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Today we#39;re going to talk about weapons which have been developed over the years. These weapons are off course very effective in what they do, and this is probably why they were designed in the first place.今天我们来聊一些很多年前就发明出来的武器,这些武器非常有杀伤力,这也是发明这些武器的原因。Many are in the process of being banned or have active campaigns to outlaw them.许多人正努力禁止这些武器,有的人正参加一些运动来使这些武器非法化。Some have even become part of our everyday life and we don#39;t even notice them anymore.然而,有些武器却变成了我们日常生活的一部分,甚至我们都没有注意到。10.Barbed Wire10.带刺铁丝网While the Pamela Anderson movie was indeed an affront to humanity, that#39;s not what we#39;re taking about here.尽管帕米拉·安德森的这部电影是对人性的侮辱,但在这里我们不讨论电影。Originally intended as a means to keep cows in their confinement, barbed wire was invented by Joseph Glidden, an American cattle rancher, in 1874.1874年一个美国牧民约瑟·格利登发明了带刺铁丝网,发明铁丝网的初衷是为了让牛待在划定的地方。Soon after, some people saw the potential such an invention can have on the battlefield and began using it in wars as a means to protect certain strategic key points.很快,人们发现这种铁丝网可以运用到战场上,于是就用来保护重要战略地点。But nowhere was barbwire used more intensively and with more devastating effects than WWI.一战战场是带刺铁丝网应用最广泛、带来破坏最大的地方。It is estimated that by the end of the war in 1918, at least one million miles of it were laid throughout Flanders alone. That#39;s enough to encircle the planet 40 times.据估计,到1918年底战争结束时,单单在弗兰德斯就有至少100万米长的带刺铁丝网,这个长度足以绕地球40圈。The 400 mile long trench line between the Allies and the Central Powers was so heavily intertwined with the stuff that in some places barbed wire entanglements could extend as much as 300 feet into No Man#39;s Land.同盟国和轴心国之间隔着长达400米的战壕,其中带刺铁丝网密布,甚至有300米的铁丝网都延伸至无人之境。While barbed wire was primarily intended to stop the enemy troops from getting within grenade throwing distance from the trench, it was also used to funnel the enemy into pre-arranged machine-gun sites.使用铁丝网的初衷是为了防止自己进入敌人手榴弹杀伤距离之内,但后来也用来引诱敌人进入机扫射范围。The exact number of people killed by barbwire is unknown, but a lot of reports came back from the front line talking about soldiers getting stuck in those entanglements and dying hours or even days later from their wounds or by the mercy of an enemy soldier.我们不知道铁丝网到底杀死了多少人,但前线不断有报告说战士们被铁丝网困住,数小时内甚至数天后死亡,不是由于铁丝网造成的伤口而死,就是被敌军杀死。Since then barbed wire has become a symbol for oppression and is used by every military around the world.从那之后,铁丝网成为压迫的象征,并且全世界的军队都开始使用。Not only that, but its uses extend well into civilian life and it#39;s safe to say that there is almost no person alive today who hasn#39;t seen barbwire at least once.不止如此,铁丝网的使用还扩展到平民生活中,可以说世界上没有一个人不曾看到过带刺铁丝网。9.Hollow Point Bullets9.中空弹The hollow point bullet is among the most controversial items on this list. The difference between it and a regular bullet is that this one, as its name suggests, has a pit or hollowed out shape in its tip, compared to a regular one which is rounded out.中空弹是最具争议的种武器,从它的名字就可以看出它与普通子弹之间的区别,普通子弹头是圆的,而中空弹的弹头是空心的。This makes a tremendous difference when the bullet hits its target. Instead of ;punching through;, make a hole and probably get out the other side, the hollow point ammunition and its more advanced variant, the Radically Invasive Projectile (RIP), splits off into nine different directions at the moment of impact.这就使得两种子弹击中目标时产生的效果有巨大的不同,普通子弹会直接穿过目标,留下弹孔,有可能从另外一侧飞出去,而中空弹除了会有以上效果外,还有一个变体,叫做彻底侵入性子弹,在射中目标的瞬间往九个方向分解。This will leave the victim with massive internal damage and bleeding, as shards of the bullet sp out throughout his entire body.子弹碎片分散于目标身体的各个部分,造成大量失血,给目标造成巨大的内部伤害。Being hit by a bullet such as this can spell almost certain death, as it is extremely difficult for surgeons to stop the bleeding and remove all the pieces in time.如果不幸被这种子弹击中,几乎只有一种结果:死亡。因为医生很难及时止血并取出子弹碎片。This type of ammunition is so deadly and downright evil that all major countries agreed to ban it in warfare as early as 1899 at the Hague Convention. All countries with the exception of the ed States.这种子弹十分致命并且很危险,早在1899年的海牙公约中,所有的主要国家都同意禁止此类武器,除了美国。Even though it#39;s not standard issue to have hollow point bullets in the US Army, this type of ammo is used by the police in several states around the country and is heavily marketed to the general public in those states as ;the safest ammunition for self-defense;.尽管中空弹不是美国军队的标配,但美国很多州的警察都用这种弹药,并且允许持自卫的地方都大量贩卖中空弹。What#39;s even worse is that, not only doesn#39;t the hollow point get any closer to being banned from the street; it#39;s also being considered by the US Army to be standard ammo in sidearms by 2018.更糟糕的是,美国非但没有禁止普通民众使用中空弹,反而还在考虑在到2018年时将其作为部队的随身武器。8.HEAT Ammunition8.热导弹High-Explosive Anti-Tank Ammo or simply HEAT is a type of ammunition that has been in use since World War II.高爆反坦克导弹或者干脆说热导弹是从第二次世界大战时开始使用的一种导弹。Discovered by accident when testing the effects of explosives on concrete walls and steel plating, HEAT shells don#39;t use kinetic energy to penetrate armor, but rather their inside shape.在一次测试爆炸物对混凝土墙和钢板的影响时偶然发现,热导弹无须利用动能的力量穿透装甲,而是依靠其内部变化实现。By placing a hollow diamond shaped copper cone in front of an explosive charge, on impact the whole energy generated is funneled in just one small point, instead of dissipating in all directions.通过在爆炸点前放置一个空心钻石状的铜锥管,所有起作用的能量都被汇集于一个小点,而不是四散到各个方向。This way a smaller charge can be used and the hot stream of particles, travelling at a speed 25 times greater than the speed of sound, can melt right through a tank#39;s armor plating, spraying the crew inside with molten metal.通过这种方法可以使用较少的电荷,热流粒子以25倍声速的速度传播,可以瞬间融化掉一辆坦克的钢板装甲,并且将融掉的金属喷向坦克内成员。Not relying on the projectile#39;s velocity to do its job, HEAT ammo is mostly used by infantry. Bazookas, RPGs, Panzerfausts and all other rocket or grenade launchers, use this kind of ammo.要完成这项任务无需依靠炮弹的速度,因而热导弹主要用于步兵。火箭筒,火箭弹,装甲车和其他的火箭炮或手榴弹发射器,都使用这种炮弹。Today tanks have added protection against these rounds, but they are still very effective against light-armored personnel transporters.现在的坦克为了对抗这种攻击已经增加了保护措施,但用来对付轻装甲的士兵运输车仍然是非常有效的。 /201612/483251松北区妇幼保健医院中药科A four-year-old girl is spotted driving a battery-powered Land Rover with her little brother on a busy road in China.山东淄市,一条繁忙街道上,4岁女孩被发现开着电动路虎车,载着弟弟回家。The siblings were told to pull over at the side of the road as the police arrived at the scene in Zibo city at east China’s Shandong province on February 7.警方到达现场后,两人被要求靠路边行驶。Later, the police escorted the pair home safely.后来,警方安全护送两个小孩回家。 /201702/491524哈尔滨医大四院属于公立还是私立哈尔滨微创流产

哈尔滨市医院什么时候建立哈市妇女儿童医院妇产科医院Amy Krouse Rosenthal, a prolific children’s book author, memoirist and public speaker who, dying of cancer, found an extraordinarily large ership this month with a column in The New York Times titled “You May Want to Marry My Husband,” died on Monday at her home in Chicago. She was 51.本月,因患癌症而不久于世的多产儿童读物作者、回忆录作者和演讲者艾米·克劳斯·罗森塔尔(Amy Krouse Rosenthal),在《纽约时报》(The New York Times)上发表了一篇题为《你愿意嫁给我丈夫吗?》的专栏文章,取得了惊人的阅读量。周一,罗森塔尔在芝加哥家中去世,享年51岁。The cause was ovarian cancer, which she learned she had in September 2015, her agent, Amy Rennert, said.罗森塔尔的经纪人说她死于卵巢癌。她是在2015年9月得知自己患有这种疾病的。Ms. Rosenthal’s bittersweet paean to her spouse of 26 years appeared as a Modern Love column in the online Style section of The Times on March 3 and in the Sunday newspaper section on March 5.3月3日,罗森塔尔为陪伴她26年的丈夫书写的甜蜜而又苦涩的赞歌,作为“登情爱”专栏的一篇文章现身时报风尚版的网络版。The column has drawn almost four and a half million ers online.这篇文章的线上点阅量约为450万次。“I want more time with Jason,” she wrote. “I want more time with my children. I want more time sipping martinis at the Green Mill Jazz Club on Thursday nights. But that is not going to happen. I probably have only a few days left being a person on this planet. So why I am doing this?“我想要有更多时间,和贾森待在一起,”她写道。“我想要有更多时间,和我的孩子们待在一起。我想要有更多时间,在周四的夜晚去绿磨坊爵士俱乐部喝马丁尼。但这一切都不可能发生。我活在这个世界上的时间可能只剩下几天了。那我为什么要写这个呢?”“I am wrapping this up on Valentine’s Day,” she continued, “and the most genuine, non-vase-oriented gift I can hope for is that the right person s this, finds Jason, and another love story begins.”“我是在情人节写完这篇文字的,而我希望得到的鲜花以外真正的礼物便是,一个对的人能读到它,找到贾森,开始另一段爱情故事。”Her husband, interviewed by People magazine afterward, said, “When I her words for the first time, I was shocked at the beauty, slightly surprised at the incredible prose given her condition and, of course, emotionally ripped apart.”她丈夫后来接受《人物》(People)杂志采访时说,“当我第一次读到她的文字时,我被那种美惊呆了,鉴于她的状况,这篇不可思议的散文让我有些意外,当然,它还撕裂了我的心。”Since 2005, Ms. Rosenthal has written 28 spirited children’s picture books, two quirky, poignant memoirs; delivered TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) Talks and NPR commentaries; and produced short films and YouTube s of what she called social experiments.自从2005年以来,罗森塔尔写了28本生动活泼的儿童图画书,两本离奇而又能够触动心灵的回忆录;做过TED演讲,写过全国公共广播电台(NPR)文章;还制作过她称之为社会实验的短片和YouTube视频。“I tend to believe whatever you decide to look for you will find, whatever you beckon will eventually beckon you,” she told one audience.“我倾向于认为,你会找到你决心找寻的任何东西;此外,受你吸引的任何东西最终都会吸引住你,”她告诉一名听众。She beckoned her ers and viewers. In a called “17 Things I Made” — among them were her books and even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich — she welcomed fans to join her at Millennium Park in Chicago, on August 8, 2008, at 8:08 p.m., to make an 18th thing. Hundreds showed up.她吸引住了她的读者和观众。她制作了一则名为《出自我手的17样东西》(17 Things I Made)的视频——包括她写的书,乃至一个花生酱果冻三明治——在里面邀请粉丝于2008年8月8日晚上8点零8分,和她在芝加哥千禧公园(Millennium Park)一起制作第18样东西。当天有数百人赴约。“Amy ran at life full speed and heart first,” Maria Modugno, her editor at Random House, said in a phone interview. “Her writing was who she was.”“艾米在生活中全速奔跑、随心而动,”她在兰登书屋(Random House)的编辑玛丽亚·莫杜尼奥(Maria Modugno)接受电话采访时说。“她的文字就是她的本色。”In The New York Times Book Review in 2009 Bruce Handy said of her work: “For all I know, she may suffer torment upon torment in front of a blank screen, but the results as if they were a pleasure to write.” He added, “Her books radiate fun the way tulips radiate spring: they are elegant and spirit-lifting.”2009年,布鲁斯·汉迪(Bruce Handy)在《纽约时报》书评版提及她的作品时说:“据我所知,她或许在空白的屏幕前经受过种种折磨,但作品读上去就好像作者写得津津有味一样。”他还表示,“她的书散发着无尽的乐趣,就如同郁金香散发着春的气息:它们既优雅又令人振奋。”In her latest memoir, published as she was dying, she wrote: “Invariably, I will have to move on before I have had enough. My first word was ‘more.’ It may very well be my last.”她在临终前出版的最新一本回忆录里写道:“不变的是,我不得不在拥有得足够多之前离开。我开口说的第一个词是‘more’(更多)。它极有可能成我说的最后一个词。”But even before her diagnosis, she suggested that her energy and imagination were not boundless. Her favorite line from literature, she once said, was in Thornton Wilder’s play “Our Town,” as spoken by the character Emily as she bids the world goodbye: “Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?”但即便是在病症被确诊前,她也提到过,她的能量和想象力不是无穷无尽的。她曾经表示,她最喜欢的来自文学作品的话,出自桑顿·怀尔德(Thornton Wilder)的剧作《我们的小镇》(Our Town),是剧中人埃米莉(Emily)跟世界告别时说的:“人类之中有谁能做到在活着的时候意识到生命?”When she reached 40, Ms. Rosenthal began calculating how many days she had left until she turned 80.她从40岁便开始计算,离80岁还有几天。“How many more times, then, do I get to look at a tree?” she asked. “Let’s just say it’s 12,395. Absolutely, that’s a lot, but it’s not infinite, and I’m thinking anything less than infinite is too small a number and not satisfactory. At the very least, I want to look at trees a million more times. Is that too much to ask?”“我还能再多看一棵树多少次?”她问道。“就算12395次吧。这绝对很多了,但不是无穷的,而我认为,任何少于无穷的数字都太小了,不足以令人满意。我至少想再多看一棵树100万次。这要求很过分吗?” /201703/498488Many youngsters in China nowadays are increasingly indulged in computer games and other electronic products, and are unable to extricate themselves.现如今,中国许多年轻人日渐沉迷于电脑游戏和其他电子产品而不能自拔。This is followed by a series of health problems, with the most typical case being myopia, or nearsightedness.这导致了一系列的健康问题,其中最典型的就是近视。According to the latest research report released by the World Health Organization (WHO), the nearsightedness rate among Chinese juveniles ranks first in the world - 70 percent of high school and college students.据世卫组织发布的最新报告显示,中国青少年的近视率是全世界最高的--其中高中生和大学生群体的近视率达到了70%。The rate is nearly 40 percent in primary school students, while it is only 10 percent for their peers in the ed States.小学生近视率也将近40%,而美国同龄人的近视率则只有10%。The WHO research report says that the number of nearsighted people in China has reached 600 million, nearly approaching half of the country’s total population.世卫组织的这一报告指出,中国近视人数已达到6亿人,几乎是全国人口的一半。Experts attribute the soaring nearsightedness rate in China to the unhealthy lifestyles and learning styles which parents impose on their children.专家认为,中国近视率飙升和父母强加给孩子的不健康的生活和学习方式有关。On the one hand, to achieve high scores in exams, children spend too much time indoors studying and have not enough time outside in the sunlight.一方面,为求考试高分,孩子们花了太多时间在室内学习,在户外阳光下的活动不足。On the other hand, a growing number of high-tech products, such as smart phones and tablet PCs, make children focus their eyes and attention on fluorescent screens for long periods of time, resulting in excessive eye fatigue.另一方面,智能手机和平板电脑等越来越多的高科技产品,使得孩子们的眼睛和注意力长时间集中在荧光屏上,导致眼睛过度疲劳。Experts suggest that youngsters maintain a proper balance between study and rest so as to protect their eyesight, and parents should play a correspondingly active role in the process.专家建议青少年应该在学习和休息之间保持适度平衡,从而保护他们的视力,而孩子的父母也应在这个过程中发挥相应的积极作用。 /201703/495036哈尔滨治疗子宫腺肌症那家医院好哈尔滨七院是正规医院吗

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