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郴州哪里看早泄苏仙区看泌尿科怎么样Dahua Market. How can I help you?大华市场,有什么能帮助您的?Where is your store located?你们的商店在哪里?We are on Nanjing Road next to the theatre.就在戏院的旁边,在南京路上Right, I’ll be right over.好的,我马上就过来 566郴州东方治疗阳痿多少钱 North Koreas highest-profile leadership purge since Kim Jong Un took power is viewed by outside observers as a move to consolidate power that could trigger instability if it upsets the balance between the military and the ruling party.在外部观察人士看来,朝鲜自金正恩(Kim Jong Un)上台以来最受关注的领导层清洗是金正恩为巩固权力而采取的一步行动,但如果清洗打破了军方和执政党之间的平衡,有可能影响政局稳定。On Monday, North Korean state television showed Mr. Kims uncle, Jang Song Thaek, being dragged out of a meeting by security officials, reinforcing the unusually public downfall of the de facto No. 2 in the regime.朝鲜国家电视台周一播出了朝鲜政坛实际上的二号人物、金正恩姑父张成Jang Song Thaek)被安全人员拖出某会议室的画面,这让他的倒台更加不同寻常。Mr. Jang and his associates were accused of a litany of antistate crimes, ranging from corruption to womanizing and drug-taking, by a meeting of officials from the central committee of North Koreas Workers Party on Sunday.周日,劳动党中央政治局扩大会议宣布,张成泽及其党羽犯下了叛国罪,还包括腐败、与女性搞不正当关系、吸毒等罪行。The report was carried on the front page of North Koreas main newspaper, with a large photo of Mr. Kim overseeing the meeting.相关报道刊登在朝鲜主要报纸的头版,还配了一张大幅照片,显示金正恩在主持这次扩大会议。Mr. Jangs fate is unknown. One report from a radio station in Seoul run by North Korean defectors said he had been executed. South Korean intelligence officials believe some of Mr. Jangs aides have been killed.张成泽未来的命运如何还不得而知。首尔一家由脱北者运营的电台报道说,张成泽已被处死。韩国情报机构官员认为,张成泽的几名手下已经被杀。The removal of Mr. Jang, a man believed to have acted as a regent for the 30-something leader, marks Mr. Kims boldest purge since taking power at the end of 2011.据信,张成泽曾担任朝鲜这0岁左右领导人的摄政者角色,而他的下台是金正恩自2011年底上台以来最大胆的一次清洗行动。As much as the disposal of a figure like Mr. Jang surprised North Korea watchers, so did the stage-managed show to convict him in front of senior members of the ruling party.不但张成泽这种级别的人物被清洗让外界观察人士感到意外,在执政党高级官员面前上演的“定罪秀”也让这些人士吃惊不已。The purge even extended to film. In a documentary aired on state television on Saturday about Mr. Kims inspection of a military unit, Mr. Jang was removed from a total of 13 scenes, compared with a previous version of the program, South Koreas Yonhap News Agency reported.清洗活动还延伸到了胶片上。韩国的韩联Yonhap News Agency)报道称,在上周六朝鲜国家电视台播放的一个有关金正恩视察某部队的纪录片中,与之前播放的一个版本相比,张成泽的身影3个镜头中被删除。The purge could be an effort by Mr. Kim to exert power over the party following a succession of purges to rein in the military.这次清洗可能是金正恩在为控制军队进行的一系列清洗之后,为控制执政党做出的努力。Last year Mr. Kim removed Ri Yong Ho as chief of the general staff of the Korean Peoples Army. Since then he has cycled through three top generals. Mr. Jang has represented North Korea in economic talks with China.去年金正恩解除了李英Ri Yong Ho)朝鲜人民军总参谋长一职。从那之后,他连续替换了三名高级将领。张成泽曾代表朝鲜与中国进行经济会谈。Political purges are in the DNA for Mr. Kim. His grandfather, North Koreas first ruler, Kim Il Sung, periodically ousted entire factions that posed a threat or disagreed with his views, starting from the late 1950s.金正恩的身体里流淌着政治清洗的血液。金正恩的祖父、朝鲜首位统治者金日成(Kim Il Sung)从上世纪50年代末开始,便会不时地铲除对其构成一定威胁或与其意见相左的整个派系。Under the current dictators father, Kim Jong Il, senior officials were killed or ousted as scapegoats for policy failure.金正恩的父亲金正Kim Jong Il)当权时,每当政策失败,总会有高级官员因此背黑锅,被杀或罢免。The younger Mr. Kim has culled close to half of the top military leaders and other officials who served under his father. While some argue that his succession of purges show he is effectively consolidating power, others express concern about whether he will be able to manage the competing interests under his charge.那些曾效命于其父金正日的高级军事将领和其他官员,已有近一半遭金正恩清洗。有人认为,金正恩对清洗的继承表明,他实际上是在巩固权力。也有人对他是否能够协调属下的利益之争表示担心。A difficult balancing act between the military and the party is at the core of North Korea policy. Shortly after his ascent to power, Mr. Kims regime adopted an ideology known as byungjin that simultaneously prioritizes economic development and nuclear weapons, which North Korea calls its nonnegotiable treasured sword.朝鲜政策的核心是寻求军队与执政党之间的平衡,这是一个艰难的过程。金正恩上台后不久,其政权便采取了名为“并行发展byungjin)的意识形态,即同时优先发展经济和核武器,朝鲜将此称为不容商榷的“宝剑”。Mismatched policies and dueling factions could unsettle the regime. The biggest danger to the regime remains from within, said Scott Snyder, Washington-based director of the Program on U.S.-Korea Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations. It could be that the steps that Kim Jong Un is taking are steps that are potentially corrosive, rather than consolidationist.政策错位和派系斗争可能会动摇政权。美国外交关系委员会(Council on Foreign Relations)美朝政策研究计划驻华盛顿负责人斯奈德(Scott Snyder)说,朝鲜面临的最大危险仍来自于内部。他说,金正恩目前采取的步骤可能具有潜在破坏性,并不利于政权的巩固。Mr. Kims decision to remove Mr. Ri last year and Mr. Jang this year constitute signs of internal churn and serious infighting, not a smooth transition, said Victor Cha, a former U.S. official and specialist on North Korea at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.美国前官员、华盛顿战略与国际研究中Center for Strategic and International Studies)朝鲜问题专家Victor Cha说,金正恩分别于去年和今年铲除了李英浩和张成泽,他的决定说明朝鲜政坛内部出现了纷扰动荡和严重内讧,政权的过渡并不顺利。The danger from a U.S. perspective is that the regime may seek to address any lack of control with more aggressive behavior abroad, Mr. Cha said.Cha说,从美国的角度看,眼下的危险是朝鲜政权可能会通过在海外做出更激进的举动,从而寻求解决内部的缺乏控制问题。The new array of senior military figures following Mr. Kims purges may also be emboldened by the removal of Mr. Jang, sensing a power shift back to the armed forces. South Korean officials have expressed concerns about possible instability and military provocations by North Korea following the leadership purge.金正恩的清洗动作完成后,新就任的高级军事领导可能会因张成泽的倒台而信心大增,他们会感觉到权力重心重新向军队转移。韩国官员对此表达了忧虑,认为朝鲜领导层洗牌结束后,可能会出现政局不稳和军事挑 的情况。On Monday the defense ministry said there had been no signs of unusual activity or movements by the North Korean militarybut added it was monitoring closely.韩国国防部周一说,尚无迹象表明朝鲜军队展开了任何不寻常的活动或举动。但同时表示,正密切关注事态发展。来 /201312/268645郴州市人民中妇幼保健医院治疗阳痿早泄

包皮手术郴州市郴州最好的泌尿医院 Ozone layer 'is no longer disappearing and will return to full strength by 2048', says UN report.The ozone layer is no longer disappearing and could be back to full strength by the middle of this century, UN scientists have confirmed.The phasing out of nearly 100 substances once used in products like refrigerators and aerosols has stopped the ozone layer being depleted further, although it is not yet increasing, according to a new ed Nations report released last week.And it claimed that international efforts to protect the ozone layer has averted millions of cases of skin cancer worldwide.The ozone layer outside the polar regions is projected to recover to pre-1980 levels by 2048, although the annual springtime ozone hole over the Antarctic is not expected to recover until 2073.Ozone in the stratosphere is important because it absorbs some of the Sun’s dangerous ultraviolet radiation.The report, published jointly by UNEP and the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is the first comprehensive update in four years on the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer and the Montreal Protocol phasing out chemicals which accelerate both ozone layer damage and climate change.'It (the Protocol) has protected the stratospheric ozone layer from much higher levels of depletion by phasing out production and consumption of ozone depleting substances,' said the report.The report was written and reviewed by 300 scientists and launched on the UN International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer.Given that many substances that deplete the ozone layer are also potent greenhouse gases, the Montreal Protocol ‘provided substantial co-benefits by reducing climate change,it added.In 2010, reductions of ozone-depleting substances as a result of the Protocol, were five times larger than those targeted by the Kyoto Protocol, the greenhouse emissions reduction treaty.'Without the Montreal Protocol and its associated Vienna Convention atmospheric levels of ozone-depleting substances could have increased tenfold by 2050,' Mr Steiner said.'This in turn could have led to up to 20 million more cases of skin cancer and 130 million more cases of eye cataracts, not to speak of damage to human immune systems, wildlife and agriculture.' /201009/114483湖南郴州男科医院哪家好

郴州包皮手术多少钱 面试英语口语Lesson36:About the Job of a Computer Programmer经典对话:68.What kind of experience have you got the job?申请这项工作,你有什么工作经历?683.Ive been a data entry operator more than two years.我做数据输入操作员有两年了68.Why did you leave your job there?你为什么要离开呢?685.Well,I enjoy working in different places and meeting new people.That will widen my experience in the field of computer technology.噢,我喜欢在不同的环境中与不同的人一起工作,这会在电脑技术领域扩大我的经历686.What kind of education have you got?你受过什么教育?687.I studied computer science in Havard University,and got a M.S.degree.我曾在哈佛大学修电脑专业,获得了硕士学位688.I majored in computer science.我主修电脑专业689.What specialized courses did you take?你学过什么专业课程?690.The specialized courses I completed include computer science,system design and analysis,operation systems,systems management,PASCAL programming,COBOL programming and D-BASE programming.我学过的专业课程包括:计算机科学、系统设计及分析、操作系统、系统管理、PASCAL编程、COBOL编程和D-BASE编程691.I was quite familiar with tran and C Language.我很熟悉tran和C语言69.After graduation I worked in a factory two years and have picked up much experience in CAD.毕业后我在一家工厂干了两年,在CAD方面积累了不少经验693.What do you think about the recent development in computers?你如何看待计算机行业在近几年内的发展?69.Revolution in the computer industry is inevitable because developments in hardware are going ahead very quickly.But to turn the computer into a machine that can be easily manipulated,much more complex software is needed than is available now.As a result,more computer programmers should devote themselves into the work.计算机行业的革命是不可避免的,因为硬件的发展十分迅速,但为了使计算机更易于操作,需要更多复杂的软件,结果,也需要更多的程序员695.We have a vacancy a computer programmer,working weekdays from 9∶00 a.m.to3∶00 p.m.with half an hour lunch break.我们有一个电脑程序员的空缺,每天上班上午9∶00点至下午3∶00点,中间有半小时的午餐休息时间696.What sort of software do you have a good command of?你熟练使用哪些软件?697.Im adept at DOS,WINDOS,and AUTO CAD.我熟练使用 DOS,WINDOS和 AUTO CAD698.May I know what specific jobs Ill have to do if you employ me as a computer programmer?请问,如果贵公司聘我为电脑程序员,我必须做些什么具体工作呢?699.Well,youll have to put in the computer our daily sales volume and profit margins and analyze them.Are you interested in the work?噢,你得将我们每天的销售额和盈利情况输入电脑,并且进行分析你对此项工作感兴趣吗?情景案例:Dialogue A(E the Employer雇主O Office Clerk办公室职员 A Applicant申请人)O: God morning,can I help you?A: Yes.I have an appointment with Mr. Brian Desmoud.Will you please tell him Im here?O: Are you Mr. Dongming Chen?A: Yes,I am.Is he availble?O: Im sorry,he is on the phone at the moment.Will you please wait a minute?A: No problem.(……)O: Mr. Dongming Chen,Brian is available now.Please go through to his office.(meeting the employer)E: Hello,Im Brian.Glad you can come.A: Im Dongming Chen.Nince to meet you.E: Take a seat please.A: Thanks.E: What kind of education have you got?A: I studied computer science in Nanjng University,and got a M.S.degree.E: Fine.Would you mind telling me what kind of grades you had?A: Of course not I had an average of 90 points.I:What specialized courses did you take?A: The specialized courses I completed include computer science,system design and analysis,operation systems,systems management,PASCAL programming,COBOL programming and D-BASE programming.E: Where are you working now?A: Im working at A Company.E: What your position there?A: Im a programmer supervisor.E: What are your responsibilities?A: Im responsible writing computer programs:developing block diagrams,utilizing available software and operation systems,and coding machine instructions;originating block diagrams,working from outlines of proposed systems;developing file sizes,programming specifications;determining appropriate use of tape or disk files,printer,etc.;selecting in-house software or sub-routines to run in connection with program;writing machine instructions,testing,debugging,and assembling program;documenting overall system and developing data control procedures;advising and instructing less experienced programmers and offering operating instructions.E: What kind of computer are you experienced in?A: Im experienced in all types of IBM-PC computers.E: What kind o software do you have a good command of?A: Im adept at DOS,WINDOWS and AUTO-CAD.E: How long have you been a programmer supervisor?A: more than four years.E: Tell me why you decided to choose our office.A: Well,Im happy with the work at my present post.But I want to get better pay,to tell you the truth.E: What your present monthly salary?A: Sixteen hundred yuan.E: What starting salary would you expect here?A: Id like to start at twenty-six hundred yuan a month.E: No problem.Do you have any questions to ask?A: Is there opporty to advance?E: Yes,therere good prospects promotion.A: Good,this job should suit me well.E: Can you start next Monday?A: Sure.E: That settled then.Im glad to be able to offer you the job.A: Thank you,Brian.E: See you next monday.Notes 注释:1.Is he available?他在不在?.I am a programmer supervisor.我任程序员主管3.Im responsible writing computer programs:developing block diagrams,utilizing available software and operation systems,and coding machine instructions;originating block digrams,working from outlines of proposed systems;developing file sizes,programming specifications;determing appropriate use of tape or disk files,printer,etc.我负责编制计算机程序:编制部件图;运用现有软件和操作系统编制机器指令;根据所用系统的略图自编部件图;编制磁卡规格和程序规格;决定使用合适的磁盘、磁卡、打印机等等.… selecting in-house software of sub-routines to run in connection with program;writing machine instruction,testing,debugging,and assembling program;documenting overall system and developing data control procedures;advising and instructing less experienced programmers and offering operating instructions.选择同程序相关的机内软件或子程序;编制计算机指令;检测、改正程序中的差错并组合程序;编制总系统并制定数据控制程序;指导经验不足的程序员并给予操作指导5.But I want to get better pay,to tell you the truth.不过,说实话,我想获得更优厚的报酬6.Yes,therere good prospects promotion.有,提升的机会很多7.That settled then.那么,就这样定了Words and Expressions:software n.软件hardware n.硬件pick up v.积累CAD:Computer Assisted Design 电脑辅助设计inevitable a.不可避免的Is he available? 他在不在?(我可不可以见他?)on the phone 正在打电话M.S degreE: Master of Science degree 理学硕士学位supervisor n.主管,监督人programmer n.程序员diagram n.图解,图式code v.编码code machine instructions 编制机器指令specification n.规格(常用复数形式)debug v.排除错误adept a.长于…的 77郴州市儿童医院男科专家郴州市治疗阳痿多少钱



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