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Whenever I get to travel for work,无论何时外出工作,I try to find out where my drinking water comes from, and where my poop and pee go.我都会尝试弄清我饮用水的来源,还有我排泄物的去处。This has earned me the nickname ;The Poo Princess; in my family,这让我赢得了“大便女皇”的家庭绰号,and its ruined many family vacations, because this is not normal.同时还毁了很多家庭旅行,因为这并不正常。But thinking about where it all goes is the first step in activating what are actually superpowers in our poop and pee.但是思考排泄物们都去哪儿了其实是激发它们超级潜能的第一步。Yeah. And if we use them well, we can live healthier and more beautifully.是的。而且如果我们好好利用它们,我们可以拥有更加健康而美好的生活。Check out this landscape in Santa Fe, New Mexico.这是新墨西哥州圣菲市的自然景观。Just notice what kinds of words and feelings come to mind.想想涌入你思绪的是怎样的词汇。This landscape was watered with treated sewage water. Does that change anything for you?这样的景观却是用处理过的污水灌溉的。这会影响你的判断吗?I imagine it might. And thats OK.我像可能会吧,不过没关系。How we feel about this is going to determine exactly how innovative we can be.我们对这件事的看法会决定我们究竟能富有多少革新精神。And I want to explain how it works, but what words do I use?我想解释一下原理,先想一下我用了什么词?I mean, I can use profane words like ;shit; and ;piss,; and then my grandma wont watch the .我想我本可以用很污的词来表达,比如“屎”和“尿”,然后我奶奶就会拒绝看这段视频。Or I can use childish words like ;poo; and ;pee.; Eh.或者我也可以用幼稚的词汇,像“粑粑”和“尿尿”。额。Or I can use scientific words like ;excrement; and ;feces.; Humph.我也可以用更科学的单词,类似于“尿液”和“粪便”Ill use a mix. Its all I got.然后我用了混合体。这是我能想到的全部了。201612/485118哈尔滨做一次打胎得多少价格China——A Consumer Market Full of Potential中国——一个潜力巨大的消费者市场I have nothing but admiration for the progress China has made since I first visited in 1972.自1972年我第一次来到中国之后,就目睹了中国的巨大发展,对此我钦佩不已。The Chinese leadership has shown great skill in achieving stunning economic growth 在过去的25年里,中国取得了令人震惊的经济发展,over the past 25 years while at the same time managing the change and transition that this level of growth inevitably brings.同时也妥善处理了高速增长往往会引发的过渡问题。The development of consumer markets is an important party of this process because two-thirds of most economies are driven by consumer spending.消费者市场的发展是这一进程中的一个重要部分,因为在众多经济体中,有三分之二的经济体是由消费者的消费椎动的。China has huge potential consumer markets which will underpin economic growth both today and, even more so, tomorrow.中国具有潜力巨大的消费者市场,这一市场,现在会,将来更会,椎动经济的发展。Globally, HS sees the consumer markets of tomorrow as China, India, Brazil, Mexico; 汇丰认为,未来全球的消费者市场包括中国、印度、巴西和墨西哥;all countries that have the potential to move very rapidly up the GDP-percapita scale.也就是所有那些有潜力实现GDP快速增长的国家。We would put China at the top of the list.在这些国家中,中国位居首位。Everywhere I go, I see tangible signs of Chinas progress: in the hotels, in the airports, the transport systems.在中国,元论我走到哪里,都会看到中国发展的生动例:在酒店、在机场、在交通运输方面。And there is much more to come.我坚信未来还会有更多。201611/476320哈市市立医院妇产科医院【中文这样说】我们已经等了半小时了,她还没有来.【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style We have been waiting for half an hour. She has still not come.American Style We have been waiting for half an hour. She has not come yet.Still常用于肯定句; yet用于疑问句和否定句中,及用于表示怀疑的动词之后, 通常位于句末;在英式英语中通常用于现在完成时或过去完成时. /200604/6469Another is what I call noticing.另外个技巧我称它为;关注;。This is usually giving a compliment.一般在这种情况下要赞美别人。Im a big fan of noticing peoples shoes.我十分注意别人的鞋子,Im actually not wearing fabulous shoes right now, but shoes are fabulous in general.虽然我现在并没有穿特别抢眼的鞋子,但是总的来说,鞋子都是很棒的。And theyre pretty neutral as far as giving compliments goes.而且一般在赞美的时候都是比较中立的着眼点。People always want to tell you things about their awesome shoes.人们总是愿意就他们的靓鞋多聊几句。You may have aly experienced the dogs and babies principle.你可能已经体会过了爱犬原则或者是婴儿原则。It can be awkward to talk to someone on the street; you dont know how theyre going to respond.和街道上的陌生人聊天可能会很尴尬——你不知道他们会怎么回应你。But you can always talk to their dog or their baby.但你总是可以对他们的宠物或者是小孩讲话。The dog or the baby is a social conduit to the person,宠物或者是小孩就是那个人的社交引线。and you can tell by how they respond whether theyre open to talking more.通过他们的反应,你可以判断出他们是不是愿意多聊几句。The last one I want to challenge you to is disclosure.我最后想要挑战各位的一点是关于能否开诚布公。This is a very vulnerable thing to do, and it can be very rewarding.这是非常示弱的行为,但同时也会带给你极大的回馈。So next time youre talking to a stranger and you feel comfortable,所以下一次,当你自在地与陌生人聊天的时候,tell them something true about yourself, something really personal.告诉他们一些真实的事情,说一些很私人的话题。You might have that experience I talked about of feeling understood.你可能会感受到我提到的那种被理解的感觉。Sometimes in conversation, it comes up, people ask me, ;What does your dad do?; or, ;Where does he live?;有时在交谈的时候,有人问我:“你爸爸是做什么的?”或者“他住在哪里?”And sometimes I tell them the whole truth, which is that he died when I was a kid.有时候我会对他们完完全全讲真话,也就是我爸爸在我小的时候就去世了。Always in those moments, they share their own experiences of loss.每当那种时刻,他们也会向我分享他们过世的亲人的故事。We tend to meet disclosure with disclosure, even with strangers.一般来说,人们愿意彼此敞开心扉,对陌生人也不例外。201705/511797香坊区中医医院剖腹产需多少钱

哈尔滨市第九医院打胎多少钱哈尔滨普通人流Now, at the same time, English is the undisputed global language.而同时,现在英语又无可争辩地成为全球性语言。Could there be a connection? Well I dont know.这两者间有联系吗?我不知道。But I do know that Ive seen a lot of changes.但是我知道我已目睹了很多变化。When I first came out to the Gulf, I came to Kuwait in the days when it was still a hardship post.当我初到海湾时,我到了科威特,那个时候那儿还算是一个艰苦地区。Actually, not that long ago. That is a little bit too early.其实也就是没多久以前。这幅图还更早一点。But nevertheless, I was recruited by the British Council, along with about 25 other teachers.不去管它,我被英国文化协会招聘到这里,同时招来的还有其他25个老师。And we were the first non-Muslims to teach in the state schools there in Kuwait.我们是最早在科威特公立学校教书的非穆斯林。We were brought to teach English because the government wanted to modernize the country我们被请来教英语,因为政府想要发展国家现代化and to empower the citizens through education.让公民通过学习提高自己。And of course, the U.K. benefited from some of that lovely oil wealth. Okay.当然,英国也因此收益于那些让人喜爱的石油财富。好。Now this is the major change that Ive seen --这是我看见过的主要变化--how teaching English has morphed from being a mutually beneficial practice英语教学是怎样演变的,使它从一个互惠的交流方式to becoming a massive international business that it is today.变成如今的一个规模巨大的国际交流。No longer just a foreign language on the school curriculum,它不再只是学校课程的一门外语课。and no longer the sole domain of mother England.也不再是英国特有。It has become a bandwagon for every English-speaking nation on earth.对地球上每个说英语的国家而言,说英语已成为潮流。And why not? After all, the best education为什么不呢?毕竟,最好的教育--according to the latest World University Rankings -- is to be found in the universities of the U.K. and the U.S.根据最新的世界大学排名--最好的大学总是在英国或者美国。So everybody wants to have an English education, naturally.自然每个人都想得到英语教育。201702/494119哈尔滨妇科刮宫术哪个医院好中级英语口语闪电速成[4] /200701/10430哈尔滨市做无痛流产价格

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