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淮安正规男性医院To get this ship y in time for the inspectors is a massive task,要赶在检查员来之前整理好这艘船 是一项巨大的工程and they#39;ve been doing a brilliant job.工作人员很厉害 我们要切开嵌板We#39;re cutting panels through to let the water rush through when she starts sinking.这样船开始下沉的时候 水才能很快冲进去That#39;s the last bit, OK, guys.好,进去吧 这是最后一块了,好了Vamos!快滚吧Shipshape at last.船终于准备好了Well, she#39;s clean, she#39;s been inspected, and she#39;s y to be sunk.它清干净了,也通过检查了 准备可以沉了What can go wrong now?还能有什么问题呢As the tail end of Hurricane Dean sweeps through,迪恩飓风的尾巴横扫而过the team are forced to put their plans on hold.所以制作团队的 沉船计划被迫延后- TELEVISION: - #39;..winds of 150 miles an hour...#39;风速达到时速一百五十英里Luck doesn#39;t seem to be on their side.他们似乎没有 受到命运之神的眷顾But, two days later, good weather returns.但是两天之后,天气好转了Here comes a crane, finally!吊车来了 终于来了Fingers crossed, arms crossed, legs crossed, everything#39;s crossed!祈求老天保佑不要下雨 不要出错,什么状况都不要发生They urgently need to get the boat into the water,他们希望能尽快把船放入水中or they won#39;t reach the chosen wreck site before nightfall.否则就没有办法在夜晚降临前 抵达预定的沉船地点 Article/201310/262014淮安市第四人民医院治疗便血多少钱The waiting is almost over,等待即将结束,the most important Manchester derby in recent memory is about to start.在可视历史中最重要的一场曼彻斯特德比就要开始。重点词汇: derby 德比例句:This volcanic derby required him to do both.这场红色德比要求他两者兼顾。 视频介绍:德比是体育术语,是指很受关注的比赛,在欧洲多指足球队之间的比赛。根据不同的情况,德比的定义和使用范围也不同。主要指的是两位于同一地区的球队之间进行的对抗。 Article/201404/284099淮安市妇幼保健院地址

淮安中山医院包皮手术费大概多少钱在淮安人流便宜的医院Did Apple#39;s CEO dis Google Glass? Apple CEO Tim Cook weighs in on Google Glass, the future of wearable tech and his congressional testimony.苹果公司CEO蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)出席《华尔街日报》主办的D11科技大会,担当首位访谈嘉宾。库克在会上表示,可穿戴设备有望成为一个影响深远的领域,但谷歌眼镜能否普及很难定论,该产品缺乏吸引力;仅耐克的Fuelband腕带做得很不错。Google#39;s newest product called glass has been steadily getting burst that new wearable technology that takes s was a simple command.;OK glass,recording ;;I think the light that will be hit here has a broad range of appeal.I don#39;t,that#39;s tough to see.; Apple CEO Tim Cook making the rare public appearance at the technology conference seems to be given it as a thumbsdown.;I wear glasses because i have to. I can#39;t see without it. I don#39;t know a lot of people that wear them that don#39;t have to. But the company that pionners the smart phone may soon branch into the category known as wearables. If we do the comments like this ;I think there will be times of companies playing in us; Will Apple be one of them?“I don#39;t wanna answer that one”Sharing the stage with technology blockers Walter Mossbergand Kara Swisher,Cook waited on the other hot tech topics like why doesn#39;t Apple come out with the biggest screen for the Iphone.;A large screen today comes a lot of trade-offs;And why not come out with other versions of phones like its competitors?;We have been so far that doesn#39;t shut off the future;Then the subject turns to taxes.Will Apple has recently been criticised?; We pay six billion dollars and that is the big highest in the US. We pay more taxes than anybody.;Cook#39;s appearance comes about a week after testifying in Washington.He was questioned by the Senators about the compamy allegedlly keeping money overseas to avoid paying US taxes. Apple has 144 billion in cash but about 100billion of that is capital offshore but is not subect to the US corporate taxes.;Can you understand there is a perception of unfair vantage share?;Honestly speaking,I don#39;t see it as being unfair.I#39;m not an unfair person.And that is not who we are as a company.;But as John Steward noted it wasn#39;t exactly a ruining testimony.;You#39;ve managed to change the word which is a incredible legacy.;“I harassed my husband until it converted to a Macbook.”“Your product makes great.” ”My granddaughter even knows how to use it.;;I love Apple,I love Apple;;What the hell is that,what#39;s the opposite of genius bar?;Did you give the mall free staff for what happened.; No I didn#39;t feel this a love fancy,I don#39;t know it#39;s a sort of media sitting in the witnessing chair.You don#39;t necessarily have that feeling. /201306/242605洪泽县妇幼保健所引产多少钱You may be right, but are you happy? Decide whether winning is more important to you than getting along.你或许是正确的,但是你开心吗?争吵获胜重要还是融洽相处更重要?You Will Need你需要Responsibility责任Respect尊重Kindness善良Steps步骤Step 1 Find out what it was1.找出问题所在Find out what the offense was before apologizing, or risk making things worse by coming off as patronizing. Be willing to act responsibly and make peace.道歉之前找出触怒对方的原因是什么,或者表现傲慢,让情况更加糟糕。要乐意负责,息事宁人。Step 2 Avoid blaming2.避免责备Take responsibility. Avoid qualifying reservations for the apology, which usually begin with ;but; and end with a transfer of blame.负起责任。道歉不要有所保留,道歉之后又说“但是”,随后开始责备对方。Step 3 Express regret3.表示遗憾Express regret with genuine shame and offer to change. Relationships rely upon honorable behavior, and nonverbal cues that imply it#39;s the other person#39;s fault undermine peace.真诚地表示遗憾和愧疚,表示会做出改变。恋情依赖可敬的行为,不用语言来暗示对方的错误非常不利于和平共处。Step 4 Face them4.面对面Face each other when apologizing instead of doing it over the phone, or in an e-mail or text. Show some class and respect their feelings.道歉的时候要面对面,而不是通过电话,电子邮件或短信。表现真诚,尊重他们的感觉。Step 5 Listen to them5.倾听Let the other person speak and hear them out, in case their viewpoint has been completely misunderstood. Assure them that no disagreement can change the security of the relationship.认听对方诉说,以防他们的观点完全被误解。向他们保,任何分歧都不会影响你们的恋情。If you can#39;t bring yourself to admit you#39;re wrong, try to agree to disagree.如果你不能说自己承认自己错了,尝试着接受分歧的存在。Step 6 Soothe the situation6.缓解形势Soothe the situation with an activity to leave the disagreement behind. Buy them flowers or a small trinket as a peace offering, and move on.缓解形势,把分歧抛在脑后。为他们买一束花或小装饰品作为和解,然后继续生活下去。In the 1970 film Love Story, the protagonist concludes with the famous line: ;Love means never having to say you#39;re sorry.;在1970年的影片“爱情故事”中,主要人物以这句经典台词结束:“爱意味着你永远不需要说对不起。”视频听力由。 Article/201310/259707江苏省淮安市中山医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

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