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河南中医药大学第一附属医院激光点痣多少钱郑州华山整形美容医院厚唇整形手术怎么样英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 我的同桌,我最好的朋友英语作文范文 -- 18:50: 来源: My best friend is my deskmate and neighbour.He is the only person who accompanies me from primary school untill now.He's a little shorter than me.His small eyes are always the object i make fun of.Usually on class ,the new teacher will think that he's sleeping,but in fact ,that's because his eyes are too small.And after class ,I often close my eyes to hit off him.Certainly,I'm just joking with him.I'm very good at sports,but on the contrary,my deskmate hates sports.He's too fat to do sports.When he runs,his big belly will shakes up and down.But he's very good at studying.It's just a piece of cake him to take the first place in school exams.My deskmate isan example i should follow,though he also has many shortcomings.I like to be friends with him.我的同桌我最好的朋友是我的同桌兼邻居他是唯一一个陪我从小学读到现在的人他比我矮一点他的小眼睛通常是我取乐的对象通常上课的时候,新老师就会以为他在睡觉,但事实上,那是因为他的眼睛太小了下课后,我就会闭上眼睛模仿他当然,我只是和他开玩笑的运动我很在行,但是相反,我的同桌很讨厌运动他太胖了,运动不了当他跑步的时候,他的大肚子就会一上一下地跳动但是他学习很好在学校考试中轻轻松松就拿到第一名对他来说是轻而易举的事我的同桌是我学习的榜样,虽然他有很多缺点我喜欢和他做朋友新密市哪家医院开眼角技术好 英语专业四级 年专四词汇语法专项训练 -- :55: 来源: 年专四词汇语法专项训练1. My niece has been to Sumatra and Iran as well as all of Europe. By the time shes twenty, she____almost everywhere.  A. will be  B. would have been  C. will have been  D. would be  . When workers push together to organize themselves in trade union s, employers find it hard to lay them ____.  A. off  B. aside  C. out  D. down  3. I’d rather you____ anything about it the time being.  A. do  B. didn’t do  C. don’t  D. didn’t  . We must ____that the procedure is followed as rigidly as possible.  A. secure B. ensure C. assure D. issue  5. I spoke to him kindly____ him.  A. not to frighten  B. so as not to frighten  C. in order to not frighten  D. not frightening  6. It is a common theme in many science fiction stories that the world may one day be ____by out space invaders.  A. broken in  B. taken over  C. run over  D. filled in  7. Returning to my apartment____.  A. my watch was missing  B. I found my watch disappeared  C. I found my watch missing  D.the watch was missed  8. Just remember one thing that____decisions often lead to bitter regrets.  A. hasty  B. prompt  C. urgent  D. instant  9. "Where’s my cap?"  "It’s on the ____."  A. kitchen counter  B. kitchen’s counter  C. counter of the kitchen  D. counter the kitchen  . When he was driving home, he was stopped by the policeman and was ____ of speeding.  A. charged  B. blamed  C. accused  D. warned参考   1. C   我的侄女到过苏门答腊、伊朗以及整个欧洲,到她二十岁的时候她几乎去过任何地方   此题考查时态的运用   将来完成时必须与一个表示未来确切时间的某一点进行比较也可以表示一个动作在另一个未来的动作发生之前业已完成by the time常常用来引起将来完成时C为正确选项  . A   当工人们以工会的形式自发组织起来,雇主要解雇他们变得困难   此题考查同根词组的含义   lay sb. off意为“暂时解雇某人”,符合题意而lay aside作“储蓄,把某物放在一边”讲;lay out意为“展示,安排,布置”;lay down作“制定、规定”讲A为正确选项  3. D   我宁愿你暂时对此事不采取任何行动   此题考查虚拟语气   would rather与had rather后面接省去that的从句,从句内用过去式(表示虚拟)D为正确选项  . B   我们必须确保严格照程序进行   此题考查动词词义   ensure意为“保”,符合题意assure虽然具有同样的意思,但该词要求跟名词或代词而不能跟从句作宾语,secure意为“使安全,保险”,issue则作“发行、发布”讲B为正确选项  5. B   我很客气地对他说话,这样不至于吓着他   此题考查不定式的用法   不定式常用so as to引起表示结果,这种结构也可用来表示目的,否定形式直接在不定式前加notB为正确选项  6. B   在许多科幻小说中都有相同的一个主题,那就是有一天地球会被外星入侵者统治   此题考查动词词组的含义   take over意为“接收,接管,接任”符合本题题意break in意为“打断”;run over作“溢出;超出限度”讲;fill in意为“填充,填满”B为正确选项  7. C   回到公寓后,我发现我的手表不见了   此题考查分词作状语的情况   当-ing分词与-ed分词作状语时,要特别注意分词的逻辑主语应该是句子的主语使用-ing分词或-ed分词就要看分词与逻辑主语之间的主动或被动关系由此C为正确选项  8. A   记住一件事,那就是仓促的决定往往让人后悔莫及   此题考查形容词词义   hasty意为“草率的,仓促的”,符合本题题意urgent作“紧急的,迫切的”讲;instant意为“立刻的”;prompt则作“迅速的”讲A为正确选项  9. A   “我的帽子在哪儿?”“在厨柜上”   此题考查名词作定语的用法   此处名词kitchen作定语修饰counter,该形式已逐渐演变成固定的形式A为正确选项  . C   在开车回家的途中,他被警察拦住并指控他超速行驶   此题考查动词词义及搭配   accuse sb. of意为“指控某人犯有……罪”,符合本题题意而charge要与with搭配,作“指控某人犯有……罪”讲;blame经常与搭配,意为“因……埋怨,责怪”;warn sb. of则意为“警告、告诫某人”C为正确选项-- 18::58 来源:kekenet郑州三院光子嫩肤手术多少钱

郑州市第二人民医院纹眉毛多少钱原文:He really knows a thing or two about such matters .郑州大学第五附属医院纹眉多少钱   6. From a physical standpoint, there ought to be as many colours as there are different wave lengths.许昌/市人民医院开双眼皮多少钱

河南省郑州华山医院去眼袋多少钱中的常见人名词汇 -- 18::51 来源:qnr William Shakespeare  威廉莎士比亚George Washington  乔治华盛顿Thomas Jefferson  杰佛逊Franklin Roosevelt  富兰克林罗斯福(新政)Bill Gates  比尔盖茨Christopher Columbus  哥伦布Winston Churchill  丘吉尔Neil Armstrong  阿姆斯特朗(阿波罗)Dwight D. Eisenhower  艾森豪威尔Margaret Mitchell  玛格丽特 米歇尔Marilyn Monroe  玛丽莲梦露O. Henry  欧亨利(短篇小说王)John F. Kennedy  约翰肯尼迪Theodore Roosevelt  西奥多罗斯福Mark Twain  马克吐温Thomas Edison  爱迪生(用的最多的例子)Ernest Hemingway  海明威Henry d  亨利福特Walt Disney  迪斯尼Statue of Liberty  自由女神The Boston Tea Party  波士顿倾茶事件The Yangtze River  长江The Mississippi River  密西西比河Mount Rushmore  罗什尔山峰 The Rocky Mountains  落基山脉McDonald’s  麦当劳Maslow's hierarchy of needs  马斯洛需求理论long tail  长尾理论Matthew Effects  马太效应(资源分配不均越多的获得越多越少的越不会获得) 词汇 人名 词汇 常见   如:However, the world is so made that elegant systems are in principle unable to deal with some of the world `s more fascinating and delightful aspects.河南整形医院有哪些郑州大学第二附属医院吸脂手术多少钱



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