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Saanchi Goyal, 3, and Harry, , were looking out through the sunroof of their cars in different parts of Delhi when sharp strings slit their throats.日前,在德里两处地点,3岁的萨奇·戈亚尔和岁的哈利在从自家的汽车天窗欣赏外面风景时,不幸被锋利的风筝线割断了喉咙Zafar Khan, , died in the same manner when he was riding his motorbike.岁的扎法尔·汗在骑托车时,也以同样的方式死亡Glass-coated strings are used to bring down competitors kites, but they also end up injuring and killing people.据悉,杀人的风筝线表面覆有一层玻璃,用于打落对手的风筝,但是同样也会致人受伤、甚至死亡Many Indians fly kites to celebrate festivals and important occasions like the Independence Day, which is celebrated on August.许多印度人喜欢通过放风筝来庆祝节日以及重要场合比如8月日的印度独立日But every year, there are reports of people dying or getting wounded from the kite strings - locally known as manja - treated with powdered glass or metal to sharpen them.但每一年,都会有关于风筝线伤人或致死的报道这种风筝线在印度当地被称为曼扎,印度人用玻璃粉或金属来处理这些丝线,使得其非常锋利Similar strings killed a five-year-old boy in in the northern town of Moradabad, and a five-year-old girl died in Jaipur in .年,在印度北方城镇莫拉达巴德,类似的风筝线杀死了一名5岁大的男孩年,斋浦尔的一个5岁小女孩也丧命These strings also kill and maim hundreds of birds annually - at least 500 birds have been admitted to the Charity Birds Hospital in Delhi in the past three days alone, Indian media reports say. The hospital says it treats up to 8,000 birds every year.据印度媒体报道,每年还会有数百只鸟类因为这种线而受伤或丧命--仅在过去三天,就有至少500只鸟被送进德里的慈善禽鸟医院该医院表示,每年他们都要治疗达8000多只鸟The Delhi government has now banned the use of sharpened manja to fly kites and promised to run campaigns to educate people about the dangers of using such strings.目前,德里市政府已经明令禁止使用这种锋利的风筝线,并且承诺会开展专项行动,向人们宣传此种线的安全隐患Authorities said the sale, production and storage of nylon, plastic or any other glass or metal-coated manja would be prohibited in the capital city and those who violated the ban would have to pay a penalty of 0,000 rupees (,95; 1,8 pound) and could be jailed up to five years.印度当局表示,省会中禁止销售、生产、储存尼龙、塑料和其他玻璃或金属制成的风筝线,而违令者将被处以万卢比(约合95美元,18英镑)的罚款,并且被判处长达5年的拘禁 6779。

M: 36, 37, 38 Oh hi Yang Chen, I didnt know you were coming to the gym today.Y: Hi, Mar. What are you doing?M: Im doing push ups. P-U-S-H, U-P-S.Y: I know you are doing Pushups俯卧撑 可是我听到你在数38 ,你真的做了38个俯卧撑?M: Of course! What, you think I was just pretending to do all those pushups because I knew you were coming to the gym and wanted to impress you? Haha! Dont be ridiculous!Y: Oh, let me guess, 你交了新的女朋友You want to impress her. 让她对你有好感M: Well, I do have a hot date next week, so Ive been PUMPING IRON at the gym. Im sure if I have big enough muscles my date will automatically fall in love with me.Y: PUMPING IRON? 你缺铁吗?M: No, pumping iron just means working out at the gym.Y: I like it, pumping iron at the gym. 我也需要常常到健身房 pump ironM: Do you want to impress somebody?Y. No, 不过...M What do you mean, 不过?Y We women arent only concerned with muscles.M: That true. Women also really care about my great haircut, my designer cologne...Y: Designer cologne? 名牌香水,是在Walmart 买的吗?M: I know you are making fun of me.Y: Of course,, Im making fun of you.M: Just tell me what women are really concerned with.Y: The inner qualities of a person, 内在美!M: Oh, come on, Yang Chen, 内在美? Are you kidding me?Y: Maybe... 359。

A whale that was spotted near Shanghai had been dead more than days, and its left pectoral fin was possibly cut by people, said an expert after examining it.近日,上海惊现一头搁浅鲸鱼,专家在检查之后表示,这头鲸鱼已经死亡天以上,而且鲸鱼的左胸鳍很可能被人为割下The dead animal was a fin whale, a second-class national-level protected animal, said Tang Wenqiao, a professor from Shanghai Ocean University, who checked the whale on-site last Tuesday morning.上海海洋大学教授唐文乔于上周二早间现场检查了这头鲸鱼,他表示,这头鲸鱼是国家二级保护动物长须鲸The whale measured about meters and weighed about tons. Its body was well preserved, except its missing left pectoral fin, and some parts had aly decayed.这头鲸鱼长约米,重约吨鲸鱼身体部分保存完好--除了不翼而飞的胸鳍,一些部位已经腐烂Tang said that judging from the whale wound, the fin was possibly cut by people, and the whale died more than days.唐文乔教授表示,从鲸鱼的伤口判断,这头长须鲸可能被人切割过,鲸鱼的死亡时间已经超过了天Lu Haibing, owner of a fishing boat, said he first saw the whale on March 19, and the left fin was aly missing.据渔船老板卢海兵表示,他第一次看到这头鲸鱼是在3月19日,当时鲸鱼的左胸鳍就已经不见了Fishermen reported the sighting of the whale to police at around 1:00 pm on March , and were asked to bring the whale back to port.3月日下午1点左右,渔民们把目击到鲸鱼一事报告给了警察,并被要求拖鲸鱼回港Police said the authorities have asked marine biology experts to examine the cause of the death.据警方表示,当局已经要求海洋生物专家检查鲸鱼的死因 50。

5.The Hills Have Eyes5.隔山有眼The Hills Have Eyes is a gruesome horror movie about a US family being stalked by a group of psychotic mutants in the desert. There is plenty of blood and gore as humans, mutants, and animals are massacred.《隔山有眼是一部超级血腥的恐怖片影片讲述了一对美国夫妇为庆祝结婚纪念日,带着家人开车做一次穿越国境的长途旅行,不想在途中遭受一群畸形怪物的袭击,伴随着一系列惨无人寰的血腥杀戮The inspiration this bloody movie and its sequels comes from a dark legend originating from Scotland. The legend goes that a sadistic cannibal by the name of Sawney Bean and his clan murdered and feasted on at least 1,000 people while hiding out in a cave on a beach on the southwestern coast of Scotland. Wes Craven confirmed that this legend was the main inspiration the script of the remake of The Hills that was released in .这部影片(包括其续集)的灵感来自于苏格兰的一个恐怖传说相传苏格兰有一个叫Sawney Bean的残暴食人族,他们杀人成性,在苏格兰西南海岸杀了至少00号人,大饱口福编剧韦斯·克雷文认为正是这个恐怖传说,才有了于年翻拍的《隔山有眼.The Omen.天魔As creepy as The Omen may be, it doesnt have a patch on the real-life events surrounding it. It probably didnt help that the movie was released on June 6, 1976.《天魔于1976年6月6日上映,之后一系列倒霉事接踵而来The movie includes a scene where a man is beheaded by a glass plate. In real life, the specials effects consultant who created the scene was killed in a car accident, his body cut in half. Another sad incident was the suicide of actor Gregory Peck son soon after he accepted the role of Damien father. Flying to England to start filming saw Peck plane being struck by lightning twice and almost crashing into the ocean.还记得片中那惊人一幕吗?玻璃盘飞过,男子身首异处在现实中,为这一场景作特效的特效师在一场车祸中被拦腰截断悲剧还在上演,演员格雷戈·瑞派克正要飞往英国开拍,他所乘的航班被闪电击中两次,差点栽进海里;瑞派克接了达米安父亲这一角色后不久,他儿子就自杀了;The producer of the movie was staying at the Hilton hotel in London when it was hit by a bomb blast. Luckily, Mace Neufield wasnt in his room at the time. He also missed another bomb blast by mere minutes when a restaurant was blown up minutes bee he arrived.制片人梅斯·纽菲德住的伦敦希尔顿酒店又遭炸弹袭击,幸好当时他不在房间;仅仅几分钟后他又遇到另一起炸弹袭击,他前往的饭店被炸,还好当时他还没到,险离虎口3.The Babadook3.巴巴杜鬼书Just after the turn of the millennium, Jennifer Kent was told a weird and creepy story. One of her girlfriends told her about her son being terrified of what he called a ;bogeyman; stalking him. In order to keep the young boy calm, his mother would pretend to be able to see it and carry on conversations with it.喜迎千禧年的余热还未散去,珍妮弗·肯特(《巴巴杜导演及编剧)就听到一个诡异的故事:她的一位女性朋友的儿子最近老是神经兮兮地说有个妖怪缠着他,为了安抚儿子,这位女性朋友装作也看到了“妖怪”还跟它对话The story stuck with Kent, and she produced a short film in based on it. Years afterward, the story still wouldnt leave her and eventually resulted in hit horror film The Babadook. Kent surmised that the mom who told her the original story gave her the lasting inspiration to come up with the horror movie. It led her to creating the character of the mom in the movie and also eventually realizing that she had made a psychological horror film that resonated with mothers worldwide.肯特听到这件事后十分震惊,以此事为蓝本于年拍摄了一部短片多年以后,这事还存于她的脑海里挥之不去,于是年恐怖电影《巴巴杜问世了,轰动一时肯特认为是她这位朋友的故事激发了自己无尽的灵感,创作了这部恐怖电影影片中,她以这位朋友为原型,打得是“心理战”:母子俩一直不能化解亡夫、失父的心灵创伤,不能正视就无法摆脱,最终发展到幻视、幻听、精神失常崩溃;直到最后正面那些痛苦记忆,不再害怕它,才走出了情感阴霾这样的情节和人物设定,惹哭了很多观影的母亲们.The Conjuring .招魂A wave of paranormal activity claims flooded the Internet after The Conjuring was released in . A woman was reportedly possessed by evil during a screening of the movie, and news websites jumped onboard and claimed that the story was true. On Facebook, a post about a man who claimed to have found a cross on his hotel room mirror the night he watched the movie went viral.年《招魂上映后,网友们也大呼自己也见过超自然现象!哦对,也就是见鬼啦据传闻,一女子在电影放映期间被恶灵附身,新闻媒体还站出来指确有其事之后脸书上又有篇帖子大肆传播,有个男人称那晚看了《招魂后在旅馆镜子里看到一个十字架While all these claims are highly dubious at best, one creepy event remains unexplained at the time of this writing: A 65-year-old man watching the film at a cinema in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India, fainted during the last part of the movie after complaining of pain in his chest. After being taken to the nearest hospital, the man was declared dead, and his body was sent off to another hospital a postmortem. However, the body as well as the driver meant to transport it went missing and havent been found yet.虽然网上这些传言可能是哗众取宠,毫无可信度,但是有一事到现在还是未解之谜印度一位65岁男性在泰米尔纳德邦的电影院里看《招魂,在影片高潮后突然直喊心口疼,之后变得气若游丝人们赶紧把他送往最近的医院,医生却宣布他不治死亡老人的遗体被送往另一家医院尸检,然而尸体连同运送尸体的司机一起失踪了,现在还没找到1. Cloverfield Lane1.科洛弗道号On top of being a great movie, Cloverfield Lane also has one of the most talked-about twist endings of any movie in . It is essentially about a crazy man who keeps two people hostage in his home after telling them the air outside is toxic and that they will die if they try to escape.影片讲述的是一个女孩被一个丧心病狂的男子霍尔德囚禁在地下室里,还被告知别想着逃,外面的世界已经被外星人霸占了,地下室是相对安全的Naturally, when the main character does escape, she finds something even crazier than the story her captor told her. However, what only some people may have realized is that the film is actually about domestic abuse, as pointed out by several film critics. One critic in particular remarked how the film points out that simply leaving a bad situation doesnt make all of the problems magically disappear. The director of the film was pleased that some people picked up on the nuances of the film and looked deeper than just the surface of what they were watching.渐渐地,女主开始怀疑“救命恩人”霍尔德的动机,再一次逃跑,不曾想到发现了更为惊人的事实但是,有些影评人指出这部电影实际上反映的是家庭暴力,其中有位阐释了电影是如何一步步地传达出“逃离困境并不能解决问题”这一中心主题影片导演对有人可以看到影片中的微妙之处,并且分析地如此深刻而深感欣慰 5775。

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