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长春孕妇免费咨询专家长春宫颈刮片检查多少钱吉林省二院能用社保 Several years ago, while observing a parenting group in Minnesota, I was struck by a confession one of the women made to her peers: She didn#39;t really care that her husband did the dishes after dinner. Sure, it was swell of him, and she had friends whose husbands did less. But what she really wanted, at that point in her day, was for her husband to volunteer to put the kids to bed. She would have been glad to sit in the kitchen on her own for a few minutes with the water running and her mind wandering. Another woman chimed in: #39;Totally. The dishes don#39;t talk back to you.#39;几年前,我在明尼苏达州观过一个育儿组织的讨论会,一位女士对其他成员坦陈心迹对我触动颇深。她说,她丈夫晚饭后刷盘子,但她一点也不觉得高兴。当然,他能刷盘子很了不起,她有一些朋友的丈夫家务做得更少。但晚饭之后她真正希望丈夫去做的事情是主动哄孩子睡觉。如果能一个人在厨房里坐几分钟,在水流声中发发呆,她会感到很高兴。另一位女士接过话头:“完全正确。盘子不会跟你顶嘴。”According to the American Time Use Survey-which asks thousands of Americans annually to chronicle how they spend their days-men and women now work roughly the same number of hours a week (though men work more paid hours, and women more unpaid). Given this balanced ledger, one might guess that all would finally be quiet on the domestic front-that women would finally have stopped wondering how they, rather than their husbands, got suckered into such a heavy load. But they haven#39;t. The question is: Why?《美国人时间使用调查》(American Time Use Survey)(这项一年一度的调查让数千名美国人按时间顺序记录他们如何度过一天的时间)显示,如今男性和女性一周的工作时间基本相同(不过男性的有酬工作时间较长,女性的无酬工作时间较长)。既然这本时间账是平衡的,我们也许会猜测,夫妻双方在家务方面的所有矛盾最终都会平息――女性应该终于不再疑惑为什么是她们而不是丈夫被如此沉重的负担所纠缠。但她们的疑问并没有消除。这是为什么呢?Part of the problem is that averages treat all data as if they#39;re the same and therefore combinable, which often results in a kind of absurdity. On average, human beings have half an Adam#39;s apple, but no one thinks to lump men and women together this way. Similarly, we should not assume that men and women#39;s working hours are the same in kind. The fact is, men and women experience their time very differently.问题的部分原因在于,我们求平均数时会把所有数据都视为同质的,因此认为它们可以合并,这通常会带来一种荒唐的结果。比如说,平均而言,每个人有半个喉结,但实际上没有人会这样把男女合并计算。同样,我们也不能以为男性和女性工作时间的性质相同。事实是,男性和女性对时间的感知大相径庭。For starters, not all work is created equal. An hour spent on one kind of task is not necessarily the equivalent of an hour spent on another. Take child care, a task to which mothers devote far more hours than dads. It creates much more stress in women than other forms of housework. In #39;Alone Together#39; (2007), a comprehensive look at the state of American marriage, the authors found that if women believe child care is unevenly divided in their homes, this imbalance is much more likely to affect their marital happiness than a perceived imbalance in, say, vacuuming.首先,并非所有工作都“生而平等”。花在一种任务上的一小时不一定能与花在另一种任务上的一小时划等号。就拿照顾孩子来说,母亲在这项任务中花费的时间要比父亲多得多。照顾孩子为女性带来的压力要比其他家务劳动大得多。2007年出版的《在一起独处》(Alone Together)一书作者发现,如果女性觉得在照料孩子这件事上两人职责分摊不均,这种不平衡会比她们在吸尘等其他家务上感受到的不平衡更易影响婚姻幸福。《在一起独处》这本书对美国人的婚姻状态进行了全面审视。Or consider night duty. Sustained sleep deprivation, as we know, consigns people to their own special league of misery. But it#39;s generally mothers, rather than fathers, who are halfway down the loonytown freeway to hysterical exhaustion, at least in the early years of parenting. According to the American Time Use Survey, women in dual-earner couples are three times more likely to report interrupted sleep if they have a child under the age of 1, and stay-at-home mothers are six times as likely to get up with their children as are stay-at-home fathers.再来看看夜间照料。我们知道,持续的睡眠剥夺会让人沦入一种特殊的悲惨境地,在通向歇斯底里和筋疲力尽的疯狂高速公路上行程已经过半。但驾车的几乎总是母亲,而不是父亲,至少在有孩子的头几年是这样。《美国人时间使用调查》显示,在有一岁以下孩子的双职工家庭里,女性睡眠被打断的几率是男性的三倍;而全职妈妈起床照看孩子的几率是全职爸爸的六倍。Funny: I once sat on a panel with Adam Mansbach, the author of the best-selling parody #39;Go the F- to Sleep.#39; At one point in the discussion, he conceded that his partner put his child to bed most nights. He may have written a book about the tyranny of toddlers at bedtime, but in his house, it was mainly Mom#39;s problem.有件很有意思的事情:我曾与畅销戏仿作品《快给我睡觉》(Go the F- to Sleep)一书作者亚当#12539;曼斯巴赫(Adam Mansbach)一同参加讨论会。他在讨论中承认,大多数晚上都是他的伴侣哄孩子睡觉。他是写了本讲述幼童睡前暴行的书,但在他家里,这个难题主要扔给了孩子的妈妈。Complicating matters, mothers assume a disproportionate number of time-sensitive domestic tasks, whether it#39;s getting their toddlers dressed for school or their 12-year-olds off to swim practice. Their daily routine is speckled with what sociologists Annette Lareau and Elliot Weininger call #39;pressure points,#39; or nonnegotiable demands that make their lives, as the authors put it, #39;more frenetic.#39;让情况更加复杂的是,母亲承担了过多的时间敏感型家务,不论是给幼童穿衣上学还是带12岁的孩子去练游泳。她们每天的日程安排中布满了社会学家安妮特#12539;拉罗(Annette Lareau)和艾略特#12539;魏因宁格(Elliot Weininger)所说的“压力点”,或者按照两位作者的话说就是,让她们生活变得“更抓狂”、毫无商量余地的要求。These deadlines have unintended consequences. They force women to search for wormholes in the time-space continuum simply to accomplish all the things that they need to do. In 2011, the sociologists Shira Offer and Barbara Schneider found that mothers spend, on average, 10 extra hours a week multitasking than do fathers #39;and that these additional hours are mainly related to time spent on housework and child care.#39;这些最后期限会造成一些意外后果。它们迫使女性为完成她们需要做的所有事情而在连续的时空中寻找虫洞。2011年,社会学家希拉#12539;奥费尔(Shira Offer)和芭芭拉#12539;施奈德(Barbara Schneider)发现,母亲一周比父亲平均多花10小时来处理多重任务,“这些额外的时间主要花在家务和育儿方面”。When fathers spend time at home, on the other hand, it reduces their odds of multitasking by over 30%. Which may explain why, a few years ago, researchers from UCLA found that a father in a room by himself was the #39;person-space configuration observed most frequently#39; in their close study of 32 families at home. It may also explain why many fathers manage to finish the Sunday paper while their wives do not-they#39;re not constantly getting up to refill bowls of Cheerios.而对父亲们来说,呆在家里会将他们处理多重任务的可能性减少逾30%。这也许可以解释,为什么几年前加州大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA)的研究人员在针对32个家庭展开的细致入户研究中发现,父亲独自呆在房间里是“最常见的个人―空间格局”。这也许还可以解释为什么许多父亲都能看完星期天的报纸,而他们的妻子则无法看完――因为父亲不需要不断起身往碗里加麦圈。Being compelled to divide and subdivide your time doesn#39;t just compromise your productivity and lead to garden-variety discombobulation. It also creates a feeling of urgency-a sense that no matter how tranquil the moment, no matter how unpressured the circumstances, there#39;s always a pot somewhere that#39;s about to boil over.被迫把你的时间一分再分不仅会影响工作效率,而且常常会让人头晕脑胀。它还会带来一种紧迫感――也就是不管当下有多平静,也不管环境有多轻松,你也总觉得某个地方有一罐即将沸腾的水。#39;My husband says I cause some of the worry unnecessarily,#39; another Minnesota mother, who was part of the same parenting program, told me when I spent some time in her home.参加上述育儿活动的另一位妈妈在我到她家拜访时对我说:“我丈夫说,是我造成了一些不必要的担忧。”It#39;s something that I hear a lot from parents. One of them-usually the mother-is more alive to the emotional undercurrents of the household. As a result, this more intuitive parent feels that the other parent-usually the father-is not doing his fair share, while the father feels that his wife is excessively emotional and wretchedly inefficient. But what really may be going on is that the couple is experiencing time differently, because each person is paying attention to different things.我经常听父母们说这句话。父母中的一方(通常是母亲)对家庭的情绪潜流更敏感。于是,直觉更敏锐的这一方会感觉另一方(通常是父亲)没有尽到应尽的义务,而父亲则感觉自己的妻子太过情绪化而且做事效率低得可怜。但真相也许是夫妇双方对时间的感知不同,因为他们在关注不同的东西。It#39;s important to remember that fairness isn#39;t just about absolute equality. It#39;s about the perception of equality. Women may work fewer paid hours than men, but because they devote nearly twice as much time to family care (housework, child care, shopping), it doesn#39;t look to women like their husbands are sharing the load evenly when they#39;re all home together. It looks instead like their husbands are watching #39;SportsCenter.#39;我们必须牢记,公平不仅仅是绝对的平等,而是对平等的感知。女性的有酬工作时间可能比男性短,但她们用于照顾家庭(家务、照顾孩子、购物)的时间几乎相当于男性的两倍,因此在女性看来,当双方都在家时,她们的丈夫并没有均等地分担家务。她们感觉丈夫总是在看体育新闻。It#39;s hard to overstate how stressful these perceived imbalances can be. At one point, the UCLA researchers took saliva samples from most of the subjects of their study to measure levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. They found that while leisure time went a long way toward relaxing fathers, it did far less to subdue anxiety in mothers. So what, you may ask, did calm the mothers?这些感受到的不平衡带来的压力之大怎么形容都不过分。加州大学洛杉矶分校的的研究人员在研究中提取了多数对象的唾液样本,以测量压力荷尔蒙皮质醇的水平。他们发现,尽管闲暇时间能很好地帮助父亲放松,但对减轻母亲焦虑情绪的效果却要差得多。那么你也许会问,什么才能让妈妈们恢复平静呢?Simple: Seeing their husbands make a bigger effort to reduce the pandemonium in the house.很简单:看到丈夫能更加努力地减轻家里的乱局。 /201403/278026公主岭市人民医院卵巢囊肿

长春妇产医院人流农安县体检价格 Die Organisation ;Islamischer Staat im Irak und in Syrien; (ISIS) geh#246;rt zu den radikalsten islamistischen Gruppen im Nahen Osten. Sie k#228;mpft für einen sunnitischen Gottesstaat im arabischen Raum. ISIS ging aus dem irakischen Widerstand der 2003 gegründeten Gruppe ;Tawhid und Dschihad; hervor, die sich gegen die US-Invasion im Irak wandte. Die Gruppe griff im Irak nicht nur US-Soldaten an, sondern verübte auch Selbstmordanschl#228;ge auf Schiiten und Christen im Land.伊斯兰国组织的全称是“在伊拉克及叙利亚的伊斯兰国”(ISIS),是中东地区极端伊斯兰武装中的一。他们的目标是在阿拉伯世界建立一个逊尼派神权国家。伊斯兰国的前身是2003年成立伊拉克抵抗军——“统一圣战者组织”,与入侵伊拉克的美军作战。但他们的攻击对象不仅于美军,同时也对国内的什叶派信徒及基督徒发动自杀式袭击。Erster Anführer war der für seine Grausamkeit berüchtigte Jordanier Abu Mussab Al-Sarkawi. Al-Sarkawi wurde 2006 von der US-Armee get#246;tet. Seither führen Iraker die Organisation. Seit Mai 2010 steht der Iraker Abu Bakr Al-Bagdadi an der Spitze der ISIS. Deren zweiter Name ;Islamischer Staat im Irak und der Levante; verdeutlicht den Anspruch, einen sunnitischen Gro#223;staat zwischen Mittelmeer und Euphrat zu errichten: Der Begriff Levante (;Sonnenaufgang;) bezieht sich auf das Hinterland der #246;stlichen Mittelmeerküste.该组织的第一任首领是臭名昭著的杀人狂约旦人阿布·穆萨布·阿尔·扎卡维。自从扎卡维于2006年被美军击毙后,该组织就一直由伊拉克人领导。从2010年10月起,伊拉克人阿布·伯克尔·阿尔·巴达迪成为了伊斯兰国的头号人物。这个组织的另一个名字是“在伊拉克及黎凡特的伊斯兰国”,这个名称清晰地表示他们要建立一个横跨地中海和幼发拉底河的巨大的逊尼派国家。黎凡特(日出之地)指的是地中海东岸的腹地。An Macht gewann die ISIS, als sie sich im Frühjahr 2013 in den syrischen Bürgerkrieg einmischte. Dort überwarf sie sich mit der aus syrischen Salafisten bestehenden Al-Nusra-Front, obwohl beide Gruppen damals dem Terrornetzwerk Al-Kaida nahestanden. Vor allem im Nordosten Syriens greift Isis syrisch-kurdische St#228;dte an und t#246;tet die Zivilbev#246;lkerung. Im Irak profitiert die ISIS vom Streit der von Schiiten dominierten irakischen Regierung unter Nuri Al-Maliki mit den sunnitischen Parteien des Landes.伊斯兰国与2013年初参与了叙利亚内战并赢得巨大的影响力。他们与叙利亚萨派武装“阿尔·努斯拉”阵线先合作后翻脸,尽管两者都和基地组织的恐怖网络关系密切。伊斯兰国首先在叙利亚东北部攻击库尔德人城市并屠杀平民。在伊拉克,由于马利基总理领导的什叶派政府和逊尼派政党的党争没完没了,伊斯兰国坐收渔翁之利。Durch Spenden finanziert伊斯兰国通过募捐获得资金ISIS finanziert sich vor allem durch Spenden aus den Golfstaaten Katar und Saudi-Arabien, aber auch durch Wegz#246;lle entlang der Grenzen zwischen Irak und Syrien. In den Reihen der Gruppe k#228;mpfen internationale Brigaden, darunter Muslime aus Nordafrika und den arabischen Golfstaaten sowie Konvertiten aus Europa und Nordamerika.伊斯兰国的主要经济来源是来自海湾国家卡塔尔和沙特的募捐,同时他们也在伊拉克与叙利亚边境地区收过路费。在这个组织中还有一国际部队,由来自北非和阿拉伯海湾国家的穆斯林以及归化的欧洲人和北美人组成。 /201408/324382长春市阳光女子医院几级

长春哪个医院可以取环Could the most lucrative investment portfolio you own be hiding in your closet? Important fashion items from the 20th century are fetching record prices at auction, and estimates at a number of high-profile sales this autumn look set to push prices even higher.最佳投资组合可能是自己的压箱底装吗?20世纪有重要纪念意义的时装在拍卖会上不断拍出令人咋舌的高价,可以预见今秋很多场引人瞩目的拍卖定会使竞价更上一层楼。In 2011, a gold commodities trader paid .8m for Michael Jackson’s jacket from the “Thriller” at a sale by Los Angeles-based entertainment auction house Julien’s. Darren Julien, the house’s chief executive, says investors and hedge funds are looking at fashion as a way to diversify from other hard goods, such as art, as fashion “will turn a profit over five years and shows wealth and status in the office while it appreciates”.2011年,在洛杉矶“明星拍卖行”朱利安拍卖行(Julien’s)举行的一场拍卖会上,迈克尔?杰克逊(Michael Jackson)演唱《颤栗》(Thriller)时所穿的夹克衫被某位黄金大宗交易商以180万美元拍走。拍卖行CEO达伦?朱利安(Darren Julien)说投资商和对冲基金把时装视为艺术品等耐用商品拓展出去的领域,因为古董时装“五年后就会赢利。一旦升值,挂在办公室里能显现自己的财富及身份”。Celia Joicey, head of London’s Fashion and Textile Museum, which experienced an 87 per cent year-on-year increase in visitors to August 2013, says: “Fashion was given a value the minute it went into the museum space, with prices rising alongside the soaring visitor figures.”伦敦时装与纺织品物馆(Fashion and Textile Museum)馆长西莉亚?乔西(celiajoicey)说:“时装一旦被物馆收藏,价值立马突现,参观人数飚升的同时,价位也随之水涨船高。”截止2013年8月,伦敦时装与纺织品物馆的参观人数逐年增长了87%。Dilys Blum, senior curator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which has a 30,000-strong fashion collection that includes Grace Kelly’s wedding dress, says: “There’s not that much 18th- and 19th-century material around now because the pieces are more difficult to find. It’s all about 20th-century couture and wearable fashion because this is where the money is.”费城艺术物馆(Philadelphia Museum of Art)资深策展人迪利斯?布洛姆(Dilys Blum)说:“如今存世的18、19世纪的时装物件很少,原因是它们越来越难以淘到。物馆收藏的几乎多为20世纪的时装,因为它们才是投资价值所在。”Japanese designers from the 1980s such as Comme des Gar?ons and Yohji Yamamoto are must-buy names now, say industry insiders. They will be “unaffordable for individuals in 10 years’ time”, says fashion auctioneer Kerry Taylor, whose fashion and textiles sale kicked off the international fashion auction season this month.业内人士说,Comme des Gar?ons与山本耀司(Yohji Yamamoto)这些日本上世纪80年代设计师设计的时装如今成了收藏界炙手可热的抢手货。“10年之后,他们当初设计的时装价位让私人藏家望而却步”,时装拍卖商凯丽?泰勒(Kerry Taylor)说。本月,她的时装与纺织品拍卖会拉开了今冬国际时装拍卖会的序幕。As Yves Saint Laurent muse Danielle Luquet de Saint Germain says: “In the old days a couture dress was a work of art.” Last week, she held the first of many sales of her 12,000-piece collection at Paris’s H?tel Drouot. Reported to be one of “the most beautiful private collections of haute couture in the world”, it includes everything from 1980s Azzedine Ala?a to Yves Saint Laurent from the 1960s and 1970s. “There was a huge pride in the way things were made and finished, a whole industry of skilled artisans,” she says, “but that has all gone now.”曾是伊夫?圣?罗兰(Yves Saint Laurent)御用模特的达妮埃尔(Danielle Luquet de Saint Germain)说:“礼在过去属于艺术作品。”不久前,在巴黎杜欧宫(H?telDrouot),她对自己收藏的12000件时装藏品举行了首场拍卖会。据报道,这是“全球私人所收藏的最漂亮高档时装”,拍品从上世纪60、70年代的伊夫?圣?罗兰时装到上世纪80年代的阿瑟丁?阿拉亚 (AzzedineAla?a),品类齐全,应有尽有。“制作及润饰突显出无比尊贵的气息,展现了设计高手的整体行业水准,”她说,“但这一切如今已一去不复返了。”Lots at New York’s Augusta Auctions on November 14 include a shimmering pale green sequinned and beaded 1920s party dress (0-0 estimate); a bejewelled silk satin Christian Dior 1952 Palmyre dress (£26,000-£28,000); a 1968-69 Yves Saint Laurent floor-length gown adorned with this autumn’s must-have ostrich feathers ( /201311/266649 长春医院人流的价格长春无痛人流哪家较好



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