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芜湖弋矶山医院泌尿科咨询芜湖市弋江区人民男科医院男科电话忐忑英语:训练学生用英语思维表达 What is laboratory(什么是实验室)?如果你真心要提高英语口语,你就真的需要接受她这样的说话训练。这才是真正的口语训练和提高。 /201604/435514芜湖哪家医院看男性专业? Shaun: Hi, youre senum, am I right?肖恩:嗨,你是塞纳姆对吧?Senum: Thats right. And youre Shaun?塞纳姆:没错。你是肖恩吧?Shaun: Yeah, yeah. Im from Canada and I heard that youre from Australia.肖恩:对。我来自加拿大,我听说你来自澳大利亚。Senum: Yep. Thats right.塞纳姆:对,没错。Shaun: Ah, thats great because Im thinking of going to Australia on an exchange, but Im not sure where to go, or what universities to go to, or even which city I should be looking at.肖恩:那太棒了,我一直想作为交换生去澳大利亚,可是我不知道要去哪里,也不知道要选择哪所大学,也没有决定要去的城市。Senum: Well, what time of the year will you be going to Australia?塞纳姆:你打算什么季节去澳大利亚?Shaun: Im thinking of going between November and February.肖恩:我想在11月至2月之间去。Senum: Oh, thats a great season. Its very hot then.塞纳姆:哦,那个季节很棒。不过那时会很热。Shaun: Yeah, I expected that it would be summer down there.肖恩:我希望夏天的时候去。Senum: It is.塞纳姆:那时就是夏天。Shaun: So which cities would you recommend for, well, a good atmosphere, or a good university?肖恩:那你会推荐哪座城市呢,那种氛围很好,或者拥有优秀大学的城市?Senum: Um, I would recommend in Melbourne for sure, only because Im from Melbourne, and the weather is actually pretty nice in Melbourne. Its not that hot at, during the day, and its not that cold at nighttime. One of the main universities in Melbourne is Monash University. Its well know for its business courses. Um, its a little bit expensive but if you, you can also receive scholarships from Monash.塞纳姆:嗯,我肯定会推荐墨尔本,因为我就来自墨尔本,墨尔本的天气非常舒适。白天不会很热,晚上也不会很冷。墨尔本的著名大学是莫纳什大学。这所大学的商业课程最为出名。虽然学费有点贵,不过你可以申请奖学金。Shaun: Well, Monash, um, Im actually interested with something to do with architecture, so I mean, I look at the Sydney Opera House, and Im wondering if theres anything that would teach me architecture, just kind of like, how they designed the Opera House.肖恩:嗯,莫纳什大学,实际上我对建筑学很感兴趣,我看到悉尼歌剧院的时候就在想,如果我可以学习建筑,我想知道悉尼歌剧院是如何设计出来的。Senum: I see. RMIT is well know for architecture course so, I would suggest RMIT, for sure, in Melbourne.塞纳姆:我知道了。墨尔本皇家理工大学的建筑课程很有名,我会推荐你墨尔本皇家理工大学。Shaun: RUMIT. Great Ill look it up when I get there.肖恩:墨尔本皇家理工大学。太好了,我到那里以后会找找的。Senum: Alright.塞纳姆:好的。Shaun: Um, you said that Monash University was expensive, but how about RIT?肖恩:你刚说莫纳什大学的学费有点贵,那RIT大学的学费呢?Senum: RMIT.塞纳姆:简称是RMIT。Shaun: RMIT?肖恩:RMIT吗?Senum: Yes.塞纳姆:对。Shaun: Ah, how much is that per year?肖恩:哦,那里一学年的学费是多少?Senum: Um, its not as expensive as Monash. RMIT is located in the city so its easy to get by through trams and trains and buses, and its not that expensive for transportation and housing is pretty cheap, especially if you do homestay, youll find that it will be really cheap, um, good luck.塞纳姆:嗯,没有莫纳什大学贵。墨尔本皇家理工大学位于市中心,所以坐电车、列车和公交车去那里都很方便,交通费不是很贵,而且住宿也很便宜,如果你选择寄宿家庭,你会发现住宿可以省很多钱,祝你好运。Shaun: Great. Does RMIT have a web site that I can look at?肖恩:太好了。墨尔本皇家理工大学有没有官方网站?我想查看一下。Senum: It does. Just go towww.rmit.edu.au.塞纳姆:有。官网是www.rmit.edu.au。Shaun: Alright. Ill get that.肖恩:好,我会去查一下的。 译文属 /201501/3570222 A Restriction 2 一个限制A: I am so upset.A:我很不开心。B: Oh, no. Talk to me about it.B:噢,不是吧。和我说说吧。A: I cant register for a class I really need.A:我不能注册一个我真正需要的课程。B: Is it full?B:它已经人满了吗?A: I have a hold on my record, because my library books were overdue.A:我的记录上有一个保留,因为我在图书馆借的书超时了。B: Cant you just pay the overdue fees?B:难道你不能只是付了超时费吗?A: I cant afford it. Im totally broke.A:我付不起。我破产了。B: How much do you need?B:你需要多少钱?A: I need .A:我需要50美元。B: Wow, you must have kept those books long past the due date.B:哇,你一定远远超出了还书日期。A: Yes, I know I am horrible.A:是的,我知道我很可怕。B: Ill lend you the money. B:我会借给你钱。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201509/398557芜湖治疗尿道炎的费用

芜湖割包皮哪个医院Im flattered.过奖了;受宠若惊了。Im flattered,but I cant.Its very sweet of you though.你过奖了,但是我办不到,无论如何你人很好。Im flattered that you asked,but Im not y to start a relationship right now.你会这么问让我很是受宠若惊,但是我现在还没有准备谈恋爱。A:Youre the most beautiful girl in the world.你是这个世界最美的女孩。B:Im flattered.过奖了。背景音乐:Mr.pitiful更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号:Emily_aiyingyu /201603/430603安徽芜湖市妇幼保健人民中医院看前列腺炎好吗 今天我们要讲的美国习惯用语是:nose out of joint. 大家都知道,nose是鼻子的意思,joint是关节的意思。Nose out of joint连在一起就是不愉快,心烦意乱的意思,类似中文里说的“鼻子都气歪了”。比如说,我辛辛苦苦做了一桌子的菜,可是家里人都说不饿,就会让我nose out of joint。我们可以说have ones nose out of joint, 也可以说put ones nose out of joint. 下面让我们听听下面这位名人最近干的事情,为什么会让他的太太nose out of joint。例句-1:Doing Dancing with the Stars has put some pressure on our marriage because while Im spending a lot of time rehearsing with a beautiful dancer, my wife gets to stay home and look after the children. Id definitely say her nose out of joint.他说:最近参加“与明星共舞”的节目,给我的婚姻带来了不少压力。我跟漂亮的舞蹈演员一起排练的时候,我太太却要在家照顾孩子。她肯定很不愉快。换成我也一样不会高兴。Nose out of joint这种习惯用语从十六世纪就有,用来形容心里不痛快,而且是一眼就能看出来的,鼻子都气歪了嘛。******其实,不光是夫妻间会有妒嫉的时候,在工作中也常常会有让人心里不痛快的时候。这个教授讲的是他们系里同事间对名利的争斗,让我们来听听看。例句-2:Im afraid we made a mistake when we chose Jonathon to be the department chair instead of Alfred. Jonathon has only been here for ten years, whereas Alfred has been here for twenty. Now Alfreds nose out of joint and he may even resign.这位教授说:我们选乔纳森当系主任,没有选艾尔弗雷德,可能是一个错误。乔纳森在这儿只待了10年,而艾尔弗雷德已经有20年了。这让艾尔弗雷德心里很不痛快,他甚至可能会提出辞职。唉,有的时候成年人也会表现得十分幼稚,哪怕是教授。工作年资固然重要,老教授需要尊重,但是选择系主任的时候怎么能只论资排辈,不管学术成就呢?虽然nose out of joint这个习惯用语形容的情绪有时候很幼稚,但是不能用在小孩子身上,你要想把“鼻子气歪”,起码也要是个青少年。So careful of your noses everyone. /201503/362217芜湖芜湖县妇幼保健人民男科中医院男科医生

芜湖市南陵县妇幼保健人民中医院阳痿早泄价格Conversation对话Whos that man over there talking to James?在那边跟James讲话的男士是谁?Where? Oh, thats Henry.在哪儿?噢,那是Henry.Hes very handsome, isnt he? Whats he like?他真帅,对吧?他为人怎么样?Hes very nice, actually, but rather eccentric.说真的,他人很好,可是很古怪。Really? I love eccentric people.是吗,我喜欢古怪的人。Yes, but he may be too eccentric even for you.是啊,可是连你都可能会觉得他太古怪了。Why? What do you mean by that?为什么?你这话是什么意思?Well, havent you heard?哦,你没有听说过吗?Heard what? No one ever tells me anything.听说什么?从来没人跟我说过什么。Well, apparently, hes been having an affair with his secretary.噢,他好像跟他的秘书有过一腿。Really! How fascinating.哇塞!太精了。According to Mary, hes divorcing his wife and theres a big fight going on about the children.Mary说他正在和太太闹离婚,而且为了小孩的事吵得很凶。I thought everyone knew.我以为大家都知道。Well, what can I say? I didnt know.噢,说真的,我不知道。Oh, I meant to tell you earlier, your blouse doesnt really match your skirt.对了,我刚才就想告诉你,你的衣跟裙子不太配。Those colors dont really suit you either.这些颜色也不太适合你。Oh. Thanks. Look, I must just go and say hello to someone. Ill be right back.噢,谢谢。对了,我得去跟别人打个招呼,等下就回来。 /201604/435596 1.惯用口语句子:A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer without permission or knowledge of the user.电脑病毒就是一个电脑程序,它能自我复制并在未经用户允许或者在用户毫不知情的情况下感染其计算机。virus n. 病毒program n. 程序infect v. 感染,使受影响permission n. 允许,许可knowledge n. 知道,了解,知识An E-mail virus travels as an attachment, and usually automatically mails itself to all the people in the victims E-mail address book.电子邮件病毒以附件形式传播,通常会自动群发给被感染用户邮箱通讯薄里的所有人。A virus must be attached to the E-mail to infect an executable program.病毒只能附在电子邮件上以感柒可执行性程序。attachment n. 附件automatically ad. 自动地victim n. 受害者attach v. 附加,附上executable a. 可执行的,实行的address book“通讯录”A Trojan horse is simply a computer program.木马病毒只是个计算机程序。This kind of program claims to do one thing ( it may claim to be a game ) , but instead does damage when you run it.这种程序宣称是用于某种用途(可能说自己是个游戏),但当你运行它的时候就会造成破坏。claim v. 宣称,声称damage n. amp; v. 损害,伤害Trojan horse“特洛伊木马”(亦指“木马病毒”)do damage“造成破坏”A worm is a small piece of software that uses computer networks and security holes to replicate itself.蠕虫病毒是一种小软件,它利用计算机网络和安全漏涓来进行自我复制。worm n. 虫,蠕虫software n. 软件network n. 网络security n. 安全,安全性replicate v. 复制How does a virus infect a computer?病毒是如何感染电脑的?Once attached to the host program, the viruses then look for other programs to ;infect;. In this way. the virus can sp quickly throughout a hard disk or an entire organization when it infects a LAN or a multi-user system.病毒程序一旦附加到一个主程序上,就开始寻找其他可以进行“感染”的程序。这样,病毒就能很快布满整个硬盘,如果病毒感染了一个局城网或者一个多用户系统,那么它就会在整个组织内进行扩散。host n. 主人,宿主hard disk“硬盘”LAN是local area network的缩写,指“局部区域网络”,简称“局域网”。The mode of attack varies.攻击的方式是各种各样的。So-called ;benign; viruses might simply display a message. Malignant viruses are designed to damage the system. The attack is to wipe out data. to delete flies. or to format the hard disk.所谓的“良性”病毒可能只是简单地显示一条消息。恶性病毒是被设计出来破坏系统的。常见的攻击方式是消除数据、删除文件或者格式化硬盘。mode n. 模式 vary v. 变化,呈多样化so-called a. 所谓的 benign a. 良性的malignant a. 恶意的,恶性的 delete v. 删除format v. 格式化wipe out“删除,清除”Viruses can have a devastating effect, disrupting productivity and doing billions of dollars in damages.病毒可以造成毁灭性的后果,还可以破坏生产力并造成数十亿美元的损失。devastating a. 毁灭性的,破坏性的effect n. 结果,效果,影响disrupt v. 破坏,扰乱,使中断productivity n. 生产力billion n. 十亿The virus made my computer crash and I lost three hours work.病毒使我的电脑死机了,我三个小时的工作白做了。crash n. amp; v. (电脑)死机three hours workthree hours of work.这两种说法都可以。There are four main types of viruses: shell, intrusive, operating system and source code.有四种类型的病毒程序:外壳型、入侵型、搡作系统型和源码型。shell n.壳intrusive a. 侵入的source n. 来源,根源code n. 代码,编码So far the Internet has become the main channel through which the computer viruses sp.迄今为止,因特网已成为电脑病毒传播的主要渠道。Viruses also sp through downloads on the Internet.病毒也通过网络下栽进行传播。channel n. 渠道,通道sp v. 传播(过去式、过去分词均为sp)download n. amp; v. 下载so far“迄今为止,到目前为止”Please tell me how to protect our computer against viruses.请告诉我怎样才能使我们的电脑免受病毒的攻击。To help avoid viruses. you should keep your computer current with the latest updates and anti-virus tools, stay informed about recent threats. and follow a few basic rules when you surf the Internet. download files and open attachments.为了有助于避免染上病毒,你应该将你的计算机随时更新,并装备最新的杀毒工具,你要知晓最近的病毒威胁,还有在上网冲浪、下栽文件和打开附件的时候要遵循一些基本规则。avoid v. 避开,避免current a. 现时的,当前的update n. amp; v. 更新tool n. 工具stay v. 保持informed a. 知晓的,消息灵通的threat n. 威胁,恐吓surf v. 冲浪protect sb./sth. against...表示“保护某人或某物免受(…)侵害”anti-virus意思是“防病毒的”,其中“anti”是表示否定的前缀。You may try Kaspersky anti-virus software.你可以试试卡巴斯基杀毒软件。How to remove this type of virus?怎么杀/清除这种病毒?What anti-virus software have you tried?你试过什么杀毒软件?remove v. 清除,去除 /201506/379009芜湖市妇幼保健人民男科中医院男科咨询芜湖早泄调理



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