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  • 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201504/368491。
  • On the banks of the river Nile in Africa,在非洲尼罗河畔Mankind builds one of the first great civilizations.人类开创了史上最早的四大文明之一Its greatest engineering feat:它最伟大的工程当数A vast pyramid tomb for the Pharaoh Khufu,埃及神王胡夫法老的God-king of Egypt.巨型金字塔坟墓Its gonna feel that that monument represents something人们会觉得这座古迹所展现的力量that is bigger than human,比人类要强大it must be built by a God.它一定是神建造的The tallest man-made structure for the next 4,000 years.它是之后四千年中人类建筑史上最高的建筑35,000 workers.动用了三万五千名工人No iron tools, no wheeled vehicles.不用铁器 没有带轮载具Just soft copper chisels and saws.只有软的铜凿和锯子Entire towns built for the workforce.整个城镇的居民都成为了劳力These arent slaves.而他们并非奴隶Many are skilled craftsmen, 其中许多人是技艺娴熟的工匠 paid in grain and beer.谷物和啤酒是他们的酬劳In charge of construction: Hemiunu,海米昂负责整个工程的建设Prince of Egypt, prime minister,他是埃及的王子 也是宰相And one of the first and greatest engineers同时还是人类历史上In the story of mankind.最早最伟大的工程师之一201508/395276。
  • An American service member was killed and two others were wounded in Afghanistan. 一名美军士兵在阿富汗丧生,另有两人受伤。Officials said they came under fire during a counterterrorism operation. Several Afghan forces were also reportedly wounded.官员称其在反恐行动中遭到炮火袭击。据报道一些阿富汗部队也受了伤。A military spokesman said: ;We are deeply saddened by this loss.Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the families and friends of those involved.;军方发言人表示:“对造成的损失我们深感悲痛。衷心的慰问那些涉及人员的家庭和朋友。”Details of the incident are sparse, but the Pentagon confirmed it took place in the southern part of Afghanistan in the Marjah area of the Helmand province, a stronghold for the Taliban. 事件的详细情况仍不清楚,但五角大楼实事件发生在阿富汗南部赫尔曼德省马尔贾地区,塔利班的一根据地。A helicopter sent to retrieve casualties ;sustained damage while on the ground; and the military is attempting to recover it, according to a U.S. official. 一位美国官员称,一架前往探测伤亡的直升机“在地面上遭到毁坏”,军方正试图恢复它。The identities and service branch of those involved still have not been released.涉及人员的身份和务部门仍未公布。译文属。201601/420280。
  • 栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。201601/407623。
  • The (Secret)City of London,Part 1:History伦敦金融城的秘密(一)历史The Great City of London, known for its historical landmarks, modern skyscrapers, ancient markets and famous bridges, is arguably the financial capital of the world and home to over eleven thousand people.大伦敦金融城,因历史地标、现代天大楼、古老的市场以及赫赫有名的大桥而知名,可以说是世界的金融首府,以及超过一万一千人的家。Wait, what? Eleven thousand?等等,什么?一万一千人?Thats right! But the City of London is a different place from London, though London is also known for its historical landmarks, modern skyscrapers, ancient markets, famous bridges and is home to the government, royal family and seven million people.没错!但伦敦金融城是个有别于伦敦的地方,虽然伦敦也因其历史地标、现代天大楼、古老的市场以及赫赫有名的大桥而知名,并且是政府、皇室家族及七百万人的家。But, if you look map of London crafted by a careful cartographer, that map will have a one-square mile hole near the middle—its here where the City of London lives inside of the city named London.但是,如果你查看的是一张由细心的制图师所精心绘制的伦敦地图,这份地图在靠近中央处会有个一平方英里的洞──它就在这儿,在这个伦敦金融城处在一个叫做伦敦的城市里的位置。Despite these confusingly close names, the two Londons have separate city halls and elect separate mayors, who collect separate taxes to fund separate police who enforce separate laws.不顾这些相似到令人困惑的名字,这两个伦敦有个别的市政厅,选出个别的市长,他们个别课税,供养执行个别法律的个别警方。The Mayor of the City of London has a fancy title ;The Right Honorable the Lord Mayor of London; to match his fancy outfit. He also gets to ride in a golden carriage and work in a Guildhall while the mayor of London has to wear a suit, ride a bike and work in an office building.伦敦金融城的市长有个花俏的头衔“正义高尚的伦敦金融城市长大人”来搭配他华丽的衣着。他也能搭乘金色马车,在市政厅办公,而伦敦市长需要穿西装、骑单车并在办公大楼工作。The City of London also has its own flag and its own crest, which is awesome and makes Londons lack of either twice as sad.伦敦金融城同样有自己的旗帜和徽饰,徽饰很酷,让伦敦相形见绌,两倍伤心。To top it off, the City of London gets to act more like one of the countries in the UK than just an oddly located city—for uniquely, the corporation that runs the City of London is older than the ed Kingdom by several hundred years.最糟糕的是,伦敦金融城能够表现得看起来更像是联合王国的国家之一,而不只是个位置怪异的城市──因为很特别地,管理伦敦金融城的财团法人比联合王国老了好几百岁。So how did the UK end up with two Londons, one inside of the other?所以为何联合王国最后会有两个伦敦,其中一个还在另一个里头?Because: Romans.因为:罗马人。Two thousand years ago they came to Great Britain, killed a bunch of druids, and founded a trading post on the River Thames and named it Londonimium.两千年前他们来到大不列颠,杀死一堆德鲁伊教(古代凯尔特人信奉的一种原始宗教)僧侣,并在泰晤士河上成立交易所并将其命名为Londonimium。Being Romans, they got to work, doing what Romans do: enforcing laws, increasing trade, building temples, public baths, roads, bridges and a wall to defend their work.身为罗马人,他们得工作,做罗马人会做的事:执行法律、提高贸易、建造庙宇、公共澡堂、道路、桥梁,以及一道保卫他们作品的墙。And its this wall, which is why the current City of London exists—for though the Romans came, and the Romans went, and kingdoms rose, and kingdoms fell, the wall endured protecting the city within.而就是这道墙,那就是现今伦敦金融城存在的原因──因为虽然罗马人来了,然后罗马人离去,帝国崛起,帝国衰落,这道墙还是持续保护里面的城市。And The City, governing itself and trading with the world, grew rich. A thousand years after the Romans (yet still a thousand years ago) when William the Conqueror came to Great Britain to conqueror everything and begin modern British history, he found the City of London, with its sturdy walls more challenging to defeat than farmers on open fields. So he agreed to recognize the rights and privileges City of Londoners were used to in return for them recognizing him as the new King.而伦敦金融城,自治并与世界贸易,变得富裕。在罗马人之后的一千年(然而仍是距今一千年前)当征者威廉(威廉一世)来到大不列颠征一切,并开启现代英国历史,他发现了伦敦金融城,有着其坚固的围墙,要打倒它比击败户外的农民们更具挑战性。所以他同意认可伦敦金融城市民当时习惯的权力和特权,作为回报,他们承认他为新的国王。Though after the negotiation, William quickly built towers around the City of London, which were just as much about protecting William from the locals within as defending against the Vikings from without.然而在协商之后,威廉很快地就在伦敦金融城四周建造塔楼,它对内保护威廉免受当地人侵袭,正好就和对外抵御维京人一样重要。This started a thousand-year long tradition whereby Monarchs always reconfirmed that ;yes; the City of London is a special, unique place thats best left to its own business, while simultaneously distrusting it.这开始了一个长达千年的传统,君主们总是借此再次确认,“是的”,伦敦金融城是个特别、独一无二的地方,最好留给他们自己经营,但同时也不信任它。Many monarchs thought the City of London was too powerful and rich. And one even built a new Capital city nearby, named Westminster, to compete with the City of London and hopefully, suck power and wealth away from it. This was the start of the second London.许多君主认为伦敦金融城太强大、富裕了。有位君主甚至在附近建立了新的首都,叫做 Westminster,来与伦敦市竞争,并希望从中获取力量和财富。这是第二个伦敦的起头。As the centuries passed, Westminster grew and merged with nearby towns, eventually surrounding the walled-in, and still separate City of London.几个世纪过去了,Westminster壮大并合并附近城镇,最后围绕了有围墙的、仍是分离的伦敦金融城。But people began to call the whole urban collection ;London,; and the name became official when Parliament joined the towns together under a single municipal government with a mayor. But the Mayor of London still doesnt have power over the tiny City of London, which has rules and traditions like nowhere else in the country and possibly the world.但人们开始称呼这整个集体城市为“伦敦”,而当议会将城镇结合在一起,由有个市长的单一地方自治政府治理时,伦敦变成正式的名字。但伦敦市长在这个小小的伦敦金融城还是没有权力,伦敦金融城拥有这国家甚至可能这世界其他地方都没有的规定和传统。For example, the ruling monarch doesnt just enter the City of London on a whim, but instead asks for permission from the Lord Mayor at a ceremony. While its not required by law, the ceremony is, unusual to say the least.举例来说,执政君主不能一时兴起就进入伦敦金融城,而是要在一个仪式上征求市长大人的准许。虽然这不是法定的,但至少能说这仪式是不寻常的。The City of London also has a representative in Parliament, The Remembrancer, whose job it is to protects the Citys special rights.伦敦金融城在议会中同样有代表,Remembrancer(为该城的诸检察官之一,及节仪主管),他的职务是保护伦敦金融城的特殊权力。Because of this, laws passed by Parliament sometimes dont apply to the City of London: most notably voting reform laws, which well discuss next time. But if youre curious for a preview, unlike anywhere else in the UK, elections in the City of London involve Medieval Guilds and modern companies.因此,议会通过的法律有时并不适用于伦敦金融城:特别是选举改革法,这我们下次会讨论。但如果你很好奇想先来个预告,不像联合王国的其他任何地方,伦敦金融城的选举涉及了中世纪的同业公会以及现代的公司。Finally, the City of London also owns and operates land and buildings far outside its border, making it quite wealthy. Once you start looking for The Citys Crest, youll find it in lots of unexpected places, most notably on Tower Bridge, which while being in London is operated by the City of London. These crests everywhere when combined with the City of Londons age and wealth and quasi-independent status make it an irresistible temptation for conspiracy nuts.最后,伦敦金融城在边界外远处也拥有并管理土地及建筑,让它十分富裕。一旦你开始寻找伦敦金融城的徽饰,你会在许多意料之外的地方发现它,尤其是在Tower Bridge(伦敦塔桥),虽然位于伦敦却是由伦敦金融城运作。当这些随处可见的徽饰结合伦敦金融城的年龄、财富,以及半独立的状态,让它成为阴谋者无法抵抗的诱惑。Add in the oldest Masonic temple, and its not long before the crazy part of the Internet yelling about secret societies controlling the world via the finance industry from inside the City-state of London. And dont forget the Reptilian Alien Queen whos really behind it all.把最古老的共济会教堂算在内,不久之前网路还疯狂地喊着有关神祕的社团在伦敦城邦内部,透过金融业控制世界。别忘了那爬虫类外星女王,她才真的是幕后主使。But conspiracy theories aside, the City of London is not an independent nation like the Vatican is, no matter how much you might it on the Internet, rather its a unique place in the ed Kingdom with a long and very complicated history.但撇开阴谋论,伦敦金融城不像梵蒂冈是个独立的国家,不论你在网路上可能读到它多少东西,更切确的说,它只是在联合王国中一个有非常悠久且复杂历史的独特地方。The wall that began all this two thousand years ago is now mostly gone, so the border between London and its secret inner city isnt so obvious. Though, next time youre in London, if you come across a small dragon on the street, he still guards the entrance to the city in a city in a country in a country.两千年前引起这全部事情的城墙现在大部分都消失了,所以伦敦和它的神秘内城间的边界不再那么明显。虽然如此,但下次你到伦敦来的时候,如果你在街上看到一只小龙,他仍然在守卫这个城中之城,国中之国的入口。201504/371447。
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