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郑州市第二人民医院祛眼袋手术价钱费用郑州华山整形美容医院光子脱毛手术多少钱视频:中国驻英大使刘晓明舌战B -- :: 来源:   On 3 September , H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming wasinvited to a live interview with B Newsnight hosted by RobertPeston. Ambassador Liu elaborated on the significance of theCommemoration of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of theChinese People's War of Resistance Against JapaneseAggression and the World Anti-Fascist War, and answeredquestions about China's military expenditure and China'seconomy. The full text is as follows:  年9月3日,驻英国大使刘晓明在英国B强档品牌节目“新闻之夜”(Newsnight)演播室接受该节目主持人罗伯特·佩斯顿(Robert Peston)直播专访,谈中国人民抗日战争暨世界反法西斯战争胜利70周年纪念活动的重要意义,并回答有关中国军费和经济形势等提问专访实录如下:  Peston: Joining me now is the Chinese Ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming. Ambassador, I thinkof China as this fast modernizing country, enriching country. But we've seen this extraordinarymilitary display today, which takes some of us back to the era of Mao. Is this China again sendinga sort of message to the world that, you know, you are fierce and dangerous?  佩斯顿:我们今天邀请到中国驻英国大使刘晓明先生大使先生,当我想到中国时,我想到一个国土辽阔、正迈向现代化、逐渐富裕的国家但我们今天看到的令人震撼的阅兵场面,会使有些人觉得中国又回到了“毛泽东时代”中国是否再次向世界发出这样一个信息,即中国是一个危险且令人生畏的国家?  Ambassador Liu: I think the impression you had is not correct. In fact, the message is loud andclear, that is peace. Peace was hard won and peace should be cherished and maintained. AndChina will make its due contribution to maintaining world peace and regional stability. You know,in his ten minutes of speech, President Xi Jinping used the word "peace" 18 times. So, that'sthe message.  刘大使:我认为你得出的印象是错误的事实上,中国发出的信息响亮而明确,这就是和平和平来之不易,和平应当珍爱,和平应当维护中国将为维护世界和平和地区稳定做出自己的贡献习近平主席在多分钟的讲话中,18次提到和平这就是中国发出的信息  Peston: So these gunboats that sailed off the coast of Alaska when President Obama was theretoday, was that just a sort of accident?  佩斯顿:今天,美国总统奥巴马访问阿拉斯加时,几艘中国军舰正好出现在靠近阿拉斯加的公海上这是巧合吗?  Ambassador Liu: I think we are talking about this commemoration first, then I'll come back tothis naval fleet. When I say peace was hard won, not many people, especially in the West realizehow much sacrifice China has made the war against Japanese aggression. In fact the war, theSecond World War, started in China, started earliest, lasted longest, and China suffered the largestcasualties. We pay the price of 35 million casualties, and that is the most among all the sufferingsof the world in Second World War. It's about one third of the casualties of the world. And soChinese people see this 70th anniversary as a big occasion us to celebrate the victory, to honorthe fallen soldiers who, you know, sacrificed their motherland.  刘大使:我想,我们还是先谈谈今天的纪念大会,之后我再回到你的问题我说和平来之不易,在西方很少人了解中国人民为抗日战争做出了多大牺牲事实上,第二次世界大战发端于中国中国人民抗日战争开始时间最早、持续时间最长、伤亡人数最多中国军民伤亡3500万人,占世界各国伤亡总人数约三分之一,是二战中伤亡人数最多的国家中国人民把抗日战争和世界反法西斯战争胜利70周年视为一个庆祝胜利、缅怀先烈的重要时刻  Peston: But this peace require defend spending to go up this extraordinary way, % last year, % this year? Enormous money you're spending.  佩斯顿:但和平需要中国军费保持如此之快的速度增长吗?去年%,今年%这是一笔巨大的开  Ambassador Liu: You have to remember that China is a large country. China, you know, in termof territory, it's about 0 times of UK. In terms of population, it's about times. Yet in terms ofper capita military expenditure, China is only of the ed States, and 19 of Britain. Andalso in terms of proportion of expenditure with regard to GDP, the growth is decreasing. This year,in fact, is the lowest of the past 5 years. And you know China is, I said, is a large country todefend, the Chinese military has a lot of commitments.刘大使:请不要忘记,中国是一个大国中国的面积是英国的0倍,人口是英国的倍而中国的人均军费仅是美国的二十二分之一,是英国的九分之一而且中国军费占GDP的比例逐年下降,今年是过去5年来最低的正如你所知,中国有辽阔的国土需要保卫,此外,中国军队承担着多重任务Peston: I think it's the share of the GDP that's actually gone up a bit, given the rapid growth ofthe economy. But you talk about obviously your desire of stability. What do you think when youhear the leading Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Tramp talking about how he thinksthat Chinese want Americans to starve?佩斯顿:考虑到当前中国经济的增长速度,我认为中国军费占GDP的比例事实上略有上升你谈到中国要维护稳定,美国共和党总统参选人特朗普说中国人想要饿死美国人,你对此有何?Ambassador Liu: I don't think it represents the majority view in ed States. You know, youalways have some voice, but I don't think….刘大使:我不认为他此番言论代表美国主流民意Peston: But if he became president, how serious would that be?佩斯顿:但如果特朗普当选美国总统呢?你认为这种可能性有多大?Ambassador Liu: I think it's a very hypothetic question. I do not know how you would answerthat. But I certainly will not answer this hypothetic question. But I can assure you that we want tohave good relations with ed States. And you mention in your film bee this interview, thatChina wants to challenge the dominance of the ed States, and even want to challenge the USleadership. That is not our position, not our intention at all. I think in China, we have a lot ofchallenges to deal with in our domestic development, and we have no intention to challenge USdominance. And we believe that the US and China should be good partners in the Asia-Pacificregion.刘大使:这是一个假设性的问题,我不知道你会怎么回答假设性的问题,我是不会回答假设性问题的但我可以肯定地告诉你,中国愿意和美国建立良好关系在访谈开始前播出的节目中,你说中国想挑战美国的主导地位,甚至挑战美国的世界领导地位这不是中国的立场,我们无意这么做中国在实现自身发展方面已经面临足够多的挑战,我们无意去挑战美国的主导地位我认为中美在亚太地区应该成为好伙伴Peston: Now is this display of military strength a distraction from the slowdown in the Chineseeconomy which many economists think is quite serious?佩斯顿:中国举行阅兵式是为了展示军力,转移人们对中国经济下滑的注意力吗?很多经济学家认为中国经济面临严重问题Ambassador Liu: I think China's economic difficulties have been exaggerated by Westernobservers. I think we have some difficulty, challenges, that's sure. But they are the naturaloutcome…刘大使:我认为西方观察家们夸大了中国经济面临的困难中国经济确实面临一些困难,这在中国发展过程中是正常的Peston: Five trillion dollars lost of the Chinese stock market. Is that trivial?佩斯顿:中国股市市值蒸发了5万亿美元,这是小数目吗?Ambassador Liu: No. I think stock market has its own rule of game. You know goes up anddowns, like in the ed States, in stock market. We have to focus on the big picture of China. Ithink the basics and fundamentals of the Chinese economy still good and sound. We achieved 7%increase the first half of this year. That 7% increase is about the same size of the total GDP ofthis th largest economy of Switzerland.刘大使:我认为股市有其自身的运行规律股市有起有伏,美国股市也是如此我们要看中国经济的全貌中国经济的基本面是好的今年上半年中国GDP增长了7%,增量相当于世界第大经济体瑞士的GDP总量Peston: And very briefly, your president has said he wants modernized economy and see marketsliberalized. A really important part of free markets is that people should be free to say whateverthey like about those markets. Now journalists, hedge firm manager have been arrested allegedly scaremongering about the stock market. To us in the west, that is very shocking.佩斯顿:习近平主席表示希望使中国经济更加现代化,使市场更加自由化自由市场的一个重要组成部分就是,人民应该能自由地表达对市场的意见而在中国,一些记者和基金经理因为涉嫌制造股市恐慌被逮捕这对西方人来说是十分令人震惊的Ambassador Liu: I think Chinese people enjoy, you know, freedom of speech. The cases youhave mentioned are those who involve in violation of law. You know, China is a country ruled bylaw. And…刘大使:中国人民享有言论自由在你所说的案件中,那些人违反了法律中国是法治国家Peston: But I said much scarier thing about British markets than they said about Chinese market.Do you think the British Government should arrest me?佩斯顿:我说过关于英国市场很可怕的话,比那些人说中国市场的话要可怕得多你觉得英国政府应该逮捕我吗?Ambassador Liu: No. It's not only about the mad comment about the market. It's also about,you know, making…sending the rumors, causing disturbances in the market. And you know,Chinaand Britain are run by different rules of game. And maybe in some of the cases in Britain, it's not aviolation of criminal law. But in China, you know, it constitutes a wrong-doings. So they have tobe held able their wrong-doings.刘大使:那些人不仅仅是发表他们制造谣言,引起市场恐慌中英两国国情不同,法律制度也不尽相同一些行为在英国可能不违法,而在中国则不同,如果违法,就要受到惩处Peston: Ambassador, many thanks!佩斯顿:非常感谢,大使先生Ambassador Liu: Thank you having me.刘大使:谢谢Newsnight is a popular B current affairs programme which specialises in indepth analysis androbust cross-examination of senior politicians. Robert Peston has been the Economics Editor B since .“新闻之夜”是英国B电视二台知名时政类访谈节目,以深度分析和激烈辩论著称,在英政界和知识界影响较大,全球受众广泛,英国及世界政要和精英经常接受该节目专访主持人佩斯顿年任B经济主编至今郑州妇幼保健医院口腔科 发型也酷炫:创意理发师用头发作画 -- ::6 来源: When you go to Rob Ferrel a haircut, you know you’re in something really special. The professional hair artist can sculpt logos, designs, patterns and even celebrity faces on a head of hair. He runs his own salon called Rob the Original Barbershop, in San Antonio, where he works his magic every single day.  当你去找理发师罗伯·法瑞尔理发的时候,你一定是想要剪个很酷的发型这位职业理发师可以在头发上剪出任何造型,包括品牌标识、图案设计,甚至是明星肖像罗伯在美国圣安东尼奥市经营着一家名叫罗伯原创造型理发店的沙龙,在这里他每天都在创造着属于自己的奇迹  At first glance, some of Ferrel’s customers look like they’ve got stuff painted on the back of their heads. But take a closer look and you’ll realize that it’s all hair. Super-talented Ferrel discovered his special gift only eight years ago, when a kid walked into the barbershop he worked at and asked a small little swirl.  乍一看,法瑞尔一些顾客的后脑勺上的造型好像是用东西画上去的一样但是仔细看的话,你会发现它们都是在头发上剪出来的天赋超群的法瑞尔是在8年前才发现自己的这一天赋的,当时有个小孩子去他所工作的理发店要求在头上剪一个旋涡状的发型  “From there I started doing stars and more complex designs, team logos” he said. “And then I wanted to do something different and stand out, so I did portraits. Now if they bring me any image, I can replicate it in their hair”. Back in , Ferrel’s clients had to bring him images of the portraits they wanted, but now, with the help of modern technology, he can just look up the image on his phone and sculpt it freehand, using regular tools like trimmers and clippers.“  从那时起,我就开始尝试星星及其他更复杂的设计如团队标识等”罗伯说,“后来我想做点更加与众不同、引人注目的造型,所以我开始尝试人物肖像现在无论客户给我谁的照片,我都可以在他们的头上剪出来”年的时候,顾客还需要向法瑞尔提供他们想要的肖像造型的图片,可是现在,通过现代科技,法瑞尔可以直接在手机上查找图片,然后使用修剪器和剪刀等常规工具,徒手剪出造型  His tools are pretty basic – standard barber clippers, trimmers and razors, and colored eyeliner the finishing touches, all put together in a neat toolbox. The trimmer is the one he uses the most when he’s doing designs, and the clippers are creating shades.  罗伯使用的工具其实都非常简单,标准的理发专用剪、修剪器、剃刀和眼线笔等,这些都被装在一个干净的工具箱里修剪器是他在做造型时最常用的,而剪刀则常用于制造阴影  A single head of hair takes Ferrel 30 to 5 minutes to carve. “I create every shape and shade on the portrait – like a puzzle,” he says. “You can only do so much with hair, so the eyeliner perfects the picture and makes it look realistic.”  修剪这样一个发型需要大约30到5分钟“我不会忽略肖像上的任何一个形状和阴影,这就像解谜一样”法瑞尔说,“因为单靠头发剪出的样子比较固定,所以要用眼线笔来美化‘图案’让它们看起来更逼真”  Some of Ferrel’s most regular clientele include football and basketball fans who want their favorite players etched into their hair. With the Football World Cup fever still lingering in the air, Ferrel’s latest hair carvings have been of players Cristiano Ronaldo, Guillermo Ochoa, and Tim Howard with an American flag in the background.  法瑞尔理发店的常客有一些是足球迷和篮球迷,他们都想要用自己喜爱的球星肖像做发型由于世界杯刚结束不久,所以法瑞尔剪出的最新的肖像发型有C罗、奥乔亚,还有背景为美国国旗的蒂姆·霍华德  And when his local basketball team San Antonio Spurs played Miami Heat in the NBA finals in July, several fans of both teams came in requesting styles with basketball themes.  另外,7月份NBA的决赛上,当地篮球队圣安东尼奥马刺队对阵迈阿密热火队的时候,两队的一些球迷都曾找到法瑞尔要求做一些篮球主题的发型致敬宫崎骏:经典漫画水版 -- 18:9:7 来源:chinadaily 法国艺术家、画家、雕刻家Louise Terrier选取了宫崎骏漫画中的著名人物,并在其中加入了自己的创意日本漫画的粉丝们会立刻从Louise Terrier的作品中认出这些人物 The French artist, painter and sculptor Louise Terrier takes well-known characters from Studio Ghibli and adds her own creative flair to some of anime’s most beloved heroes. Fans of Japanese animation will instantly recognize the inspiration found in these beautiful paintings by Louise Terrier. 《龙猫My Neighbor Totoro 《哈尔的移动城堡Howl's Moving Castle 《千与千寻Spirited Away 《魔女宅急便Kiki's Delivery Service 《幽灵公主Princess Mononoke 《起风了The Wind Rises 《天空之城Laputa: Castle In The Sky English Source: Boredpanda郑州妇幼保健院做祛疤手术价钱费用

郑州电波拉皮除皱东京“奥运会会徽”出炉遭吐槽 -- 1:: 来源:中国日报 历经剽窃风波和数月甄选,年东京奥运会和残奥会组委会5日宣布,以日本传统颜色靛蓝色矩形组合构成的;组市松纹;被选定为新会徽专门负责挑选会徽的委员会说,这一设计简单的会徽彰显出和谐性和包容性月5日,在日本首都东京,年东京奥运会及残奥会会徽设计者野老朝雄与会徽合影(新华社)【;会徽;英文咋说】The new official emblem of the Tokyo Olympics was unveiled by organizers Monday, replacing an earlier design that was dropped after a complaint alleging plagiarism.年东京奥运会组委会5日公布了新的官方会徽,此前的设计因为被指剽窃而被弃用这里的emblem of the Tokyo Olympics就是指的年东京奥运会会徽,奥运会会徽还可以用Olympic logo来表示,来看下面的报道:Tokyo organizers unveiled a new Olympic logo featuring traditional Japanese designs on Monday, seven months after they were ced to scrap the original motif over accusations of plagiarism.年东京奥运会组委会5日公布了新的奥运会会徽,具有传统的日本风格特色7个月前,因原有的设计被指剽窃,奥组委决定弃用【新会徽style】The new logo, chosen from more than ,000 candidates, adopts a traditional indigo-blue checkered pattern called ;ichimatsu moyo ; that dates back to the Edo period (-1868).新会徽从公开征集的超过1.万幅作品中选出,采用了日本传统颜色靛蓝色矩形组合构成的;组市松纹;;组市松纹; 在日本江户时期(-1868)已经广为人知;Composed of three varieties of rectangular shapes, the design represents different countries, cultures and ways of thinking. It incorporates the message of y in diversity.;;它由3种不同类别的矩形组成,这一设计代表了不同的国家、文化和思维方式,传递出lsquo;多元统一rsquo;的信息;;东京奥运会组织方【背景小知识】在日本,长方形在日本江户时期已经广为人知,并且被称为;组市松纹市松模样(ichimatsu moyo);同时图案使用的靛蓝色也是一种日本的典型传统色,象征着优雅和成熟【会徽名称设计者】The new indigo blue logo , called ;Harmonized checkered emblem ,; was created by artist and architecture graduate Asao Tokolo, 7.新的靛蓝色;和谐方格花纹;会徽由7岁的日本著名艺术家、设计师野老朝雄设计【设计者组织方心声】;I don't know what to say, my mind's gone blank,;;(刚发现自己的设计胜出时)我不知道该说啥,我的大脑一片空白;;野老朝雄;It took me a long time to create this logo -- it's like my own child,; ;Asao Tokoro.;我为这款设计投入了大量时间和精力,把它当成自己的孩子(一样倾注心血);;野老朝雄;From today, these emblems will serve as the face of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. I very much hope that the emblems will prove popular with people everywhere,; said Ryohei Miyata, chairman of the Tokyo Emblems Selection Committee.;从现在起,这就是东京奥运会和残奥运的lsquo;门面rsquo;我希望大家都喜欢这一会徽;;东京奥运会会徽委员会委员长宫田亮平【网友吐槽】不过,不少日本网民并不买账会徽刚刚公布不久就有人吐槽这款设计;太过平庸;;What a dull emblem,; tweeted one user, with another dismissing it as a ;bistro tablecloth.;;多么无趣的会徽;,一位网友在推特上写道,还有人说会徽就像;小酒馆的桌布;但也有网友表达了持:;This has a Japanese look so I guess it's a good choice,; another tweet.;新会徽很有日本特色,是个不错的选择;;推特网友平顶山市去色素痣多少钱 欧洲杯:法国5-终结黑马冰岛 -- :38:57 来源: 冰岛童话被终结了!法国队以5-大比分送冰岛人回家,成功晋级半决赛法国队将于本周四在马赛对阵德国队 There was almost a stunned disbelief around the Stade de France at the break as the host nation walked off with a -0 advantage, two of them coming in the closing minutes of the half.当上半场结束,东道主法国队以-0的成绩领先的时候,法兰西体育场的观众们简直难以相信法国队在上半场比赛快要结束的时候连续打进了球Olivier Giroud’s low strike and Paul Pogba’s powerful header from a corner had settled early French nerves and put their side in control.法国方面,奥利维尔一脚低射打进一球,保罗·格巴在角落里一记头球又得一分,两粒进球早早地便缓解了法国队紧张的情绪,使其控制了整场比赛的节奏Dimitri Payet scored his third goal of an increasingly memorable tournament the West Ham playmaker with a precise low strike from yards that skidded across the greasy surface bee Antoine Griezmann deftly lifted the ball over Iceland goalkeeper Hannes Halldorsson.帕耶特打进了本届欧洲杯个人第三次进球,他从码外一记精妙的低射,皮球飞过球场,射入球门随后法国球员格里兹曼精巧地带球晃过了冰岛守门员荷度臣,又为法国拿下一分After the restart Kolbeinn Sigthorsson stabbed home at the near post from Gylfi Sigurdsson’s cross as Iceland refused to give in bee France restored their four-goal advantage when Giroud headed in a free-kick.下半场比赛开始后,冰岛丝毫不放弃,西格索尔松接受西古德森的传中,为冰岛夺回一分但是后来法国方面吉鲁头球重新为法国队取回分领先优势Still, there was more to cheer the excellent Iceland fans when Birkir Bjarnason headed a second his side in the final stages of what has been a remarkable tournament debut their team.后来冰岛方面比亚尔纳松头球又为冰岛取得一分,冰岛球迷们又是一阵欢呼对于初次亮相欧洲杯的冰岛来说,在决赛中这样的成绩已经足以自傲了Didier Deschamps’ side had only conceded twice in the tournament bee meeting Iceland - both penalties - but they had not scored in the opening half of a match and only really shown in flashes that they can reproduce on the pitch the ability they appear to have on paper.在遇上冰岛之前,法国队在本届欧洲杯中只丢了两球--两次都是点球--但是在此前的比赛中,法国队都没有在上半场比赛中进过球,而且仅有几次表现和他们的名声相符That changed at a wet but atmospheric Stade de France on Sunday.但是上周日,这一情况在法兰西体育场发生了改变Griezmann had not scored in 68 minutes of football France at this ground but he ended that with his composed, delicate finish.在本届欧洲杯赛事上,格里兹曼在68分钟的时间里都没有为法国队进过球,但是在这次对阵冰岛的比赛中,他沉作冷静地结束了自己没有进球的局面In some ways the goal was everything that was best about France; a patient -pass move that ended with a moment of invention to open up the opposition. A raking ball ward was superbly dummied by Giroud, completely bamboozling the Iceland defence and giving Griezmann a clear run at goal.在某种程度上,对法国队来说进球是最好的东西;次带球过人最终撕开了冰岛的防守吉鲁精湛地传出了一个斜球,完美地骗过了冰岛后卫,扫空了格里兹曼接球路上的所有障碍The goal took Griezmann to four in the tournament and he is now the highest scorer at Euro , with Payet and Giroud among several players one behind.这粒进球是格里兹曼在本届欧洲杯上个人第四个进球,也使得他成为了欧洲杯上得分最高的射手,一球领先于帕耶特、格鲁和其他多名球员But even though France were very comtable winners, it was far from a flawless permance.但是尽管法国队这场比赛赢得轻松惬意,但是他们的表现还很难说是完美无缺Iceland created several decent chances - Jon Dadi Bodvarsson shot over from a good position in the first half and Hugo Lloris made a brilliant save to stop a Sverrir Ingason header after the restart - in addition to their two goals.冰岛方面创造了几次不错的机会--上半场德沃拉森在一个绝佳的位置打出一记射门,洛里斯机智的扑救阻挡住了伊贾森在下半场的头球攻门--此外冰岛队还打入了两记进球After defeating the Republic of Ireland and Iceland in the knockout stages, France will face a very different challenge against a German side with a lot more attacking capability.法国队在淘汰赛中战胜了爱尔兰和冰岛,顺利晋级强而在接下来的比赛中,他们将对阵素来以凌厉攻击著称的德国队,这将是一场决然不同的挑战郑州/上街区曼托丰胸的价格

南阳市中心医院光子脱毛多少钱学霸大水中蹲椅子上复习 网友对其十分佩 -- :3:19 来源: 渍水快淹没了椅子,武汉理工大学一名大二学生却淡定地蹲在椅子上复习备考今日,这位学霸令不少网友感叹“佩、佩” If you thought you were hardworking, you might want to think again.如果你认为自己够勤奋,你可太高估自己了A picture of a Chinese university student in the city of Wuhan apparently studying hard at his desk surrounded by murky flood water has surfaced on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo.宿舍书桌被污浊的洪水包围,可武汉的这位大学生还在刻苦的学习,这张照片在中国的新浪微上走红The city of Wuhan has been placed on red alert heavy rainfall, after torrential downpours left parts of the city submerged and some state media estimates suggest flooding has killed more than 180 across China.倾盆大雨将武汉市的许多区域淹没,据官方媒体估计,约有180多人在本次洪水中遇难武汉市启动了暴雨红色预警This young man is reported to be a student at Wuhan University and was said to be studying exams when water started coming into his room. He then simply moved to squat on top of his chair as it continued to rise.据悉,这是武汉某所大学的学生,当洪水漫到宿舍时他正在复习准备考试宿舍的渍水越来越深,眼看椅子都要被淹了,这位同学干脆蹲在椅子上面,继续复习Reports say he later left the room in search of higher ground when water levels reached the height of his desk, returning only when the water had receded.报道说,直到水快将书桌淹了,他才撤到了宿舍楼更高的地方,直到洪水退下才能回来Local media pounced on the image lauding the young man’s apparent dedication to his studies, a paragon of studious virtue.本地媒体的报道中,对这位大学生刻苦学习的精神充满了溢美之词,称其是好学之典范"His roommate commented that the exam he is taking is very difficult," reported the Chutian Metropolis Daily. "But he has had a history of good results."《楚天都市报报道称,“据其室友介绍,这门专业课程难度非常大,不过他平时的成绩也很好”Many reported that he was looking to head overseas after graduation, and so had much invested in these exams.据说这位同学毕业以后想出国,非常看重这次的考试But netizens on Weibo were not all so kind. Some took jabs at the picture and suggested it might have been staged.不过很多新浪微的网友们可没有这么友好一些人攻击这些照片,并表示可能是在炒作"Alright, you can turn around now that the picture’s taken," said one netizen.“好了,照片拍好了,你现在可以转过身来了”一网友说"Who took the photo? He’s just as skilled," asks another.“照片是谁拍的?很拼嘛”另一人说"Is he actually watching Harry Potter?" another Weibo user posted.“搞不好他是在看哈利.波特呢”另一网友说Another user simply pointed out that the student could surely have just "brought the books and gone upstairs".另一网友直接指出,这位同学完全可以”带上书上楼去学习”Perhaps the final word should be saved this poster: "Oh man, I should really go study too."或许这张照片的结语应当是:“好吧,我真的也应当去学习了” 性生活前用阿司匹林有助生男孩? -- :1: 来源:chinadaily Women who take an aspirin bee sex may increase the likelihood of conceiving a baby boy, suggest researchers. 美国的研究人员发现,女性若在性生活前用阿司匹林,怀上男孩的可能性会增加In a recent study, women with a history of miscarriages were more likely to give birth to a male child after taking aspirin around the time of conception compared with women given a placebo. 最新研究发现,有过流产经历的女性在受期间用阿司匹林后,相比于用安慰剂作为对照的女性,她们怀上男孩的概率大大增加In fact, aspirin increased the likelihood of having a boy by nearly a third, reports the Journal of Clinical Investigation. 据《临床研究杂志报道,实际上用阿司匹林后受生男孩的概率会增加近三分之一Previous research showed that recurrent miscarriage is linked to increased inflammation in the womb. 早前有研究显示,习惯性流产与子宫炎症有关The theory is that the immune system sees the developing embryo as a eign body, attacking it with inflammatory compounds and immune cells. 理论表明,免疫系统会将发育中的胚胎视为异己物质,并联合炎性化合物和免疫细胞对其进行攻击This inflammation may further reduce the likelihood of the woman having a boy because male foetuses are thought to be more vulnerable. 这类炎症可能会导致男性胎儿的减少,因为男性胎儿更容易遭受损害In Britain, there are slightly more female births than males. 在英国,女孩的出生率要略微高于男孩External harmful factors, such as stress, pollution or smoking around conception have been associated with a reduction in the number of males, and suggest male embryos are more vulnerable some reason. 来自外界的有害因素,例如受期间的生活压力、环境污染及烟尘吸入,都会降低男孩的出生率这也明了男性胚胎更容易受到伤害Aspirin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory used to treat pain, fever and inflammation. Several small trials have shown that it increases the pregnancy rate among women undergoing IVF. 阿司匹林是一种非甾体抗炎药,具有镇痛、解热和消炎的作用早前的一些小实验表明,非甾体抗炎药可以增加女性体外受精的怀机率In the latest study, researchers at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in the US gave 1, women who had a history of miscarriages a low-dose aspirin to take bee sex or a placebo pill (folic acid) as long as they were attempting to get pregnant. 最近,来自美国尤尼斯肯尼迪施莱佛国立儿童健康与人类发展协会的研究者们对名有过流产经历的女性进行了实验,在她们想要怀期间,性生活前分别用少量的阿司匹林和安慰剂(叶酸)Thirty-one percent on aspirin had a boy, compared to 3 percent on the placebo. And those on aspirin who had boys had reduced inflammation, suggesting the drug had an effect. 用阿司匹林的实验组里有31%的女性生下男孩,对照组仅有3%同时,用阿司匹林的实验组中生男孩的女性患炎症的比例下降,说明药物还是起到了一定的作用Aspirin bee conception seems to ensure the chance of a male embryo being rejected is reduced, says Professor Simon Fishel, president of CARE Fertility clinics. 卡利生育诊所的总裁西蒙?费舍尔教授认为,受前用阿司匹林确实能够降低男性胚胎与母体发生排斥反应的概率‘It is a very interesting conclusion and more studies are needed to confirm if it is a potential solution to the apparent excess of female babies women with evidence of inflammation.“这一结论十分有趣,不过它对于患有炎症的女性来说是否真的能够解决男孩出生率低的问题,还需要大量实验的进一步实‘Importantly, it relates only to women who have had miscarriages and evidence of inflammation. It does not have any bearing on sex ratios in normal conceptions where aspirin will not increase the chances of having a boy.’ “还有一点也很关键,那就是这一结论只与流产过和有炎症症状的女性相关,对于正常受的女性来说,用阿司匹林对男孩的出生率将不会产生任何影响”英文来源:每日邮报翻译:刘佳丽(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning河南附属医院整形中心郑州第三人民医院脱毛手术多少钱



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