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A four-year-old girl literally stunned audiences when she spoke seven languages fluently on a TV show.在一档电视节目中,一名四岁的小姑娘一开口就流利地说出了七国语言,让全场观众都惊呆了The of Bella Devyatkina is now wowing people all over the world after she easily switched languages.现在,在轻松切换多国语言之后,贝拉·德维亚基娜的视频已经赢得了全世界观众的赞扬The young talent participated in the Russian reality TV show Udivitelniye Lyudi (Incredible People), impressing judges in Moscow with her remarkable language skills.这位年幼的小天才参加了俄罗斯电视真人秀《了不起的人们,并用她非凡的语言才能让莫斯科的评委们赞叹不已Besides her native Russian, Bella also speaks English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic - that includes the six official ed Nations languages with the addition of German.除去本国语言俄罗斯语,贝拉还会说英语、德国、西班牙语、法语、汉语以及阿拉伯语:这其中包含了联合国六大官方语言外加德语The most incredible part is that Bella is actually able to communicate in these languages, as her knowledge exceeds the vocabulary of simple mall talk.而最不可思议的是,贝拉对这些语言的掌握程度远超过“闲聊”的词汇范畴,她能实实在在地使用这些语言来进行交流During the show she managed to answer questions based on a school curriculum in all these languages.在节目中,她用这七国语言回答了基于学校课程设置的多个问题Bella mother, Yulia, says that she started teaching her daughter languages at the age of two. They started with English, but as soon as she noticed that Bella was interested in it, she began adding other languages.贝拉的母亲尤利娅表示,她在女儿两岁的时候就开始教她说外语了一开始她只是教她英语,但很快她就发现贝拉对学语言很感兴趣,于是她开始增加其他语言Bella practices English with her mother and is tutored by native speakers other languages.贝拉跟她的妈妈练习英语,跟着其它国家的母语人士学习其他语言Unsurprisingly, language specialists have been just as impressed as Bella global audience.不出所料,语言专家和世界各地的观众一样都对贝拉的表现惊讶不已One linguist and language expert was ed as saying: uch cases are rare but have happened in the past. Language centres in the human brain get switched on at different stages of development.引用一位身兼语言学家和语言专家的专业人士的话称:“这种情况很罕见,但也并非前所未有人类大脑的语言中枢会在不同的发育阶段会发生改变”He believes that Bella will not lose her knowledge, but warns that at some point it can become frozen if she does not continue to use and practice it.他相信贝拉不会失去她已经习得的语言知识,但也警告称,一旦她不再练习和运用这些语言,那么在某种程度上这些知识可能会被“冻结” 6671Go sightseeing 观光旅游招待A: What about visiting the Great Wall this weekend? The weather is great tomorrow.B: That's a good idea. C: Great.B: Could you introduce it us?A: OK! The Great Wall is one of the wonders of the world. And nowadays it acts as not a defense against the offensive, but the precious historical relic which welcomes tourists from all over the world. And we'll know more about it through the guide's introduction.B: When will we get out tomorrow?A: How about 7 o'clock?C: That's OK. 重点讲解:Defense n. 防御Precious adj. 珍贵的相关词汇:infrequent; precious; rare; valuable; dear例如: An infrequent visitor 一位稀客Precious words 珍贵的话Rare animals 奇异的动物;rare birds 珍禽Valuable perfume 高贵的香料Dear How pure, how dear their dwelling-place. 指明它的来处纯洁而珍贵Relic n. 估计Historical adj. 历史的小贴士:我们跟外国人介绍景点时,需要加一句类似“The weather is wonderful.”之类的话,另外,还要赞美一下所去景点的美丽或历史 97

Conversation A: What have you decided on, madam?B: Id like to buy a blouse like the one on the model beside the door.A: You really have good taste. This is the latest style this year. What color would you like?B: The pink one looks nice, so does the green one. Which one do you think suits me better?A: Well, I think the pink one goes well with your complexion. You may try it on. The mirror is behind you.B: Thank you. This color is quite attractive, but does it fade?A: No, it doesnt. This kind of material has been treated by a new technology, so it is colorfast.B: Then Ill take this one.A: OK. Here you are. A:女士,您决定买什么了吗?B:我想买一件门口模特儿穿的那款衬衫A:您真有眼光这是今年的最新款式,您喜欢什么颜色?B:粉色和绿色的都挺好的你觉得那一种颜色更适合我呢?A:嗯,我觉得粉色和您的肌肤很配您可以试试看,镜子就在您身后B:谢谢这颜色的确很漂亮,会褪色吗?A:不会的这种面料采用新工艺处理过,不会褪色 197330Anyone who saw Mad Max: Fury Road knows that the vehicles in the movie are awesometotally insane-looking.只要看过电影《疯狂的麦克斯:狂暴之路,就知道里面的汽车酷毙了(造型超级夸张)Well, Mad Max superfan Ian Pfaff, of Glendale, Calinia, was inspired to make Mad Max mobiles his kids, Junior, , and Benji, five months.加利福尼亚州格兰岱尔市的伊恩·普法夫是《疯狂的麦克斯的忠实粉,他有两个孩子,岁的朱尼尔和5个月大的班吉这位父亲从电影中得到灵感,为他的孩子们制作了“疯狂的麦克斯版玩具车”Ian - who is a director by day and makes props in his spare time - started with classic Little Tykes Cozy Coupes... Then added everything from old computer parts to pieces from an expresso machine.伊恩的主业是一名导演,闲暇时也制作道具他从一台经典的小泰克牌玩具跑车动手改装……然后将旧电脑零件、咖啡机的组件等各种物件装在上面The results are pretty damn impressive. These Mad Max-ified mobiles feature lots of cool details... Even the steering wheel looks straight outta Mad Max: Fury Road!最终效果相当令人惊艳这些“疯狂的麦克斯同款”玩具车有很多酷炫的细节……甚至连方向盘看起来都和电影里的一模一样!Some of the coolest touches came courtesy of Ian wife, Emily, who donated an old breast pump that was transmed into exhaust pipes.有些最酷的装饰由伊恩的妻子艾米丽免费提供,她贡献出的旧的吸奶器被改造成排气管;The reaction to the mobiles has been great,; Ian told BuzzFeed. ;Our friends and family love it, and I enjoy seeing people get a kick out of them.;伊恩告诉BuzzFeed:“这些玩具车得到了很好的反响我的朋友和家人很喜欢,我也喜欢看到人们从中得到乐趣”Junior can definitely be counted among those getting a kick out of the mobiles. She may not have seen the movie (duh), but ;loves to get in hers and chase our pug around,; Ian said.朱尼尔绝对算是从这些玩具车中收获乐趣的人伊恩说,她可能没有看过这部电影,但是却“很喜欢坐在车里,追着我们的到处跑”;Benji too young to know what going on,; Ian says, but we think he looks pretty cool behind the wheel nonetheless.“班吉还太小了,他还不知道是怎么回事儿,”伊恩说,但是我们觉得他坐在车里看起来酷毙了As what next, Ian isnt done. ;I have more boxes full of junk and Im y to build a fleet!;至于下一步的计划,伊恩还没开始实施“我还有更多箱废品,我准备建造一车队!” 5

Zoo visitors are usually warned not to feed the animals or throw things in exhibits, but one jerk decided to chuck some rocks at a group of kangaroos in Yangzhou, China, last Sunday.参观动物园的游客经常被告知不要在参观过程中随意投喂食物或向动物扔东西,不过在上周日,一位游客却在中国扬州某动物园内向一群袋鼠扔石头The man was caught on attempting to throw multiple stones at the resting animals in order to get them to move and hop around, but he was immediately stopped by fellow visitors, according to Shanghaiist.据“上海人网站”报道,该男子的这一行为恰好被围观群众拍了下来视频中显示,为了让袋鼠起身活动跳跃,该男子不断向正在休息的袋鼠扔石头,但随即就被其他游客制止He claimed he was not doing anything wrong, and explained that he was on a ;rare trip,; which makes no sense whatsoever and is not a good excuse to start throwing hard objects at a living creature.男子声称,自己并没有做错任何事,并解释称“自己是难得才来一趟”,但却完全不能为自己向野生动物扔石头的行为辩解,整段解释毫无意义The has since gone viral on Chinese social media with many online netizens arguing that he should be the one thrown in the cage and see how he likes it.该视频随后在中国社交媒体上迅速传播开来,许多网友都表示该男子应该被关进笼子里,看看他自己是什么感觉According to the Huffington Post, instances of animal abuse at zoos have continued in China, despite previous crackdowns.据《赫芬顿邮报报道,虽然中国先前对此类事情进行过惩罚或制裁,但诸如在动物园虐待动物的事例还是屡次上演In , a series of photos showing visitors at the Hangzhou Zoo throwing snowballs at lions went viral and received thousands of comments criticizing the abuse.年,游客在杭州动物园向狮子扔雪球的一组照片在网上疯传,众多网友都对这一虐待动物的行为发表,进行批评 5767A: I really am thankful you helping me move.B: It’s no problem. Just let me know where you want me to put everything.A: I would like you to put that sofa in the living room.B: Is there any particular place you want it?A: Set it against that far wall.B: What do you want me to do with this table?A: That’s the ‘dining room’ table of course, silly.B: Where in the room do you want it?A: It would look best in the center of the room.B: Do you like where everything is so far?A: Everything looks great.B: Yeah, I agree.Diarra Boubacar, a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctor from Mali, has recently become a hot topic on Chinese social media. It surprises many Net users that a eign doctor could practice TCM so well.迪亚拉·布巴卡尔是一名来自非洲马里的中医,最近他成为了中国社交媒体上的热门话题让许多网友惊讶的是,一个外国医生的中医医术居然这么好;I really hope the TCM skills of us eign doctors would be recognized in China,; said Boubacar, who mainly works at a TCM hospital in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.布巴卡尔主要在四川省成都市的一家中医看病,他表示:“我真的希望我们这些外国医生的中医医术能够在中国得到认可”The first ever eign post-doctoral fellow in TCM, he has been practicing TCM more than three decades.布巴卡尔是有史以来第一位外籍中医士后,已经用中医治病超过30年On December 6, the Chinese government published its first white paper on TCM, which delineates the policies and measures on TCM development, the Xinhua News Agency reported.据新华社报道,月6日,中国政府发布了中国第一份中医白皮书,描述了发展中医是政策措施The paper stressed TCM development as a national strategy and stated that TCM is going international, having aly sp to 183 countries and regions.白皮书强调中医发展为一项国家战略,并指出中医正在走向国际化,已经传播到了183个国家和地区It is still a novelty to see eign TCM doctors in China. But the frequency has increased with growing eign interest in TCM.在中国看到外籍老中医现在仍然是一件新奇的事情不过随着外国人对中医的兴趣增加,越来越多的外籍中医开始在中国出现Not everyone trusts a eigner with Chinese herbs and needles.但是并不是所有人都信任外国人的草药和银针It often happens that patients are very skeptical when they see a eign TCM doctor, even after Boubacar became fairly well-known as the ;miracle-working eign doctor; in his neighborhood.通常情况下,当患者看到一位外籍中医的时候,他们会非常怀疑,即使布巴卡尔在当地成为小有名气的“妙手回春外国医生”之后也是这样Just a few days ago, a woman refused to let him treat her mother. ;If my mother condition worsens, whose responsibility would that be? I wont let your kind of eign apprentices treat her,; she said.就在前几天,一位女性拒绝让布巴卡尔给她的母亲看病那名女子当时说道:“如果我母亲病情恶化了,谁来负责?我不会让你这种外国小学徒来给她治病的”;I can totally understand that,; said Boubacar, adding that his strategy is to let his skills speak themselves instead of arguing with the patients.布巴卡尔对此表示:“我完全可以理解”他还称,自己的做法就是用医术来说话,而不是和病人争吵 8535

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