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As the stones of Canterbury came into sight,he got off his horse, took off his boots当坎特伯雷大教堂进入视线 他下了马 脱掉靴子and walked barefoot the rest of the way through anthem-singing crowds of devotees.光脚穿过唱着圣歌的狂热信徒When he arrived home, Becket did what he said he would do他一到家 贝克特就立刻言出必行to all those who had opposed him during his six years of exile.对那些在他六年流亡期间的反对者们Shouting the ded curse, May they be damned by Jesus Christ,he excommunicated them.他高声恶咒他们 ;愿他们遭到主的唾弃; 他把他们逐出了教会But the bishops were not in hell.但主教们并没有下地狱They were at Henrys court near Bayeux,pouring venomous reports in the kings ear而是在巴约附近的亨利宫廷 向国王散布一些恶毒的谗言about Beckets impossible, virtually treasonous arrogance.声称贝克特无可救药 叛逆嚣张Henry, who typically seemed to have forgotten about the promises at Fréteval,亨利果然忘了他在弗烈特瓦尔的承诺raised his head from his pillow and let out a roar of plantagenet anathema.他从床榻上抬起头 爆发了亨利二世的怒吼It was not,Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?But a much more alarming outcry.并不是那句 就没有谁能帮我摆脱这个胡闹的教士吗 而是一句更令人惊恐的谴责What miserable drones and traitors have I nourished and brought up in my household,who let their lord be treated with such shameful contempt by a low-born cleric?我的家园里究竟育和造就了 怎样可悲的寄生虫和叛国者 竟然纵容一个如此低贱的教士 这么可耻地羞辱他们的国王 /201609/466758

Judy Parish has devoted her career to studying the climates of the past.Judy Parish一辈子都在研究古气候Its sort of like mystery novels, so this is a little bit like a detective story,这就像是悬疑小说,有点类似于侦探小说的情节putting together bits and pieces of information to figure out what the world was really like in the past.将各种各样的线索放在一起,然后推理出古代世界的情形Its really fascinating the idea of this super-continent关于超大陆的观点确实很吸引人and just the fact that it would have to have, have to have a major effect on climate,事实上它很有可能对气候有很大的影响so I got really interested in how this might develop.所以我很有兴趣想看看这如何发生These spectacular cliffs by the Colorado River in the ed States are from just before the super-continent split apart.耸立在美国科罗拉多河两岸的壮丽悬崖,刚好形成于超大陆分裂之前This makes them just the right age to unravel this climatological mystery.因此它们有合适的年份以解开气候之谜Geologists have known for a long time that there was something really odd about the climate of this time period.长期以来,地质学家都对这段时期的气候状况感到奇怪Its in these rocks that we can really figure out what the climate was like.但在这些岩石中,我们能找出气候的真实情况Judys spent years trying to decipher the clues locked inside these 200 million year old rocks,Judy数年来都在破解这些埋在2亿年古老岩石中的线索but what she found was something very puzzling.但是她的发现却令人困惑不解。201705/509485

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  Do you know how many people watched you online?知道自己有多少在线观众吗?Um, I dont know how many.我不知道有多少。You want me to tell you? What?想让我告诉你吗?多少?你有8000万在线观众。我不知道。网上有8000万人关注你。我32年的职业生涯还没你多。哈哈。Thats good. What do you do? What do you do?这非常好。你干了什么那么受欢迎?Um, clean up my toys.我清洗我的玩具。You clean up your toys? Uh-huh.清洗你的玩具?是的。Sometimes I love to play with my lamby.我喜欢玩我的娃娃。And it has a heart button, and you can push the heart button, and then her voice comes.它有一个心形的按钮,按这个按钮就会出声。Anybody? Hey, let me show you something. Look up there. Look.在场的观众,这是什么鬼?我给你看样东西,看上面这个。Youre really pretty. Yeah. I know, yeah.你长得很好看。是的。我知道了,不用再说了。So, on this that your dad made, you sang a song? Uh-huh.你爸爸为你制作了这个视频,你还唱了首歌对吗?是的。The first was A Little Mermaid one.第一个视频我唱的是“小美人鱼”。Oh, A Little Mermaid. Uh-huh.哦,“小美人鱼”。是的。That was your first one? Mm-hmm.这是你唱得第一首歌吗?对的。What is it that you love about the song?你为什么喜欢这首歌?Um, I love all the songs because I know all the songs that I know, and I love to sing the songs I love.我喜欢唱所有,因为是我知道的歌曲,我喜欢唱我喜欢的歌曲。How many...how many songs do you know?你会唱多少歌曲?I know, um...I just learned Beauty and the Beast.我知道,恩...我刚刚学会了“美女与野兽”。You learned Beauty and the Beast? Uh-huh.你会唱“美女与野兽”?是的。Beauty and the Beast美女与野兽And the Beast met the Beauty野兽遇见美女And the Beauty saw the Beast美女看见野兽And then the Beast saw the Beauty野兽看见美女Look, why you got the pained look on your face?哦,你的脸怎么了,怎么那么难看?201706/514445

  Vaccines for children and programs aimed at maternal and child health have dramatically reduced death among young children.儿童疫苗和为妇幼保健拟定的方案极大地降低了幼儿死亡率。But what about adolescents? The World Health Organization says their health is being neglected.但青少年呢?世界卫生组织表示,人们都忽略了青少年的健康问题。;When you look at adolescents, by that I mean the age group 10 to 19, were finding that 1.2 million die each year.“把目光放到青少年身上,我是说10到19岁年龄段之间的孩子。我们会发现,他们当中每年都会有120万人死亡。Thats 3,000 deaths a day, thats, you know, 10 jumbo jets.;也就是每天都有3000人离开人世。相当于十台巨型喷气机所能承载的乘客数量。”Here a family mourns the death of a 14-year-old girl, a WHO study finds most of the adolescents deaths could be avoided.这个家庭正在哀悼一位刚刚14岁,生命却已戛然而止的女孩子。世卫组织在一项研究中发现,大多数的青少年死亡本是可以避免的。The report says more than 2/3 of the deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.报告指出,超过2/3的死亡案例都发生在撒哈拉以南非洲和东南亚地区。This is the funeral of a child bride in Afghanistan.这是阿富汗一个少年新娘的葬礼。Of all deaths, traffic injuries top the list, most kids are struck by a car while walking or riding a bicycle.在所有的死因当中,交通事故位居榜首。大多数孩子都是在路上走着或者骑自行车的时候被汽车撞倒。In India, for example, there are 90,000 deaths on the road each year; many of those are adolescents and children.“比如在印度,每年都有9万人死在路上,其中很多都是儿童和青少年。”The causes of death differ by gender, age and region.青少年的死因随性别、年龄还有地区的不同而有所差异。Boys between the age of 15 and 19 are more likely to die from traffic injuries than girls or younger boys.15到19岁之间的男孩,比起女孩子或者更小一点的男孩子更有可能死于交通伤害。Girls are more likely to die in childbirth, their body are not y to have babies.而女孩则更有可能死于分娩之时,因为她们的身体条件还没有准备好迎接孩子的到来。This play in Kyrgyzstan is meant to discourage the practice of child marriage.吉尔吉斯斯坦的这部话剧意在抵制童婚。Girls between 10 and 14 are at risk from respiratory infections like pneumonia that they get breathing in fumes from cooking fuels.如今10到14岁之间的女孩子们都面临呼吸道感染的危险,例如患上肺炎,因为她们总会吸入烹饪燃燃烧产生的烟雾。Teens who abuse alcohol or drugs, or those with mental health issues often cannot get the care they need to save their lives.酗酒、嗑药以及有精神健康问题的青少年,很多时候都得不到自己所需要的照护,来挽救处在深渊中的生命。The WHO wants governments and health agencies to develop plans to improve the health of adolescents.世卫组织希望各国政府和卫生机构制定多项计划,从而改善青少年的健康状况。Governments have got to invest in young people.“政府必须得给年轻人投资。I mean, whats the countries richest asset? Its the young people, its the children, actually, because theyre the future.;我是说,一个国家最富有的资产是什么?是年轻人,是这些孩子们。因为他们才是国家的未来。”Governments could create and enforce speed limits and make using seat belts mandatory.各国政府可以制定并实施限速政策,同时强制使用安全带。Health agencies could encourage adolescents to develop healthy life styles.卫生机构可以鼓励青少年培养健康的生活方式。The roots of diabetes, of heart attacks, of strokes, of lung cancer, the root of that lies in the adolescent years,“糖尿病、心脏病发作、中风和肺癌的根源就在青少年时代,how adolescents approach nutrition, and diet and exercise, whether they start to smoke or not, or abuse other substances.;他们的营养、饮食和运动情况如何,是否已经开始抽烟或者滥用其他药物,这些都会为日后埋下祸根。”Improving the physical, mental and sexual health of adolescents could result in significant economic returns,改善青少年的身体、精神和性健康情况可能会带来巨大的经济效益,according to a study published in The Lancet in April.《柳叶刀》在四月份发布的研究中指出。The study reports that an investment of .60 per person per year would yield more than 10 times as much in benefits to society.研究报告称,每人每年得到4.6美元的投资,未来社会福利的收益就能高出十多倍。For VOA correspondent Carol, Im Steve, VOA News.VOA新闻,VOA记者卡罗尔撰稿,斯蒂夫为您播报。201706/514704Optics, or the enhancement of our natural vision,光学,或者说对我们自然视力的提升,has been one of the biggest catalysts for science over the past 500 years,是过去500年来科学发展的最大催化剂之一。Interestingly, it wasnt scientific interest, but more practical matters that led to the initial advancements in optics,有趣的是,最初光学的发展并不是出于科学兴趣,而是更实际的事物——starting around 1440 when Johannes Gutenberg invented his printing press.早在1440年左右,约翰尼斯·古登堡发明了印刷机。In short order, books, which had been a rarity, were now becoming a widesp phenomenon.很快,书籍不再是稀罕物,得到了广泛传播。All that new ing material meant more knowledge was circulating,新兴的阅读材料使得更多知识得以传播,but it also meant that more people were straining their eyes, likely as they by candlelight.但也使得更多秉烛夜读的人们在烛光下耗费视力。And while spectacles had been invented in Italy around 1286, the need for ing glasses increased substantially.当1286年眼镜在意大利被发明出来,对老花镜的需求猛增。Now that people could use lenses to see things more clearly,因为借助眼镜能看得更清楚,they started wondering if vision could be enhanced to see things the human eye couldnt perceive by its own devices.人们开始探索是否能够提升视力进而看清肉眼看不清的东西。Robert Hooke pursued microscopy, and 1665 he published his findings of worlds inside worlds,醉心显微镜学的罗伯特·胡克于1665年将他关于微观世界的研究结果出版,which he called cells in the book Micrographia.在他的书《显微制图》里,他将微观世界里的基本构造叫作“细胞”。At the other end of the spectrum, Galileo innovated with telescopic lenses,在光谱的另一头,伽利略发明了望远镜。and in 1609, he had refined a telescope until he had an instrument powerful enough to see distant objects in the sky with an accuracy no one had before him.1609年,他改进了望远镜,使其能以前所未有的精确度探索遥远的天际。He found that the moon had craters and mountains,他发现了月球上的环形山that Jupiter had moons of its own, and the whole system governing the earth and space was brought into question.发现了木星也有卫星,开始探索配地球和太空的整个系统。Not everyone was thrilled with all the things Galileo saw though.但并非所有人都为伽利略的发现惊叹。For instance, it was taught at the time that the moon was a perfectly smooth sphere.比如,那时候人们还认为月球是个光滑完美的圆球。Yet here was visual proof that was awfully hard to discount.但现在有了难以忽视的视像据。Upon finding moons around Jupiter, he also verified what Johannes Kepler had surmised:发现木星的卫星后,伽利略同时验了约翰内斯·开普勒的推测:that the earth was not the center of the universe, dispelling another central dogma of Galileos day.地球不是宇宙的中心。即否定了同时期其他“地心说”学说。Then almost exactly a year after Galileo died, Isaac Newton was born.伽利略去世差不多一年后,艾萨克·牛顿诞生。A lot that had been unknown was visible by now,当年未知的世界现在已清晰可见,but much of it was simply the foundation for further questions.但这些大都只是未来更多问题的基础。What was light anyway? And color, for that matter?光是什么?颜色又是什么?What were the laws that governed the earth, and the heavens?配地球和天空的规律又是怎样?And could we capture them through keen observation?我们是否能够通过细致的观察掌握真相?Newton experimented extensively with optics, and came to understand light as something of substance,牛顿对光学进行了深入研究,认识到光是某种物质,and colors as components of light at different frequencies.颜色是由不同频率的光组成的。Before Newton, people widely believed that the color was due to different amounts of light,在牛顿以前,人们普遍认为颜色是由于光的数量不同,with red being lots of light, and blue being mostly dark.比如红色是聚集了很多光,而蓝色则基本是不亮。Newtons prism experiments showed that white light could not only be broken into its component colors with one prism,牛顿的棱镜实验表明,白光经过一面三棱镜会分解出不同的光,but that a second lens could recompose those colors back into white light again,而多放一面三棱镜,光线又会聚合成一束白光。thus showing that color was a matter of lights refraction rather than how light or dark it was.这个实验说明颜色是由光的折射现象形成的,而不取决于光线数量的多少。Newtons studies of optics led to the development of the reflecting telescope.牛顿的光学研究促进了反射式望远镜的发展。This, together with his study of planetary motion, led to his theory of gravitation,牛顿的光学研究和他对行星运动的研究,共同催生了万有引力理论。one of the worlds greatest examples of learning to see something invisible by observing its effect on things that are visible.万有引力的发现是世界上最伟大的发现之一,它通过观察无形事物对有形事物的作用来了解无形的事物。So fast forward a few hundred years, and here we stand.以至几百年后的今天,我们取得现在的认识。Weve evolved from a single lens to optics that reveal the birth of a star in another galaxy,我们从一个镜片发展出光学,发现了其他星系内恒星的诞生,or a child developing in the womb, or an electron whirling around an atom.看到子宫中育的婴孩的模样,发现围绕原子旋转的电子。At a time when so much is visible, how we see the world around us matters even more than what we see.这么多东西都可以观察到,我们如何去观察比我们看到了什么更加重要。Will we see a world where everything important has aly been discovered?我们是否已经发现了世上所有重要的事物?Or will we see one in which yesterdays discoveries are but a doorway to the breakthroughs of tomorrow?还是我们只是打开了一扇发现之门,将来还有更多未知世界等我们去探索?201706/513662



  栏目简介:A French theater group will put on a musical version of ;The Girl, the Devil and the Windmill; at the citys Lyceum Theater next Tuesday as part of the Croisement Festival. The show will be in French with Chinese subtitle.201702/492617。

  The helicopter will hold just for ground and we have to jump in or we have to work for rappels.直升机只能在地面上空盘旋 我们就只能跳机 或者用绳索下降But the ropes that helicopter has dont tend to go well again.但是 直升机悬吊的绳子 不太好控制We have to wait the ropes so it doesnt fly up into the rotors or the intakes of the helicopter. 我们得等一会 确保绳子不会 卷进直升机的旋翼或者进气口and the longer among these ropes,the more dangerous it is for everyone.绳子越长 我们的危险就越大When I hit the ground,the first job is to clear the ropes,then give the flyboys a signal and they are on the way.Job done.我一落地 第一件事就是收好绳子 给飞机师一个信号 他们就可以离开了 任务完成In Romania,with storm Cloud Spring,a repel was not an option,another solution had to be found.在罗马尼亚 我们遇上了暴风雨 这场与暴风雨的抗击无可避免 而且还发现其他情况The cloud is moving in,and theres only tiny weather we know,the pilot says he cant land up there.云团一直在移动中 而且我们对这里的天气完全不了解 飞行员说他不敢野外着陆So I mean,I mean I got in.Bear flied on probably about 45 minutes plus.所以我想 我必须吊挂升空 贝尔飞了大概超过45分钟But when the helicopter lowered him I cut the rope and look down, and...and he didnt move.直升机将他降下后 我剪断绳子 往下看 发现他没动弹And hed been hanging on to the chopper for so long that the hoist is cut for the blood supply to his legs,他挂在直升机上的时间太长了 导致血液一时无法供给到腿部so when he got to the ground,he couldnt actually move.We do all we can to minimize the risk.他躺在地上 一动不动 我们尽最大的努力把风险降到最低But when you jumping out the aircraft of ten thousands foot danger is never far away.但是当从上万英尺的高空往下跳时 危险无时无刻不在When I look into the drop zones from the air Im looking that was ok but its...often very difficult to gauge from the air.当我从飞机上看降落区域 觉得没问题 但是在飞机上通常无法准确瞄准Ultimately when he jumped out that helo,his deaths done to him.最终当贝尔从机舱跳出 死亡随时可能发生201605/446144

  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463943

  You work at the college library.你在大学图书馆工作Youre in the middle of a quiet afternoon when suddenly a shipment of 1,280 different books arrives.你正在享受在一个静谧的午后这时运过来1280本不同的书The books have been dropped of in one long straight line, but theyre all out of order,书被卸下来摆成长长一排而且顺序是混乱的and the automatic sorting system is broken.这时自动排序系统也坏了To make matters worse, classes start tomorrow,更糟糕的是 明天就开学了which means that first thing in the morning, students will show up in droves looking for these books.这就意味着明天一大早学生们将争相来搜寻他们所需要的书How can you get them all sorted in time?你如何及时把它们整理好呢One way would be to start at one end of the line with the first pair of books.一种方法是从排在书列端点的两本书开始If the first two books are in order, then leave them as they are.如果这两本书已经按顺序排好了 那就不要再动它们了Otherwise, swap them.否则 就把它们调换一下Then, look at the second and third books, repeat the process,之后 看看第二本 第三本如此进行下去and continue until you reach the end of the line.直至你摆到最后一本书At some point, youll come across the book that should be last,有时候 你可能会遇到应该排在最后的那本书and keep swapping it with every subsequent book,这就需要把它和随后的每一本书调换位置moving it down the line until it reaches the end where it belongs.不停地向后调换 直至调到最后它该呆的地方Then, start from the beginning and repeat the process to get the second to last book in its proper place,然后从头开始 重复这一过程把第二本和剩下的书都依次合适地摆放and keep going until all books are sorted.继续下去直到所有的书都被放到正确的位置This approach is called Bubble Sort.这种方法被称为上推分类法Its simple but slow.它很简单但是很耗时Youd make 1,279 comparisons in the first round,then 1,278, and so on, adding up to 818,560 comparisons.第一轮下来你一共要进行1279次对比然后是1278次 这样依次下去完成整个过程一共要进行818560次对比If each took just one second, the process would take over nine days.如果每次比较花一秒 完成整个过程需要超过9天的时间A second strategy would be to start by sorting just the first two books.第二种方法是从前两本开始排序Then, take the third book and compare it with the book in the second spot.之后 把第三本和第二本进行对比If it belongs before the second book, swap them,如果它应该排第二本前面 那就把它们调换一下then compare it with the book in the first spot, and swap again if needed.然后再把它和第一本对比如果它应排第一 那就再调换一次Now youve sorted the first three books.那么现在前三本书就排好了Keep adding one book at a time to the sorted sub-line,每次在排好的书列里加一本书comparing and swapping the new book with the one before it将这本新加入的书与其前一个对比 调换until its correctly placed among the books sorted so far.直到它被正确地放到已经排好的书列中This is called Insertion Sort.这种方法被称为插入式分类法Unlike Bubble Sort, it usually doesnt require comparing every pair of books.不像上推分类法 这种方法不需要把所有的书两两对比On average, wed expect to only need to compare each book to half of the books that came before it.平均来说 我们估计只需要将每本书与排在前面的一半的书进行对比In that case, the total number of comparisons would be 409,280, taking almost five days.那样对比的总次数就是409,280,花费大约五天的时间Youre still doing way too many comparisons.你仍然需要很多次的对比Heres a better idea.这有一个更好的办法First, pick a random book.首先 随机抽取一本书Call it the partition and compare it to every other book.把它作为分隔参照物与其他的书相对比Then, divide the line by placing all the books that come before the partition on its left然后将所有排在其前面的书放在它的左边and all the ones that come after it on its right.把应该排在它右边的书放在它的右边Youve just saved loads of time by not having to compare any of the books on the left to any of the ones on the right ever again.这样你就能节省很多时间 因为左边的书不用再跟其右边的书再进行一一对比了Now, looking only at the books on the left, you can again pick a random partition book现在只看左边的书 然后你从里面再拿出一本书作为分割参照物and separate those books that come before it from those that come after it.然后将排在它后面的排在它前面的书分开You can keep creating sub-partitions like this until you have a bunch of small sub-lines,你可以一直这样创造作为分割线的书直到这排书变成了一群分开的更小排的书each of which youd sort quickly using another strategy, like Insertion Sort.这时你就可以将每个小段的书用其他方法排好了 比如 插入排序法Each round of partitioning requires about 1,280 comparisons.每次划分需要1280次的对比If your partitions are pretty balanced,如果你设置的参照物位置很平均的话dividing the books into 128 sub-lines of ten would take about seven rounds,or 8,960 seconds.把这些书以10本为一段 一共分128段 大概需要7轮能分好也就是8960秒Sorting these sub-lines would add about 22 seconds each.每一小段的排序大概要花22秒钟All in all, this method known as QuickSort could sort the books in under three and a half hours.总而言之 这种方法被叫做快速分类法排好这些书不超过三个半小时But theres a catch.但有一个问题Your partitions could end up lopsided, saving no time at all.如果选取的参照物非常不对称 则根本无法节约时间Luckily, this rarely happens.幸运的是 这种情况很少发生Thats why QuickSort is one of the most efficient strategies used by programmers today.这就是为何快速分类法是如今程序员使用的最高效的方法之一They use it for things like sorting items in an online store by price,他们用这种方法将网店里需要以价格分类的商品进行归类or creating a list of all the gas stations close to a given location sorted by distance.将某个位置附近的加油站以距离远近的顺序列一个表In your case, youre done quick sorting with time to spare.至于你 你已经快速分好类而且还有剩余时间Just another high-stakes day in the library.在图书馆等待另一个高强度的一天吧201706/512664

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