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山东妇幼保健医院怎么样济南做人流哪家医院最好A South Korean energy group is closing in on a multibillion-dollar investment in a new nuclear power station near Sellafield in the latest sign of Asian interest in Britain’s energy industry.一家韩国能源集团接近参与塞尔德(Sellafield)附近一个巨额新核电项目。这是表明亚洲企业对英国能源业感兴趣的最新迹象。Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco) is in talks about joining the NuGen consortium planning a bn plant at Moorside on the Cumbrian coast alongside existing owners Toshiba of Japan and Engie of France.韩国电力公司(Kepco)正进行谈判,希望加入NuGen财团,跟现有业主——日本的东芝(Toshiba)和法国的Engie——在坎伯Cumbrian)海岸的穆尔赛Moorside)一起规划一座耗资100亿美元的核电站。The deal, if it goes ahead, would add momentum to Moorside at a time when the rival Hinkley Point nuclear power project in Somerset has been thrown into doubt by concerns about its high cost and the role of Chinese investors in the scheme.如果该交易向前推进,将在萨默塞特(Somerset)欣克利角(Hinkley Point)核电项目因出于对成本高和中国企业入股的担忧而产生变数之际,为穆尔赛德的核电建设注入动力。Theresa May, prime minister, is expected to decide this month whether to go ahead with Hinkley, led by EDF of France with Chinese backing, after ordering a review of the 8bn project.预计在本月,英国首相特里#8226;Theresa May)将做出是否放行欣克利角核电项目的决定。此前,她下令对这个耗资180亿英镑、法国电力公EDF)主导、中国企业参与的项目进行重新评估。NuGen sees the uncertainty as a chance to leapfrog Hinkley in the race to build the first new nuclear reactor in the UK for more than two decades. However, it is still years behind EDF in securing financing and regulatory approval for its project.NuGen把这种不确定性视为在争取在英国建0多年来首座新核电站的竞赛中超越欣克利角的机会。然而,在为项目获得融资和监管批准方面,它仍然落后法国电力多年。For Kepco, an investment in Moorside would be a chance to gain a foothold in the UK as it builds its presence in the global nuclear industry.对于韩国电力公司来说,在它在全球核电行业扩大地盘之际,在穆尔赛德投资是在英国获得立足点的机会。The Cumbrian plant designed to provide power for 6m homes would be supplied with reactors by Westinghouse, the US subsidiary of Toshiba. But Kepco sees the UK as a potential future market for its own technology.坎伯Cumbrian)核电站——旨在为600万户家庭提供电力——的反应堆将由东芝旗下的美国子公司西屋电Westinghouse)提供。但是韩国电力公司把英国视为未来推广其技术的潜在市场。South Korea has set a goal to become the world’s third-largest exporter of nuclear reactors by 2030 and has aly won a bn contract in Abu Dhabi. Tom Samson, chief executive of NuGen, is former chief operating officer of the Abu Dhabi company, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation, which struck that deal.韩国已经设定了目标,计划030年成为全球第三大核反应堆出口国,并已在阿联酋赢得价00亿美元的合同。NuGen首席执行官汤#8226;萨姆Tom Samson)曾是达成那笔交易的阿联酋核能公司(Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation)的首席运营官。来 /201609/465988济宁医学院附属医院四维彩超预约 Russia is considering plans to resume its military presence in Vietnam and Cuba, the countrys deputy defence minister says.俄罗斯国防部副部长日前表示,该国正在考虑计划恢复在越南和古巴的军事驻地。Nikolai Pankov announced a review of the decision to close the two bases more than a decade ago.尼古拉·潘科夫部长宣布,俄罗斯正在回顾10多年前关闭古巴、越南军事基地的决定。The two served as pivots of Soviet military power during the Cold War.冷战时期,这两处军事基地是苏联军事力量的枢纽。It comes amid growing tensions between the US and Russia, and as Russias parliament approved a longer term military presence at a Syrian airbase.俄罗斯方面之所以有如此做法,是因为近期美俄两国日益紧张的局势,而且俄罗斯议会也批准了一项决议,允许俄罗斯军队长期驻扎在叙利亚的一处空军基地。Mr Pankov told the Russian parliament last Friday they were ;dealing with the issue; of the two bases, Russian news agencies reported.据俄罗斯新闻社报道,潘科夫上周五的时候向俄罗斯议会报告称,他们正在“处理两个基地的事务”。It comes two years after Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu first revealed they were looking into bases in both Vietnam and Cuba, as well as countries including Singapore and Nicaragua, according to The Diplomat.据《外交学者》报道,两年前俄罗斯国防部长谢尔盖·绍伊古首先透露,他们正在调查位于古巴和越南的军事基地,以及包括新加坡和尼加拉瓜等国家。Russia lowered its flag at the Lourdes signals intelligence base in Cuba and the deepwater Cam Rahn naval base in Vietnam as part of a drawing down of Russias military presence around the world after the demise of the Soviet Union.在苏联解体后,作为全球军事收缩行动的一部分,俄罗斯关闭了位于古巴的洛德丝信号情报基地以及位于越南的金兰深水海军基地,During the same session, Russias parliament voted to approve an ;indefinite; deployment of forces in Syria at the Hmeimim airbase.在上周五的会议上,俄罗斯议会投票批准了一项决议,允许俄罗斯军队在叙利亚Hmeimim空军基地“无限期”驻军。The facility had been supporting Russian troops since August 2015 on a temporary basis, but that vote could lead to a permanent base.015月以来,该空军基地一直作为临时基地供俄军驻扎,但是这次表决可能会使得其变成俄罗斯军队的永久军事基地。来 /201610/471152济南六院引产需要多少钱

济南无痛人流多少钱济宁医学院附属医院医生在线咨询 A long-simmering row between Brussels and Washington over visas is set to break into the open on Tuesday when the European Commission considers whether to force US citizens to apply for a visa before travelling to Europe. 周二,欧盟委员会(European Commission)将考虑是否要求美国公民在赴欧旅行前申请签,布鲁塞尔与华盛顿之间长期以来围绕签问题一直忍而不发的争执有望公开化Commissioners will meet to discuss what steps, if any, to take against the US if Washington ignores Brusselsdemand for a visa waiver to apply for all EU citizens. 欧盟委员会将举行会议,讨论若华盛顿方面无视欧盟提出的、将赴美免签待遇适用于所有欧盟公民的要求,应采取何种措施(假如有对策的话)反击美囀?Officials involved in the negotiations which, in various forms, have dragged on for nearly a decade are hopeful that a full-blown diplomatic fight can be avoided at a time when relations between the EU and the US are aly strained by issues of trade, tax and even China. 双方围绕签问题展开的各种形式的磋商,已持续了将近十年。参与磋商的官员们相信,在贸易、税务乃至中国问题已然导致欧美关系紧张之际,双方能够避免签问题演变为一场全面的外交斗争Although most EU citizens are able to travel to the US without a proper visa, Washington has stricter entry rules for visitors from some central and eastern member states. 尽管大多数欧盟公民无需适当的签就能赴美,但华盛顿方面已收紧了针对欧盟某些中东欧成员国公民的赴美入境规定People from Poland, Croatia, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania have to get a visa before travelling to the US on holiday or business. It is these countries that are pushing for Brussels to take tough steps against Washington unless it changes its ways, according to officials. 波兰、克罗地亚、塞浦路斯、保加利亚和罗马尼亚公民,须拿到签才能在赴美度假或作商务旅行。官员们称,正是这些国家在推动欧盟对美采取严厉措施——除非后者改弦更张The EU demands that its member states “act in commonwhen it comes to visa policy, especially when a country “subjects citizens to differing treatment 欧盟要求其成员国在签政策方面“统一行动”,尤其是在某国“使公民们受到不同待遇”时In 2014, the US was given two years to offer all EU citizens the chance to benefit from its visa waiver programme, which is used by a total of 30 European countries. 2014年,欧盟给予美国两年时间、要其向所有欧盟公民提供受益于免签计划的机会。该计划目前总计适用0个欧洲国家“The deadline concerns the needs for the college [of commissioners] to take stock of the situation,said a spokesperson for the European Commission. “It will discuss the economic impact, the political impact and the impact on external relations with these countries. Then they will discuss the next possible steps.欧盟委员会一名发言人称:“这一截止日期考虑了全体(委员)评估局面的需要。他们将讨论相关经济影响、政治影响和对这些国家对外关系的影响。然后,他们会讨论接下来可能采取的举措。National capitals and the European Parliament would have the final say on whether to suspend the visa waiver programme enjoyed by US visitors. Such a decision would not apply to Britain and Ireland, which have opt outs from the EU’s visa policy. 对于是否暂停赴欧美国公民享有的免签计划,各国政府和欧洲议European Parliament)将拥有最终发言权。这类决定将不适用于英国和爱尔兰,这两个国家已选择不参与欧盟的签政策US officials, however, insist that countries such as Romania simply have not met the requirements for its visa waiver programme. 不过,美国官员们坚称罗马尼亚这样的国家根本不满足其免签计划的要求Negotiations have been complicated by new US rules dictating that all visitors who have travelled to Iran, Iraq, Sudan or Syria have to apply for a visa a move that also angered Brussels. 美国出台的新规还要求,所有去过伊朗、伊拉克、苏丹或叙利亚的人士在赴美前必须申请签。此举也激怒了欧盟方面,加大了双方磋商的难度The fight over visas is just one example of the increasingly tetchy transatlantic relationship. Since the start of 2016, the two have clashed on everything from the tax treatment of big US technology groups in Europe to whether China should be treated as a “market economy 这场签之争只是表明大西洋两岸关系日益不稳定的例子之一016年以来,双方在各个方面都发生了冲突——从在欧洲的美国大型科技企业享受的税收待遇,到是否应把中国视为“市场经济”国家These disagreements come as both sides are in the process of negotiating a sweeping free-trade deal called TTIP. 这些分歧出现之际,双方正就名为《跨大西洋贸易与投资伙伴关系协定TTIP)的全面自由贸易协议展开磋商。来 /201604/437345济南市妇幼保健院是不是有主任

济南早孕检查Hillary Clinton’s campaign has admitted that it should have been more forthright about her health after a pneumonia diagnosis forced the Democratic presidential candidate to cancel a string of events planned for this week.希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)竞选团队承认,他们本应该对她的健康问题更加坦诚。此前肺炎诊断迫使民主党总统候选人取消本周的一系列活动。The discovery that Mrs Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days before her sudden departure from a September 11 memorial ceremony prompted fresh questions about her candour.希拉里在9.11纪念仪式上突然离开的两天前被诊断患有肺炎,这个消息促使人们提出了有关她的坦诚的新问题。The incident comes as polls show a tightening race between the Democratic candidate and Donald Trump, whom she leads by only three points in head-to-head polls, according to an average compiled by RealClearPolitics.这一事件正值民调显示民主党总统候选人与唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)之间的差距日益缩小。RealClearPolitics汇编的平均持率显示,希拉里仅领个百分点。The Republican candidate declined to challenge Mrs Clinton’s fitness for office yesterday, having previously questioned her energy and stamina. 昨天,特朗普拒绝质疑希拉里是否胜任总统之位,他之前曾质疑过她的体力和精力。But he promised to release details soon from a recent medical check-up, putting pressure on his opponent to follow suit.但是他承诺将很快公布最近一次体检的详情,施压对手效仿他。Brian Fallon, Mrs Clinton’s campaign spokesman, reacted by saying the Democratic candidate would be releasing more detailed medical information.希拉里竞选发言人布赖恩#8226;法伦(Brian Fallon)回应称,希拉里将公布更多医疗信息详情。We have been in touch with her physician this morning to get the materials together. 我们今天早上一直在与她的医生接触,汇总资料。We’ll release that to further put to rest any lingering concerns, he told MSN.我们将公布信息,以进一步平息任何挥之不去的担忧,他向微软全国广播公MSN)表示。Mrs Clinton and her campaign staff were criticised by pundits who said she should have informed the public about her pneumonia diagnosis on Friday, the day she received it, and been more straightforward with reporters about why she had abruptly left Sunday’s memorial service.希拉里及其竞选工作人员受到了人士的指责,称她应该在上周五知晓病情时就应该把肺炎诊断告知公众、并对记者关于她在周日纪念仪式上为何突然离场的提问更加坦诚。David Axelrod, Barack Obama’s chief campaign strategist for 2008 and 2012, said the candidate’s admission of pneumonia was less of a problem than the campaign’s secrecy. 奥巴008年和2012年竞选的首席策略师戴#8226;艾克斯罗David Axelrod)称,总统候选人承认患上肺炎不是问题,但竞选阵营的神神秘秘是一个问题。Antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. 抗生素可以治肺炎。What’s the cure for an unhealthy penchant for privacy? he asked on Twitter.对隐私的不良嗜好又该怎么治?他在Twitter上问道。In response, Jennifer Palmieri, Mrs Clinton’s communications director, admitted that the campaign had bungled the disclosure of Mrs Clinton’s illness. 作为回应,希拉里的沟通主管珍妮弗#8226;帕尔米耶里(Jennifer Palmieri)承认,竞选团队贻误了有关希拉里病情的公布。We could have done better yesterday, but it is a fact that [the] public knows more about HRC than any nominee in history, she said.我们昨天本可以做得更好,但事实是公众对希拉里的了解超过他们对史上任何一位总统提名人的了解,她表示。Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton, 70 and 68 respectively, have been criticised for not releasing the detailed medical histories that are customary for candidates.年龄分别70岁和68岁的特朗普和希拉里一直因不公布详细病历(美国总统候选人的惯例)而遭到批评。来 /201609/466519 济南哪个医院做无痛人流好些济阳县妇幼保健院不孕不育科



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