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济南专业做人流医院济南抽血验孕需要多少钱雪莉的一个同事在办公时间看《健康顾问》,被雪莉逮了个正着。一起来看看雪莉是怎么处理的,是公事公办吗?Listen Read Learn(Shirley sees her colleague ing a magazine)Shirley: What are you ing?Maria: Gee! You scared me!Shirley: Aha, Fitness Consultant. Very good, Don't you know about the rules in this office?Maria: Yes, Ma'am. No magazines during the office hours. I'm sorry.Shirley: Well, don't do this again next time. What is it about, anyway?Maria: It is about sports for white-collar workers, people like you and me.Shirley: What kind of sports?Maria: Aerobic sports, for example, jogging, yoga, skating…Shirley: Interesting. What were you ing just now?Maria: Stretching exercise after sitting a long time.Shirley: Really? That sounds interesting!Maria: Can I have my magazine back now?Shirley: No. It's confiscated for now. And I will return it to you after I finish ing it.听看学(雪莉看到她的一个同事正在看杂志)雪莉:你在看什么?玛丽亚:哎呀!你吓我一大跳!雪莉:啊哈,《健康顾问》。好极了,难道你不知道办公室里的规矩吗?玛丽亚:当然知道了。工作时间不准看杂志。对不起。雪莉:下次可别再这么做。嘿,这是本什么杂志啊?玛丽亚:是关于上班族的运动的书,就是像你我这样的。雪莉:什么样的运动啊?玛丽亚:有氧运动,比如,慢跑、瑜伽、滑雪……雪莉:有意思。你刚刚在读的是什么啊?玛丽亚:长期久坐后的伸展运动。雪莉:真的吗?有意思!玛丽亚:我现在能拿回我的杂志了吗?雪莉:不行。现在它被没收了。我读完了以后再还给你。经典背诵 RecitationMaria: I'm Maria, I'm Shirley's colleague. I like ing magazines. It's just part of my life. There is a rule in my working place which says no magazines during office hours. But sometimes I just can't help it. There was one time I was caught ing Fitness Consultant, so it was confiscated. Stupid rules!生词小结colleague n. 同事fitness n. 健美,健康consultant n. 顾问rule n. 规定white-collar n. 白领yoga n. 瑜伽stretch vi. 伸展magazine n. 杂志 /200805/38657济南市五院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗 Larry正在帮李华填税表。今天我们要学两个常用语:playing with fire和do it for me。LH: Jeez, Larry. 美国报税怎么这么麻烦。要我说,定个25%什么的,所有人的收入都按这个税率交,那多简单。LL: But Li Hua, if it were so simple, all those accountants wouldnt have jobs. Wouldnt that be terrible?LH: 我可管不了那么多。对了,Larry,你说,如果我把猫算做抚养对象来抵税的话,税务局会不会发现?LL: Mr. Cuddles is very smart for a cat, but I dont think he counts as a child. Even though you might not get caught, it would still be playing with fire.LH: Playing with fire? 玩火,我报税不老实,跟玩火有关系吗?LL: Actually, Li Hua, when you say someone is playing with fire, it means that she is doing something risky.LH: 哦,我明白了。 Playing with fire不是说真去玩火,而是指做某些危险的事情。LL: Bingo. For example, say I noticed that youve been putting on weight lately. I could suggest you try to lose some weight, but if I know anything about women, that would definitely be playing with fire.LH: 算你聪明。劝女孩子减肥,那你可是引火烧身。不过,Larry, 报税实在太无聊了。不如别报了,咱们去看电影吧。LL: But Li Hua, the deadline is coming up soon! If we wait until the last minute to send it in, well really be playing with fire.LH: 这倒也是。如果报税过了最后期限,那可是自找麻烦。有了,不如我们花点钱,在网上找家报税公司,让他们去做吧!LL: I dont know, Li Hua. Lots of those Web sites dont seem trustworthy. If you gave them a lot of your personal information, you would really be playing with fire.LH: 有道理。如果个人信息在网上被骇客偷走,那才真是玩火呢。看来,还是要求你帮忙。LL: No problem. Thats what Im here for.LH: 你说,如果把我的婚姻状况填成已婚,能不能少交点税?LL: Li Hua, you are definitely playing with fire.三个小时过后。LH: 啊... 终于填完了。我现在最大的愿望就是搬到Cayman Island去,每天都是明媚的阳光和温暖的沙滩,而且不用交税。LL: Yeah, but what about Mr. Cuddles? I think he would be really hot, and he would get lots of sand in his fur.LH: 那不行。我们家Cuddles可不能受半点委屈。要不,我把他寄养在你家吧?LL: I dont think so, Li Hua. Cats dont do it for me.LH: Cats dont do what for you, Larry? 我们家Mr. Cuddles能做不少把戏呢!不信你试试看!LL: Actually, when you say that something doesnt do it for you, it means you dont really like it.LH: 哦,我知道了,说一件事情do not do it for me, 就是说不合我的口味,我不喜欢。LL: Exactly! Or for example, do you know how lots of men think Angelina Jolie is really beautiful?LH: Larry, 你最好小心!如果你是哪个女明星的粉丝的话,最好不要说出来,否则的话...LL: Actually, what I was going to say is that although lots of men think Angelina Jolie is really beautiful, she doesnt really do it for me.LH: 哦,原来Angelina Jolie不是你喜欢的类型。She is not your type.LL: You got it. But now that were finished with your taxes, lets go out and have some fun. Do you want to go out to a restaurant for dinner?LH: 好啊。还去上个月去过的那家墨西哥餐馆怎么样?我太喜欢吃墨西哥菜了!LL: Yeah... it wasnt too bad, but to be honest, it didnt really do it for me. Lets go somewhere that we both really love.LH: It didnt do it for you? 你竟然觉得一般?好吧,今天听你的,谁让你帮我报税呢!LL: Hmm... Say, you know what restaurant really did it for me? The Italian restaurant downtown we went to last week.LH: 慢着慢着,那次吃完意大利菜,你不是闹肚子来着吗?I think going there might be playing with fire. 你再去不是;玩火;吗?LL: Yeah, it made me sick later, but the food was so delicious it was worth it.今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是playing with fire,意思是做危险的事情,玩火。另一个是do it for me意思是合乎我的口味和爱好。 /201201/167955在持续6个月的战事后,利比亚反对派终于在8月22日凌晨控制首都的黎波里,反对派称卡扎菲时代“已经终结”。请看相关报道:Libyan government tanks and snipers put up scattered resistance but there was little sign that the rebel offensive was meeting any coordinated opposition.利比亚政府军的坦克和狙击兵进行了零星的抵抗,但是没有迹象表明反对派力量遇到了任何有组织的抵抗。报道中提到scattered resistance就是“零星抵抗”,反之则可以说是stiff resistance(顽强抵抗)或fierce opposition(激烈反抗)等。从scattered resistance这个词可以看出,最后一座stronghold(堡垒)已经被攻破,尽管卡扎菲仍on the run(在逃),但卡扎菲政权实质上已经fall apart(土崩瓦解)。在形容卡扎菲时,我们经常可以在英文报道中见到的形容词有诸如despot(暴君、独裁者)、dictator(独裁者)、tyrant(暴君)、autocrat(独裁者、专制君主)、strongman(强人、铁腕人物)等等,可见英文亦是一门丰富多的语言啊。卡扎菲将面临怎样的命运,全世界都在等待。The ICC(international criminal court国际刑事法庭)已经对卡扎菲下达arrest warrant(逮捕令),指控其犯有crimes against humanity(反人类罪)。 /201108/150583莱芜市莱城区人民医院在线咨询

济南千佛山医院人流怎么样大家知道,世界上的人是各式各样的,有的人特别会说别人爱听的话,可是有的人特别善于吹毛求疵,挑别人的毛病。在这次节目里,我们就要给大家介绍两个形容这两种人的习惯用语。大多数人都说,人都是爱听好话的。既然如此,我们就先来讲一个善于说好话的习惯用语。To butter up someone. Butter这个字可能大家都早已知道,就是西方人经常吃的黄油。但是,在 to butter up someone这个习惯用语里,butter这个字是用做动词。To butter up someone并不是真的在某人身上涂黄油。作为俗语,to butter up someone是指对人不寻常地客气,过份地奉承,目的是在于赢得此人的好感,或者是要他给你一种特别的好处。To butter up someone这个习惯用语的形成可能是因为面包上涂了黄油味道就好多了,或者是因为黄油很滑溜,就像那些奉承别人的话听起来很顺耳那样。下面是一个公司的雇员在说一个会拍马的同事。例句1: Harry is working hard to butter up the boss to get that promotion. The funny thing is if he worked as hard at his job as he does at buttering up people, he'd have a better chance to get what he's after.这个人说:哈里为了被提升,正在想方设法地对老板拍马奉承。有趣的是,要是他干活也能像他溜须拍马那样下功夫的话,他想得到提升的机会就会更多。******在这次节目开始,我们不是说了,有的人很善于讲别人爱听的话,但是有的人就是缺乏这方面的才能。下面这个例子里说话的人就是属于后面这类人的。例句2: I believe some people are simply born with the talent of buttering up people. Don't you think I haven't tried. I did, but I felt so awkward about flattering people. So I've given up a long time ago.这个人说:我相信有的人生来就有拍马奉承的本领。你别以为我没有试过。我试过,但是要我去说那些奉承别人的话,我总觉得很难受。所以,我早就放弃了。******下面我们要讲的一个习惯用语是形容那种专门会挑别人毛病的人。这个常用语就是:Nitpicker. Nitpicker实际上是由两个字组成的。Nit虱子下的蛋,picker就是挑东西的人。A nitpicker就是一个专门因为一些不重要的小事而批评别人的人,也就是挑剔,吹毛求疵。这种人一般都不受欢迎。Nitpicker这个字使我们想起一个在笼子里的猴子,把所有的时间都用来抓虱子。我们来举一个例子。这是一个新闻机构的编辑在对一个记者说话。他说他并不想挑剔,但是他对这位记者的报导有些批评。他说:例句3: I hate to sound like a nitpicker, but I found a comma missing in your third paragraph and another comma missing down in the tenth paragraph. Let's try to be more careful from now on.这个编辑说:我很讨厌听起来好像是在挑剔。但是我发现你文章的第三段里少了一个逗号,在第十段里也少了一个逗号。以后小心点。******我们再来举一个例子。这是一个人在讲他的。例句4: My baby sister Carol said that most of her classmates like her taste and compliment her every time she wears a new dress. The nitpicker who criticizes her is her best friend Laura. My sister thinks that Laura is simply jealous of her.这个人说:我的卡罗尔说,她的同学当中,大多数人都很喜欢她的衣着打扮,每次她穿新衣,她们都说好看。唯一批评她的是她的好朋友劳拉。我认为劳拉就是妒忌她。 /200711/21240济南第六人民医院妇科地址 济南省立医院网上预约挂号

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