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成都青羊区第五人民医院不孕专家四川省成都市妇幼保健院属于几级好好学习,天天向上。 欢迎来到《Faith口语课堂-天天学》新的一课,我是Faith老师,今天的快乐英语之旅正式启动了,你也准备好了吗?Access: n. 通道, 入口;接近[取得]…的方法[权利等]There is no access to the street through that door. 那个门不通向大街。You can easily get access to her. 你很容易接近她。I have access to his office. 我可以进出他的办公室。 Access: vt. 存取(计算机文件),进入I cant access the file on your company because Ive forgot the code. 我无法取出贵公司的文件,因为我把代码忘了。I can’t access the internet right now. 我现在上不了网。 Log in/on: 注册, 进入系统, 登录Please log in to the system with your account and password. 请用你自己的账号和密码登录系统。I decided to log on to msn and start up a few useless conversations. 我决定上MSN去瞎聊。I can’t log in to my QQ, neither my MSN. 我登录不了QQ,也进不去我的MSN. Connection speed: 网速The slow connection speed is killing me. 网速太慢,可真要命啊。 Get off QQ/MSN: 下Q/MSNI got off msn, grabbed an egg and headed off to the gym. 我下了MSN,吃了个鸡蛋,就赶往健身房。Wait for a while, I’m trying to access the internet, then I’ll log in to my QQ, and then we may have hot online chats. 等会啊,我正在上线,进入QQ后,就可以和你视频热聊了。 /201205/183332成都包皮割除手术价格 生活本来就是丰富多,有英语学,还有英语歌听,多美好啊。大家好,欢迎回来,收听并学习《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。准备好开始今天的英语阳光之旅了吗? 首先,来认识一下这个单词:considerate:adj.体贴的,体谅的We think that he is the most considerate person we have ever met. 我们认为他在我们碰到的人中间是最能体谅人的。He is always considerate to old people. 他对老人一向体贴入微。It was very considerate of you to send me a postcard. 你想得真周到,寄给我明信片。Be considerate toward the poor. 应常为穷人着想。Tony is a considerate, generous person. 托尼是一个体贴,宽容的人下面,来关注一下这个用法:A bit much通常用在口语中,当你说话时用到;A bit much ;,就说明你认为这事有点过分了,有点走极断了,过分了。That skirt is really short. I think its a bit much. 那条裙子有点短,我觉得过分了点。 He got really angry at the taxi driver and yelled at him for over 20 minutes. It was a bit much. 他对那个出租车司机很恼怒,对他吼了20多分钟。确实有些过分了。 That was a good proposal but got rejected. It was a bit much. 那是个挺不错的建议,却未被采纳,真不合情理。 The noise from that party is getting a bit much. 从聚会上传来的喧闹声越发过分了。My son has become so naughty recently-he really was a bit much last week. 我儿子最近非常顽皮,上个星期他简直太不像话了。I like you Tony, but youre giving me too much. 这句话什么意思呢?我喜欢你,托尼,但有确实有些过分了。你的生活中发生了什么有点过分了的事吗? /164737嘿,大家好,欢迎收听独家专栏节目;E聊吧;,我是Ukki,不知道大家最近都在忙什么呢?Ukki最近在学配音,很久以前就喜欢玩配音,一直到最近才找到一个不错的老师。还记得上周末在上课的时候,老师问几位即将模仿的学生,;请问你们要选哪个角色呢?;当时有位同学说了一句:;无所谓。;老师很幽默地回复了一句:;我感觉回答无所谓的人通常都是很厉害了,都是一些全能的人!;不知道大家又是怎么看待的呢?;无所谓;,是一种很独特很个性的生活态度,尽管有点玩世不恭,却可以在某种程度上让我们更好地享受生活,毕竟,不是所有的事情都很matter。那么 ;无所谓;又该如何用英语来表达呢?本期的;E聊吧;我们就一起来聊聊;无所谓;。1. be Ok (fine) with 对;;无碍,不要紧  Whatever you think is fine with me. 随你怎么想,我无所谓。   2. give a damn 不在乎,不感兴趣(永远用于否定形式)  He couldnt give a damn whether he passes the exam or not. 他对考试及格与否满不在乎。3. suit yourself 随你的便;按自己的意愿行事  You dont want to join the club? Oh well, suit yourself. 你不愿意参加俱乐部是吗?那好,随你的便吧。   4. its up to you 听你的,由你决定  So if you really want class to make a difference in your life, its up to you. 所以如果你真的想通过这门课改变生活,一切取决于你。   5. I dont care 我不在乎   I dont care what she thinks. 我不管她怎么想。6. do whatever you want 爱咋咋地   I have no doubt about that. You can always do whatever you want. 我对此毫不怀疑,你想做的事,总是能做到。   7. as you wish/if you want 随你吧   As for your departments plan, you can change as you wish. 至于你们部门的计划,你愿意怎么改就怎么改吧。8. whatever 管他呢   I totally have no idea how to file my tax return, whatever. 我完全不知道该怎么报税,唉,随便啦。OK,以上就是本期;E聊吧;Ukki想跟大家分享的;无所谓;的8种不同的说法,希望这些表达能够帮助大家哦!So much for todays program, see you next time and take it easy, bye~ /201111/162573成都军区总医院包皮手术多少钱

四川省第八人民医院网上在线咨询;承诺;两个字有很深远的意义,不要轻易做出承诺,如果你还没真正准备好。如果做出了承诺,就要认真去应诺。大家好,欢迎回来,收听并学习《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。今天的英语学习和承诺有关。来学一个很漂亮的英语单词:commit1. commit: vt. 犯罪; 犯错He has committed a serious fault. 他犯了严重错误。2. commit: vi. 承诺; 使自己受约束Asked if he was a candidate, he refused to commit himself. 当问到他是不是候选人时,他不置可否。Tony has committed himself to support them. 托尼答应负担他们的生活。3. commit vt. 托付; 交付The boy was committed to the care of his aunt. 这个孩子被交给他的姑妈照顾。4.commit还有一个特别广泛的用法:Be fully committed,是什么意思呢,我们来看看一些例句:Im afraid were fully committed due to the Christmas season. 由于圣诞节旺季的到来,恐怕我们的生产能力已经饱和了。We are always fully committed during the busy traveling season. 我们在旅游旺季总是安排得满满的。They took their work seriously and were fully committed to their work. 他们工作认真,全神投入工作。5. commitment: n. 承诺, 许诺, 保, 承担的义务I am very tired because I have taken on so many commitments. 我很累, 因为我负担很重。make a commitment: 做出承诺,许诺He made a commitment to pay the rent on time. 他保按时付房租。The man Im in love with has made a commitment to marry me. 我爱的那个男人已经承诺要娶我。Ive committed myself to teach this online oral English class, what firmer commitment are you y to make on your English study? 我已承诺教这个网络英语课,你做好了关于英语学习的更肯定的承诺吗? /201202/170023成都市中西医结合医院看妇科好不好 大邑县中医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱

四川成都市治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好关键词:Step up to the plate 开始行动;面临考验短语释义:;Step up to the plate;,一开始,歌曲就唱出了我们今天要学习的短语。在美国每年棒球季节的第一场比赛相当于春天来临的信息。这里的the plate原来指棒球场上本垒的垒垫,它放置于菱形棒球场的下角,是用硬质橡胶制成的边长十四英寸的一个小菱形,这是击球跑垒的起点。当一名棒球运动员准备击球的时候,他就拿起球棒踏上本垒,准备好用手中的球棒把对方投手投来的球击打到棒球场上去。刚刚提到的“踏上本垒“这个动作就称作step up to the plate。而这个动作也是棒球赛的关键,因为他要是三击不中,就得出局,不但没机会跑垒,更别谈得分了。所以step up to the plate意味着他开始行动,以及面临重大的考验了。这个短语用得很活,我们在例句中来体会。情景领悟:1. Every time you keep quiet and refuse to step up to the plate, you have one less chance to prove yourself.每当你保持低调,不肯出面采取行动的时候,你就少了一次明自己的机会。2. When our boss died in an accident, our number two had to step up to the plate and take over.当我们的上司在一场事故中身亡以后,我们的第二把手不得不上来接替他的主管工作。本节目属 网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic: 人脉很广很久以前听过一句话;机会是留给有准备的人的;,但是如今这句话在很多场合已经排不上用场了,应该改成;机会是留给有人脉的人的;。不知道正在收听节目的朋友,你们又是怎么看待这个问题的呢?Im well-connected.我的人脉很广。【讲解】connect 是;联系;的意思,well-connected 字面上看时;联系好;,引申意思就是;人脉广;。【情景二】在很多很好的企业里,一些比较好的职位通常都是为那些有人脉的人留着的,那些人往往被外界人称为;皇亲国戚;。Such positions usually go to the friends and family members of well-connected bankers.这类职位通常会留给人脉广泛的家的朋友和家人。【情景二】经济发展高速的社会里,人脉稍微有点不好的话,很容易就被淘汰了。Recession is squeezing out smaller and less well-connected firms.经济衰退中,较小的或者关系不够硬的公司遭到淘汰。 /201203/175236四川生殖健康研究附属医院是正规医院?四川第十人民医院门诊



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