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黑龙江省哈尔滨中医院诊疗哈尔滨市第十医院是什么等级1. I want a haircut and a shampoo. 我要理发洗头. How long have you had that haircut? 你这个发型留多久了?3. The barber gave me a shave and a haircut. 理发师给我修面理发了. I'd like a haircut with the ends curled up a little. 我想剪发,发梢稍微向上卷一点儿5. Do you want a permanent wave or a cold wave? 你要电烫还是冷烫?6. At the hairdresser's, there are a lot of hair dryers. 在理发店里有许多吹风机7. I'm tried of my straight hair. I'll have it curled this time. 我厌倦了直发,这次我想烫成卷发8. Why don't you shave off that beard and get a haircut? 你为什么不剃掉胡子,理个发呢?9. Miss Li goes to the hairdresser's to have her hair curled. 李到美发店去烫头发. Our beauty salon specializes in shampoo, haircut, perm, hair dye, wigs and manicures. 我们的美容沙龙专营洗头、理发、烫发、染发、假发和修指甲注释:haircut: 理发,发型例句: Get yourself a haircut! 快去理个发吧!barber: 理发师例句: Is there a barber shop? 这儿有理发店吗?perm:烫发例句:How long will this perm last? 烫发要多长时间? 6959哈尔滨市九州医院妇科专家大夫 How pensions work in the ed StatesA pension is an income payable after a worker retires,usually at the age of 60 or above,depending on the provisions of the particular retirement plan.Pensions can also be paid out earlier if a worker becomes disabled,or to the survivors of a worker who dies.About 90 percent of all U.S. workers are covered retirement and disability under SOCIAL SECURITY.Most of the others are members of some public-employee retirement system.Perhaps half of all workers in the private sector are covered by some m of private pension or PROFIT-SHARING plan.Modern retirement plans come in two general ms.In a defined-benefit plan the amount of the pension is specified by some mula recognizing the worker length of service and earning history;then the contributions(from employer and employee) needed to provide the pension are determined.A defined-contribution plan indicates how the contributions are to be determined on behalf of each employeeand accumulates these contributions in an interest-earning fund;then,at retirement age,the accumulated fund is applied to provide whatever pension it will.A typical pension plan,of either type,will be a written document of some complexity.Among the detailed provisions that will be found are:1.The rules that determine which workers are eligible to become plan members;.The age or ages at which workers can retire,and any choices they may have with respect to retirement age or to the m of the retirement income;3.The details of the pension mula(if a defined-benefit plan) or of the contribution mula(if a defined-contribution plan);.The rules with respect to the disposition of a worker pension if he or she leaves employment bee retirement age or dies;5.The arrangements by which the employer and employee contribute to the cost of the benefits provided.Retirement plans can be classified in terms of the entity that sponsors the plan.When the sponsoring agency is some part of government,the plan is considered to be in the public sector.When the plan is sponsored by an employer,when it arises out of the collective-bargaining process,or when it is arranged on an individual basis by the worker,it is said to be in the private sector.Private pension plans and state or local government accumulate substantial amounts of money awaiting distribution in the m of pensions.These dollars are invested in virtually every kind of income-producing resource,including stocks,bonds,mortgages,and real estate.As pension funds have increased,they have become an increasingly important factor in the nation economy.The actual management of pension-fund assets is often the responsibility of some institutional investor-typically the trust departments of major banks or the investment departments of life insurance companies.The aging of the American population(there were 5 million people age 65 and over in 1980; an estimated 9. million in 1986;and a projected 6.5 million by the year )has given increased economic importance to pension fundIn the ed States,public and private funds totaled . trillion in 1986,representing an enormous ce in financial markets.Nevertheless,only slightly more than 0 percent of civilian workers were covered by company-provided pensions in the late 1980s.Control of pension fund investmentsIt is perfectly possible,although not necessarily wise, an employer to set up a pension scheme where the benefits,are paid out of moneies solely provided by the employer out of revenues.Such a scheme would,of course,be heavily dependent upon the consistency of profits of the employerand in most circumstances would not give much security to the pensioner or prospective pensioner.This type of scheme is to be found on the Continent and is generally known as a ;Book Reserve Scheme;.Nearly all employers(and the government by virtue of the tax exemptions on investment activities which it gives).recognise that a more secure base the payment of pensions can be achieved by setting aside monies in a trust fund and investing them in a variety of Stock Exchange and other securities.Such a trust fund will consist of the contributions of the employer,the contributions of the employee,(in the case of a contributory fund),and the investment income from previously acquired investments and those assets themselves.The management of the trust fund will be carried out by the trustees who are normally appointed by the employer.(but increasingly from names put ward appointment by an elective process carried out in conjunction with trade unions and other employee representative bodiesWhile all the duties of the trustees are extremely important(and they are dealt with elsewhere in this book),among the most onerous is the investment of the trust property.The manner in which the trustees carry out their investment responsibilities will be governed by the trust deed,or other instrument under which the pension scheme is constituted.Most,if not all,modern trust deeds will have a specific investment clause which will permit the trustees to invest over a wide rangewhich enables them to take full advantage of the various investment outlets available to them.No matter whether the funds are self-administered,internally or externally managed or wholly managed by an insurance company,the trustees cannot abrogate their responsibility the investments of the scheme.It is,theree,important that the essentials of policy-making are fully understood.Investment policy will be a function of the requirements of the scheme.The vast majority of present-day pension schemes are what are known as ;finalsalary; or ;defined-benefit; schemes.In this type of scheme,the pension payable is linked to the salary of the pensioner bee retirement.(perhaps the average of the last five years,three years or,more commonly these days,the salary in the final year).Final-salary schemes have the merit of at least making sure that the pension,when first paid,has taken of inflationary movements in salaries up to the point of retirement.Such a link is an important factor in the type of investment policy followed.While final-salary schemes are now the most common,the money purchase or defined-contribution schemes cannot be totally ignored.(and they have come back into the limelight following the recent decline in the rate of inflation.)Clearly,an investment policy designed to cater inflation,at least to the point of retirement,will be quite different from one which does not attempt to do this. 7Compromise 折中A: We're considering of ordering 0 computers, but I'm wondering about the price you'll possibly offer.B: Our price will be not less than $ 5000.A: Your price is higher than I expected. Could you give us a little discount?B: This is aly our best price.A: But the price is always negotiable, and you should consider our quantity of order. B: Well, what would you suggest?A: Could you make it $ 500?B: I'm afraid that there is no room to negotiable the price. This is the best price we can e.A: Can we meet each other half way?B: What do you mean?A: Let's close the deal at $ 800, OK?B: You drive a hard bargain! OK, that's a deal.重点讲解:close the deal 完成交易,达成协议例句:Can we close the deal at this price? 我们就用这个价格来完成这笔买卖吧?相关表达:make a deal 做一笔交易例句:This big country has swallowed her pride in order to make a deal. 这个大国放下架子以求做成一笔交易Deal! 一言为定! 581黑龙江七院几点下班

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