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东台市人民医院男科咨询盐城/药物流产多久排出孕囊Never mess with your spouse#39;s online shopping.绝不要搞砸你另一半的网购!A husband learned the hard way after he was forced to kneel outside his door in his long johns for secretly returning all his wife#39;s Singles#39; Day purchases.在一位丈夫退掉她的妻子双十一购买的包裹、被罚穿秋衣秋裤跪在门外之后,他终于学到了这个教训。A photo of the humbled hubby in his red underwear among opened parcels went red hot on social media after it was uploaded to Hangzhou forum 19th Floor last Saturday.上周六,一张照片被上传到可杭州论坛“19楼”,随后立刻在社交媒体上火了起来,照片上是一名穿着红色秋衣秋裤跪在地上的男子,周围还有一些打开了的包裹。According to the post, the man was being punished by his wife after she found he returned all the items she had bought on Singles#39; Day - China#39;s biggest shopping event.据原贴表示,这名男子是被他的妻子惩罚了,原因是她发现自己双十一买的所有东西都被自己丈夫给退了回去。The husband had opened and sent back his wife#39;s deliveries without her knowledge.这名男子在妻子不知情的情况下,打开了快递并把所有东西都退了回去。;If my man ever returned my stuff, I would break up with him at once!; wrote the uploader ;yanglei2006;.上传者“yanglei2006”写道:“如果我老公把我的东西退回去的话,我会立刻和他离婚。”The Internet was split on the verdict.网民们对这件事各有不同的看法。;He deserves it! Unless he would get everything back, and in double amount, he should not be forgiven!; commented a user on the forum.该论坛上一名用户道:“他活该!除非他把所有东西都拿回来,并且要双倍的,否则就不能原谅他!”;No relationship will last without respect! The man was wrong in returning his wife#39;s stuff, but the wife#39;s punishment is inappropriate too.; wrote another.另一名用户写道:“没有尊重男女关系就不能持续下去!这名男子把他妻子的东西退回去是做错了,但是他妻子的这一惩罚也不合适。” /201612/481207江苏省盐城市协和医院药流多少钱 The Change of Value价值转变Jade articles induced by a primitive and hazy sense of beauty appeared and have undergone twists and turns in their development of more than 7 000 years from simple decorations to sacrificial 5 ritual articles in ancient times and to symbolic fittings for lofty morality , and finally for art works of various types and varieties. They profoundly reflected the social consciousness of different historical stages. Especially in a certain stage of development, people made the natural properties of jade moralized, enabling it to play special role in political, religious, ideological and cultural spheres and develop a unique function that other art works could not do. In the world cultural history,this cultural phenomenon has never been known in other countries and regions,and embodies a distinctive national character.玉器的出现始于原始感和朦胧感,并且都经过了曲折的超过7000年的发展,由简单的装饰品演变成古时5种祭祀物品,并象征高尚的道德境界,最后成为不同类型和品种的艺术作品。它们深远的意义反映了不同历史阶段的社会意识。特别是在发展对一定阶段,人们把玉的自然属性道德化,使其能够在政治,宗教,意识形态和文化领域发挥的特殊作用,形成了其他艺术作品没有的独特功能。在世界历史文化中,这一文化现象从未在其他国家和地区熟知,和体现了鲜明的民族性格。 /201610/474528We think we know what the signs of breast cancer are, until it comes to checking our own breasts - then we#39;re not so sure.我们以为我们知道乳腺癌的迹象,到检查自己的乳房的时候,又不是那么肯定了。Is that a lump I can feel? Should I be worried about the dimpled skin there? What exactly am I feeling for?是可以感觉到的一个硬块吗?我应该担心起波纹的皮肤吗?我究竟应该怎么检查?Those were the concerns of Corrine Beaumont, a young designer, who created the #39;Know Your Lemons#39; campaign, which has been shared more than 32,000 times on Facebook in the past few days.这些都是年轻设计师科琳·蒙特关注的问题,她的创意“了解你的柠檬”运动,在过去几天内在脸书上分享了超过32000次。She lost both her grandmothers to breast cancer at the ages of 40 and 62 and when she found very little information on the signs of breast cancer to look out for, she felt compelled to come up with a solution.她的外婆和奶奶都分别在40岁和62岁的时候因乳腺癌去世,那时她能找到的有关乳腺癌征兆的信息很少,她觉得一定要有一个解决方案。Lemons became her stand-in metaphor for breasts as she tried to create a simple, visual way of showing what breast cancer symptoms can look and feel like.她试图创造一种简单而直观的方式来显示乳腺癌症状的外观和感觉,于是柠檬就成为了乳房的替身。Corrine describes the egg box of lemons as a playful, friendly image which might help women overcome their fear of the disease.科琳通过装在蛋盒里的柠檬,描述出俏皮友好的形象,帮助妇女克对疾病的恐惧。Many say #39;Know Your Lemons#39; is clear and colourful - and gets an important message across that is often lost in a mass of words.许多人表示,“认识你的柠檬”信息清晰,颜色多,传递了靠大量词语也难以传递的重要信息。A recent survey of 1,000 women by charity Breast Cancer Care found that a third of women don#39;t check their breast regularly for signs and symptoms of cancer.慈善组织“乳腺癌护理”最近对1000名妇女进行的一项调查发现,其中三分之一的人不会定期检查其乳房的癌症体征和症状。While 96% know that a lump in the breast can be a symptom of cancer, more than a quarter did not know that an inverted nipple can be a symptom.虽然96%的人知道乳房肿块可能是癌症的症状,但超过四分之一的人不知道倒置乳头也可能是一种症状。 /201702/490713盐城协和男子医院

江苏盐城市医院电话盐城市第六人民医院治疗痔疮多少钱 On my first day in my first Saturday job at a clothes chain popular with office workers, I was told to pluck an outfit off the rails and wear it. As sales assistants, we were selling the office dream.我是在一家深受上班族喜爱的装连锁店打的第一份周六零工。上班第一天,我被告知从衣架上取下一件衣并穿上它。作为销售助理,我们销售的是“办公室梦”。I was 15, had never worked in an office, my mother worked from home and I had no concept of appropriate attire for personal assistants and junior executives. So I pulled out a floral top with a matching bilge-green skirt.我当时15岁,从未在办公室工作过,我的母亲在家工作,我完全不知道个人助理和初级管理人员应该穿什么衣。于是,我拿了一件有着花卉图案的短袖上衣,搭配一条暗绿色裙子。Half way through the day, my manager pulled me aside and told me to change into something tailored and slightly revealing because, in her words, I “looked frumpy”.那天过了一半的时候,经理把我拉到一旁,要我重新挑一套考究一些、略微暴露一些的装,因为用她的话说,我“看起来有些古板”。Even as a young teen, I knew what she meant. She was after sexy secretary. All these years later I still feel a prickle of quiet fury at the boss who felt she had the right to tell me to look sexually alluring. I was young, junior and timid. So I found a blouse and undid a few buttons.即便那时我只有十几岁,我明白她想说什么。她想让我穿得像是性感的秘书。这么多年后,我仍对这位自以为有权利告诉我要摆出性感迷人形象的老板耿耿于怀。我当时是个年轻的小职员,而且有点懦弱。于是我找了一件短上衣穿上,并解开了几个纽扣。It was an arresting introduction to the world of work. But as it turns out, my former boss’s attitude has not gone the way of the shoulder pads we were punting. And at least I was not forced into stilettos.那是一堂让我大开眼界的职场入门课。但后来的事实表明,我的第一个老板的态度并未像当年流行的肩垫那样消失。再说我至少没有被迫穿上细高跟鞋。Unlike Nicola Thorp, the British woman who caused controversy last year when she launched an online petition to look into discriminatory dress codes, after she was sent home from her job as a temporary receptionist at PwC’s Embankment office for refusing to wear high heels. Portico, the outsourced reception services company, which hired her later said it had dropped the requirement that “female employees wear heels between two and four inches high” and announced a broader review of its uniform guidelines.这与去年引发争议的英国女士妮古拉?索普(Nicola Thorp)的遭遇有所不同。索普在普华永道(PwC)伦敦堤岸区(Embankment)办公室担任临时前台接待员时,因拒绝穿高跟鞋而被打发回家,于是她在网上发起请愿,呼吁议会审查歧视性的着装要求。雇佣索普的前台务外包公司Portico后来表示,它废除了要求“女性雇员穿鞋跟在2英寸到4英寸之间的高跟鞋”的规定,并宣布全面审查其着装指引。Today, after hearing evidence from hundreds of women in response to the petition, the joint petitions committee and the women and equalities committee published the House of Commons report on high heels and workplace dress codes. Ms Thorp’s case was far from isolated.如今,在听取了回应请愿的数百名女性提供的据之后,联合请愿委员会(joint petitions committee)以及妇女和平等委员会(women and equalities committee)发表了有关高跟鞋和工作场所着装要求的下议院(House of Commons)报告。索普的遭遇远非孤立个案。Women described “the pain and long-term damage caused by wearing high heels for long periods in the workplace, as well as from women who had been required to dye their hair blonde, to wear revealing outfits and to constantly reapply make-up”.女性们描述了“长时间在办公场所穿高跟鞋导致的疼痛和长期损害,此外还有被要求将头发染成金黄色、穿暴露装以及经常补妆的案例”。The report said women found such dress codes to be “humiliating and degrading”, “demeaning”, while some felt “sexualised” by their employers’ insistence.该报告称,女性发现此类着装规定“带有羞辱和贬低意味”、“有损人格”,同时一些人感觉雇主执意让她们“性感化”。Men might complain that being told to wear a suit and tie is the equivalent. But high heels are impractical and uncomfortable. Today’s House of Commons report found that women who have to wear them for extended periods of time are “damaging to their health and wellbeing in both the short and the long term”.男性可能抱怨,他们被要求穿西打领带也是一样的。但高跟鞋不不舒。上述下议院报告指出,不得不长时间穿高跟鞋的女性“无论是长期还是短期都有损她们的健康和幸福感”。It was not just the physical repercussions that were demoralising. Women who gave evidence to the committees felt that dress codes were often tilted towards sexualising women while the premium for men was to be smart and tidy — something that I knew at 15.不仅仅是身体上的影响令人沮丧。向两个委员会作的女性觉得,着装要求往往倾向于让女性变得性感,而对男性的要求只是西装笔挺、整洁——我在15岁的时候就知道这一点。Dress codes, such as the one imposed on Ms Thorp, are discriminatory and breach the 2010 Equality Act. Yet often employees feel vulnerable about speaking out, as I discovered in my first job. The House of Commons report recommended reviewing the equality laws, raising awareness on discrimination, for example at schools and universities, and imposing harsher penalties on employers that break the rules.着装规范,比如要求索普遵守的那种要求,具有歧视性,违反了2010年出台的《平等法》(Equality Act)。然而,正如我在第一份零工中发现的那样,雇员们往往觉得自己的地位脆弱,因此不敢说出来。下议院报告建议审查《平等法》,提升防范歧视行为的意识(例如在学校和大学中),并对违规雇主进行更严厉的处罚。Such cases were reported by women who were junior and sometimes in insecure positions, employed by temporary work agencies, who felt incapable of speaking up — rather than partners in law firms or senior bankers. Ms Thorp’s move has helped to bring the issue to the surface. Hopefully it will have the effect of making women aware of their rights and able to speak up.此类案例是由处于初级职位、有时就业无保障的女性报告的,她们被临时就业机构雇佣(而不是律所合伙人或高级家),因此不敢勇敢地说出来。索普的请愿帮助让这一问题浮出水面。但愿它会让女性意识到自己的权利并能够大胆地说出来。Clothing might seem frivolous but these things matter. A report last year by the Social Mobility Commission found that managers placed as much importance on soft skills such as speech, accent, dress and behaviour as qualifications.着装似乎是件琐碎小事,但它们其实非常重要。去年社会流动委员会(Social Mobility Commission)的一份报告发现,经理们对资历和谈吐、口音、装以及举止等软技能一样看重。Being told to look attractive by your employer is quite different to choosing to harness your “erotic capital” — the term Catherine Hakim, the UK sociologist, described seven years ago. “In the labour market, erotic capital can be more important than economic or social capital,” she wrote.被你的雇主告知要显得有吸引力,完全不同于选择驾驭你的“性感资本”——后者是英国社会学家凯瑟琳?哈金(Catherine Hakim)在7年前提出的概念。她写道:“在劳动力市场,性感资本可能比经济或社会资本更加重要。”Wearing high heels should be a matter of choice. Being ordered to look ornamental by your boss holds no allure.穿高跟鞋应该是一种选择。奉老板之命打扮得性感是没有吸引力的。 /201702/493459盐城市盐都区第二人民医院上环多少钱

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