人数就更多了 我相信 美国安全需要这些布署But I am haunted by those deaths但我对这些逝去的生命无法释怀I am haunted by those wounds我对这么多人的负伤无法释怀And I would betray my duty to you and to the country we love if I ever sent you into harms way simply because I saw a problem somewhere in the world that needed to be fixed我将背离自己的职责和对祖国的热爱 如果我将你们置于险境 仅仅因为我认为世界某地有问题需要解决or because I was worried about critics who think military intervention is the only way for America to avoid looking weak仅仅因为我害怕军事干涉主义者的批评 仅仅因为我害怕美国示弱 助长敌人的嚣张气焰Heres my bottom line: America must always lead on the world stage总而言之 美国必须在世界舞台上扮演领导角色If we dont, no one else will如果美国不站出来领导 谁都不会站出来The military that you have joined is and always will be the backbone of that leadership你们加入的军队无论现在还是将来 都将一直是美国领导权的柱But U.S. military action cannot be the only or even primary component of our leadership in every instance不过军事行动 不能成为美国实现领导权的唯一手段 军事行动甚至连主要手段都不应当是Just because we have the best hammer does not mean that every problem is a nail不能因为我们手中拥有最好的铁锤 就把每个问题都当成钉子And because the costs associated with military action are so high原因在于 军事行动的代价太过高昂you should expect every civilian leader and especially your Commander-in-Chief to be clear about how that awesome power should be used每一位文职领导人 特别是三军统帅 应当清楚该如何使用强大的军事力量So let me spend the rest of my time describing my vision for how the ed States of America and our military should lead in the years to come下面请允许我将剩下的时间 用来描述我所理解的美利坚合众国应当如何在未来使用军事力量201505/375510永康市靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养 Thank you.谢谢。Thank you. Thank you.谢谢。谢谢。Chris Anderson: Ethan, Chris Anderson:Ethan,congrats quite the reaction.恭喜—反应相当的热烈。That was a powerful talk.真是个震撼的演讲。Not quite a complete standing, though,and Im guessing that some people here and maybe a few watching online,maybe someone knows a teenager or a friend or whatever who got sick,maybe died from some drug overdose. 虽然不是所有人都起立鼓掌了,而我猜测,在场观看的一些人或者一些在网络上在线观看的人里,会有人认识一些青少年或朋友或者不论是因毒品而生病,还是因为过量用药而去世。Im sure youve had these people approach you before.我敢肯定,之前有这些人找过你。What do you say to them?你是怎样跟他们说的?Ethan Nadelmann: Chris, the most amazing thing thats happened of late Ethan Nadelmann:Chris,is that Ive met a growing number of people who have actually lost a sibling or a child to a drug overdose,and 10 years ago, those people just wanted to say,lets line up all the drug dealers and shoot them and that will solve it.最近所发生最让人惊喜的事,就是我碰到越来越多的人,那些失去兄弟或者子女因为亲人滥用药物的人,在10年前的话,他们只是会说:把毒贩们排成一排拉出去毙了吧,这就会解决问题。And what theyve come to understand is that the Drug War did nothing to protect their kids.而现在他们渐渐明白的是禁毒战争并没有保护到他们的孩子。If anything, it made it more likely that those kids were put at risk.如果禁毒真的做了什么,那就是让这些孩子们更容易处于危险之中。And so theyre now becoming part of this drug policy reform movement.因此,他们现在成为了这个药物政策改革运动的一分子。Theres other people who have kids,ones addicted to alcohol, the other ones addicted to cocaine or heroin,and they ask themselves the question: 还有一些家长,有多个孩子,一个孩子嗜酒,另一个对可卡因或海洛因上瘾,他们问自己这样一个问题:Why does this kid get to take one step at a time and try to get better and that ones got to deal with jail and police and criminals all the time?为什么一个孩子可以一步一步努力变得更好;而另一个则要去面对监狱、警察和罪犯呢?So everybodys understanding,the Drug Wars not protecting anybody. 因此大家现在理解了,禁毒战争并没有保护任何人。CA: Certainly in the U.S., youve got political gridlock CA:on most issues.显然在美国,在大多数问题上,都存在政治僵局。Is there any realistic chance of anything actually shifting on this issue in the next five years?这些议题在5年内取得现实进展的机会大吗?Id say its quite remarkable. Im getting all these calls from journalists now who are saying to me,Ethan, it seems like the only two issues advancing politically in America right now are marijuana law reform and gay marriage.我得说这是非常引人注目的。我总会接到一些电话,记者现在会跟我说:Ethan,看起来如今在美国政治上,唯一在进步的两个议题就是大麻政策改革和同性恋婚姻了。What are you doing right?你现在在做什么吗?And then youre looking at bipartisanship breaking out with, actually, Republicans in the Congress and state legislatures allowing bills to be enacted with majority Democratic support,so weve gone from being sort of the third rail,the most fearful issue of American politics,to becoming one of the most successful.然后你会看到两党打破隔阂开始合作通过…实际上,共和党努力在国会,和各州议会让法案颁布,有赖于大多数民主党议员的持,所以,毒品这个议题,从一个不能踩的雷区,美国政治中最可怕的问题,变成了最成功的议案之一。Ethan, thank you so much for coming to TEDGlobal. Chris, thanks so much. CA:Ethan,非常感谢你来到TED Global。Thank you. Thank you.非常感谢。201503/363078密西西比红耳乌龟繁殖养殖注意事项

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思茅市靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养Simple and clear and super important for him to know 简单明了 而且非常重要 需要让马克知道People rarely speak this clearly 在工作或者生活中in the workforce or in life 人们很少会把话说那么明了And as you get more senior 尤其是当你的级别上升后not only will people speak less clearly to you 人们不仅不会和你把话说清楚but they will overreact to the small things you say 还会对你所说的小事反应过激When I joined Facebook 当我加入Facebook的时候one of the things I had to do 我的职责之一was build the business side of the company 就是把公司商业那块给建立起来and put some systems into place 将其系统化But I wanted to do it without destroying the culture 但是我不想破坏Facebook原有的文化that made Facebook great 就是这些文化促成了Facebook的伟大So one of the things I tried to do was encourage people 我尝试的一件事就是not to do formal PowerPoint presentations for meetings with me 鼓励人们和我开会时不要做正式的PPTI would say things like 我会说Dont do PowerPoint presentations for meetings with me 和我开会不用做PPTWhy dont you come in with a list of what you want to discuss 把你想讨论的事列出来就行But everyone ignored me and they kept doing their presentations 但是所有人都无视我的要求 仍然在做PPTmeeting after meeting 就这样一个又一个会议month after month 一个月又一个月 没有改变So about two years in, I said 大概两年后 我说OK, I hate rules but I have a rule OK 我不喜欢条条框框 但我要定个规矩no more PowerPoint in my meetings 和我开会不用做PPTAnd I mean it, No more 我是认真的 别再做了About a month later 大约一个月之后I was about to speak to our global sales team on a big stage我在一个大型场合正要和全球销售团队讲话and someone came up to me and said 一个同事上来对我说Before you get on that stage 在你上台之前you really should know everyones pretty upset 你应该知道大家对你制定的about the no PowerPoint with clients thing 和客户会面不做PPT的规定很有意见I said, What no PowerPoint with clients thing? 我说 什么和客户会面不做PPT?They said, You made rule no: PowerPoint 他们说 你制定了一个规定:不做PPTSo I got on the stage and said 之后我上了台就说one, I meant no PowerPoint with me 首先 我说的是和我开会不用PPTBut two, more importantly 其次 更重要的是next time you hear something thats really stupid 下次你们听到一些你们认为很傻的话dont adhere to it 不要去遵循它Fight it or ignore it 而要去提意见或者无视它even if its coming from me or Mark 哪怕你知道那话是我或者马克说的A good leader recognizes that 一个好的领导者most people wont feel comfortable challenging authority 知道大部分人不愿意去挑战权威so it falls upon authority to encourage them to question 所以领导者有义务去鼓励大家来质疑201511/409500 THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody! (Applause.) Can everybody please give Lisbeth a big round of applause? That was a great introduction. (Applause.)Happy Halloween, everybody. I see a lot of you came as college students. (Applause.)AUDIENCE MEMBER: We love you!THE PRESIDENT: I love you, too. Those of you who have seats, feel free to sit down. Those of you who don’t, don’t. (Laughter.) I am not going to be too long. I’ve got to get back and trick-or-treat tonight with Michelle. Although, Malia and Sasha are a little old --AUDIENCE: Aww --THE PRESIDENT: It’s so sad. (Laughter.) I used to be able to -- we’d dress them up, and we still have the pictures. They’ll resent them later, but at the time they were fine with it. They were so cute.A good thing about being President is we never run out of Presidential Mamp;Ms -- (laughter) -- so we’re going to be giving those out.AUDIENCE: (Inaudible.) (Laughter.)THE PRESIDENT: You want some? Is that what you said? Only to kids. (Laughter.)We’re so proud of Lisbeth, not just for the wonderful introduction but for being so determined about her education. And she’s a really remarkable young lady. I had a chance to speak to her before we came out. It turns out she went to school with my niece and nephew --AUDIENCE MEMBER: Classical!THE PRESIDENT: That’s right. At Classical, is that right? So that was neat.I have also brought some Halloween characters with me: Our Secretary of Labor, Tom Perez. (Applause.) They are all dressed up as really outstanding public servants. (Laughter.) And Tom has just been doing extraordinary work. His lovely daughter is there, who’s a freshman at Brown. Your great senators, Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse. (Applause.) Your outstanding Congressman, David Cicilline, is here. (Applause.) Jim Langevin is here. (Applause.) And we’re proud of both of them.But despite how much I love all the folks I just mentioned, the people I really came to see is you. (Applause.) Because every decision I make every single day -- all the policies I pursue as President -- are all aimed at making sure we restore the promise of this country for your generation and for every generation that comes after.Now, the good news is we’ve made a lot of progress since the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. So when I first came into office, the economy was in a freefall, the auto industry was in a freefall. Banks were frozen up. We were losing 800,000 jobs a month. Over the past 55 months, our businesses have now added 10.3 million new jobs. (Applause.) For the first time in more than six years, the unemployment rate is below 6 percent. Over the past six months, our economy has grown at its fastest pace in more than 10 years.And in education, dropout rates are down, the national graduation rate is the highest on record, more young people are earning their college degrees than ever before. (Applause.) Good job, young people.In energy, we’re less dependent on foreign oil than any time in nearly three decades. Manufacturing -- the quintessential producer of middle-class jobs, the heart of Rhode Island’s economy for decades -- manufacturing has now created 700,000 new jobs since early 2010. Ten million Americans have gained the peace of mind that comes with having health insurance. (Applause.)AUDIENCE MEMBER: Thank you!THE PRESIDENT: You’re welcome.Deficits have come down. Health care inflation has come down. There’s almost no economic measure by which we haven’t made substantial progress over this period of time. We’re better off than we were. (Applause.)So, look, the progress has been hard. It’s sometimes been challenging in particular states. But it’s been steady and it’s been real. Now, the thing is, though, what’s also true is that millions of Americans don’t yet feel the benefits of a growing economy where it matters most -- and that’s in their own lives. There are still a lot of folks who are working hard, but having trouble making ends meet.I know that many of you are working while you go to school. Some of you are helping support your parents or siblings. Here in Rhode Island, and across the country, there are still too many people who are working too many hours and don’t have enough to show for it. And this isn’t just the hangover from the Great Recession; some of this has to do with trends that date back 20, 30 years. And I’ve always said that recovering from the crisis of 2008 was the first thing we had to do, but our economy won’t be healthy until we reverse some of these longer-term trends, this erosion of middle-class jobs and income.201506/378898南通市花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养金川县黄缘盒亚洲巨龟加拉巴哥象龟锯缘龟缅甸陆龟黄头庙龟价格怎么养



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