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湘南附属医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱临武县治疗男性不育哪家医院最好VOA流行美语 57: FOLKS / R ON今天Michael和李华谈到和父母沟通的问题,李华学到了folks和rag on这两个习惯用法。M: (talking to the phone) Hey look, I've got to go. I'll talk to you later. Bye. (sound of putting the phone down). Oh, geez!L: 哎,Michael! 我不想打断你说话。M: Oh don't worry about it, Li Hua. It was just my folks.L: Folks? 你说你在跟谁说话?M: My folks. Here "folks" means "parents".L: 噢,folks就是指"父母"啊。听起来你好象不太想和你爸妈说话。这不太好吧?M: I just get tired of talking to them, that's all. My folks call me two or three times a week to remind me to do things, like go to the dentist, or change the oil in my car. I am an adult now, and they don't need to do that.L: 你爸妈每星期给你打两三次电话,提醒你去看牙医、换汽车的机油,那不是很好吗?哎,对了,Michael, 你去看了牙医了没有?你不是说牙痛吗?M: Please, Li Hu, you sound just like my folks.L: 你呀,真不领情。对了,用folks来称呼父母,这是不是不太礼貌啊?M: No, its not impolite really, but it is very informal.L: 噢,folks是很随便的称呼,但并不是没有礼貌的。哎,Michael, 一般是你会主动给你父母打电话,还是他们给你打电话啊?M: Well, um. Usually my folks call me first! I don't have to call them!L: 你不给他们打电话,那是为什么?M: I don't usually have a lot to say to my folks. They call me so often, I have no new news to tell them. By the way, Li Hua, how often do you talk to your folks?L: 怎么会和父母没话说呢?我和我爸妈每个星期至少要打两次电话呢。M: Wow, that must be expensive.L: 还好啦。我和我爸妈都有电脑,这样我们就可以通过电脑免费通话了。******L: 哎,你知道吗,Michael, 你真是应该多给你父母打电话。你们都住在同一个城市,不打电话太不应该了。M: Li Hua, please stop ragging on me about my parents. I still visit them all the time!L: 你说要我不要怎么啦?Ragging on? 那是什么意思啊?M: I said, "Stop ragging on me". "To rag on someone" means "to scold or tease someone over and over."L: To rag on someone就是说你不断地责备或者取笑某个人。嘿,我才提醒你两次,这样也算是ragging on you啊?M: Well, not really. You're not as bad as my folks. They rag me all the time about all kinds of things.L: 等等,你刚才说they rag me,那rag后面到底有没有on啊?你说清楚好不好?M: Ok ok, stop ragging on me! "To rag" can be used with "on", or without "on." The meaning is just the same.L: 噢,我懂了。哎,那你爸爸妈妈他们老是说你什么?M: They rag on me about not cleaning my car, not eating right, drinking too much, not having a girlfriend, not going to church, not calling them, not calling my other relatives.L: 哎,等等,等等。你说你父母说你不洗车,不吃健康食物、喝酒太多,还有,没有女朋友,又不去教堂,也不给他们打电话。哎哟,这批评还真不少啊。我的父母好象不怎么说我哎。M: Well, anyway, its getting late. Want to get some pizza?L: Michael, 干吗不自己做点健康食物呢?M: First my folks, and now you. It seems like everyone wants to rag on me today.李华今天和Michael一起谈到和父母沟通的问题的时候,学到了两个美国用语的用法。Folks是指父母;Rag on则是不停地批评和嘲笑他人的意思。 /200602/3132郴州湘南学院附属医院男科大夫 And yet, I knew from the work I had done that if he had any of the things we were about to start testing for,我的工作经验让我得知,如果经过哪些检查,发现他有什么问题,that those would ultimately be his identity,and if they were his identity they would become my identity,that that illness was going to take a very different shape as it unfolded.那将永久成为他的特性,如果这是他的特性,也将会是我的特性,这将不同于病症最初呈现的那样。We took him to the MRI machine, we took him to the CAT scanner,我们带他做核磁共振,带他做计算机化X射线轴向分层造影,we took this day-old child and gave him over for an arterial blood draw.我们带着这个出生仅一天的孩子做动脉抽血。We felt helpless.我们感到无助。And at the end of five hours,五个小时后,they said that his brain was completely clear and that he was by then extending his legs correctly.医生们说他的大脑完全没问题,也可以完全正常伸展他的双腿。And when I asked the pediatrician what had been going on,she said she thought in the morning he had probably had a cramp.当我问儿科医生这是怎么回事,她说,她觉得早上他可能抽筋了。But I thought how my mother was right.我认为我的母亲是正确的。I thought, the love you have for your children is unlike any other feeling in the world,我以为你对自己孩子的爱是不同于世界上任何其他感觉的,and until you have children, you dont know what it feels like.直到你有孩子,你才知道那是什么样的感觉。I think children had ensnared me the moment I connected fatherhood with loss.我想是孩子让我,认为自己不是个称职的父亲。But Im not sure I would have noticed that if I hadnt been so in the thick of this research project of mine.但我不确定自己会注意到,要不是我做了这么繁复的研究项目,Id encountered so much strange love,and I fell very naturally into its bewitching patterns.我遇到了太多奇怪的爱,然后我很自然地陷入其迷人的模式。And I saw how splendor can illuminate even the most abject vulnerabilities.我看到光如何照亮最不幸的脆弱之处。During these 10 years, I had witnessed and learned the terrifying joy of unbearable responsibility,在这 10 年期间,我曾目睹和了解到,那些难以承受的责任,and I had come to see how it conquers everything else.我也看到了它如何克一切苦难。And while I had sometimes thought the parents I was interviewing were fools,我曾经有时会想,我正在采访的父母是傻瓜,enslaving themselves to a lifetimes journey with their thankless children and trying to breed identity out of misery,让自己踏上给不知感恩的孩子们一生为奴的旅程,试图从痛苦中获得身份认同,我意识到,从研究开始那天起,我已建造了一块踏板,I realized that day that my research had built me a plank and that I was y to join them on their ship.Thank you.随时准备着与他们同舟共济。谢谢。201604/438148So they sp out all the census data,他们分析了所有的人口统计数据,and what they found, the guy described to me as a shocker,他们发现,他的描述对我而言是一个震惊,which is that in 1,997 out of 2,000 communities,在一九九七年,两千个社区中,women, young women, were making more money than young men.女性,年轻女性比年轻男性挣得更多。So here you have a generation of young women who grow up thinking of themselves这一代的年轻女性在“她们是as being more powerful earners than the young men around them.比其周围年轻男性更强大的挣钱者”的想法中成长。Now, Ive just laid out the picture for you,现在,我仅仅将这些画面展示给你,but I still havent explained to you why this is happening.我还未向你们解释为什么这些事情会发生。And in a moment, Im going to show you a graph,过一会,我将向你们展示一个图表,and what youll see on this graph -- it begins in 1973,你可以从这个图表中看到--从一九七三年开始,just before women start flooding the workforce, and it brings us up to our current day.在女性充斥劳动力市场之前转移到今天。And basically what youll see is what economists talk about as the polarization of the economy.基本上你看到的就是经济学家谈论的经济两极分化。Now what does that mean?这表明了什么呢?It means that the economy is dividing into high-skill, high-wage jobs and low-skill, low-wage jobs这表明经济被分为高技术、高薪工作和低技术、低薪工作--and that the middle, the middle-skill jobs, and the middle-earning jobs, are starting to drop out of the economy.在这中间,中等技术工作,中薪工作正愈消亡。This has been going on for 40 years now.这已经持续发生了四十年。But this process is affecting men very differently than its affecting women.但是这个过程对男人和女人的影响是十分不同的。Youll see the women in red, and youll see the men in blue.红色的是女人,蓝色的是男人。Youll watch them both drop out of the middle class,你可以看到他们都从中产阶级中脱离出来,but see what happens to women and see what happens to men. There we go.但是看看女人发生了什么,男人又发生了什么变化。这就对了。So watch that. You see them both drop out of the middle class.看那个,你看到他们都从中产阶级中脱离出来。Watch what happens to the women. Watch what happens to the men.看看女人发生了什么变化,男人又发生了什么变化。The men sort of stagnate there, while the women zoom up in those high-skill jobs.男人在这里似乎停滞了,但女人急涨至高技术工作中。So whats that about?到底怎么回事?201610/472080郴州看男科哪个医院好

湖南省郴州市男科最好的医院Thank you so much for those words. Wow. President of the General Assembly, ed Nations, UN Deputy Secretary-General, Executive Director, UN Women, Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, When I was a very young person, I began my career as an actress. Whenever my mother wasnt free to drive me into Manhattan for auditions, I would take the train from suburban New Jersey and meet my father – who would have left his desk at the law office where he worked – and we would meet under the Upper Platform Arrival(s) and Departure(s) sign in Penn Station. We would then get on the subway together and when we surfaced, he would ask me, ;Which way is north?; I wasnt very good at finding north in the beginning, but I auditioned fair amount and so my Dad kept asking me, ;Which way is north?; Over time, I got better at finding it. I was struck by that memory yesterday while boarding the plane to come here – not just by how far my life has come since then, but by how meaningful that seemingly small lesson has been. When I was still a child, my father developed my sense of direction and now, as an adult, I trust my ability to navigate space. My father helped give me the confidence to guide myself through the world. In late March, last year, 2016, I became a parent for the first time. I remember the indescribable – and as I understand it pretty universal – experience of holding my week-old son and feeling my priorities change on a cellular level. I remember I experienced a shift in consciousness that gave me the ability to maintain my love of career and also cherish something else, someone else, so much, much more. Like so many parents, I wondered how I was going to balance my work with my new role as a parent, and in that moment, I remember that the statistic for the USs policy on maternity leave flashed in my mind. American women are currently entitled to 12 weeks unpaid leave. American men are entitled to nothing. That information landed differently for me when one week after my sons birth, I could barely walk. That information landed differently when I was getting to know a human who was completely dependent on my husband and I for everything, when I was dependent on my husband for most things, and when we were relearning everything we thought we knew about our family and our relationship. It landed differently. Somehow, we and every American parent were expected to be ;back to normal; in under three months. Without income? I remember thinking to myself, ;If the practical reality of pregnancy is another mouth to feed in your home, and America is a country where most people are living paycheck to paycheck, how does 12 weeks unpaid leave economically work? The truth is: for too many people, it doesnt. One in four American women go back to work two weeks after giving birth because they cant afford to take any more time off than that. That is 25 per cent of American women. Equally disturbing, women who can afford to take the full 12 weeks often dont, because it will mean incurring a ;motherhood penalty; – meaning they will be perceived as less dedicated to their job and will be passed over for promotions and other career advancement. In my own household, my mother had to choose between a career and raising three children – a choice that left her unpaid and underappreciated as a homemaker – because there just wasnt support for both paths. The memory of being in the city with my Dad is a particularly meaningful one since he was the sole bwinner in our house, and my brothers and my time with him was always limited by how much he had to work. And we were an incredibly privileged family – our hardships were the stuff of other familys dreams. The deeper into the issue of paid parental leave I go, the clearer I see the connection between persisting barriers to womens full equality and empowerment, and the need to redefine and in some cases, destigmatize mens role as caregivers. In other words…thank you. In other words, in order to liberate women, we need to liberate men. The assumption and common practice that women and girls look after the home and the family is a stubborn and very real stereotype that not only discriminates against women, but limits mens participation and connection within the family and society. These limitations have broad-ranging and significant effects for them and for the children. We know this. So why do we continue to undervalue fathers and overburden mothers? Paid parental leave is not about taking days off work; its about creating the freedom to define roles, to choose how to invest time, and to establish new, positive cycles of behavior. Companies that have offered paid parental leave for employees have reported improved employee retention, reduced absenteeism and on-training costs, and boosted productivity and morale. Far from not being able to afford to have paid parental leave, it seems we cant afford not to.201703/500988郴州桂东县割包皮多少钱 And over the next 18 months, they together passed an incredibly comprehensive set of reforms.接下来的18个月,他们一起通过了一系列令人难以置信的全面的改革方案They busted open Mexicos smothering monopolies.他们破除了墨西哥令人窒息的垄断They liberalized its rusting energy sector.他们放宽了对已经生锈的能源领域的限制。They restructured its failing schools, and much more.他们重整了那些不合格的学校等等。To appreciate the scale of this accomplishment,要想领会这些成就的份量try to imagine the US Congress passing immigration reform, campaign finance reform and banking reform.那么试着去想像一下美国国会通过移民改革方案、竞选经费改革以及改革方案Now, try to imagine Congress doing it all at the same time. Thats what Mexico did.现在,再想像一下国会同时讨论并通过这三个方案。这就是墨西哥所做到的Not long ago, I met with Pena and asked how he managed it all.不久前,我见到了培尼亚并问他是如何做到的。The President flashed me his famous twinkly smile --这位总统用他那有名的微笑回应了我and told me that the short answer was ;compromiso,; compromise.并且跟我说简单地回答,是妥协。Of course, I pushed him for details,当然,我追问了细节and the long answer that came out was essentially ;compromise, compromise and more compromise.;然后长一点的基本上就是妥协、妥协、更多的妥协See, Pena knew that he needed to build trust early,培尼亚知道他需要尽早建立起信任so he started talking to the opposition just days after his election.所以当选几天后他就开始与反对派对话。To ward off pressure from special interests, he kept their meetings small and secret,为了避免来自特殊利益集团的压力,他们举行小型和秘密的会谈and many of the participants later told me that it was this intimacy,许多参会者后来告诉我这些会谈显得很亲密plus a lot of shared tequila, that helped build confidence.再加上大家共享了很多龙舌兰酒,使得大家都建立起了信心。So did the fact that all decisions had to be unanimous,事实上所有的决定都要达成一致意见and that Pena even agreed to pass some of the other partys priorities before his own.培亚尼甚至同意让一些其它政党想要优先达成的议案先于自己的议案通过As Santiago Creel, an opposition senator, put it to me,正如反对派议会圣地亚哥·克里尔所说;Look, Im not saying that Im special or that anyone is special, but that group, that was special.;“我不是说我很特别或者其他作何人很特别,而是这个团队很特别。”201706/513386郴州东方医院男科挂号

郴州第一人民医院南院治疗早泄多少钱英语场景口语:爱我就爱我的在老家农村的时候,我们家养了一条小,他可是很通人性。每次放学回家,老远就看到他来接我,然后跟我一块回家。【口语要素1】He followed me home.邻居就问我,你怎么那么喜欢小呢?我给了许多理由:他不会背叛我。【口语要素2】He never betrays me.他能够觉察到我心情的好坏呀。【口语要素3】Dogs sense my moods.更不会让我失望。【口语要素4】He would never let me down.所以你喜欢我的话,就一定要喜欢我的(爱屋及乌)。【口语要素5】Love me, love my dog. /200604/6676 即学即用英语会话词典B部分:介绍某人 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/15007郴州哪家医院做包皮好资兴市中医院割包皮多少钱



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