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Thailand: Black leggings can carry health hazardsHealth authorities in Thailand are urging young women not to wear fashionable black leggings to avoid attracting unwanted attention from dengue-carrying mosquitoes."It's worrying how people dress nowadays, especially the youth," Deputy Health Minister Pansiri Kulanartsiri said in a statement issued Sunday, which warned of a dengue outbreak and reminded that mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing.Thailand has recorded 43 deaths and more than 45,000 cases of dengue in the first seven months of the year, an increase of about 40 percent from the 31,929 cases and 30 deaths in same period last year. Dengue cases typically rise during the rainy season, which runs roughly from June through September.Of this year's fatalities, 26 were between the ages of 10 and 24, prompting the Public Health Ministry to warn about the hazards of the must-have fashion item worn by girls and young women."I suggest people avoid wearing black leggings - or any dark colored clothing - so as not to attract mosquitoes," Pansiri said, calling the leggings a "Korean fashion phenomenon.""Wear thick clothing like jeans, particularly during this period," Pansiri said, noting mosquitoes can bite through thin clothing.Scientists fear rising temperatures and longer rainy seasons will allow more vector-borne diseases such as dengue and malaria to flourish.In tropical Thailand, mosquitoes can lay up to 400 larvae at one time in vases, flower pots, jugs and litter-strewn areas that can serve as breeding grounds, but authorities find it difficult to destroy dengue-breeding habitats, he said."This is an epidemic year for dengue fever," Anuttarasakdi said. "But what is more worrying is that people are aloof when it comes to prevention."Vocabulary:legging: a covering for the leg, usually extending from the ankle to the knee but sometimes higher(紧身裤,细腿毛线裤)unwanted: undesirable, not wanted(不受欢迎的,有害的)dengue: an infectious, eruptive fever of warm climates, usually epidemic, characterized esp. by severe pains in the joints and muscles(登革热,一种传染病,骨关节及肌肉奇痛)vector-borne: 病媒传染的疾病,vector指的是传染疾病的媒介,载体litter-strewn: 垃圾遍地的aloof: reserved or reticent; indifferent; disinterested(冷淡的,漠不关心的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111073China has more plants than anywhere else in the temperate regions of the world. In fact, it has almost twice as many kinds of plants as there are in the ed States which is about the same size and about three times as many as there are in Europe. It’s a very wonderful wealth of plant species, many of which have contributed to our gardens, like rhododendrons, and azaleas, and forsythias, to our cultivated plants like soybeans. The reason that there’re so many plants in China is that they've survived there better. If you go back fifteen million years into the past, you find much the same kinds of plants and the animals in the ed States, Europe and China. They've survived in the warm temperate to subtropical forests that stretch right across the middle of China. In those forests of China we have surviving species like gingko, the maidenhair tree which has been in cultivation in Europe and North America since the 17th century. A wonderful relic in those forests is the dove tree, Davidia. It’s called the dove tree because the fluttering bracts that hang down from the clusters of flowers look like doves flying. Another example is the dawn red wood, metasequoia, which was described as a fossil in 1941. Forty million years ago, it was the commonest forest tree in Western North America, now it’s completely wiped out there, but it survives as about 6,000 individuals in China. The western half of China in the interior of Asia consists of very tough deserts. In the harsh landscape of Tibet there exist a whole series of herbs, sedges, grasses, saussurea, primroses that are found only there. Some groups of plants, like sorseria for example, have their buds protected against the low temperatures, they keep on growing. Another reason that there’re so many kinds of plants in China is that unlike the ed States or Europe, there’s real tropical forest in the south tropical rain forests in southern Yunnan, and in that tropical forest, there are many species that come up from the south. They give the province of Yunnan about as many species, one state of China, and in fact about as many species as there are in the ed States and Canada combined, about 15,000 kinds of plants. And it’s the melding of all of those regions, the survival of species from the past and the creation of many new species by the forces in evolution and the diverse topography of China that’s produced so much variety, so wonderfully pleasing and exciting to see. China is doing the best that it can to save its biological diversity including its floral heritage. Chinese officials are very concerned with this, but it’s very difficult to meet the needs of 1.3 billion people to allow them to consume more, to give them things that they want like automobiles and other imports from the west and still to preserve the natural landscape or even the quality of the air, the water. They’re fighting that battle, a battle with which we are all familiar well, but they're going to have to do a great deal more in the future as we all are. Notes:rhododendron: Any of numerous usually evergreen ornamental shrubs of the genusRhododendron of the North Temperate Zone, having clusters of variously colored, often bell-shaped flowers. azaleas rhododendron: Any of various shrubs of the genusRhododendron having showy, variously colored flowers. forsythias: Any of several shrubs of the genusForsythia, native to Asia and widely cultivated for their early-blooming yellow flowers. maidenhair tree : gingko.dove tree: The Dove tree (Davidia involucrata) is a medium-sized deciduous tree, usually placed in the tupelo family (Nyssaceae), but is sometimes included (with the tupelos) in the dogwood family (Cornaceae), and by yet others given family status of its own, as Davidiaceae. It is also known as the Handkerchief tree. The tree is native to central China, from Hubei to southern Gansu, south to Guizhou, Sichuan and Yunnan.sedge: grass-like plant growing in marshes or near water.saussurea: Saussurea is a genus of about 300 species of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae, native to cool temperate and arctic regions of Asia, Europe, and North America, with the highest diversity in alpine habitats in the Himalaya and central Asia.primrose: Any of numerous plants of the genusPrimula, having well-developed basal leaves and tubular, variously colored flowers grouped in umbels or heads with a funnel-shaped or salverlike corolla and a tube much longer than the calyx. bract: A leaflike or scalelike plant part, usually small, sometimes showy or brightly colored, and located just below a flower, a flower stalk, or an inflorescence.中国拥有的植物种类比世界上其他任何温带地区的国家都多。事实上,中国的植物种类是和他面积差不多大的美国的两倍,是欧洲的三倍。植物种类是非常丰富多的财富,他们装点了我们的花园,像杜鹃,连翘,给我们提供了种植作物,像大豆。中国植物物种如此丰富的原因是植物在那里可以更好的生长。如果时光倒转1500万年,你可以在美国,欧洲和中国发现很多相同种类的植物和动物。他们生长在中国跨越暖温带和亚热带的森林里。在中国的森林里我们可以找到银杏和孔雀草,它们从17世纪开始就在欧洲和北美被种植。在那些森林里很神奇的一个遗迹就是名叫Davidia的鸽子树。它被称为鸽子树是因为花簇上面摆动的花苞就像展翅欲飞的鸽子一样。另外一个例子是黎明红木,水杉,在1941年的时候被称为活化石。4000万年前,水杉是北美西部最常见的树种,现在几乎已经灭绝了,但是在中国却又6千株。中国的西部在亚洲的内部,有着条件非常恶劣的沙漠。在西藏的原野上,生长着一系列的药草,菅茅,雪莲,樱草,而这些植物只有在西藏才有。有一些植株,像sorseria,它们发芽来抵御低温,一直都保持生长。中国物种多的另一个原因是,和美国和欧洲不同,在南部的云南,中国有着真正的热带雨林。在那片热带雨林里,有非常非常多从南方来的物种。它给予中国这个南部的省份,云南,相当于美国和加拿大所有的物种,大约1.5万种,是其他所有地区的总和。从过去存活下来的物种,在进化过程中新产生的物种和中国多种多样的地质特征共同催生了这么多的物种,令人应接不暇。中国尽最大努力来保持生物的多样性,包括它的植物遗产。中国政府对此非常关注。但是要满足13亿人的消费需求给他们所需要的机动车,从西方进口产品来保护自然环境和空气,水的质量仍然是非常困难的事情。他们在进行一场保护环境的战争,一场我们非常熟悉的战争。但是在将来,他们需要做的更多。200811/56560

Baghdad Blasts Kill 95巴格达遭炸弹袭击,95死 Multiple explosions in the Iraqi capital have killed 95 people and wounded at least 310 others, in the worst day of violence in Baghdad since U.S. forces left urban areas in June.伊拉克首都巴格达发生多起炸弹爆炸事件,造成至少95人死亡,另外至少536人受伤。这是自美军6月份撤出伊拉克城市地区以来在巴格达发生的最为严重的暴力袭击。One of the biggest bombs went off outside Iraq's Foreign Ministry, causing casualties both inside and outside the heavily fortified building.几枚最大的炸弹中有一枚在重兵把守的伊拉克外交部大楼外爆炸,在大楼内外都造成人员伤亡。The blast shattered windows in the nearby parliament building, where lawmakers were in session.爆炸还震碎了附近议会大楼窗户的玻璃。当时议员们正在楼内开会。Another truck bomb exploded outside the Finance Ministry, while police say mortar or rocket attacks struck other government buildings in the capital.另有一辆装有炸弹的卡车在伊拉克财政部外面爆炸。警方同时表示,巴格达的其它政府大楼也遭到火箭弹和迫击炮的袭击。Baghdad's hospitals were overwhelmed by the number of injured, with reports that some victims were turned away for lack of space to treat them.巴格达各个医院内到处都是接受救治的伤者。有报导说,医院由于人满为患而拒绝接收一些伤者。The explosions came within minutes of each other, suggesting tight coordination, while the ability of two trucks laden with explosives to pass through various checkpoints to reach the center of Baghdad marked a major security breach.这些爆炸的间隔时间只有几分钟,这表明袭击是经过周密策划的。而且两辆装载炸药的卡车能够穿过多个检查哨卡来到巴格达市中心,说明巴格达的安全保护存在重大漏洞。The attacks are the deadliest in Baghdad since the June 30 withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraqi cities. They are also the latest in a spate of explosions, after a period of relative calm, as the nation prepares for elections early next year.这是6月30日美军从伊拉克城市撤出后巴格达发生的伤亡最惨重的袭击。在经历了一段相对平静的期间后,伊拉克最近遭受了一连串的爆炸袭击。而与此同时,伊拉克正在为明年初的选举作准备。Professor Abdallah Al-Ashaal of the American University in Cairo says the situation poses a dilemma for both the Iraqis and the ed States.美利坚大学开罗分校的阿卜杜拉.阿沙尔教授说,目前的局势使伊拉克和美国都陷入了两难的境地。"The ed States wants to get out from Iraq as soon aspossible, according to their schedule, and they want to leave Iraq secure at the same time," he said. 他说,“根据美国的时间表,他们希望能够尽快撤离伊拉克,但是他们同时也希望在离开伊拉克时,伊拉克是安全的。”For Iraq, the violence further casts doubt on whether the government will be able to provide security for its citizens, or even provide enough stability to carry out the elections.对于伊拉克来说,这次暴力袭击使人们更加怀疑伊拉克政府是否有能力保障伊拉克人的安全,甚至是否能够确保伊拉克局势足够稳定来进行明年的大选。08/82162

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said while much has been done to combat racism and xenophobia, much remains to be done. He spoke on the 10th anniversary of the Durban Declaration and Program of Action.联合国秘书长潘基文说,虽然联合国在打击种族主义和排外主义上有了很大的成就。但是还有许多事有待完成。潘基文在德班宣言及行动纲领十周年纪念仪式上,发表谈话。The document was adopted in Durban in 2001 at the U.N. World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance. At the time it was called an “innovative and action oriented agenda to combat all forms of racism.”这项宣言是于2001年在南非德班举行的联合国世界反种族主义、种族歧视、排外和有关不容忍大会上通过的。当时这项运动被称为“革新和以行动为前提,对抗所有形态的种族主义的行动纲领”。Then and now“Ten years ago, in adopting the Durban declaration and Program of Action against Racism, the international community acknowledged that no country could claim to be free of discrimination and in tolerance. Ten years later, that is still the case,” said Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon.潘基文秘书长说:“10年以前,当我们通过了这项反种族主义的宣言和行动纲领时,国际社会中没有一个国家能宣称自己不存在歧视和不容忍的现象。10年以后,情况仍然如此。”The world today, he said, is better prepared to “prosecute and protect” against genocide, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and contemporary forms of slavery -- and is more aware of the subtle face to face and institutionalized forms of discrimination.潘基文说,今天的世界已经比较能够针对种族灭绝、种族隔离、族裔清除以及各种形式的奴役制度,采取起诉和对被害者的保护措施。也更能揭发隐含性面对面方式,以及制度化的歧视案件。“We must acknowledge that intolerance has increased in many parts of the world over the past decade. The resurgence and persistence of such inhuman attitudes and detrimental practices indicate that we have not done enough to stem the tide,” he said.潘基文说:“我们必须承认,过去十年来,世界上很多地区的不容忍现象增加了。这类非人道态度和伤害性的持续不断行为显示,我们在遏制这种潮流方面,做得还不够。”He cited examples of discrimination against Africans and people of African descent, Asians, indigenous people, the Roma and others.他举出对非洲人、非洲后裔、亚洲人、各地土著和吉普赛人的歧视为例。201109/155237

  In Kenya, a Massaai elder is changing cultural practices that could help HIV infections sp. Learn how education and traditional customs affect the sp of diseases in Africa. This is Kibera, a slum in Nairobi, Kenya, home to about 1 million people. These children play without a care, just as it should be, but their reality is grim. They are all orphans, half of them because of AIDS. "In the last five years, it has gotten worse and we have now more children who were abandoned and who were orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS." George Nyakora was the national director of SOS children's villages in Kenya. They fight AIDS with community outreach, education and family strengthening programs. "You realize that up to 60 percent of the bed occupancy in some of our hospitals at the moment are actually taken up by people who're HIV positive." An entire generation of Kenya is dying; it's difficult to find anyone who hasn't been touched. "Do you have friends that have died?" "Many, including family members, very many, I lost my sister to HIV/AIDS, I've got very close friends of mine, you know, some in hospital right now, you know, terminal cases right now." Here, basic health care is out of reach, for many people, AIDS prevention is just another way to spend money they don't have." You have to make a choice between buying a condom or having a meal or having a drink that's going to knock your death, so that you forget your problems that would be." The Kibera Integrated Community Self-Help Program offers a variety of services to those affected by HIV and AIDS. The group has said that Kibera records the highest HIV and AIDS prevalence rates in Nairobi. Today Jacqueline Dbondo is administrating tests. This man fears an intoxicated night with a barmaid will be a death sentence. "The gentleman has been feeling unwell for the last five months; he was having some diarrhea, headache and feeling weak." Although the adult prevalence of HIV appears to be decreasing in Kenya, people still test positive every day, and today is no different. "Some people, they still ignore that their education that to give them the condom use. They don't want to listen that, this is AIDS at all, so it is still the ignorance who are still ignoring." The result, the number of AIDS orphans in Kenya numbers over 1 million and in Kibera alone they reportedly number 50,000.This place is called Nimborny, it's a home and safe haven for Kenya's smallest victims of the African AIDS pandemic. Most of these boys and girls come here directly from a hospital, abandoned at birth because they were HIV positive. Previously, two or three children passed away each month, but drug donations have had a huge impact on the death rate here. These children's struggles will be life-long; but they are no longer waiting to die. They are learning to live. outreach:n.A systematic attempt to provide services beyond conventional limits, as to particular segments of a community. e.g. educational outreach intoxicated: adj.happy, excited, and unable to think clearly, especially as a result of love, success, power etcdiarrhea: n. 痢疾,腹泻Excessive and frequent evacuation of watery feces, usually indicating gastrointestinal distress or disorder.200810/54101

  Clintons in tears over Chelsea? You can bet on itChelsea Clinton's hush-hush wedding may as well be classified but one thing is no secret: There will be tears.The only child of former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will marry longtime boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky this month in a ceremony that has withstood leaks better than many secrets in Washington."You should assume that if he makes it down the aisle in one piece it's a major accomplishment," Hillary Clinton said of her husband in comments to N broadcast Monday from Pakistan."He is going to be so emotional, as am I, but we're both looking forward to it and very happy about it," she said.Local media have reported the wedding will take place on July 31 at an estate in Rhinebeck north of New York City and there is speculation the bride will wear Oscar de la Renta."My lips are sealed," Hillary Clinton said. "I am under very strict orders not to talk about it."Chelsea Clinton, 29, who works at a New York hedge fund, has kept a low profile since her father left the White House in January 2001 but she campaigned for her mother during her unsuccessful run for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.Mezvinsky, 31, is an investment banker whose parents, Edward Mezvinsky and Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky, are both former Democratic members of the US House of Representatives.The guest list -- rumored by New York media to include around 400 people -- is among the closely guarded secrets. Hillary Clinton has a message for all those Clinton supporters who might be still hoping for an invite: "We love you all but this is her wedding."Vocabulary:hush-hush: highly secret or confidential(秘密的,不公开的)classified: confidential or secret(机密的)down the aisle: 步上红地毯in one piece: entirely undamaged or unharmed(完好地,完整无损)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109447。

  Rising food pricesCNN's Maggie Lake looks at how rising food prices are hitting U.S. families hardFelicia Padley and her youngest daughter Jenny Ella are picking up free helpings of pasta, vegetables and other essentials at a Food Bank in Brooklyn, New York . Padley holds down a fulltime government job but still finds it hard to feed her family of four. She needs the pantry’s help now more than ever as her weekly food bill soarsA year ago it's like about 50 or 60 dollars I would spend at a grocery store and that would include meats, that would include vegetables, fruits, cereals stuff like that. But now I’m spending like a hundred dollars.Rising food prices are hitting families across the ed States hard. Over the past year, egg prices have risen almost 44 percent, fresh milk 21 percent, and poultry and beef more than 6 percent. Economists say severe weather in the southern US and Australia is partly to blame for the jump in prices at food stores like this one behind me. But many are pointing to another culprit, energy, in particular the rising production of ethanol, a bio-fuel made from corn. There are some 130 ethanol plants now in operation across the US churning out billions of gallons of this stuff each year. The US hopes ethanol will slash demand for oil, but to make all that ethanol you need a lot of corn that has sent prices soaring 50 percent in the past year and a half. On top of ethanol there’s also the spike in the price of crude oil which makes it more expensive to transport and package foods. Some say demand for food and fuel are on a collision course that could have disastrous consequences.What we are looking at in a sense is direct competition between the 860 million people in the world who own automobiles and who want to maintain their mobility and the 2 billion poorest people in the world who simply want to survive. Others say demand may be outpacing supply now but the market will eventually adjust.We’ll continue to grow and really that’s a good thing. But people will also produce more. There’s an old saying at economics says the solution to high prices is high prices. What’s going to happen is that people are going to be provided an economic incentive to plant more. That should help solve the increase in prices. For now though, families struggle. 30 new families are walking into this Brooklyn pantry each day in need of help. This upcoming winter could be a bitter one indeed for many across the ed States finding it hard to afford the food basics.Maggie Lake, CNN New York.Notes:collision course: A course, such as that of moving objects or opposing philosophies, that will end in impact or conflict if permitted to continue unchanged or unabated02/61977

  As the fighting rages in Libya, human rights groups are looking to a longer term consequence of the war - the use of landmines.The hazards of mortar fire and rocket attacks are bad enough, but Libyans must now face the renewed problem of anti-personnel and anti-vehicle landmines.利比亚人不仅要面临迫击炮和火箭弹的袭击,他们现在还要面对一个新的问题,那就是对人员和车辆都有杀伤力的地雷。There are reports that both sides in the conflict have been using them. Human Rights Watch accused government troops of placing mines last month south of Ajdabiya. And while a rebel commander vowed his forces would not use landmines, over the weekend, journalists reported seeing rebels burying the devices near Ajdabiya's eastern gate. 有报导说,交战双方都使用了这些地雷。人权观察指责政府军上个月在阿季达比耶以南埋置地雷。虽然一名反对派指挥官誓言他的军队不会使用地雷,但媒体周末报导说看到反对派在阿季达比耶东部出口埋放地雷装置。Further north, Benghazi driver Tarek el Mehadawi said he is not so worried about the area around his hometown, but is concerned about other parts of the country.在更北部,班加西汽车司机梅哈德维表示,他并不非常担心自己家乡附近的情况,他更担心的是国家的其他地方。Mehadawi said areas around Sirte, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's hometown, or the besieged city of Misrata would be likely places for the hidden munitions, but that it's very difficult to know their precise location.梅哈德维说,利比亚领导人卡扎菲的家乡苏尔特,或者被包围的城市米苏拉塔更有可能是埋藏地雷的地点,但很难知道确切位置。Which is what makes the weapons so deadly. Most of the victims of landmines are civilians. In Libya, they would be the farmers and shepherds who walk the areas close to the roads where the mines are laid.而这正是地雷如此致命的原因。大部分遭地雷伤害的都是平民。在利比亚,这些很可能是农民或者牧羊人,他们会行走在道路附近埋有地雷的区域。For Libyans, the problem is not new. Nearly 70 years after the armies of Britain and Germany fought pitched battles across North Africa, landmines from World War II remain buried beneath the sands.对利比亚人来说,地雷不是什么新问题。在英国和德国部队在北非激烈争战将近70年后,砂子下面仍然留有二战期间的地雷。201104/132582Watch The Queen's Christmas Message Watch Her Majesty's annual Christmas message to the ed Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Christmas is a time for celebration. But this year it is a more sombre occasion for many. Some of those things which could once have been taken for granted suddenly seem less certain, and naturally give rise to feelings of insecurity. People are touched by events which have their roots far across the world. Whether it is the global economy or violence in a distant land, effects can be keenly felt at home. Once again many of our service men and women are serving on operations in common cause to bring peace and security to troubled places. In this 90th year since the end of the First World War, the last survivors recently commemorated the service and enormous sacrifice of their own generation. Their successors in theatres such as Iraq and Afghanistan are still to be found in harm's way in the service of others. For their loved ones, the worry will never cease until they are safely home. In such times as these we can all learn some lessons from the past. We might begin to see things in a new perspective. And certainly, we begin to ask ourselves where it is that we can find lasting happiness. Over the years, those who have seemed to me to be the most happy, contented and fulfilled have always been the people who have lived the most outgoing and unselfish lives; the kind of people who are generous with their talents or their time. There are those who use their prosperity or good fortune for the benefit of others whether they number among the great philanthropists or are people who with whatever they have, simply have a desire to help those less fortunate than themselves.What they offer comes in the form of what can easily be recognized as service to the nation or service to the wider community. As often as not, however, their unselfishness is a simply taken-for-granted part of the life of their family or neighborhood. They tend to have some sense that life itself is full of blessings and is a precious gift for which we should be thankful. When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat, instead they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future.I think we have a huge amount to learn from individuals such as these. And what I believe many of us share with them is a source of strength and peace of mind in our families and friends. Indeed, Prince Philip and I can reflect on the blessing, comfort and support we have gained from our own family in this special year for our son, The Prince of Wales.60 years ago, he was baptized here in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace. As parents and grandparents, we feel great pride in seeing our family make their own unique contributions to society. Through his charities, The Prince of Wales has worked to support young people and other causes for the benefit of the wider community, and now his sons are following in his footsteps. At Christmas, we feel very fortunate to have our family around us. But for many of you, this Christmas will mean separation from loved ones and perhaps reflection on the memories of those no longer with us.I hope that, like me, you will be comforted by the example of Jesus of Nazareth who, often in circumstances of great adversity, managed to live an outgoing, unselfish and sacrificial life. Countless millions of people around the world continue to celebrate his birthday at Christmas, inspired by his teaching. He makes it clear that genuine human happiness and satisfaction lie more in giving than receiving; more in serving than in being served.We can surely be grateful that, two thousand years after the birth of Jesus, so many of us are able to draw inspiration from his life and message, and find in him a source of strength and courage. I hope that the Christmas message will encourage and sustain you, too, now and in the coming year.I wish you all a very happy Christmas.200812/60008Many Indian Companies Put Expansion Plans on Hold许多印度公司暂停实施扩张计划  Many Indian companies are slowing expansion plans as they cope with the global economic downturn. It is a huge change from last year when Indian companies spent billions of dollars on acquisitions both at home and overseas. 为了应对全球经济下行,很多印度公司放慢了扩张计划。和去年很多印度公司动辄斥资几十亿美元在国内和海外的大举并购相比,这是个很大的变化。A recent decision by Indian conglomerate Tata to defer expansion plans came as no surprise to industry watchers. The group chairman said recently that some of its companies with foreign operations are facing problems raising capital, and advised managers to put acquisitions on hold.  对于观察人士来说,印度汽车工业巨头塔塔(TATA)集团最近做出的推迟扩张的决定并不令人吃惊。塔塔集团董事长表示,该公司的一些海外部门集资困难。他同时建议经理们暂时搁置扩张计划。It was a huge turnaround from the last two years, when the Tata group, like many other Indian companies, was on an aggressive buying spree. Tata's most high-profile acquisitions were its takeover of steel maker Corus last year, and the purchase of Jaguar and Land Rover earlier this year.  这个决定和过去两年形成鲜明对照。当时,塔塔集团和很多其他印度公司一样,展开大举收购。塔塔集团最抢眼的收购行动包括去年买下钢铁公司CORUS,以及今年早些时候从福特手中购入捷豹和陆虎这两个高端品牌。Flush with profits from a booming domestic economy, Indian companies spent about billion in 2007 on overseas takeovers. At the same time, they drew up ambitious expansion plans at home to benefit from growing consumer demand.  2007年,在国内经济景气撑下赚得盆满钵满的印度企业总共花费了大约330亿美元用于海外并购。与此同时,他们还为国内业务勾划出宏伟目标,以期充分借助增长强劲的国内需求。But most companies are rethinking those plans as a credit squeeze begins to bite.  但是,随着信贷紧缩,大多数公司开始重新考虑这些计划。An economist at the Confederation of Indian Industry, Anjan Roy, says steadily rising interest rates in the last year are hurting industry. 印度工业联盟得经济学家安让.罗伊说,过去一年来逐步提升的利率正在殃及印度工业。"Across the board companies, all sectors - people are complaining that they are facing this higher interest burden, and in the face of that they are cutting down investment plans. Expansion has been affected because of this credit squeeze," he said. 罗伊说:“这影响到所有行业的公司。企业抱怨高利率带来的负担。他们不得不因此砍掉一些投资计划。信贷紧缩已经影响到企业的扩张。”The higher interest rates have also cooled domestic demand in the last year. The automobile sector - booming until earlier in the year - is reporting lower car sales. Builders are unable to sell homes, and demand for commodities such as steel has dropped.  高利率同时也给国内需求降温。在今年上半年之前相当火爆的汽车市场开始出现销售下滑。建筑商卖房变得更难。钢铁等大宗商品的需求开始下降。The head of the economic think tank, RPG Goenka Foundation in New Delhi, D.H. Pai Panindiker, says many sectors have been affected.  新德里经济智库RPG基金会总裁帕宁迪克说,受到影响的行业不在少数。"Automobiles have been cutting production," he said. "The other industries which are likely to be in trouble are textiles, for which the demand has come down very sharply, leather goods, chemicals is another industry."  帕宁迪克说:“汽车公司减产。其他可能遇到问题的行业还包括纺织业,纺织品的需求急剧下降。制革、化工等行业也是这样。”Indian companies are asking the government to lower taxes, and cut interest rates to revive demand and protect them from the global slowdown. 印度公司要求政府减税、降息,以求刺激需求,帮助企业度过全球经济下行的难关。200811/56869

  美国国务卿希拉里·克林顿星期五说,美国中东特使米切尔下周将返回中东地区,开始以色列和巴勒斯坦之间的间接和平谈判。美国希望阿拉伯盟友能向巴勒斯坦当局提供更多援助,并采取措施与以色列建立互信,来持和平进程。Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell will return to the region next week to start indirect peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. The ed States is looking to Arab allies to provide more aid to the Palestinian Authority, and take confidence-building steps with Israel, to support the process.The start of the so-called "proximity" talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, marks a step forward in U.S.-led efforts to revive the stalled regional peace process.At at a joint press event with Kuwait's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mohammad al-Sabah, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made clear that the Obama administration wants to see the early resumption of full-scale direct negotiations."I think we've been very clear in our efforts that the resumption of talks is absolutely essential for the progress we seek toward a two-state solution," she said. "We will be starting with proximity talks next week. Senator Mitchell will be going back to the region, and we look forward to the meeting of the Arab [League] follow-up committee in Cairo tomorrow night to support the commitment by President Abbas to move forward with these talks."The Arab League set up the committee to pursue implemetation of its 2002 peace initiative offering Israel political recognition if it withdraws from occupied areas and makes peace with the Palestinians.In a Middle East policy address Thursday night, Clinton urged Arab countries to back up verbal statements of support for the Palestinian Authority with tangible financial aid.She also said Arab moderates should reopen trade offices and make other confidence-building gestures toward Israel to show Israelis that peace would actually end the Jewish state's regional isolation.Asked if Kuwait is y to take such steps, Deputy Prime Minister al-Sabah stressed Kuwaiti support for U.S.-led peace efforts but would not be specific."We have supported the proximity talks during early March. Unfortunately the response from Israel was an announcement to build 1,600 houses in East Jerusalem, as if it was a response to our support for the proximity talks," he said. "Yet, we did not be discouraged by that. During the Arab summit in Tripoli we reconfirmed our commitment to the proximity talks to help the ed States achieve this strategic objective."In the proximity talks, U.S. envoy Mitchell - a former Senate Majority leader - is expected to shuttle between Israeli officials in Jerusalem and Palestinian officials in the nearby West Bank town of Ramallah.Appearing with Clinton Thursday at a meeting of the American Jewish Committee, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Israel's right-leaning coalition government now sees a two-state solution of the Middle East conflict as a "compelling imperative." He said that is not as a favor to the Palestinians but to preserve Israel as a democratic, Jewish state.201005/102948Female drink offences soarThe number of women being arrested for drunk and disorderly (Damp;D) offences has soared by up to 1,000 per cent in parts of Britain.Welcome back .Free drinks, special offers in club, price happy hours, it's all feeling a massive increase in binge drinking amongst young women. New figures obtained by this program show the number of women arrested for being drunk and disorderly has soared by up to 1000% in some places. Now one chief cause of all called for a complete ban on its county drinks and alcohol advertising in an effort to tackle it all. Our North England Correspondent Nick Martin has been out on the streets of New Castle upon time to see just how bad it gets. It's only a Wednesday night, but the bars and the night clubs are filling up. This is New Castle ,the city with a reputation for a good night-out. Most of people here will have a harmless midweek drink. But it won't turn out that way for others. Figures obtained by Channel 4 News have revealed a change in women's behavior when it comes to a night on the tiles. They appeared to show that women are getting into more trouble with the police than ever before. We asked all the police forces in the UK to give us figures on the number of women they had arrested for being drunk and disorderly in the past five years. 38 forces responded to the survey, 21 of them had directly comparable figures.The West Midlands recorded the biggest rise--arrests there have got from just 59 in 2003, 2004 to more than 10 times that this year when 731 women were arrested .In Gwent South Wales there has been a 7-fold increase over five years from 28 arrests to 190. Leicestershire recorded just 14 arrests in 2003/4, but the most recent figure showed that the number has risen to nearly 80. Over Cheshire the earliest figure comes from 2005/6 when 85 women were arrested.And in just 3 years,that number has more than doubled to 200. And in Northumbria,the region with the most arrests each year, the number has increased by nearly 700, 1414 in 2003/4 to more than 2000 this year. Here in New Castle, for example, the police are concerned.They know and have them for some period of time now that womenn are drinking as much if not more than men on the average night out. But what these figures appear to show is that more and more women aren't leaving and going home in a taxi or on the late bus. But in a police van like this; the police say they want changes; the pops say they've made those changes, and the contest just wants another drink, it's a kind of stalemate. I would not rely on, oh on the private sector just self-regulate prices. I think there should be some emendation around prices that takes it or makes it extremely difficult to drink to access. I also think that the advertising on alcohol should simply not be allowed. It is midnight and signs that some have had too much to drink. The leisure industry denies that it is wholly responsible for this convert behavior, but accepts that drinks are cheaper because competition is higher. We are seeing many more people arriving on our businesses aly drunk, having consumed alcohol at home. It's a fact we have to face this. The government asked us to face it. The police authorities have to face it. And We have to face it. It's an industry that supermarkets are selling alcohol below local price and this is fueling the problem. The fact is that no one really knows who is fueling the problem of excessive drinking on Britain streets. But the figures appear to show that women are playing a bigger part than they ever have before. They mark around the big market and in the statement tight the home office told us responsible drinking is something we must all take responsibility for and losing control through excessive drinking is no excuse for anti-social behavior and violence. Overall, alcohol-related violence has fallen by around a third since 1995 and we are not complacent. We are launching this summer a multi-million pound publicity campaign to help prevent the harms that irresponsible drinking can cause to communities and individuals.200811/55170

  Thailand, China Sign Agreements to Boost Economy泰总理访华吸引中国投资  Thailand is looking to China to boost its ailing economy and to draw in Chinese investments, as other sources of foreign funds dwindle. The effort to build China's business profile in Thailand came during Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva's official visit to China.泰国总理阿披实(Abhisit Vejjajiva)正在对中国进行正式访问,努力加强泰中两国的商业往来。观察人士指出,由于来自其他国家的资金减少,泰国正在转向中国,希望通过吸引中国投资来振兴泰国疲弱的经济。Prime Minister Abhisit, leading a delegation of more than 100 officials and business people to China, announced business deals worth more than billion. The agreements aim to increase Thai exports industries and to attract Chinese investors.阿披实总理这次访华率领了一个由100多名政府官员和工商人士组成的代表团。阿披实表示已经跟中国达成了价值10亿多美元的商业协议。这些协议旨在增加泰国的出口业和吸引中国的投资者。Mr. Abhisit also held talks with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in Beijing during his four-day visit, which ends Saturday.在这次为期四天的访问中,阿披实在北京跟中国国家主席胡锦涛和中国总理温家宝举行了会谈。The agreements involve exports of Thai rice, rubber, tapioca, fruits and jewelry. They are part of Thai Commerce Ministry efforts to expand business networks between the two countries, to counter the pain caused by the global economic slowdown.双方签署的商业协议包括泰国稻米、橡胶、木薯、水果和珠宝出口。这是泰国商务部扩大两国工商交往努力的一部分,以减轻全球经济衰退给泰国带来的阵痛。Somphob Manarangsan, director of the Chinese Studies Center at Thailand's Chulalongkorn University, says both countries want to boost trade and investment.泰国朱拉隆功大学的中国研究中心主任颂蓬(Somphob Manarangsan)说, 两国都想增加贸易往来和投资。"There are quite some prospects for the expansion of economic activity between Thailand and China," said Somphob. "Now the foreign trade of the two countries is just about billion - the two way trade. So I think they try to expand the figure to achieve the billion in the next few years." 他说:“人们对扩大中泰两国之间的经济活动充满了远景期望。现在,两国之间的贸易额只有370亿美元。所以我认为他们想努力扩大这个数字,希望在接下来的几年达到500亿美元。”Somphob says exports still account for over 60 percent of Thailand's total output. Thai trade with China fell 25 percent to just over billion in the first five months of this year, but Somphob expects the rate of decline to improve in the coming months. 颂蓬说,出口仍然占泰国总产出的60%以上。今年头5个月,泰中贸易下降了25%,超过110亿美元。但是颂蓬预期下降的速度在未来的几个月会得到改善。The Thai government recently set out a national investment plan worth more than billion as part of efforts to revive the flagging economy.泰国政府最近推出了一项超过400亿美元的全国投资计划,努力改善低迷的经济。The plan includes infrastructure projects, such as an expansion of the rail network. During his visit, Mr. Abhisit met with the chairman of the China Railway Engineering Corporation.这项计划包括扩大铁路网等基础设施建设项目。阿披实总理在访华期间还会见了中国铁路工程公司董事长石大华。Somphob says many countries like Thailand hope to benefit as Chinese businesses seek investments abroad. 颂蓬说,泰国跟许多其他国家一样,希望能在中国企业寻求海外投资时获得好处。"From now on I think China will seem to boost outward foreign investment particularly in the field of direct investment," he said. "As you know that China has huge amounts of foreign reserves - so they need to go out to particularly to the developing economies." 他说:“我认为,从现在开始,中国将扩大在海外的投资,尤其是直接投资。中国有大量的外汇储备。所以他们需要走出去,尤其是向发展中国家投资。”Thailand also hopes to lure back Chinese tourists, many of whom postponed visits over the past year because of the country's recent political uncertainties.泰国还希望能把中国游客吸引回来。去年,许多游客因为泰国政治不稳而放弃了到泰国旅游的计划。06/75866

  China's currency中国的货币the rise of the redback 人民币的崛起China will have to open its financial market if it wants the yuan to rival the dollar 如果想让人民币击败美元,中国必须开放其金融市场Jan 20th 2011 | from PRINT EDITION IN 1965 Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, then France’s finance minister, complained that America, as the issuer of the world’s reserve currency, enjoyed “an exorbitant privilege”. China’s president, Hu Jintao, does not have quite the same way with words. But on the eve of his visit to America this week he told two of the country’s newspapers that the international currency system was a “product of the past”. Something can be a product of the past without being a thing of the past. But his implication was clear: the dollar’s role reflects America’s historical clout, not its present stature.在1965年时,瓦勒里·季斯卡·德斯坦还是法国财政部部长,当时他抱怨到作为世界储备货币发行国的美国,享有者一种“嚣张的特权”。不过中国国家主席胡锦涛用另外的说法表达了这个意思在本周出访美国前夕,他告诉两家国内的报纸说国际货币体系是“旧时代的产物”。有些东西在没有成为陈迹之前,就已经成为过去的产物。但是他的意思很清楚:美元反映的是美国在过去的影响力,但是不现在的情况。Mr Hu is right that America’s currency punches above its economy’s diminished weight in the world. America’s share of global output (20%), trade (only 11%) and even financial assets (about 30%) is shrinking, as emerging economies flourish. But many of those economies, such as South Korea, still sell their exports for dollars; many, including China, still peg their currencies to the greenback, however loosely; and about 60% of the world’s foreign-exchange reserves remain in dollars.胡先生是对的,美元地位与其在世界经济中不断下降的份额不相称。在世界产出中美国所占的份额(20%),在世界贸易中美国拥有的份额(11%)以及在金融资产上的美国的份额(30%)都在萎缩,而新兴市场经济体却不断繁荣。可是这其中的大部分国家,比如韩国,还在用美元结算出口商品;很多国家,包括中国,仍然将其货币与美元挂钩,只不过现在跟随步伐不那么紧了;而且,世界外汇储备中大约有60%仍然使用美元。This allows America to borrow cheaply from the rest of the world. Its government has been able to overspend, secure in the knowledge that its IOUs will be bought by foreign central banks, which are not too fussy about price. America would show more self-discipline, many Chinese believe, if the dollar had a little bit more competition. 这种情况的存在使美国可以很便宜地从世界其它地方购买商品。由于知道自己发行的票据会被国外央行购买,所以美国政府能够过度花费而不对价格过分担心。很多中国人认为如果美元还能保一点竞争力的话,它应该更自律一些。201108/150203。


  High-tech ATM theft ATM黑客 Criminals are using more sophisticated methods than ever before to gain access to ATM customers' PIN numbers. It’s a new kind of bank robbery; Hackers breaking into ATM machines through holes of computer software, stealing money from variety of Bank Accounts. It’s something you probably take for granted that when you use an ATM machine and enter your personal pin code. That secret number stays between you and your bank. Think again!? We’re at a tipping point when this actually became a serious problem. It happened most recently in 7-11 stores across the country. Hackers broke into Citibank’s network ATM machine, snatched the people’s pin numbers and stole some 2 million dollars from a range of bank accounts. ATM crime has become more and more sophisticated as you see an organized crime, for example. That, you know, they’re willing to sometimes invest a large sum of money upfront in order to, compromise, you know, in order to compromise an account or accounts. ATM trade spokesman Kurt Helwig said it was an isolated incident. Still the question: how they do it? 60% ATM machines are all owned by private independent companies. Prosecutors investigated the possibility to cease hackers to deprive ATM computer network owned by card electronics, ceasing the pin codes during the transmission before they ever reach the bank. Citibank tells CNN: “The situation has been resolved there have been no fraudulent transactions since March” Three people believed to be to the deceptive to be in dialed and Citibank says they’ll repay anyone whose accounts made compromised. In the past, ATM’s were compromised by phony calls scanners that cameras recall people repeat punching their pin numbers. This raised the states because hackers can still eliminate their numbers with pin code electronically. The ATM districts say this is an isolated incident affected in tiny percentage of 1 billion yieldly ATM transactions. For CNNmoney.com, Deborah Feyerick.参考中文翻译:罪犯盗取ATM客户密码的方法越来越成熟。这是一种新式的抢劫;黑客利用电脑软件的漏洞侵入ATM,盗走不同帐号里的钱。可能你觉得应用的ATM时输入密码是理所当然的事。密码只有你和知道。再想一下是不是这样?这实际上是一个很严重的问题。最近,在全国的7-11便利店,这种状况时有发生。黑客侵入花旗的ATM网络,盗取了客户的密码,从很多账户中窃取了200多万美元。ATM犯罪越来越成熟,你可以看到有组织的犯罪。你知道,为了让一个或者几个账户受害,他们会投入一笔很大的资金。ATM交易发言人Kurt Helwig说这是一个单独的偶然事件。仍然是那个问题:他们是怎样做的呢?60%的ATM由私有的独立的公司所有。告发者调查了剥夺电子设备的ATM电脑网络,在交易到达前就停止交易密码以阻止黑客犯罪的可能性。花旗告诉CNN:“现在状况已经好转,从3月份起就没有再发生虚假交易。”3人涉嫌虚假交易,花旗说,他们会偿付账户受到危害的户主。过去,ATM受电话窃听器的危害,摄像头会记录下人民重复输入的密码。现在黑客可以消除他们输入的密码。ATM相关部门表示,这只是偶然事件,比例相当低,在10亿笔ATM交易中才会有一次发生。200812/58130

  Int'l Red Cross Decries Gaza Humanitarian Crisis红十字会:加沙面临全面人道危机 The International Committee of the Red Cross said Gaza is suffering what it calls a full-blown humanitarian crisis. It said the death toll and number of injured is rising, the infrastructure of the Palestinian territory is shattered and civilians lack essential supplies. 红十字国际委员会说,加沙目前陷入全面的人道主义危机。红十字会说,加沙的死伤人数还在上升,这块巴勒斯坦领土的基础设施受到破坏,平民百姓缺少必须的生活用品。The International Committee of the Red Cross said up to 600 people have been killed and about 3,000 injured since Israel began its military offensive in Gaza.  红十字国际委员会说,以色列对加沙开始军事进攻以来,已经有多达600人丧生,大约3000人受伤。The Head of ICRC Operations, Pierre Kraehenbuehl, called it a full blown humanitarian crisis. He said the situation for civilians has become intolerable. 红十字国际委员会行动部主任皮埃尔.克雷恩布尔认为,加沙目前进入全面的人道主义危机。他说,平民百姓的处境已经到了不能容忍的地步。"The main message coming out of Gaza this morning is one of fear and frustration. People are scared, parents for the safety of their children and the population at large being caught up in fighting. This past night was described to us over the phone this morning as being the most frightening of all to date," he said.  克雷恩布尔说:“今天早上来自加沙的消息充满了恐惧和绝望。人们非常害怕,家长担心他们孩子的安全,整个加沙人民都被卷入这场战争之中。今天早上我们从电话中得知,过去的这个夜晚是迄今最令人胆颤心惊的。”The ICRC said people are trapped and unable to flee to areas of safety. The Swiss humanitarian organization is appealing to Israel and Hamas fighters to refrain from targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure. It said it is critical that civilians are kept out of the line of fire. 红十字国际委员会说,人们被困在加沙,无法逃到安全区域。这个在瑞士的人道主义组织呼吁以色列和哈马斯武装人员尽量不要打击平民和民用基础设施。该组织说,让平民远离战火至关重要。Kraehenbuehl said a distinction must be made between civilians and combatants. He said direct and indiscriminate attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure, such as homes, hospitals and water-power supplies, are prohibited under international humanitarian law. 克雷恩布尔说,必须分清楚哪些是平民,哪些是战斗人员。他说,对平民百姓和住宅、医院及水电供应设施等民用设施不分青红皂白的直接攻击是国际人道主义法律所禁止的。He said the Red Cross is gravely concerned by the growing number of civilian deaths and injuries. He said the growing number of civilian infrastructure that is being damaged and destroyed, including hospitals, also is alarming. 克雷恩布尔说,红十字会对平民伤亡人数的日益增加表示严重关切。他说,医院等民用基础设施遭到损毁的数量不断上升也非常令人震惊。"In every situation of armed conflict, the issue of access to medical care is a crucial one. In Gaza, this access has been worsening by the day. Many people in Gaza currently do not get the emergency medical care that they need. Some are even dying because ambulances cannot reach them in time, which is frankly appalling," he said.  克雷恩布尔说:“在武装冲突的每一种情况中,能否得到医疗救治的问题,至关重要。在加沙,平民百姓得到救治的可能性每况愈下。加沙许多人目前无法得到所需的急救。由于救护车无法及时接到伤病人员,致使有些人生命垂危。这种现状的确骇人听闻。”Kraehenbuehl said the Israeli authorities are allowing the Red Cross to bring medical supplies, including blood, into Gaza. He said the agency also has brought in tetanus vaccines, which are potentially life saving for wounded patients.  克雷恩布尔表示,以色列当局允许红十字会向加沙运送血液等医疗救治所需的物品。他说,该机构还给加沙带去了破伤风疫苗,这种疫苗可以挽救伤员的生命。He said a team of Red Cross war surgeons has been allowed to enter Gaza to assist doctors treating the wounded at the main Shifa hospital. 克雷恩布尔说,红十字会一个战地外科医生小组已经获准进入加沙,为在希法总医院救治伤员的医生提供帮助。01/60591

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