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I am at the very center of the great white continent, Antarctica. The South Pole is about half a mile away. For a thousand miles, in all directions, there is nothing but ice. And, in the whole of this continent, which is one and a half times the size of the ed States and larger than Europe, there is a year-round population of no more than 800 people. This is the loneliest and the coldest place on earth, the place that is most hostile to life. And yet, in one or two places, it is astonishingly rich. Penguins come here by the million and endure temperatures of minus 70 degrees centigrade and winds of 120 miles an hour. Other birds fly right to the heart of the continent, even though they have to dig away snow in order to find a place to nest . And here is the nursery for over half the world's seals. Antarctica is remote from all other continents, surrounded by the vast southern ocean and smothered by a blanket of ice so immense that it contains over three quarters of the world's freshwater. All life in the Antarctic is dominated by the ice. All but 2% of the continent is covered by it. Its very whiteness reflects back what little heat there is in the sun's feeble rays. And snow, when it falls, remains permanently frozen. So that now, after accumulating for millions of years, it has formed this gigantic ice cap and the ice beneath my feet is three miles thick. Submerged beneath it are mountain ranges as high as the Alps, only their summits project through it.words and expressionsfeeble: 微弱的, 薄弱的project :To extend forward or out; jut out:突出200808/46904

International Court Seeks Indictment of Sudanese President国际刑事法庭寻求起诉苏丹总统  The prosecutor for the International Criminal Court, Luis Moreno-Ocampo has asked for an arrest warrant for Sudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, accusing him of masterminding genocide and war crimes in Sudan's Darfur region. A three-judge panel is expected to take weeks or months to decide whether a warrant of arrest can be issued. 国际刑事法院检察官奥坎波向苏丹总统巴希尔发出逮捕令,指控他策划了在苏丹达尔富尔地区犯下的种族灭绝和战争罪行。一个由三名法官组成的审判小组预计将用几个星期或者几个月的时间来决定是否要发出逮捕令。Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo made the announcement at a press conference at the International Criminal Court headquarters in The Hague. 检察官奥坎波在海牙国际刑事法院总部的一个记者会上宣布这个决定。"I just submitted an application requesting to the pre-trial chamber Number-three to issue an arrest warrant against Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes," he said. 他说:“我刚刚提出申请,要求第三预审法庭以种族灭绝、反人类罪和战争罪行,向巴希尔发出逮捕令。”But Moreno-Ocampo stressed he was not indicting President Bashir. 但是奥坎波强调,他并不是在起诉巴希尔总统。"I like to be very clear on this; I am requesting a decision to the judges, they can agree with my application, they can dismiss my application they can do something different, they can request more evidence," he said. "So, the judges have the power now to decide." 他说:“我想清楚地说明,我要求法官做出裁决,他们可以同意我的申请,他们可以驳回我的申请,他们可以做出其它决定,他们可以要求补充据。所以说,现在有权做出决定的是这些法官们。”The prosecutor also said if indicted Mr. Bashir could face three counts of genocide, and charges of causing serious mental harm, and deliberately inflicting conditions calculated to bring about physical destruction. He added the president could also face five counts of crimes against humanity, including murder, extermination, forcible transfer of the population, torture and rape.  检察官奥坎波还表示,一旦巴希尔受到指控,他将面临三项种族灭绝罪,以及造成严重精神伤害、蓄意实施酷刑造成肢体损毁等指控。他还说,巴希尔可能还面临另外五项反人类罪的指控,包括谋杀、灭绝、强迫人口迁徙、酷刑和强奸。Should the judges decide to issue a warrant for Mr. Bashir's arrest, he would become the first serving head of state to be indicted by the ICC.  如果法官决定向巴希尔发出逮捕令,巴希尔总统将会成为第一个被国际刑事法院指控的在任国家首脑。Sudan does not recognize the ICC and has steadfastly refused to hand over two other suspects charged by the court, Humanitarian Affairs Minister Ahmad Harun and Janjaweed militia leader Ali Kushayb.  苏丹并不承认国际刑事法院,并坚持拒不交出两个被国际刑事法院指控的嫌犯,他们是人道主义事务部长艾哈迈德-哈伦和金戈威德民兵领导人阿里-库沙布。The decision to pursue the case against President al-Bashir has been met with hostility by the Sudanese who say it will jeopardize peace talks between the government and Darfur rebels.  苏丹反对国际刑事法院决定准备要立案起诉巴希尔总统。苏丹说,这将危及政府和达尔富尔反政府武装之间的和平谈判。Khalid al Mubabrak, the Sudanese Embassy spokesman in London, dismissed the charges against his president as false. He underscored the fact the ICC has no jurisdiction over Sudan. 苏丹驻伦敦大使馆发言人穆巴拉克驳斥对苏丹总统的指控,说这些指控是不实之罪。他强调,国际刑事法院对苏丹没有管辖权。"Just like the ed States of America we have not ratified the Statute of Rome, which created the ICC," said Mubarak. "Sudan has got its own judicial system it is quite efficient it has aly looked into matters about Darfur, indicted some people, set some people free imprisoned some people." 穆巴拉克说:“就像美国一样,我们还没有批准建立国际刑事法院的《罗马规约》。苏丹有自己的司法系统,而且这套系统相当有效率,已经对达尔富尔的一些问题展开调查,起诉了一些人,将一些人从监狱释放,关押了一些人。”Mubarak added the prosecutor's action could actually prolong the Darfur crisis as it might encourage Darfur rebels to step up their insurgency.  穆巴拉克还表示,检察官奥坎波的举动事实上会延长达尔富尔的危机,因为这可能会鼓励达尔富尔的反政府武装加剧他们的反叛活动。Attacks on government installations by Darfur rebels in 2003 set off the crisis. The Sudanese government allegedly responded by arming militias that forcibly displaced hundreds of thousands of people.  达尔富尔反政府武装2003年对政府设施的袭击引发了达尔富尔危机。据称苏丹政府作出回应,动用武装民兵,强迫把成千上万的人赶出他们的家园。The ed Nations estimates that 300,000 people have died as a result of the conflict. More than two million are said to be displaced, the majority of them living in camps in Darfur. 联合国估计,这场冲突造成30万人死亡,据称有200多万人无家可归,其中大部分无家可归的人生活在达尔富尔的难民营里。200807/44083

探索世界奥秘之万里长城 11With the Mongols expelled, the new rulers, the Ming emperors, were determined that an invasion would never happen again. And so in 1368, when Europe was being decimated by the Black Plague(黑死病, 鼠疫), the Ming rulers created the world's largest and greatest civil engineering project, even greater than earlier walls, because this wall was mostly built of stone. The Ming Wall stretches from Shanhaiguan(山海关) on the Yellow Sea to Jiayuguan(嘉峪关) in the Gobi Desert. It lies across China like a long winding spine, 4,000 miles in length, with thousands of watchtowers poking out like vertebrae.Much of the Great Wall was made of stone, a building material 100 times more labor-intensive than mud brick. The wall builders were not in the least daunted by spiked mountain peaks. And even among these misty mountain tops, the wall had to be zealously guarded. Watchtowers were crucial to the protection of the wall. If reinforcements were needed, the guards signaled to the village of mere a half mile away. Here, the old garrison walls of a long abandoned barracks still stand. Some 500 troops would have been stationed here, and if this wasn't enough, there were even larger concentration of troops in forts, a few minutes' signaling away. In this way, a small number of men on the wall could alert an army of over one million men in a matter of a few hours.Army garrisons competed with each other in wall building. Each general wanted his section to be more impressive than all the others. A plaque proclaims that in the spring of the year 1597, Tongkai was commander in charge of the gang building this section of the wall. Chen Yiting was in charge of food and even the lowly stonemason Wu Zengye had his name carved.To build a wall to this standard was not easy, much of the labor was carried out by convicts, who if they died, had to be replaced by another member of their family, and so on until the sentence was completed, hardly a method that encouraged happy workers. Every 50 feet, the builders installed drains to carry off rain water. These waterspouts were always built on the inside of the wall, the side away from the enemy. So we couldn't lasso a spout in climb of the wall.decimate: destroy or kill a large part of (a group); inflict great destruction or damage onwinding: twisting or turning; sinuousin the least: also, in the slightest. At all, in the smallest degree. These terms are nearly always used in a negative context.stonemason: a craftsman who works with stone or brick200707/15851

A senior American official has urged India to move quickly to wrap up a civilian nuclear deal with the ed States. The request comes as India's prime minister says his government is trying to build a political consensus on the controversial agreement, which is strongly opposed by his communist allies.  美国一位高级官员敦促印度迅速采取行动,和美国敲定一笔民用核交易。印度总理说,印度政府正努力就这项有争议的交易取得政治共识,而这项交易受到他的共产党盟友的强烈反对。U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher says the civilian nuclear deal between India and the ed States faces a lot of "tight deadlines."  美国助理国务卿包润石说,印度与美国的这笔民用核交易面临着很多“紧迫的最后期限”。Boucher spoke to reporters Wednesday in New Delhi, where he has met Indian officials.  包润石星期三在新德里发表以上讲话。他在新德里会晤了印度官员。The deal will allow New Delhi to get access to civilian nuclear technology, even though it has not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. 如果双方达成协议,尽管印度没有签署核不扩散条约,也仍然可以获得民用核技术。The pact still needs to get the final approval of the U.S. Congress. Before that happens, India has to conclude an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency and obtain a waiver from the 45-nation Nuclear Supplier Group, which regulates global civilian nuclear trade.  这笔交易还需要得到美国国会的最终批准。在此之前,印度必须与国际原子能机构达成协议,并取得核供应国集团45个成员国的同意。核供应国集团负责协调管理全球的民用核交易。Boucher says all these steps need to be completed quickly so that the pact can be presented to the U.S. Congress by July, ahead of the American presidential elections. 包润石说,所有这些步骤都要迅速完成,才能赶在美国总统选举之前,于7月把这笔交易提交美国国会。"You start adding these things up and we are kind of playing on overtime right now. There is an awful lot of work to do and not a lot of time. So, I think everybody understands that reality and, as I said, as soon as the Indian government is y to go ahead, we are too," Boucher said.  他说:“很多工作摆在面前,而我们现在已经有些滞后了。工作很多,但是时间却不多。所以我认为大家都了解这个现实。只要印度政府做好准备,我们也做好了准备。”The deal has been held up by domestic politics in India. The Indian government's Communist allies strongly oppose the agreement because they feel it undermines India's sovereignty and have warned the government not to go ahead with it. 这项协议的进展受到印度国内政治的拖延。印度政府中联合政党的共产党强烈反对这项协议。他们认为这将损害印度主权,并警告政府不要签署这项协议。However, the government is holding talks with the IAEA and says it remains committed to sealing the nuclear agreement with Washington.  印度政府正在和国际原子能机构举行谈判,而且表示印度仍然致力于跟美国签署这一核协议。Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told parliament Wednesday his government is trying to bring around its allies.  印度总理辛格星期三对议会说,印度正在试图说持印度共产党。"We also continue to seek the broadest possible consensus within the country to enable the next step to be taken," Singh said. I believe such cooperation is good for us, for our energy security and for the world. 他说:“我们还在继续寻求在国内形成最大的共识,以便采取下一步的进程。这种合作对我们是有利的,对我们的能源安全有利,对世界有利。”But it remains unclear how Prime Minister Singh will overcome opposition from his Communist allies, who have repeatedly threatened to withdraw support for the government if it goes ahead with the nuclear deal. 可是现在仍然不清楚辛格总理将采取何种办法说共产党联盟转变立场。印度共产党反复威胁说,如果印度政府签署这项核协议,他们就不再持政府。200803/28749

Alright, you people cutting fifty basis points on the fed funds rate, / fifty basis points on the discount rate. And now the question did they get it right. Well, who better to ask than two people who have been in that room in their frist television appearance since retiring from the fed let's bring in former fed governor Susan Bies, Robert Mcteer, former president of the Dallas Fed also with us, and there could be no better time to have both of you with us with your perspective. Susan, you were there through March and your comment was…I…it isn't clear to me that Fed has to cut at this meeting and yet we got fifty on both rates, are you surprised? Did they make a mistake?Well, I am surprised at the fifty basis points on the Fed funds rate. I didn’t think that they needed to go that aggressively on the Fed funds rate; I think the discount rate was a welcome change. But the Fed funds rate did surprise me to go fifty. I would guess that what is based on the statement is what they are concerned about, is the forecast. We know that a large part of this mortgage difficulty is only going to get worse in the next year or two, as we continue to have more and more of the teaser rate mortgages repricing upward by a couple points or more for many borrowers. And so the impact on the housing sector is only gonna intensify. And my guess is by going all at once now they are trying to jump ahead of what they are likely to see in the housing impact.And Bob, where do you fall on this debate that Steven Leason was just raising which is, just, is this the Fed's effort to say here we go, we are gonna surprise everybody, we are gonna throw out a big cut ,exclamation point, we are done or they did not say they are done.Well, as we learned the other day, Fed people don’t use exclamation point until they retire. Ur…I think, I think it was natural for them to make that reference and there might have been a little bit of a bone to throw to some potential dissenters in it. But let’s face it, inflation is still an issue. However, I think they did exactly the right thing, and they did what I call for them to do in my latest blog posting if you wanna look it up.I did look it up, I, I've it. I see it here you were completely right. Susan, can I ask you a question though? Since you were there in March, how much dissent was there, in your view, in the room when they went through this decision? Beacuse this wasn't what everybody expected, no one knew what to expect, so I can’t imagine it was easy and everyone says “Ok, unanimous fifty, fifty!”I would think there would have been a fairly robust discussion around the table. Now There is few new members around the table from the time I was there, we've got a couple of new presidents in the room. And I don’t really know where they may stand on this. But I think the fact that we have such an unprecedented experience going on in the subprime market. Usually when we have problems with mortgage defaults we are in a general recession. And that isn't happening here. It also hits when interest rates are rising quickly. That isn’t happening. These are all due to the structure of the individual mortgage loans and the teasier periods that they had. So that makes it difficult to relook at past history to do the forecast. So I imagine part of the discussion was around how to look at the forecast about the broader economic impact. Coz a lot of companies are still reporting good earnings, retail sales are good, so the economics in the real economy right now are looking like they are still sound outside of the housing market.Bob, what about another issue that you raised in your blog? You said the reluctance to borrow, you are saying if we cut interest rates, people may be more interested in borrowing money, but it won’t solve the bigger picture problem which appears to be a reluctance to lend which as you are saying in your blog is not helped by lower interest rate. It almost makes me think the Fed isn't really relevant here they can’t solve the problemWell if this thing leads to a recession and I do think the odds of that have gone up considerably, the easing will help moderate the recession or might even help ward it off. I do think though that this is a little bit of different kind of credit crunch. Back in the early nineties that credit crunch involved both the reluctance to lend and the reluctance to borrow. As far as I know right now, it’s only lenders that are afraid to lend, borrowers are eager. And you don’t really stimulate lending by lowering interest rates.Alright, well, Susan and Bob, thank you very much. Very intersting, we'll continue to dissect this decision.Notes:Teaser Rate: A very low but very temporary introductory rate on an adjustable rate mortgage or credit card. 200807/43951

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