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Im bear grylls.I go to some of the most dangerous places on Earth我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我将前往地球上最危险的地带to show you what it takes to make it out alive.向您展示如何逃出生天Ive traveled the globe facing challenges in the sort of places you wouldnt last a day without the right survival skills.我的足迹遍布全球 挑战有如炼狱般的环境 没有生存技巧 你命在旦夕Now Im in British Columbia,high in the Rocky Mountains.我正位于不列颠哥伦比亚 居高临下俯视落基山脉I usually head out into the wild,but this week, using specialist equipment,我通常孤身前往蛮荒野外 不过这周 我们将利用专业设备were going to bring the wild to me,so I can show you how to survive the most extreme environments.将荒野带到我身边 我就能向大家展示 如何在最极端的条件下存活My team will give mother nature a helping hand to ensure conditions are as bad as they can get.我的团队将助自然母亲一臂之力 确保环境能严苛到极致Were going bigger, better,and more ambitious than ever before我们这次将做得更大 更好 前所未见的更超乎想象Ill battle the bone-chilling waters of a frozen lake.我将与刺骨冰寒的冻湖孤军奋战Youve got to keep eyes on me, okay?before swimming 40 foot under solid ice.你们要时刻注意我 知道了吗 游到固体冰层下四十英尺之前Im wet, cold, and Ive got to act fast.Bombs away.我又湿又冷 我要速战速决才行 投下炸弹blast a ridgeline to set off a huge avalanche,在山脊引爆 制造大型雪崩then get buried alive to experience the suffocating conditions of the aftermath.被大雪活埋 经历雪崩后令人窒息的境况I cant move, and I cant breathe properly.我无法动弹 呼吸困难I try to find shelter in the middle of a manmade blizzard before frostbite sets in.我试图在人造暴风雪中寻求庇护场所 以免被冻伤Up here, you could have minus-40.In here, its gonna be way, way warmer.在这上面 气温会低至零下四十度 在这里面 会暖和许多许多and careen down the icy mountain over 40 miles an hour to show you how to pull off a lifesaving move.在以时速四十英里滑下雪山时 展示如何完成临危自救的动作Very fast -- faster than we expected.But when you play with the big boys,sometimes youre gonna get hurt.非常快 超乎想象的快 不过 如果你想学老顽童的话 有时是难免会受伤的It felt like hitting a wall. I thought Id killed him.就像是撞墙了 我差点害死他201701/489447Jungle rivers always more powerful than you imagine.丛林中河流的力量远远超乎你的想象Were across the river, though.虽然这样 我们还是穿过来了Ive made it through the rapids,but I still need to find a way out of here.虽已成功横渡急流 但我还需要找到出去的路Your best plan is to keep going north towards the mayan ruins in the jungle.最佳方案是一直向北前进 到达丛林中的玛雅遗迹Its where youre most likely to find people.在那里最有可能找到人的踪迹2,500 years ago,this part of Guatemala was the mayan heartland,and there are ruins all over the jungle.2500年前 危地马拉的这片区域 曾是玛雅文明心脏地带 玛雅遗迹遍布丛林四处Theyre always popular with tourists,and where theres people, theres gonna be salvation.那里深受游客喜爱 只要有人 就能获救Lets get down to this.This temple was built by the mayans to worship their gods.从这里下去吧 这座寺庙由玛雅人建造 用以供奉神明This could be a perfect place for a pick-up.这里是呼救的好地方Its a good clearing around, it as well.同时四周环境空旷 视野极佳But the mayans were also known for their grisly practice of human sacrifice,玛雅人因其残忍的活人祭祀 而闻名内外which involved cutting the hearts out of living victims.包括挖出活人祭品的心脏Gonna need some wood for a fire.需要找些木材生火A smoke signal is a great way to attract attention.烟雾信号是吸引注意的绝妙方法But never light a fire on an ancient monument unless its a true survival situation.除非遇到真正的生死关头的境地 否则绝不要在古迹上点火201609/467256John Rockefeller will outlive Carnegie by thirteen years.约翰·洛克菲勒比卡内基多活了十三年That time--and his greater worth--allows him to give away more money than Carnegie Is ever able to.这多余的时间加上他的钱也更多 所以他捐的钱比卡内基的还要多Throughout his life Rockefeller has donated millions-- to his church and numerous universities.洛克菲勒一生共计捐赠了数百万给他的教堂以及众多大学At the age of seventy-three, he creates the Rockefeller foundation with a personal endowment of one hundred million dollars--the equivalent of thirty-eight billion today.他七十三岁时创建了洛克菲勒基金 个人捐款高达一亿美元 相当于今天的三百八十亿That money will go on to advance public health around the world for decades.这些钱几十年来都将用于推进 世界各地的公共卫生事业My great-grandfather, he went full bore into philanthropy. Whether that was a duty under a sort of a Baptist stricture, or whether it just came pouring out of him, Im just not sure. But it doesnt make any difference, he did it.我的曾祖父全力投身于慈善事业 是出于浸信会的义务 还是兴之所至 我也不清楚 但这不重要 重要的是他做了John Rockefeller will live to be ninety-seven years old and gives away more five hundred and thirty million dollars in his lifetime.约翰·洛克菲勒活到了九十七岁 一生捐出了五点三亿多美元Gifts that, today, would total over one hundred billion.总额相当于今天的一千亿I look at Carnegie, I look at what Rockefeller did and I revere these people--for the second half of their lives-- and they certainly are, theyre inspirations to people who have managed to be able to accumulate some wealth and want to be able to say, you know what, I now want to help others.看了卡内基还有洛克菲勒的作为 我尊敬他们 他们的后半生更是如此 对于那些积累了一些财富的人是一种启迪 他们会想 其实呢 我现在想帮助别人201608/457591

So youve decided to take the IELTS exam, congratulations! Success starts with IELTS.感谢选择报考雅思考试,这将成为你成功的起点。Here we look at the criteria of coherence and cohesion.This is one of four criteria on which your writing will be assessed.在该短片中,我们将介绍:连贯性与衔接性。这是雅思写作考试四项评分标准之一。Look for other three criteria s.我们会在其他短片中分别介绍另外三项评分标准。Coherence refers to the flow of your writing. Your idea should be logically organized and appropriately sequenced into paragraphs so they are easy to understand and follow.连贯性指文章的流畅程度,文章的观点应该逻辑清楚,段落结构恰当, 以易于理解和把握。Cohesion refers to linking words that help you connect ideas and show the relationship between paragraphs, sentences, or parts of sentences.衔接性指连接词的使用,其有助于整合观点,并阐明段落、句子或句子成分之间的关系。So this criteria looks at how a writing test the answer is organized and how to link information and ideas.因此,该评分标准旨在考查考生组织文章以及连接信息和观点的能力。Here is one simple way to sequence ideas for effective coherence for this Task 2 essay, for example, ;The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace.在作文2中,可以采用一种简单的方式梳理文章观点。例如,题目是“核武器威胁实际上维持了世界和平。Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages. To what extent do you agree or disagree? ;核能提供了低价清洁的能源。核科学技术的利远大于弊。你如何看待这一观点?”Introduction: paraphrase question and include your opinion.开头:转述题目,提出你的观点。Body paragraphs: arguments for nuclear technology.正文段落:列举持核技术的论点。Body paragraphs: against regular technology.正文段落:列举反对核技术的论点。Conclusion: paraphrase your opinion.结论:改述你的观点。Plan your essay like this before you start writing.写作前,参照上述格式列出写作提纲。Its important to use paragraphs. These give structure to a piece of writing.由于文章的结构是由段落划分的,所以分段非常重要。Think of paragraphs as a signpost telling, whoever your work where your ideas were going and when you were moving on to a different point.要将段落作为文章的重要标识,让读者了解你如何展开阐述一个观点,并告知读者你何时开始进入下一个论点。Since paragraphs are used to explain your argument in stages, express one idea or set of ideas in each paragraph.鉴于段落有助于阶段性地解释文章论点,因此在每一个段落中,请阐述一个观点或一组观点。A good way to start a paragraph is with the short simple sentence that introduced the main idea of the paragraph.在开始新段落时,使用简洁明了的句子提出本段的主要观点,这不失为一个明智的选择。Teachers often called this a topic sentence.老师们通常称这句话为:主旨句。In the remainder of the paragraph, provide explanations, evidence, examples or personal experiences to build on an extended idea.然后在接下来的段落中进行解释,列举据、例子或个人经历来持并拓展该段的主要论点。Connecting show the relationship between your paragraphs in sentences by using a wide range of linking words or phrases appropriately.使用恰当、丰富的连接词或短语来连接段落句子,并阐明他们之间的关联。See our accompanying download for different examples.请参看我们提供下载的附加资料。They are usually these types: introducing ideas, having similar ideas, contrasting ideas, giving examples or evidence,连接词的作用主要有这几种:提出观点、补充说明类似观点、对比不同观点、列举例子或据explaining results, sequencing, providing explanations, sharing your experience, drawing conclusions, introducing your opinions.阐释结果、排列顺序、解释说明、分享经历、得出结论、提出自己的观点等。Linking can be done in a variety of other ways, for instance, through referencing by using pronouns.连接上下文的方法多种多样,例如使用代词。;Firstly Im very happy to receive this award. Additionally, I would like to thank my colleagues, without them they wouldnt be standing here accepting this.;首先,获得这个奖项我感到十分高兴。另外,我想感谢我的同事,如果没有他们,我就不会站在这里领奖。And also using substitution: ;famous people deserve a private life, but celebrities also sell newspapers;.还可以进行替换,比如:名人需要私生活,但报道名流轶事才能吸引眼球。As you practice writing essays, review your writing and circle the different linking devices.Then think about how you could use different words to avoid repetition.练习雅思写作时,可通篇回顾文章,圈出所采用的连接手段。并思考是否可以使用其他的词汇以避免重复。Dont overuse linking words or phrases however, this becomes irritating for the er.The key in using linking words is appropriacy.不要过多使用连接词和短语,否则文章读起来会惹人生厌。所以,恰当地使用是关键所在。Ask yourself, is this necessary and doesnt match the content that follows?用词之前应该先问自己,这个词是否是必须的?是否适用于接下来的内容?For more information, please see are other writing test s: task achievement, lexical resources and grammatical range inaccuracy.若想了解其他三项评分标准,请观看其他雅思写作考试备考短片:写作任务完成情况、词汇丰富性、语法多样性以及准确性。201706/515269

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481032

If we imagine that the cat is putting down a Post-it note,如果把这想象成猫猫们贴的随意贴it says what time it was there, who it was,那上面写的是 什么时候 谁来过and then it leaves that area.之后将它留在那里Now, the nice thing about leaving a chemical signal留下化学信号的好处在于is that you can physically leave,你不必时刻待在这里but you have left a message for another cat,但你却给其他猫留下了信息so when that other cat comes along当其他猫经过的时候and s that message, or that Post-it note, if you like,读懂了这条信息 你也可以叫它随意贴its gaining information about who is using that space,他们就能知道谁来过这片地区and how long ago they were using it.他们是什么时候离开的Sarah and John have believed for a while that cats time shift,一直以来 萨拉和约翰相信着轮换机制to share space and avoid fighting.是为了共享领地以及避免争斗But this data is the strongest evidence theyve gathered so far但这份数据是目前为止明这一点的that its really happening.最有力的据The week progresses, and the data continues to flood in.时间在流逝 数据源源不断被收集起来重点解释:1.put down 放下例句:Make sure that you put down every word she says.切实要记下她说的每一个字。2.leave a message 留个话例句:May I leave a message?我可以留个口信吗?3.flood in 涌进(流进)例句:The surges of green leopards flood in everywhere. 绿豹形成的汹涌巨浪,淹没所有地方,201608/460337

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