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淮安一院看泌尿科怎么样淮阴区无痛人流哪家医院最好的楚州区人民医院医院治疗妇科多少钱 原味人文风情:So this morning, I went to Starbucks. You know Starbucks. Youve heard of Starbucks? Yup.今天早上我去了星巴克。你知道星巴克。听过星巴克吧?没错。Theres one on the corner next to the Starbucks across from the Starbucks.转角那有一家在星巴克对面那家星巴克旁边的星巴克。Go in there for coffee—should be simple.进去那点咖啡--应该没什么困难。You go in, you order; they say, ;Whats your name?; You tell them your name.你进去、点餐;店员说:「你的名字是?」你告诉他们你的名字。A few minutes later, they hand you a coffee that says ;Helen.; You know.几分钟后,他们递给你一杯写着「Helen」的咖啡。你懂的。Should be easy—its not. First, theres a long line.应该要很简单--并不简单。首先,有一条长长的排队队伍。Why is there a line? I mean, there are more Starbucks in the world than there are people.怎么要排队哩?我是说,世界上的星巴克都比人多了。We should all—we should have our individual Starbucks by now.我们应该都--我们现在应该都有个人专属星巴克吧。I think one reason is—the line is so long because there are people dont know what to order.我想一个原因是--队伍那么长,因为有人不知道要点什么。Thats one of the things. These people, they go every single day, and then they just stare up at the .那是其中一件事。这些人,他们每天都去星巴克,然后他们就只是傻傻看着饮料目录。Like seeing it for the first time. Its the same .就像第一次看到它一样。那是同样的饮料目录。Nothings changed. They have coffee, they have tea, and they have Michael Buble CDs. Choose something!什么都没变。星巴克有咖啡、有茶,然后他们还有 Michael Buble 的 CD。选一样就好啦!And then there are the people who know what they want, but theyre...they—its so complicated.然后有知道自己要什么的人,不过他们...他们--有够复杂的。Thats the problem with it.那就是问题所在。Theres a woman in front of me, she ordered a...a mocha no-foam extra-whip sugar-free double-shot non-fat vanilla iced Ariana Grande. And...我前面有一个女人,她点一杯...一杯卡无奶泡多鲜奶油无糖双份浓缩咖啡无脂香草小天后大杯星冰乐。然后...Then after you place your order, you walk over to the barista station, which is a fancy name for ;coffee-pourer person,; and— This is a place where people stand as close to the counter as they possibly can, even though there are 12 people waiting for their order that were before them.接着你点完咖啡后,你走去咖啡调理师柜台,那是「倒咖啡的人」比较厉害的名字,然后-- 这是一个大家都尽可能要站得离柜台很近的地方,就算前面有十二个人在等他们的咖啡了。And then, after you get your coffee, you have a seat, which—you cant find a seat.然后,你拿到咖啡后,你有座位,那--你找不到半个位子。Its impossible, because I call them ;Starbucks Squatters.;不可能有位子,因为我叫他们「星巴克非法居民」。Thats what they—they order one coffee, and then they sit there...eight to 12 hours.那就是他们--他们点一杯咖啡,接着他们就坐在那...八到十二个小时。And they bring so much stuff with them. It looks like theyre moving in.他们带了一堆东西。看起来就像他们要搬进去住一样。They have a newspaper. They have a book, a charger, a laptop, extension cords, a cot... pictures of their family, a personal assistant, a garden hose—I dont know why.他们有一份报纸。他们有一本书、充电器、笔电、延长线、一张折迭床...家人的照片、个人助理、花园水管--不知道干嘛带。No one should spend that much time at a Starbucks, which brings me to the dress code.没有人应该花那么多时间在星巴克,那让我想到仪规定。And Ive mentioned this before, but spandex bike shorts are not acceptable.我之前提过这,不过弹性单车短裤是不可接受的。A. Youre sweaty. B. No one wants to see you dig in there for exact change. There is nothing worse than a warm dollar.A. 你臭汗淋漓。B. 没人想看你在单车短裤里挖零钱。没有什么比残有体温的钱更糟了。Uh-oh. Did you wanna see more s? Hold on.喔喔。想看更多影片吗?等等。201610/474634栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201608/460635金湖县人民医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

江苏省淮安前列腺炎多少钱Too often young Somali-Americans in Minnesota have made headlines for all the wrong reasons:年轻一代的索马里裔美国人经常会成为新闻头条,而每次几乎都是因为下面这些错误的原因:a small number have fallen prey to the lure of drugs, gangs and extremist ideology.少数人沦为毒品、黑帮和极端主义意识形态的牺牲品。But youth organizations in the state are trying to challenge all that.但如今美国各青年组织正在设法挑战这一切。A group of 12 youth basketball organizations representing mosques around the Twin Cities held a tournament12个青年篮球组织代表双城的清真寺举办了一场锦标赛,where young people were given the chance to build athletic skills and gain self-esteem.从而使年轻人有机会培养运动技能,赢得自尊心。One of the players from the al-Rawda team, representing one of the mosques and won the tournament,同样代表清真寺出战的al-Rawda队在本次比赛中获得了胜利,explained why it was so important.一名队员向我们解释了获胜的重要性。Today we have succeeded in winning the cup after beating the finalist Umatul-Islam club.“今天在击败决赛选手Umatul-Islam俱乐部之后,我们获得了奖杯。We had worked very hard for this and we are so excited about it.;为了这个奖杯我们付出了很多努力,所以现在非常兴奋。”Minnesota is home to the largest Somali community in the U.S.,明尼苏达州是美国最大的索马里社区所在地,with more than 20,000 (people) living in the state out of a total of 80,000 across the country.全国总共有8万索马里人,其中有2万都生活在明尼苏达。According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), about a dozen people have joined militant groups in Syria in recent years根据联邦调查局的报道,近年来,大约有十几人加入了叙利亚武装组织,and about 22 men have been lured to join al-Shabab in Somalia dating back to 2007.从2007年开始,大约已经有22名男子被引诱加入索马里青年党。Most recently, nine Somali-American men were accused of plotting to join ISIS,最近又有9名索马里裔美国男子被控密谋加入ISIS,a Minnesota federal court handed them jail sentences.明尼苏达联邦法院已经对这些人处以监禁的惩罚。Programs like the basketball tournament are geared toward providing extracurricular activities to fend off negative influences.之所以举办像篮球锦标赛这一类的活动,是为了提供多样的课外活动,从而抵御负面影响。A local organization behind the tournament, ;For the Youth, by the Youth,;持举办本次比赛的一个当地组织“青年享,青年治”表示,says the impact of the competition is felt far beyond the basketball courts.比赛的影响远远超出了篮球场。;The reason we start this proram is when we saw what the youth are going through“我们之所以开展这个项目,是因为目睹了年轻人的遭遇,and how they were involved with gang fights among themselves, when we saw how they are suspected or labeled as extremists,亲眼看到了他们是怎么参与到帮派之间的斗争中,还眼睁睁地看着他们被怀疑,被贴上恐怖主义分子的标签,we started to bring them together in order to prevent them from getting involved with drugs.于是我们开始把他们召集到一起,防止他们参与到吸毒事件当中去。We found a place where they can stay fit and stay busy and avoid negative influences.;最终我们找到了一个地方,这里不仅可以让他们保持健康,还能保持忙碌的状态,避免产生那些负面的影响。”One of the players, Abdullahi Bare, agrees that sport can be a unifying force for good.阿卜杜拉·拜尔也是球员之一,他表示,运动永远都是一股凝聚人心的力量。This kind of tournament brings us together as brothers.“这种比赛让我们相聚在一起,我们就像是兄弟一样,We come together and when we finish the games we eat together and communicate as well.;来时一起来,比赛结束之后会一起吃饭,也会相互交流。”The basketball tournament is an annual event in Minnesota that has been going on for three years.作为明尼苏达州一年一度的活动,篮球锦标赛如今已经走过了三个年头。For Abdi H. Mahamud, Salem Solomon, VOA news.VOA新闻,阿布迪·H·马阿穆德,塞勒姆·所罗门为您播报。201706/515740淮安妇幼保健医院检查妇科病多少钱 Fabulously wealthy and gilded by history, the Principality of Monaco lies on the French Riviera in Western Europe.纳哥公国,一个坐落于西欧法国蓝色海岸的奢华国家,历史的长河为这个国家镶上了一层金边。Smaller than New Yorks Central Park, this graceful destination is bordered by France and the sparkling Mediterranean sea.作为一个优美的旅游胜地,纳哥与法国和波光粼粼的地中海相接壤,其占地面积甚至比纽约的中央公园还要小。With ancient streets full of exotic cars, a natural harbour filled with super yachts and a glittering royal legacy,在纳哥古老的街道上奔驰着各式超跑,在其天然港口中停泊着各种超级游艇,夺目的皇家遗产也随处可见,Monaco is a tiny relic of medieval Europe that has made itself at home in the 21st century.纳哥是中世纪欧洲一颗微小夺目的遗珠,在21世纪的拥抱中无拘无束。It draws the rich, the famous and those seeking the kind of lifestyle usually only found on the silver screen.纳哥奢华无比的格调让无数豪门贵族以及那些追求银幕场景的人们流连忘返。There is no glamour quite like the old world style still to be found under the soaring chandeliers of Monacos magnificent Casino de Monte-Carlo.在高挂的枝形吊灯下,奢华的蒙特卡洛如同古老的世界风格一般,如此使人着迷。Although it is open for tours during the day, the real James Bond magic begins here as the sun goes down and the roulette wheels start to spin.虽然白天也对外开放,但只有在日落之后,当赌盘开始旋转之时,真正的詹姆斯·邦德魔法才开始上演。This architectural masterpiece, with its wickedly decadent Opera Hall was dreamed up by the wife of Prince Florestan the first in the late 19th century,蒙特卡洛,这个建筑杰作与其邪恶而唯美的歌剧厅都是19世纪末由弗洛雷斯坦一世的妻子设计,as the royal family teetered on the edge of bankruptcy.而也是在那时皇室家族濒临破产的边缘。With gambling illegal in Italy and France, the Casino became a triumph.由于业在意大利和法国都属于非法行业,因此蒙特卡洛堪称一个巨大的胜利。Known as a ;health spa; to protect it from church criticism, the cream of European society flocked to try their luck with lady fortune.纳哥,因其免受教堂批判而被称为“疗养地”,吸引着欧洲社会精英相继来此,希望能得到幸运女神的青睐。Times may have changed but not the nature of Monte Carlo.时光流逝,蒙特卡洛特质永恒。International visitors are still lured here by the balmy weather and a calendar packed with star-studded events.温和的天气和星光熠熠的盛宴,使得国际游客垂怜于此。Nearby streets in the Carré dOr remain a magnet for lovers of high-end fashion, luxury jewellery and bespoke perfumes.卡雷迪奥街道附近仍是高端时尚、奢华珠宝和定制香水爱好者的流连之地。Follow ancient footfalls further back in time down medieval alleyways into the old town.跟随着古老的脚步,时光流转,让我们再次回到这座古老城市的中世纪小巷之中。This is where, 700 years ago, Francois Grimaldi disguised himself as a monk, murdered the guard and captured the fortress.700年前正是在此,弗朗索瓦·格里马尔迪乔装成一名僧侣,侵入城中,杀死警卫,占领了这座堡垒。On that night, it became a Grimaldi stronghold and a dynasty was born.一夜之间,这里变成了格里马尔迪的大本营,一个王朝由此诞生。Intimately connected to the Grimaldis, the fortress protected the family from foreign powers for many generations这座堡垒对格里马尔迪家族而言意义非凡,多年来,它一直保护着弗朗索瓦家族不受外国势力侵袭,before being transformed into the luxurious Princely Palace in the 16th century.直到16世纪,这座堡垒被改造成了奢华的Princely宫殿。It remains the royal residence, with a ceremony still taking place every morning at the changing of the guard.这里仍然是皇家住所,每日清晨,门卫换岗仪式仍在此举行。The Oceanography Museum, is a more recent royal legacy. It was created in 1910 by Prince Albert the first, who was known as the ;Prince of the Seas.;海洋学物馆是一座较新的皇家遗产,是在阿尔伯特亲王一世的倡导下建于1910年,阿尔伯特亲王一世也被称为“海洋王子”。Built into the side of The Rock of Monaco and almost 90 metres above sea level,海洋学物馆建于纳哥岩石侧面,其海拔将近90米,this ground-breaking institute was set up to share knowledge and protect the earths fragile oceans. It features many of the discoveries of Jaques Cousteau.这座开创性建筑的建立旨在知识共享,保护地球脆弱的海洋。Jaques Cousteau众多的海洋研究成为了这里的特色之一。Head downhill to the harbor that for centuries provided a natural barrier that helped shore up Monacos uneasy alliances.几世纪以来,港口的下部区域都起到了天然屏障的作用,帮助巩固纳哥惴惴不安的联盟。Today, Hercules Port is the place to watch mega yachts jostle for space, especially during the citys most famous event, the Monaco Grand Prix.如今,赫库勒斯港是欣赏豪华游艇空间争夺战的好地方,特别是在纳哥最负盛名的赛事——纳哥大奖赛之际。Although it is one of the most famous race tracks in the world, it is also one of the worlds most accessible.这里不仅是世界著名赛车跑道之一,也是世界上最易接近的跑道之一。When the formula one drivers arent in town, anyone can experience the tight corners of the street circuit.当一级方程式赛车手不在小镇上时,任何人都可以在赛道上去体验一把。But no legacy is quite as glamorous as that of Grace Kelly,没有任何一个遗珠能像格蕾丝·凯丽那样光夺目,the Academy Award winning Hollywood actress who wrote her own story when she married Prince Rainier III and became Princess of Monaco.这位奥斯卡最佳女主角得主,她嫁给了兰尼埃三世亲王三世,成为了纳哥王妃,她用自己的传奇一生书写了属于自己的故事。Princess Graces influence lives on throughout the principality, in the streets which were lined with crowds on her wedding day in 1956格蕾丝王妃的影响活络于整个公国,不论是1956年格蕾丝王妃大婚时人群驻足的街道,and in the neoclassical Monaco Cathedral where the fairytale couple were married and where they now rest together, forever.还是这对神仙眷侣举行婚礼的纳哥大教堂,都洋溢着他们的气息。而如今,他们也永远永远的长存于这座新古典风格的教堂之中。For many visitors, Monacos magnetic attraction lies in its chic reputation,对于很多游客而言,纳哥的吸引力还在于它别致而时髦的声誉、its A-list residents, and its high-profile events but her magic goes far deeper than that.它的绅士名流以及备受瞩目的盛事,而她魔力绝不仅限于此。Small in size, but expansive in its vision this is the perfect place to don your dark sunglasses, slip on your driving gloves虽然纳哥面积娇小,但视野开阔。在这里你可以带上你的太阳镜,套上你的驾驶手套and step into the world of the powerful characters whose stories have kept Monaco at the forefront of the worlds imagination for centuries.走进这个魅力之都,名家豪客将他们的故事流传于此,留与世界无限遐想。201707/516645淮安妇保院治疗女性疾病多少钱

淮安治疗前列腺囊肿最好的医院 The landscape is riddled with high ridgelines and towering cliffs.遍布的高耸山脉和陡峭悬崖 形成了这里地理风貌To keep heading north,youll need to fight your way around them为了继续向北方前进 你必须越过这些岩石or take the shorter route and go straight over the top.或者走捷径 直接越过顶峰But this sandstone is soft.但这些砂石很松散Eroded by the elements,a path has been cut straight through the face.由于风雨的侵蚀作用 形成了一条垂直的通道This is no easy option.Lets have a look down here.当然 这个选择也颇具挑战 观察下地形Ahead of me lies a shear 80-foot drop.I reckon we can work our way down this.深度达80英尺 我估摸着这条路还是可行的Chimney down this bit, bridge across it.I need to stay in tight to this chimney.先下到这里 再跨到那边 我要靠紧了这根;烟囱;Use just opposing forces Back and legs down this.借用反作用力 背部和脚 顺利下去Thats an awkward little gully, actually.这道还真不好走Oh, look. A snake.Wheres he gone now?Dont want to mess around with him.看 是条蛇 它去哪了 还是少招惹它为妙There he is.Keelback snake.Theyre not,not deadly,but you certainly wouldnt want to get bitten by one.它在这 是草花蛇 这种蛇并不会致命 但被咬到也不是什么好事Snake like that out here is bad news.Last bit just down this vine.有蛇出没在外是个坏消息 还差一步了 顺藤而下The cave climb has worked for me.顺岩壁而下 这个选择是对的Its taken me right under the cliff and out the other side.让我直达岩壁之下 顺利前往另外一边201612/485861淮安市妇幼保健医院不孕不育科淮安流产到哪个医院比较好



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