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1. Welcome board!欢迎登机!还能这样说:Welcome to go board!Welcome to take the flight!应用:above board 诚实地;光明正大地;a groaning board 丰盛宴席;across the board 全面的;go on board 上船;上飞机;go on the boards 当演员2. Please keep your seat belt fastened.请系好安全带。还能这样说:Put on your seat belt, please.Fasten your seat belt, please.应用:fasten ones eyes on sb. 盯住某人;fasten the dyes into the cloth 使布深染而不褪色;fasten upon a pretext 抓住某种借口;fasten a crime on sb. 加罪于某人3. Your seat is in the middle of the cabin.您的座位在客舱中部。还能这样说:You can sit in the center of the passenger compartment.You can take a seat in the middle of the passenger compartment.应用:cabin作名词:小屋,a log cabin 圆木小屋,舱房;船舱;cabin还可以作动词:蛰居于小屋;把……关进(狭小的地方)。4. Do you have any medicine for airsickness?你们有没有晕机药?还能这样说:Do you have pills for airsickness?Could you give me some airsickness medicine?应用:give sb. a taste of ones own medicine 以其人之道,还治其人之身 /201405/298751Todd: OK, Hello!托德:你好!Raphael: Hello!拉斐尔:你好!Todd: Can you say your name please?托德:请说一下你的名字,好吗?Raphael: Yeah, sure. My name is Raphael Thibault.拉斐尔:当然好啊。我叫拉斐尔·蒂特。Todd: Thibault!托德:蒂特Raphael: Yeah! Thibault!拉斐尔:对!蒂特!Todd: OK, and thats your last name?托德:好,这是你的姓吗?Raphael: Ah, yeah, its my last name, but its a first name too in France.拉斐尔:对,是我的姓,不过这在法语里也是名字。Todd: Oh, really托德:哦,真的吗?Raphael: Yeah! Its quite traditional. Its from the middle ages.拉斐尔:对!这是很传统的名字。来自中世纪。Todd: OK.托德:好。Raphael: Yeah, yeah, yeah!拉斐尔:对,对,对!Todd: Wow, Where are you from in France?托德:哇,你来自法国吗?Raphael: I just finished my studies in Paris, but I was born in the South. Actually, its the place they make foie gras. If you know about foie gras.拉斐尔:我刚刚在巴黎完成了学业,不过我是在南部出生的。实际上,那是生产鹅肝酱的地方。如果你知道鹅肝酱的话。Todd: Yeah, yeah, yeah托德:当然,当然知道。Raphael: We used to eat on Christmas and..拉斐尔:我们会在圣诞节的时候吃,还有……Todd: What exactly is foie gras? Sorry, its hard for me to say.托德:确切的说什么是鹅肝酱?抱歉,这对我来说有点难。Raphael: Its from the duck. Its um, how do you call it?拉斐尔:是鹅身上的。嗯,你们怎么叫?Todd: The liver?托德:鹅肝酱吗?Raphael: Yeah, the liver! Thats it. The liver, and its cooked an official way and you can have it both like cold or hot, I mean, any kind, but the point is, the duck has to be fed in nature, right! Its not working if its in a, industrial feeding duck拉斐尔:对,鹅肝酱!就是这个。鹅肝酱,是以正式方式烹饪的,可以冷制,也可以温热吃,我的意思是,可以以各种方式做,不过重点是鹅必须要以自然方式喂养,没错!如果是以工业方式喂养的鹅,那是不行的。Todd: Oh, really!托德:哦,真的吗?Raphael: It doesnt produce really good foie gras, yeah!拉斐尔:这样是做不出真正好的鹅肝酱的,没错!Todd: So the duck must come from nature?托德:那鹅必须来自自然吗?Raphael: Yeah, actually, thats why this place is famous for because its countryside. Theres no really big cities and most of the people are farmers so they actually produce some really good foie gras, like I heard the competition comes from East Europe now but they make more like industrial foie gras. Its a little different, but anyway, thats the place Im born.拉斐尔:对,实际上,这就是这个地方著名的原因,因为它是乡村。那里没有大的城市,大部分人都是农民,所以他们会生产出真正好的鹅肝酱,我听说现在东欧的竞争对手很强,但是他们大多数都是用工业方式生产鹅肝酱。这是有些不同的,不过不管怎样,那是我出生的地方。Todd: Wow! Is that the eastern side or the western side?托德:哇!那里是位于东部,还是西部?Raphael: Its the southwest.拉斐尔:位于西南部。Todd: OK, towards Spain.托德:好,离西班牙很近。Raphael: Yeah, thats it. Exactly! Like below Bordeaux, a city called Bordeaux, its a bit below this city.拉斐尔:对,就是这样。的确是!就在波尔多市的南部,在这个城市南部。Todd: OK, so Bordeaux is known for wine.托德:好,波尔多以葡萄酒闻名。Raphael: Yeah, yeah, exactly.拉斐尔:对,对,没错!Todd: So, is it near the mountains or?托德:那里临近山区还是?Raphael: Its not that close to Spain. Its, how can I say, yeah, its not the extremity of France, its more like center-south, you know.拉斐尔:那里离西班牙不是很近。我要怎么说呢,那并不是法国的南端,更像是中南部,你知道的。Todd: Oh, OK. Sounds like a pretty place though.托德:哦,好,听起来是一个很漂亮的地方。Raphael: What?拉斐尔:什么?Todd: It sounds like a pretty place.托德:听起来像是一个很漂亮的地方。Raphael: Yeah, yeah, its quite nice. Its quite nice. I mean, its countryside right. You have to like it. Theres not a lot of things to do, but, I spend like my, from fifteen years old, I live there and then I moved to another city called La Rochelle, which is close to the sea, just in front of the sea actually, and thats a better place. I like it much.拉斐尔:对,对,确实很棒。确实很好。我的意思是,那里是乡村。你一定会喜欢那里的。虽然没有什么可以做的事情,我从15岁开始住在那里,之后我搬到了名为拉罗谢尔的城市,那里离大海很近,实际上就面向大海,那里更好。我非常喜欢那里。 /201403/278090谢谢你。 Thank you.本句相当于;Thanks.;,这两种表达法后面都可以加修饰语,如;Thank you very much.;或 ;Thanks a lot.;等,译为“非常感谢”。 /201205/181429

裸睡-----sleep naked裸婚-----down-to-earth marriage裸奔-----streak大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。如今,“裸”这个词出现的频率可是越来越高,想必跟人们的思想更加开放有关。今天,我们就来看看跟“裸”有关的表达:1.“裸睡”:sleep naked.比如:Do you guys usually sleep naked? 你们平时习惯裸睡吗?2.“真空”,也就是不穿内裤,叫——go commando,如:Im afraid I cant lower my trousers your honour, as I have gone commando today.法官阁下,不好意思我没法再拉低裤子了,因为今天没穿内裤。3. “裸奔” streak,比如:Lets go streaking in the park! 我们去公园裸奔吧!4. “裸婚”:down-to-earth marriage, 如:They choose to get married, even though theyre broke. Its pretty much a down-to-earth marriage. 尽管一穷二白,他们还是决定去结婚。这可真是“裸婚”。假如译为;naked marriage;,老外可能会理解为裸体结婚,那就必须费口舌解释才行了。好了,这期我们学习了关于“裸”的几个表达。说到这儿,好像节操掉了一地。那就到此为止吧!我们下期节目,不见不散!本栏目由原创,。 /201410/333247

今天要讲的习惯用语有这样一个共同的关键词: flip。 Flip这个词有多种不同的意思,而且既可以是动词也可以是名词。当flip作动词的时候有一种意思是急促而突然地翻动。比方说: the boiling water in the pot flipped out its lid, 锅里沸腾的水掀翻了锅盖。我们今天要学的第一个习惯用语就是: flip out。 习惯用语flip out其实就是借用在火上满锅沸腾的水和蒸气往上直冲掀翻锅盖的画面,来形象地比喻人怒火中烧,以致按捺不住失去了控制。其实习惯用语flip out还有一种形式就是: flip ones lid。 Lid是盖子,flip ones lid要是直译也是掀翻了盖子。它也用来描绘人怒气直冲、失去自制。 Flip out和flip ones lid,起先出现在二十世纪四十年代早期的电影或者杂志上,随后逐渐融会到日常生活的语言中。我们听两个例子。先说话的是个学生,刚拿到了发回来的英语课作文,正对自己得到的评分大发脾气:例句-1:Look at this! I spent days on this paper and even paid a graduate student to help me, and this stupid professor gives me a D! Man. Ill flip out if I cant get at least a C in this course.他说:瞧瞧这个!我在这篇文章上花了几天时间,甚至还花钱雇了位研究生来帮我,而这个笨蛋教授竟然让我得D! 哼,我这门功课至少要拿个C,要不,我会闹翻天。这里的习惯用语flip out意思就是怒不可遏地吵闹。******当一个人flip out或者flip his lid, 他甚至会愤怒得仿佛失去了理智。我们再听个例子, 这段话在说Mickey有一天走出家门发现他的汽车竟然被偷走了。这下他可真是暴跳如雷了:例句-2:Did you see Mickey when he saw his car was gone? He totally flipped out - he was hopping around like a crazy man, screaming and yelling out in the middle of the street.他说:你见到Mickey发现自己丢车时的那模样吗?他简直是失去理智了- 在大街中心象疯子似地暴跳如雷、尖声喊叫。这里的flip out意思还是激怒得几乎失去理智。******今天要学的第二个习惯用语是: flip side。 这里flip成了名词了,意思是反面或者次要的一面, 而flip side原来是指唱片的反面的。要是唱片的正面录制了一首热门的流行乐曲的话,唱片的反面往往会录上一些听众反应平平的并不引起轰动的乐曲。当然作为习惯用语flip side不再指唱片的另一面了。下面有个例子,我们听听flip side在这段话里表示什么。例句-3:Its fantastic that the President has planned to balance the budget and give Americans a tax break. But the flip side is that students just coming out of college are getting the least tax break of all.他说:总统已经打算要平衡预算并且给予美国人税额优惠。 但是刚从大学毕业的学生得到的税额优惠却比谁都少。这段话说了总统减税计划的两方面。一方面广大美国人民都能享受有关优惠,而另一方面,刚毕业的大学生从中得到的好处却少于任何人。 The flip side在这里放在这两种情况之间,显然用来表示语气的转折,导出相对方面,作用相当于on the other hand.******再听个例子也应用了习惯用语flip side,说话的人得到了新的工作机会,正在权衡利弊:例句-4:The new job would pay me twice as much money as I make now, The flip side is the family would have to move across the whole country and my wife and kids sure dont like that idea.他说: 那份新工作的薪金比我目前的多一倍,然而另一方面,为此我们全家人却不得不跨越整个美国迁居到那一边去。我太太和孩子绝对不喜欢那主意。这里的the flip side也是用来引导问题的相对方面的,作用相当于on the other hand. /201410/329534

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