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顺德新世纪泌尿专科医院在哪南方医科大学顺德医院在哪Four International Marriage.涉外婚姻 1 Introduction A Perhaps more than ever before, people from very different cultures marry each other. Such intercultural and interracial marriages have been more common in countries like America and Canada where people from all over the world live, work, and study together. These relationships often have hidden problems and surprising benefits. 不同文化间的人结婚也许已大大超出了往常。这种不同文化、不同人种间的婚姻在像美国、加拿大这种有来自世界各地的人在此生活、工作、学习的国家已经变得很普遍了。这些关系经常隐藏危机,也有出乎意料的好处。B Every marriage requires commitment, dedication and work. An international / intercultural marriage requires even more attention because of the many obstacles that a couple faces. The obstacles come from family, friends, personal values, expectations, and bureaucratic procedures. To overcome these barriers, intercultural couples need to learn about one another's cultures, accept that cultural roots go deep and that people don't change easily or quickly. And most important, they need to focus on the positives and talk with one another about which traditions they want to carry on as a couple and with their children.每一个婚姻都需要有承诺,都需要付出努力。由于涉外婚姻夫妻面对着很多障碍,所以需要更加用心。障碍有来自家庭的,朋友的,还有个人价值观不同,期待不同,以及官方手续。要克这些障碍,涉外婚姻夫妻需要了解对方文化,并要接受由于这种文化根底深,人是不容易或者很快改变的。最重要的是,他们需要看到那些好的方面,互相商量看作为夫妻以及小孩以后想继续采用哪一种传统。 2 Sample Sentences 1. I think that anyone considering marrying a foreigner needs to look at things very closely before doing so. 我觉得任何选择和老外结婚的人都应该在此之前仔细地看清楚这件事。2. Marriage to someone from a different country does require some extra effort. 和一个异国他乡的人结婚真的是需要更多的努力。3. It can be worth the effort however. 然而这份努力也可能是很值得的。4. Couples have said that the first five years of this type of marriage are the hardest.有夫妻说过这种类型的婚姻前5年是最难的。5. The key to a successful intercultural marriage is to develop understanding and patience.一个成功的涉外婚姻最关键的就是要培养理解与耐心。6. It isn't easy to deal with the legacy that we've all grown up with in our ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds.要处理好我们在这种民族、信仰和社会经济环境下长大所受到的影响是不容易的。7. Do you ever feel the fear of abandonment by your family, friends and your spouse? 你有没有过怕被你的家人、朋友和你的配偶抛弃的恐惧心理?8. How would you describe your intercultural marriage? 你怎么描述你的涉外婚姻?9. Understanding the diversity of cultures and traditions in one another's past can enhance a marriage relationship.理解另外一个人过去不同的文化与传统可以改善你的婚姻关系。10. Although there can be many problems in these international marriage relationships, they can also be very successful.尽管在这种国际婚姻关系中有很多问题,但是它们还是可以很成功的。11. I've been married for almost 3 years, and never once regretted it.我结婚快3年了,但我从未后悔过。 3 Conversations 1. Two women are talking about intercultural marriage. A. You are married to a foreigner, huh? So what’s it like? B. Well, the first year of our marriage, we had great difficulty getting along. The things that are important to me are not important to him. We had a lot of conflicts1. A. Yeah, I know what you mean. The first year of any marriage is difficult for all couples, not to mention two people from different cultures. B. And now we have a two-year-old boy. We’re very happy that he’s healthy and smart.A. Oh, so he’s half Chinese and half American. That’s unusual. What languages does he speak, then?B. Right now he speaks mostly Chinese, and he can say a few English words. But he will learn.A. What does he look like? Can people tell? B. Yes, people surely can. He’s whiter than the Chinese kids, and his hair is a little blonde. My husband says his eyes are very Chinese though. ——你跟一个老外结婚了,是吗?那么是个什么样?——嗯,我们结婚的第一年,我们很难相处。对我来说重要的事对他来说又不重要。我们有过很多冲突。——是,我知道你什么意思。结婚的第一年对任何夫妻来说都很难,更不用说是两个来自不同文化的人。——而且现在我们有了一个两岁的男孩。我们很高兴他很健康、很聪明。——噢,那么他是一半中国血统、一半美国血统。那很不寻常。那他讲什么语言?——现在他主要讲中文,他只会说几个英文单词。但是他会学。——他长得怎么样?别人看得出来吗?——能,别人当然能看出来。他比其他中国小孩白,头发有点金黄。但我丈夫说他的眼睛很像中国人的。1. An interculture couple are talking about relatives visiting without warning. A: Well, I can’t believe your uncle and aunt came to stay with us for a week, and they did not even call us in advance2. B: John, they are old-fashioned people from the Chinese countryside. That’s their custom. A: I know, but it is hard for me to get used to your relatives coming to visit us, and without warning. B: Don’t your relatives visit other relatives? A: Yes, but Americans never visit without calling in advance, and they almost never stay overnight. B: I think that maybe Chinese families are closer than your families. A: I think you’re right!——嗯,我真不敢相信你的叔叔和姑妈和我们住了一个星期,甚至他们都没有提前打个招呼。——约翰,他们是从中国农村来的老年人。那是他们的习俗。——我知道,但是对我来说很难适应你的亲戚来看我们,连个招呼都不打。——你的亲戚难道不去看望其他亲戚的吗?——去啊,但是美国人从不事先不打个电话就去的,而且几乎都不过夜。——我觉得也许中国家庭比你们的家庭要亲密很多。——我想你说得没错!3. Tired of Western food. A: Sally, I’m tired of this Western food. I really miss my mother’s Sichuan cooking. B: I’m sure you do miss that type of cooking. But can’t you try to get used to Western food? A: I have tried. But Americans like butter, b, sugar, and cream too much. B: I suppose you’re right, Lee. Maybe that’s why so many Westerners are overweight3. A: It’s interesting that Americans work very hard at their jobs, do not take naps4 during the day, and yet they can be so heavy. B: You see, because we are often busy working, we eat too much fast food, and that food is very fattening5. ——莎利,这些西餐我真吃腻了。我真想念我妈妈做的四川菜。——我知道你肯定很想念那种口味的菜。但是你难道不能试着适应吃西餐吗?——我都试过了。但是美国人太喜欢黄油、面包、白糖和奶油了。——我想你说得对,李。也许那就是为什么这么多西方人超重。not;——很有趣,美国人工作很卖力,白天又不打盹,而他们还可以这么胖。——你想,因为我们工作经常很忙,所以我们吃快餐吃得很多,而那些食物又很容易使人发胖。4. Money problems. A: Calvin, how much money did you spend last weekend? B: Lily, I’m not sure. Let me check, I think I spent . A: Why don’t you help me save money? You are always spending money. B: I know that I should learn how to save more, but I hope that we can spend a little on ourselves sometimes.A: I’m sorry. I guess I’m too extreme when it comes putting money in the bank. B: That’s okay. I’m sorry, too. It’s a good idea to prepare for the future possibilities. ——加尔文,上个周末你花了多少钱?——莉莉,我不太清楚。我算算,我想我花了50美元。——你怎么不帮我省钱?你老是花钱。——我知道我应该学会节省钱,但是我希望有时候我们可以花一点点钱在我们自己身上。——对不起。一说起把钱存进,我想我太过分了。——没关系。我也有愧。为将来做好准备,这是好的。4 Words and Expressions 1. conflict 冲突, 抵触2. in advance 事先; 预先3. overweight 超重的; 过重的4. nap 打盹儿, 小睡5. fattening 用于养肥的 /200603/5418佛山市第一人民医院肿瘤医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱 The people will devote themselves to the job of ensuring the 2006 FIFA World Cup is an unforgettable experience, 人们忘我地工作,以确保 2006 FIFA世界杯成为一次难忘的经历,a fact demonstrated by the thousands of ordinary folk who have come forward as volunteers.事实上,成千上万的普通百姓成为了志愿者。Germany is well prepared to host the FIFA World Cup.德国为FIFA世界杯的举办做好了充分的准备。We have finished constructing our new, modern stadiums and an outstanding transportation infrastructure.我们已经完成了现代化新场馆的建设,建成了优良的运输基础设施。The organisation is in the enormously capable hands of the Organising Committee headed by Franz Beckenbauer.贝肯鲍尔 (Franz Beckenbauer)的领导下的世界杯组委会运转非常出色。The slogan ;A time to make friends?; perfectly describes our intention to ensure everyone revels in a secure and peaceful festival of football.本届世界杯口号友谊的盛会极好地表达了我们的意愿,我们要确保每个人都度过一个安全、和平的足球节日。The FIFA World Cup is a unique opportunity for Germany to present herself as a hospitable, joyful and modem nation bursting with ideas.FIFA世界杯足球赛给了德国一次绝佳的机会,展示她的热情、快乐、现代化和充满丰富的想象。I am convinced that the flames of passion and togetherness engendered by the FIFA World Cup in Germany will sp to the entire world.我确信,德国FIFA世界杯足沫赛带来的团结和的火焰会散布到全世界。Im personally looking forward to a festival of goals, excitement and fair play.我个人希望,这是一次进球、和公平竞赛的节日。We Germans will be right behind our national team, but our aim is to act as welcoming hosts and friends to every team and their fans.我们德国人当然坚定持自己国家队,但是,我们的目标是当好热情的东道主和每球队及其球迷的朋友。Passionate and cosmopolitan Germany is delighted to welcome visitors to the 2006 FIFA World Cup.充满热情、敞开怀抱的德国热烈欢迎所有参与 2006 FIFA世界杯足球赛的朋友们。201612/482669点击此处下载音频大家好,笨小孩广播学口语准时与大家相约,Andy 送上最诚挚的问候. 今天我们要学习的两个俚语是The house went up in smoke. 和Keep your shirt on!(过渡音乐)我们先来看第一句The house went up in smoke. Smoke, 是;烟;,go up in smoke,都成烟了,也就是;被烧光;的意思。The house went up in smoke. 就是;房子被烧光了; 。前几天看了一部战片。黑社会的人把一个警察的家给点了。那位警察回来后问站在废墟前的妻子是怎么回事,妻子说:;The whole house went up in smoke in less than an hour.; (整座房子不到一小时就烧光了。) 另外go up in smoke 还可指 ;以失败告终;未剩下有价值的东西;。小黄的叔叔打算放假散散心,想开车去旅行,可不幸出了车祸。人没事,但车要好好修整一番。阿波问小黄叔叔准备什么时候出发,叔叔说:;When my car was crashed, all the travel plans went up in smoke.(汽车撞坏了,整个旅行计划都泡汤了。) ; 希望大家永远都不要碰上这么倒霉的事情,好运常伴。(过渡音乐)下面我们来看第二句话Keep your shirt on! Shirt是;衬衫;,常指男式衬衫。大家都知道,男士们一发脾气时,很容易挽起袖子,或直接解开,脱去衬衫,摆出一副要打架的样子。Keep onersquo;s shirt on. 保持穿着衬衫的状态,也就是;不生气;不发脾气 ;的意思。一天,小平到宿舍,大家看到他脸色很难看,便问怎么回事。小平说他看到自己的女朋友和别人一起手挽手地逛街,那男的还对小平说: Keep your shirt on! Nobody meant to offend you. (别发火!没人想惹你。) 大家都问后来怎么样了,小平说:;I tried to control myself but at last I couldnrsquo;t keep my shirt on. 我竭力控制,但最后还是忍无可忍,和他打了起来。) 当然这只是一个故事而已,希望大家以后碰到类似情况都能 Keep your shirt on. 这样对人对己都会好些。(过渡音乐)在今天的节目里,我们学了两句俚语The house went up in smoke. 和Keep your shirt on!大家都学会了吗?我是笨小孩英语的Andy老师,下次再见! /200605/7304佛山第一人民医院不孕不育科

佛山一院前列腺炎多少钱大良新世纪男科医院怎么走 On my first day as Secretary-General of the ed Nations, one question weighs heavily on my heart.今天是我担任联合国秘书长的第一天。有一个问题沉重地压在我的心头。How can we help the millions of people caught up in conflict, suffering massively in wars with no end in sight?数百万民众身陷冲突,在看不到尽头的战争中饱受苦难。我们怎样才能去帮助他们?Civilians are pounded with deadly force. Women, children and men are killed and injured, forced from their homes, dispossessed and destitute. Even hospitals and aid convoys are targeted.平民遭受致命攻击。男女妇孺,死伤惨重,他们背井离乡,一无所有,一贫如洗。连医院和援助车队,也成为攻击目标。No one wins these wars, everyone loses. Trillions of dollars are spent destroying societies and economies, fueling cycles of mistrust and fear that can last for generations. And whole regions are destabilized and the new threat of global terrorism affects us all.在这些战争中,没有赢家,人人皆输。数万亿美元被耗费,社会和经济遭到破坏,不信任和恐惧恶性循环,愈演愈烈。这种不信任和恐惧会让数代人挥之不去。一个个地区整个陷入动荡,而全球恐怖主义这一新威胁影响到所有人。On this New Years Day, I ask all of you to join me in making one shared New Years resolution: Let us resolve to put peace first.值此元旦之际,我请所有人和我一起,共同下定一个新年决心:让我们决心把和平摆在首位。Let us make 2017 a year in which we all – citizens, governments, leaders – strive to overcome our differences.让我们大家,不论是公民、政府、还是领导人,努力使2017年成为克彼此分歧的一年。From solidarity and compassion in our daily lives, to dialogue and respect across political divides…无论在日常生活中展现团结精神和同情之心,还是超越政治分歧开展对话、相互尊重……From ceasefires on the battlefield, to compromise at the negotiating table to reach political solutions…无论是在战场上实现停火,还是在谈判桌上为实现政治解决而达成妥协……Peace must be our goal and our guide.和平必须是我们的目标,我们的指针。And all that we strive for as a human family – dignity and hope, progress and prosperity – depends on peace.尊严和希望、进步和繁荣,这些都是我们人类大家庭奋力实现的目标,它们都取决于和平。But peace depends on us.而和平要靠我们去实现。I appeal to you all to join me in committing to peace, today and every day.我呼吁大家和我一起,在今天,在每一天,都致力于和平。Let us make 2017 a year for peace.让我们使2017年成为和平之年。Thank you.谢谢大家。201701/489396顺德医院正规吗?怎么样

佛山市第五人民医院有治疗前列腺炎吗And yet, I knew from the work I had done that if he had any of the things we were about to start testing for,我的工作经验让我得知,如果经过哪些检查,发现他有什么问题,that those would ultimately be his identity,and if they were his identity they would become my identity,that that illness was going to take a very different shape as it unfolded.那将永久成为他的特性,如果这是他的特性,也将会是我的特性,这将不同于病症最初呈现的那样。We took him to the MRI machine, we took him to the CAT scanner,我们带他做核磁共振,带他做计算机化X射线轴向分层造影,we took this day-old child and gave him over for an arterial blood draw.我们带着这个出生仅一天的孩子做动脉抽血。We felt helpless.我们感到无助。And at the end of five hours,五个小时后,they said that his brain was completely clear and that he was by then extending his legs correctly.医生们说他的大脑完全没问题,也可以完全正常伸展他的双腿。And when I asked the pediatrician what had been going on,she said she thought in the morning he had probably had a cramp.当我问儿科医生这是怎么回事,她说,她觉得早上他可能抽筋了。But I thought how my mother was right.我认为我的母亲是正确的。I thought, the love you have for your children is unlike any other feeling in the world,我以为你对自己孩子的爱是不同于世界上任何其他感觉的,and until you have children, you dont know what it feels like.直到你有孩子,你才知道那是什么样的感觉。I think children had ensnared me the moment I connected fatherhood with loss.我想是孩子让我,认为自己不是个称职的父亲。But Im not sure I would have noticed that if I hadnt been so in the thick of this research project of mine.但我不确定自己会注意到,要不是我做了这么繁复的研究项目,Id encountered so much strange love,and I fell very naturally into its bewitching patterns.我遇到了太多奇怪的爱,然后我很自然地陷入其迷人的模式。And I saw how splendor can illuminate even the most abject vulnerabilities.我看到光如何照亮最不幸的脆弱之处。During these 10 years, I had witnessed and learned the terrifying joy of unbearable responsibility,在这 10 年期间,我曾目睹和了解到,那些难以承受的责任,and I had come to see how it conquers everything else.我也看到了它如何克一切苦难。And while I had sometimes thought the parents I was interviewing were fools,我曾经有时会想,我正在采访的父母是傻瓜,enslaving themselves to a lifetimes journey with their thankless children and trying to breed identity out of misery,让自己踏上给不知感恩的孩子们一生为奴的旅程,试图从痛苦中获得身份认同,我意识到,从研究开始那天起,我已建造了一块踏板,I realized that day that my research had built me a plank and that I was y to join them on their ship.Thank you.随时准备着与他们同舟共济。谢谢。201604/438148 Maybe youve thought about them, too.也许你们会有共鸣。In this talk, Ill take you through the four main legal approaches在我的演讲中,我将介绍全世界主流的四种与性工作者相关的applied to sex work throughout the world, and explain why they dont work;法律手段,并且解释为什么它们没有作用。why prohibiting the sex industry actually exacerbates every harm that sex workers are vulnerable to.为什么禁止色情行业实际上让本来脆弱的性工作者雪上加霜。Then Im going tell you about what we, as sex workers, actually want.然后我将告诉大家作为性工作者,我们真正渴望什么。The first approach is full criminalization.第一种法律手段是完全刑事化。Half the world, including Russia, South Africa and most of the US,地球上的半数国家,包括俄罗斯、南非和大部分的美国,regulates sex work by criminalizing everyone involved.宣布所有从事性工作的人,So thats seller, buyer and third parties.包括卖春者,买春者和第三方是违法的。Lawmakers in these countries apparently hope that the fear of getting arrested will deter people from selling sex.这些国家的立法者显然希望被捕的恐惧会遏制人们卖淫的想法。But if youre forced to choose between obeying the law and feeding yourself or your family,但是如果你必须要在遵守法律和养家糊口中选择一个,youre going to do the work anyway, and take the risk.你还是会选择铤而走险去卖淫的。Criminalization is a trap.刑事化是一个陷阱。Its hard to get a conventional job when you have a criminal record.如果你有了犯罪记录,就很难找到传统的工作。Potential employers wont hire you.招聘方不会雇佣你。Assuming you still need money, youll stay in the more flexible, informal economy.假设你仍然需要钱,你的经济状况仍然是脆弱的,不正规的。The law forces you to keep selling sex, which is the exact opposite of its intended effect.法律不仅没有阻止你,反而强迫了你去继续卖淫。Being criminalized leaves you exposed to mistreatment by the state itself.卖淫活动的刑事化导致卖淫者会受到国家本身的不公平对待。In many places you may be coerced into paying a bribe很多情况下你不得不用贿赂or even into having sex with a police officer to avoid arrest.甚至与警察官员性交易的方式来避免被逮捕。Police and prison guards in Cambodia, for example,比如说,柬埔寨的警察和监狱看守have been documented subjecting sex workers to what can only be described as torture:曾经被记录使用折磨的手段对待性工作者:threats at gunpoint, beatings, electric shocks, rape and denial of food.用恐吓她们,殴打,电击,强奸她们,甚至让她们绝食。201609/464082南庄里水九江丹灶镇阳痿早泄价格佛山男科医院治疗早泄多少钱



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