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黑龙江省哈尔滨市五院中药科五常市无痛人流手术多少钱A giant panda at the Atlanta zoo has given birth to twin cubs. This has surprised officials because they had been expecting the birth of a single cub.亚特兰大动物园一只大熊猫产下双胞胎熊猫宝宝。这一消息令动物园管理人员大为吃惊,因为他们一直以为是一只熊猫宝宝。Zoo officials say twin cubs have never been born at Zoo Atlanta, and the two cubs are the first to be born in the ed States in 2013. They havent confirmed the gender of the cubs.动物园管理人员表示亚特兰大动物园从未有双胞胎熊猫宝宝降生,而这对双胞胎熊猫宝宝是美国在2013年诞生的第一对双胞胎熊猫宝宝。The zoo will work with experts in China to decide on how to name the twins after 100 days.动物园将与中国专家一同在熊猫宝宝百天后为其取名。The cubs are the fourth and fifth to be born to mother Lun Lun and father Yang Yang, both 15 years old.熊猫爸爸阳阳和熊猫妈妈伦伦今年均为15岁,而这对熊猫宝宝是它们的第四个和第五个孩子。The couple were sent to Zoo Atlanta in 1999. Their first born is at Chinas Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, and the other two cubs are on site at the zoo, but they are being prepared to move to China later in the year.这对熊猫夫妻于1999年被送至亚特兰大动物园。它们的第一个熊猫宝宝在中国成都大熊猫繁育研究基地出生,另两只熊猫宝宝在亚特兰大动物园出生。但是,今年年底这对熊猫夫妻需要准备迁往中国。201307/248284绥化第一人民中医院在线咨询医生 president john sculley admits apple will be约翰斯考利加盟苹果公司这件事Just another personal computer company unless macintosh在个人电脑领域 同麦金塔电脑的发布一样Becomes an industry milestone in the next 100 days.具有里程碑意义there was kind of a love affair at the beginning.一开始这里还有一段关于这两人的笑谈I mean, steve really trusted him史蒂夫非常的信任他And really saw a kindred spirit, Someone who would help him build apple.把他视为能够帮助他建设好苹果公司的灵魂伙伴His love was apple.他的挚爱就是苹果公司.He envisioned being with apple for his life.他想一生都与苹果公司为伴He said, ;but that doesnt mean there wont be periods他说,;虽然我不会离开苹果,但是很难说不会有这样一个时期,;when I will leave and I will do other things当我离开苹果公司去做些别的什么事情,And my life will weave in and out of apple.;我的生命会依然 伴随着苹果;once again, jobs foresight was spot on.又一次,乔布斯的预言成为了现实Two years after sculley arrived at apple,在斯考利到苹果公司两年后The love affair turned sour as company profits faltered.在公司盈利失败面前,那段奇妙的关系变成了痛苦的折磨Steve was never fired from apple,史蒂夫从未在苹果公司里鲁莽行事But he was ostracized and demoted但是却被排挤和降级,And put in an office in an empty building,并且被安排进了一间空建筑的办公室And after that he he resigned in 1985在那以后,他在1985年选择了辞职,And then immediately sold his more than 6 million shares并且立刻卖掉了他大约600万美元的股票He was the largest single shareholder of apple at the time,他是苹果公司当时最大的个人股东,And sold his stock at a bad price却在低价时候卖掉了他所有的股票And didnt get as much money as he should have并且没有得到他应该得到的钱,Or could have had he done it smartly,如果他能聪明处理这件事的话but he was angry.但是他太生气了。He felt so betrayed, so angry, so disillusioned他感觉如此受到背叛,愤怒,失望That sculley was, in his mind,他觉得斯考利at least part of if not the ringleader in what he viewed as a coup To remove him,就是那个最终逼迫他离开苹果的罪魁祸首and steve was pissed off,乔布斯非常愤怒And he was really pissed off about sculley而他确确实实值得对斯考利感到生气Because he brought sculley in and trusted him因为正是他自己带来了斯考利并且无比信任他And then felt betrayed by him.所以他觉得自己被背叛了So he sold his stock and he went off,因此他卖掉了自己的股票,并且选择离开Took his tens of millions of dollars带着他自己几百万美元But not hundreds of millions of dollars而不是几亿资产And started a new life.开始了新的生活. /201309/256523On the trade front, the European Union starts impose tariffs on Chinese solar glass imports Thursday.在贸易方面,欧盟于周四开始对中国太阳能玻璃征收关税。The duties, ranging from 17.1 percent to 42.1 percent aim at curbing import competition for EU producers.关税从17.1%到42.1%不等,旨在为欧盟制造商抑制重要竞争对手。The duties will stay effective until next May, and may continue for five years if all EU members agree. The EU solar glass market is worth around 200 million euros.此次关税征收将持续至明年5月,如果其所有欧盟成员都同意,那么次关税征收政策将持续5年。欧盟太阳能玻璃市场市值约2亿欧元。201311/266593黑龙江省哈尔滨市第八人民医院做人流

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黑龙江省哈尔滨市人民医院急诊电话Dont let a fear of packing on the pounds keep you from giving up cigarettes. There are several steps you can take to prevent weight gain while you kick the habit.不要让害怕变肥成为阻止你戒烟的理由。有几个方法可以让你在戒烟的过程中避免变肥。You Will Need你需要Dietary tweaks饮食调整Exercise锻炼Nicotine gum尼古丁咀嚼胶Fruit水果Hot tea热茶Hypnotherapy催眠Bupropion安非他酮Daily walk (optional)每日散步(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Eat less or move more1.少吃,多运动Eat less or exercise more. Nicotine helps smokers stay slim by raising their metabolism; thats part of the reason the average smoker puts on between 4 and 10 pounds after giving up cigarettes. If youre a moderate smoker -- less than a pack a day -- you can counteract this by cutting out or burning off about 200 calories per day.少吃,多运动。尼古丁通过促进新陈代谢来帮助吸烟者保持苗条,这是一般吸烟者在戒烟后体重会增加4至10磅的原因。如果你是中等吸烟者——每天吸烟不到一包——你可以通过每天削减或燃烧200卡路里的热量来抵消戒烟后的体重增长。Walking an extra 30 to 45 minutes usually burns enough calories to make up for the metabolism slow-down.每天多步行30至45分钟通常可以燃烧掉足够的热量来抵消新陈代谢减缓造成的影响。STEP 2 Chew nicotine gum2.咀嚼尼古丁胶Chew nicotine gum. It will suppress your urge for a cigarette and keep your mouth occupied.咀嚼尼古丁胶。这样可以抑制吸烟的冲动,让你的嘴巴有事做。STEP 3 Keep fruit on hand3.多吃水果Keep fresh fruit on hand. Many people who quit smoking experience strong cravings for sweets; fruit can satisfy that yen in a healthy way.准备好新鲜的水果。许多戒烟的人强烈地渴望吃甜食,水果可以以健康的方式满足这种渴望。STEP 4 Drink hot tea4.喝热茶Drink hot tea between meals. It can kill the urge to munch.两餐之间喝热茶,可以抑制咀嚼的渴望。Avoid coffee if youre used to enjoying a cigarette with your cup of joe, or it may reawaken that craving.如果你经常一边喝咖啡一边抽烟,避免咖啡,否则会重新唤起对香烟的渴望。STEP 5 Consider hypnotherapy5.考虑催眠Consider hypnotherapy. It helps some people give up their cigarettes without piling on the pounds.考虑催眠疗法。可以帮助一些人在避免增肥的同时戒烟。STEP 6 Take medication6.用药物Ask your doctor about taking the antidepressant bupropion; it sometimes helps curb weight gain in ex-smokers because its works as an appetite suppressant in some people.问一下医生是否可用抗抑郁药安非他酮。这种药物有时可以帮助戒烟者抑制体重增长,因为可以抑制食欲。Smokers who quit at age 35 gain an average of eight years of life expectancy; those who quit at age 55 gain about five years; and quitting at 65 gives you three years.35岁戒烟的人平均可增加8年的寿命。55岁戒烟的人可增加5年的寿命。65岁戒烟的人可增加3年的寿命。视频听力译文由。 /201410/337375 What matters about the Rosetta stone is not what it says but that it says it three times and in three different languages.但在今天,石碑的重要性并不在于它的内容,而在于它将同样的内容用三种不同语言记录了三遍。In Classical Greek, the language of the Greek rulers and the state administration, and then in two forms of Ancient Egyptian-the everyday writing of the people known as Demotic, and the priestly hieroglyphics which had for centuries baffled Europeans.其一是官方的古希腊语,另两种则是古埃及语的两种形式,包括人们日常生活中使用的通俗文字,以及欧洲人数百年都无法破解的祭司使用的象形文字。It was the Rosetta Stone that changed all that; and while the text of the stone itself is pretty unexciting, it dramatically opened up the entire world of Ancient Egypt.是罗塞塔石碑改变了一切,它戏剧性地将整个古埃及世界展现在了学者眼前。By the time of the Rosetta Stone, 196 , hieroglyphs were no longer in general use, they were used and understood only by the priests in the temples.在罗塞塔石碑制作的时期,象形文字的使用已大幅减少,只有神庙里的祭司才会用。Five hundred years later, even this restricted knowledge of how to and write them had disappeared-the script of Ancient Egypt was lost.五百年后,甚至再也没有任何人能阅读这种文字。The Rosetta Stone survived un through two thousand years of further foreign occupations-Romans, Byzantines, Persians, Muslim Arabs and Ottoman Turks, all had stretches of rule in Egypt.在接下来两千年的异族统治时期,石碑虽然得以保存,但上面的内容始终没人看得懂。继希腊人之后,罗马人、拜占庭人、波斯人、阿拉伯穆斯林以及奥斯曼土耳其人都曾统治过埃及。At some point the stone was moved from the temple at Sais in the Nile Delta, where we think it was first erected, to el-Rashid, or the town of Rosetta as we now know it, about 40 miles away.其间石碑从尼罗河三角洲的舍易斯神庙转移到了四十英里外的拉希德,也就是如今的罗塞塔镇。Then, in 1798, Napoleon arrived. The French invasion was not only military but intellectual.一七九八年,拿破仑进入埃及。法国的入侵当然以军事目的为主(他们想切断英国通往印度的道路),With the French army came scholars.但军队也带来了许多学者。Soldiers re-building fortifications in Rosetta dug up the stone-and the scholars knew immediately that they had found something of great significance.士兵们在塞塔重修防御工事时挖出了石碑,随行专家立刻断定这是件重要的文物。201411/341850黑龙江九洲妇科医院堕胎黑龙江省哈尔滨九院名中医




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