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襄樊铁路医院可以做输软管吻合术吗襄阳市中心医院网站人工光在点亮夜晚 -- ::39 来源: 全球80%的人生活在光污染下,世界三分之一的区域现在无法看到这些从不日暮的夜晚正在影响夜行动物,而人类也有出现睡眠障碍和疾病的趋势 More than 80% of the world’s population lives under light-polluted skies, a study suggests.全球80%的人生活在光污染下,一项研究表明Scientists explain in Science Advances how ground measurements and satellite data were used to create an atlas of a world brightened by artificial lights.《科学进展杂志的科学家解释说,通过地面测量和卫星数据绘制出的了人工光下世界亮度地图It reveals that the population of Singapore, Kuwait and Qatar experience the brightest night skies.揭示出新加坡、科威特和卡塔尔处于最严重的光污染下Conversely, people living in Chad, Central African Republic and Madagascar are least affected by light pollution.反之,乍得、中非共和国和马达加斯加受光污染影响最小Dr Christopher Kyba, from the German Research Centre Geosciences in Potsdam, said: "The artificial light in our environment is coming from a lot of different things.来自波茨坦德国地球科学研究中心的Christopher Kyba士说,我们环境中的人工光来自多方面"Street lights are a really important component, but we also have lights from our windows in our homes and businesses, from the headlights of our cars and illuminated billboards."“街灯是其中重要的一部分,但也有来我们的家和公司窗户上的灯光,还有汽车前照灯和广告牌上发出的光亮”The brightness map reveals that 83% of the world’s population, and 99% of Europeans and people in the US, live under skies nearly % brighter than their natural starry state.亮度地图揭示,全球83%的人口和欧美99%的人民,生活在比自然星空下亮出%的天空下 some though the artificial glow was even greater, said Dr Kyba.其中部分人还处于更强的人工光下,Kyba士说"About % of the world’s population don’t even use their night-time vision," he explained.“将近%的人口甚至不使用他们的夜间视力,”他解释道"The night is so bright that they use their colour daytime vision to look up at the sky."“夜晚是如此明亮,他们在仰望天空时只使用白天的色视觉功能”In Singapore, the entire population lives under this extreme level of artificial night-time brightness, and it is a problem affecting many other parts of the world.在新加坡,所有人晚上都生活在极高的人工亮度下,而这个问题也在影响世界其他区域"Twenty percent of the people in Europe and 37% of the people in the US don’t use their night vision," said Dr Kyba. "It’s really an enormous number."“欧洲%的人民和美国37%的人都不适用夜间视力,”Kyba士说“这真是一个巨大的数字”He added: "In the UK, 6% of people are using colour vision and not night vision."他还说“英国6%的人民使用色视觉而非夜间视觉”The researchers warn that nights that never get darker than twilight are affecting nocturnal animals, while in humans, the trend has been linked to sleep disorders and disease.研究人员警告说这些从不日暮的夜晚正在影响夜行动物,而人类也有出现睡眠障碍和疾病的趋势Dr Kyba said that while lighting was important development and safety, technology needed to improve.Kyba士说尽管照明对于发展和安全很重要,科技仍需要改进"There are a lot of street lights that are not particularly well designed," he explained.“仍然有许多街灯存在设计问题,”他解释说"They shine light into areas that are not useful - so up into the sky, example, isn’t really useful anybody.“它们向一些无用的区域发出光亮,例如向空中,这对于任何人都没有用处”"There’s a big difference between having a well-lit street, which means everybody can get around really easily and safely, and a brightly lit street, which could mean there’s too much light and it’s not helping anyone."“有充足照明的街道和明亮的街道有很大区别,前者意味着人们可以很容易地和安全地行走,而后者却发出了太多没有用处的光亮”The paper suggests that lights that are shielded, or can dim or turn off while not being used, could help to reduce light pollution as well as save energy.这篇文章建议不使用时最好遮蔽、调暗或者关闭灯光,这不仅能够帮助减少光污染,也能节约能源The researchers add that light pollution is hindering astronomy: a third of the world now cannot see the Milky Way.研究人员还说光污染正在阻碍天文学:世界三分之一的区域现在无法看到襄阳第三人民医院人流价格表 翻译标签列表 -- :1: 来源:chinadaily 888金曲奖林俊杰获歌王苏打绿包揽5奖 -- 1:50: 来源:chinadaily 6月5日,第7届金曲奖颁奖典礼在台北举行新加坡歌手林俊杰获得最佳华语男歌手奖,台湾歌手彭佳慧获得最佳华语女歌手奖 The 7th Golden Melody Awards has concluded with the awarding ceremony held in Taipei, Taiwan, on June 5th, . Singaporean singer JJ Lin won the Best Male Mandarin Singer and Julia Peng was awarded the Best Female Mandarin Singer. 苏打绿获得5个奖项,包括最佳专辑奖、最佳编曲人奖、最佳乐团奖、最佳专辑制作人奖,以及主唱吴青峰获得最佳作词人奖 Sodagreen picked five awards, including Best Mandarin Album, Best Musical Arranger, Best Band, Best Album Producer with Wu Tsing-Fong, the lead singer, winning Best Lyricist. 著名歌手莫文蔚、张惠、萧敬腾、蔡依林也出席了颁奖典礼 Famous stars such as Karen Mok, A-mei, Jam Hsiao, Jolin Tsai also attended the awarding ceremony.襄阳男性科哪个医院好

襄樊市铁路中心医院是不是医保定点医院有曲线女人更长寿 宽臀降低心血管发病风险 -- 00:9: 来源: Curvy women are more likely to live longer than their slimmer counterparts, researchers have found.调查者发现,有曲线的女人比更纤瘦的女人更长寿Institute of Preventative Medicine in Copenhagen researchers found those with wider hips also appeared to be protected against heart conditions.Women with a hip measurement smaller than 0 inches, or a size would not have this protection, they said.The researchers say hip fat contains a beneficial natural anti-inflammatory.哥本哈根预防医学研究所的调查者发现宽臀有助于预防心脏疾病根据他们的调查,臀围小于0英寸,或穿码以下的女人没有这层保护因为臀部脂肪含有天然的有益抗炎成分They said this anti-inflammatory, called adiponectin, prevents arteries swelling up and becoming blocked.他们说,这种抗炎成分叫做脂联素,它会防止动脉膨胀造成的血管堵塞Women ranging from Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren to Kelly Brook and Catherine Zeta Jones today have been made famous by their hourglass figures.从玛丽莲·梦露,到索菲娅·罗兰,再到凯莉·布鲁克和凯瑟琳·泽塔·琼斯,她们都以沙漏形的身材著名The Danish researchers examined almost 3,000 men and women aged between 35 and 65 . They measured height, weight and body mass index - calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by the square of your height in metres.丹麦的研究者调查了3000名35~65岁的男女他们测量了身高、体重以及体重指数(体重公斤数除以身高米数平方)They then looked at Danish health registers up until the end of 1998 to look at how many of the men and women had cardiovascular problems, and up to 01 to see how many had died.Compared to the group of women with the smallest hip circumferences, women with the biggest were found to have an 87% reduction in deaths.接下来他们调查了至1998年底丹麦的健康情况,以查明有多少人患有心血管疾病,以及到01年有多少人死于此类疾病结果,对比臀围较小的一组,臀围较大的女人死亡率降低87%They also had an 86% reduced risk of having coronary heart disease and a 6% reduction in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, according to the researchers. Previous studies have found both men and women with small hips are at an increased risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and gall bladder disease.同样,调查者说,她们患冠心病的概率也降低86%,心血管疾病的概率降低了6%而之前的调查表明,臀围较小的男女皆更易患糖尿病、高血压和胆囊疾病的困扰However the study, which has been published in Obesity Research, found a wider hip circumference was not linked with better heart health in men.然而发表在肥胖研究杂志的调查并没有实宽臀对于男性也有一样的益处'Apple-shape' risk“苹果型身材”的风险Professor Berit Heitmann, who led the study, said: "It seems that the protection is not a matter of wide hips, it's the detrimental effect of narrow hips with a lack of muscle fat, or bone or a combination of both.She added: "Fat on hips is different than fat on the abdomen. If you do not have enough of this fat you may risk heart attacks."领导这项研究的贝瑞特·海德曼教授说,“并不是宽臀才具有这层保护,而是纤窄的臀部缺乏肌肉脂肪或者骨骼撑,或者两者皆缺乏才造成的危害”而且教授补充说,“臀部脂肪不同于腹部脂肪,如果不足可能会影响心脏健康”Carrying excess fat around the stomach, being 'apple shaped', is aly known to be potentially damaging to health. Fat cells in this part of the body pump out chemicals that can damage the insulin system, raising the risk of diabetes and heart disease.如果在胃部周围有过多脂肪,造成“苹果型”身材则是对健康有害的身体这一部分的脂肪会溢出有害元素,影响胰岛系统,从而提高糖尿病和心脏病的风险Belinda Linden, of the British Heart Foundation said: "It has been widely reported that if you are apple-shaped, your risk of developing cardiovascular disease is likely to be greater than if you are pear-shaped.英国心脏基金会的贝琳达·林登说:“苹果型身材比梨形身材更会提高心血管疾病发病率,这已经是广为人知的了”"This study provides additional evidence of the association between hip circumference and cardiovascular protection among women."But she added: "It is important to consider both your body weight and shape in tandem. Controlling both by eating less and being more active is the best way to reduce your risk of heart and circulatory disease."“这项调查为女性臀围和心血管保护之间提供了额外的据”但是她补充道,“但是同时考虑体重和身材也是非常必要的节食加运动是降低心脏和血液疾病的最好方法”襄阳第四人民医院治妇科靠谱吗 阶层天花板---说说教育中的不公平现象 -- :36:9 来源: 在高考---也就是中国高等学校入学考试的两天内,在高中附近的地方不能有嗡嗡的汽车喇叭声,更不能有轰隆隆的货车通行为了此次高考,学生们已经进行多年填鸭式地学习,他们认为(有充分的理由),这次考试将会决定他们的一生 NO CAR may honk nor lorry rumble near secondary schools on the two days when students are taking their university entrance exams, known as gaokao. Teenagers have been cramming years these tests, which they believe (with justification) will determine their entire future. Yet it is at an earlier stage of education that an individual’s life chances in China are usually mapped out, often in ways that are deeply unfair.在高考---也就是中国高等学校入学考试的两天内,在高中附近的地方不能有嗡嗡的汽车喇叭声,更不能有轰隆隆的货车通行为了此次高考,学生们已经进行多年填鸭式地学习,他们认为(有充分的理由),这次考试将会决定他们的一生不过,其实在教育更为早期的阶段,个人的生活已经被决定了,而且通常是以不太公平的方式To give more students access to higher education, the government has increased its investment in the sector five fold since 1997. The number of universities has nearly doubled. In 1998 6% of secondary-school graduates went on to university. Now 88% of them do. About 7m people—roughly one-third of those aged between 18 and —now gain entry to some m of higher institution each year.为了给更多学生接受高等教育的机会,政府自1997年以来,在教育领域的投资增加了5倍之多大学的数目几乎增加一倍在1998年,有6%的高中生上大学,而现在有88%的高中生上大学每年大概有700万人,也就是18岁到岁年轻人的三分之一,有机会接受高一级的教育China’s universities offer more opporty social mobility than those in many other countries, says James Lee of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. But the social backgrounds of those admitted have been changing. Until 1993, more than 0% of students were the children of farmers or factory workers. Now universities are crammed with people from wealthy, urban backgrounds. That is partly because a far bigger share of young people are middle-class. But it is also because rural Chinese face bigger hurdles getting into them than they used to.香港科技大学的詹姆斯.李称,中国的大学和其他国家相比,提供了更多的社会流动性但入学学生的社会背景已经发生变化直到1993,有超四成的学生来自农民或工人家庭而现在的学生都是来自城市中的富裕家庭这可能是因为很大一部分的年轻人来自中产阶级,但也是因为中国的农民正面临前所未有的困难The problem lies with inequality of access to senior high schools, which take students the final three years of their secondary education. Students from rural backgrounds who go to such schools perm as well in the university entrance exams as those from urban areas. But most never get there. Less than % of young people in the countryside go to senior high schools compared with 70% of their urban counterparts. The result is that a third of urban youngsters complete tertiary education, compared with only 8% of young rural adults.问题在于高中阶段的不公平,在高中,学生将会完成第二阶段教育的最后三年进入高中的农村学生,和那些城市学生在高考中表现的一样好但大部分农村学生都没有机会进入高中学习不到一成的农村年轻人会上高中,而7成的城市年轻人会上高中,这也导致有三分之一的城市年轻人能够完成他们的第三阶段教育---大学,而农村学生仅有8%的比例One reason is that junior high schools in the countryside are far weaker academically than urban ones. Local governments invest less in them per student than they do in cities. Urban parents tend to be better educated and thus better able to help children with their studies.一个原因是农村的初中教育质量远低于城市对每个学生的人均投入,地方政府给城市的,要远多于农村而且城市的父母教育程度更高,能更好地辅导学生的学习Expense is a huge deterrent many. Governments cover the costs of schooling the nine years of compulsory education up to the age of around . But at senior high schools, families must pay tuition and other expenses; these outlays are among the highest in the world (measured by purchasing-power parity). Many students drop out of junior high school—which isfree—because rising wages in low-skilled industrial work make the prospect of staying at school even less attractive. Millions enter the workce every year who are barely literate or numerate此外,费用问题对农村学生来说也是一大障碍在九年义务教育阶段,也就是到学生大概岁左右,政府负责学生上学的费用,但是上高中,农民们就需要自己付学费和其他费用(根据购买力测算),中国的这类费用,在全世界范围内都属于高昂的而且,还有很多学生在免费的初中就辍学,因为工业的低技术工种工资不断上升,也让继续求学的吸引力越来越低成千上万的年轻人进入社会,而这些人还属于半文盲ince the 1990s more than 0m people have moved from the countryside to work in cities. Many have left their children behind because of the difficulty of getting them into urban schools: the country’s system of hukou, or household registration, makes it hard migrant children to enjoy subsidised education in places other than their parents’ birthplace.从上世纪90年代开始,有亿人从农村进入城市有很多人因为无法将孩子送到城市中的学校,而把他们留到了老家:中国的户口系统使农民工的孩子,无法在他们父母出生地之外享受义务教育Unnatural selection非自然的选择Children from poor backgrounds who do make it as far as the gaokao face another difficulty: competition with better-prepared candidates from 700 or so feeder (usually known as “keypoint”) schools. These receive more funding per student than average schools, have better teachers and plusher facilities. They are supposed to train the brightest students, but many get in with the help of money and connections.来自贫困家庭的学生即使能参加高考,也会面临另一重困难:和来自大约700余所重点中学的学生竞争这里的学生和普通学生相比,国家对每个学生的投入更多,拥有更好的教师和昂贵的器材他们本应该教育最优秀的学生,但很多学生是通过金钱和关系进去的Hoping to make the system fairer, some feeder schools now allocate places on the basis of pupils’ proximity. Inevitably, this has sent local house prices skyrocketing, reincing the schools’ privileged intake by a different means.为了使教育体系更公平,一些重点学生以距离学校远近来招收学生不可避免地,这使当地房价快速上涨,同时,也阻止有采用各种特殊方法进入学校的新生Some of the feeder schools channel their pupils into the best universities via an alternative route to the gaokao. The Ministry of Education introduced this in to reward people with “special talents” that are tricky to assess through standardized tests, such as innovative thinking, creativity, or skills in sport or art. This was supposed to make the types of students attending university more varied. Instead it has increased inequality, by giving advantages to those who have benefited from the superior facilities of key point schools.一些重点高中还通过替代通道送其学生进入重点大学中国教育部在年奖励一些通过高考有难度的“特殊人才”,包括有创新思维,或者体育、艺术特长这本是想让更多类型的学生能进入不同的大学学习,但与此相反,它反而助涨了不公平,特别是那些通过不公平手段进入重点高中的那群人The government is trying to reduce other unfairnesses, too. But it has been tough going: those who benefit from unequal opporties are unsurprisingly reluctant to cede their privileges. This was evident from the outcry that followed an announcement last month that provinces and cities would have to reduce as local students at their universities. These allow universities to accept local students even though they may have lower gaokao scores than those from elsewhere. The news triggered protests in three cities by parents who worried about losing a precious advantage their children.政府也在尝试降低不公平性,但这相当困难:那些享受到不公平机会的人不愿放弃自己的特权这个道理显而易见,特别是上个月个省市宣布降低本地学生的录取名额通告后,爆发的那场抗议原来,即使本地学生的高考分数线比其他地方略低,本地大学仍会录取这条消息导致三个地方的家长进行抗议,他们担心这将会影响到自己的孩子襄阳治疗梅毒好的医院

襄阳中医院网址美国弗吉尼亚州大洪水,人死亡 --6 :6:56 来源: 至少人在弗吉尼亚州的洪水中死亡,包括一名8岁男孩和一个幼儿 At least people, including an eight-year-old boy and a toddler, have died in flooding in West Virginia, according to state officials.至少人在西弗吉尼亚州的洪水中死亡,包括一名8岁男孩和一个幼儿,政府官员发表声明说Heavy storms and flooding have caused widesp damage throughout the state, said Governor Earl Ray Tomblin.暴雨和洪水在全州造成了大面积的破坏,州长Earl Ray Tomblin说A state of emergency was declared in of the state’s 55 counties.该州的55个县中,个都宣布进入紧急状态Rescue efts were under way about 500 people trapped in a shopping centre while officials continued to search others stranded in devastated areas.对困于购物中心的500人的救援工作正在进行,官员们还在继续搜索其他困于受灾地区的群众The flooding has destroyed more than 0 homes and knocked out power thousands after a storm system dumped nine inches of rain on parts of the state.洪水已摧毁超过0座房屋,在该州的某些地方暴雨倾泻达9英寸,导致电力中断The governor said 0 National Guard soldiers were carrying out search and rescue efts as well as health and welfare checks in eight counties across the state.州长说,0名国民警卫队士兵在执行搜索营救工作,同时也有8个县正在展开健康安全检查工作A church pastor told the AP news agency an eight-year-old boy slipped, fell into a creek and was swept away.一个教堂的牧师告诉美联社,一名8岁男童滑倒后掉入小溪被冲走The boy’s mother attempted to save him but lost her grip on the child, according to Harry Croft, pastor at Marwin Church of the Nazarene at Wheeling.这个男孩的母亲试图救他,但没能抓住,根据Wheeling的Marwin Church of the Nazarene(教堂)的牧师Harry Croft说The child’s body was found about a half-mile from where the family lives.男孩的尸体在离这家半英里处被找到The body of a four-year-old boy was also recovered a day after the child slipped into a creek swollen with flood waters.另一名四岁男孩的尸体也在他滑倒掉入小溪,被洪水冲走后的第二天被找到Ravenswood Fire Department official Bob Bibbee said the toddler was with his grandfather when he fell into the water in Jackson County.Ravenswood消防部门的官员Bob Bibbee说,Jackson县的这位幼儿在掉入小溪时与他的爷爷在一起The grandfather jumped into the creek to try and save the boy, but was overcome by the rushing water.爷爷跳入小溪去救那个男孩,但被激流压倒Governor Tomblin called the flooding "among the worst in a century some parts of the state".州长Tomblin说这次洪水“对于该州很多地方都是0年来最严重的一次” 名人效应成手机应用新出路 -- 00:: 来源: Geeks and celebrities make unlikely bedfellows but mobile app developers are increasingly looking to pair up with the likes of reality TV star Kim Kardashian as they look new ways to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace.电脑极客和明星好像是八竿子打不着的两类人,但是手机应用开发商越来越喜欢和诸如电视明星金·卡戴珊一流合作,以期找到在过分拥挤的市场中脱颖而出的新方法Since Apple’s App Store launched in , many of the most popular apps the iPhone or Google’s Android smartphones have been new franchises such as Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga or Clash of Clans.自年苹果推出应用商店以来,iphone或谷歌的安卓智能手机上的热门应用都将自己的品牌授权出去,如《愤怒的小鸟、《糖果粉碎传奇、《部落战争But the recent success of games and utilities to which celebrities have lent their name, combined with the growing challenge of getting noticed in the App Store, is prompting more developers to seek new tie-ups with stars.但是由于最近借用明星大名的游戏和应用取得成功,再加上应用商店崭露头角愈加困难,越来越多的开发商开始寻求和明星结盟Glu Mobile said last month that its celebrity tie-in game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood had made .6m in its first five days on sale. Would-be starlets can buy virtual haircuts, makeovers or kittens as they make their way up the celebrity rankings, with Ms Kardashian acting as their guide to life in the limelight. The game is currently fifth in the iPhone’s US chart of top-grossing apps.GluMobile上月称,其推出的游戏《《金·卡戴珊:好莱坞在推出仅仅5天就带来了0万美元的收入游戏中的用户可以进行虚拟理发和化妆,提高自己的明星等级,而卡戴珊则充当他们在聚光灯下生活的导师目前,这款游戏在美国的苹果手机应用总排行中名列第五This week, actor Tom Hanks released a typewriter-style word-processing app the iPad that immediately shot to the top of the App Store charts in the US.本周,演员汤姆·汉克斯发布了一款iPad版的打字机风格的文字处理应用,很快就登上了美国应用排行榜的首位Hanx Writer recreates on a touchscreen the sounds of a manual typewriter.这款名为Hanx Writer的应用在触摸屏上再现了人工打字机的声音rest Gump, the hapless character that brought Mr Hanks an Oscar, has found a new lease of life years on, in a running game developed by Genera Mobile which is currently in the top 50 most popular US apps.阿甘,这个让汉克斯捧走一座小金人的不幸角色,年后在Genera Mobile开发的跑酷游戏中获得了新生这款游戏目前在美国热销应用排行中跻身前50Mobile industry analysts and advisers say these are just the first in a coming flood of celebrity-endorsed and Hollywood-branded apps, as stars look to extend their franchises into the digital world. In a market overwhelmed with millions of apps, many small developers are looking to famous names to help their titles gain a following.手机行业的分析人士和咨询师称这些只是小试牛刀,随着明星希望将自己的特许经营权拓展进数码世界,将会涌现大量名人代言和好莱坞冠名的应用在手机应用多如牛毛的市场中,不少小开发商希望找到名头响亮的明星帮助自己的产品增加曝光度“If you have a licensed brand or intellectual property, that can really help” with getting downloads, says Mark Wilcox, analyst at Vision Mobile, at a time when many new apps go largely ignored.Vision Mobile分析师马克·威尔科斯特(Mark Wilcox)表示,在一个很多新应用被无视的年代,如果你有授权的品牌或知识产权,那就能增加下载量“In the future, every movie, movie star and brand will have their own messaging apps just like they have their own websites now,” says Nico Sell, chief executive of secure messaging app Wickr. She is working with “numerous celebrities” and advisors from talent agencies IMG and ICM to develop branded apps.安全短信应用Wickr的总裁尼可·舍尔称:“未来,每部电影,每个电影明星和品牌都会有他们自己的发短信应用,就像他们现在有自己的网站一样”舍尔目前正和不少明星以及来自IMG和ICM人才经纪公司的咨询师合作,开发品牌应用Last week, Candy Crush Saga’s developer King cited the popularity of Ms Kardashian’s game as a reason lower spending on its top-selling app.上周,《糖果粉碎传奇的开发商King表示卡戴珊的游戏火爆是造成《糖果粉碎传奇收入减少的原因之一In a note entitled, “Kim Kardashian, the King Slayer”, Deutsche Bank analyst Lloyd Walmsley downgraded his rating on King from “buy” to “hold” last week, citing “intense” competition as with the apps “going after the same demographics”.在一份名为《金·卡戴珊,King杀手的报告中,德意志的分析师罗伊德 沃姆斯利将King的股票等级从“买入”降为“持有”,原因是同类游戏针对相同受众,竞争激烈However, King’s chief executive Riccardo Zacconi told the Financial Times that the company was unlikely to respond to this growing competition with a celebrity app of its own, as he was unwilling to pay the required royalties.尽管如此,King首席执行官里卡多·扎科尼告诉《金融时报,公司不会通过与明星合作的方式来应对日益激烈的竞争,因为他不愿付相关的授权费Smaller developers, trying to build an audience, have no such reservations. Until recently, Hollywood agents or content studios were reluctant to hand over control of their properties to technologists. But alongside perfumes and clothing lines, these brands are now more willing to license their properties to app makers, too.更小规模的开发商因为要争取用户,没有这方面的顾虑直到最近,好莱坞经纪公司和工作室还不太愿意向技术人员发放授权但与香水和装业相比,这些品牌现在更愿意向应用开发商提供授权Tero Kuittinen, managing director at Magid Associates, a consultancy, says that while a few years ago a celebrity manager or rights holder might have demanded a m fee bee the game even went on sale, today some are open to “five-figure” upfront fees or straight revenue splits that reduce the financial risks developers.咨询公司Magid Associates常务董事特洛·奎迪南表示,几年前明星经纪人或版权持有者在游戏发售前可能就要求拿到0万美元的费用,现在的预付款则降至五位数,或直接收入分成,降低了开发者的财务风险“You can see a lot of licence holders are changing their attitude to mobile games,” Mr Kuittinen says. “The hope in the [mobile] industry is that if you see a game affiliated with a star or a movie, the fact that it is familiar to you may pique your curiosity.”奎迪南说:“现在很多版权持有人改变了对手机游戏的态度手机行业的期望是通过游戏与明星或电影联合,利用对明星和电影的熟悉激起用户的好奇心”However, celebrity endorsements do not always lead to overnight success. Last year, Justin Bieber invested in Shots, a photo app dedicated to selfies. Use of his image in its App Store listing has not prevented Shots from dropping quickly out of the top download charts.尽管如此,明星代言并不总能带来一夜成名去年,贾斯汀·比伯投资了自拍应用Shots但哪怕使用了他的头像做宣传,也没有阻止Shots快速跌出下载排行榜宜城市中医院收费标准湖北省襄阳市第一人民医院是不是正规医院



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