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My Pet --19 :: 来源: Recently, three owls appeared suddenly on our campus. They made me think of my pet from childhood. When I was little, we had an owl at home. It was small, gray, and had two big eyes. We liked it very much. Every time I went home, it greeted me by making “goo-goo” sounds. We always played with it and talked to it. It would blink its eyes just like it understood what we were saying. It was like my best friend. But when the weather became colder, we got to keep it warm, and it died. It made us sad a long time, and it also taught me how important it is to take care of animals.春节见闻 The Spring Festival Traditions -- :7:19 来源: It’sNew Year again. In this holiday, sharing is the hottest activity. People sharetheir lives and discuss hot topic in social lives. Besides, there are manytraditions during the Spring Holiday. example, in the north, people willeat dumplings in the New Year’s Day while in the south people will make Zongzi.Firecrackers and fireworks are essential during the New Year. Now, people livea much better life than bee, so people want to have a lively and grandfestival. Some are likely to travel while some stay at home and take part invarious activities to enrich their holiday.春节又到了在节日期间,分享成了最受欢迎的活动人们分享自己的生活,讨论社会生活热点话题此外,春节也有许多的传统例如,北方人会在春节第一天吃饺子,南方人则会包粽子鞭炮和烟花是必不可少的现在,人们的生活比过去有了很大改变,所以人们希望把春节过得热闹而隆重有的人选择外出旅游,有的人则是留在家里参加各种活动,丰富自己的节日生活在加油站 At The Gas Station-- ::59 ATTENDANT: Can I help you, sir?SAM: Yes, I've been sitting here a few minutes.I'm waiting someone to put gas in my car.ATTENDANT: I'm sorry, sir. But this is the self-service pump.SAM: Self-service?ATTENDANT: Yes. You must fill up the car yourself.SAM: Are you serious?ATTENDANT: Yes. Are you traveling here?SAM: Yes, I'm from Taiwan. I never heard of a gas station where you fill up your own car.ATTENDANT: In America, most gas stations are like this.SAM: Do I really have to do it? I don't know how.ATTENDANT: Well, since this is your first time, I will do it you.But next time, if you want a full-service gas station, you should look at the sign.SAM: What sign?ATTENDANT: Under the sign the gas station,there will be a smaller sign that says "Self-Serve" or "Full-Service."And some gas stations have both.But if they have both, some pumps will be self-serve and some will be full-serve.You have to look at the signs.SAM: I see.ATTENDANT: What kind of gas does this car take?SAM: I don't know. It's a rental.ATTENDANT: I will give you premium unleaded. Alright?SAM: Sure, why not?ATTENDANT: That is the pump you are in front of.SAM: Is it expensive?ATTENDANT: It is the most expensive.SAM: Well, I don't want it then. Can I move to another pump?ATTENDANT: Yes, I can give you regular unleaded. But you have to back up the car a little.SAM: Give me regular unleaded then. I will back up.Can you wash my windows me?ATTENDANT: I'm sorry, sir. This is not a full service gas station.I will help you fill the gas, but we don't wash windows here.SAM: Really? Well, I guess I have to get used to it.加油站务员:先生,需要务吗?山姆:我在这里等一阵子了我在这里等人帮我加油加油站务员:先生,抱歉,这里是自助加油站山姆:自助?加油站务员:是的,你必须自己加油山姆:真的吗?加油站务员:是的,你是来旅游的吗?山姆:是的,我从台湾来,我从未听说过需要自己加油的加油站加油站务员:美国大部份的加油站都是自助的山姆:我真的必须自己来吗?我不知道怎么弄加油站务员:既然你没弄过,那我先帮你好了下一次如果你想到务加油站,应该注意一下招牌山姆:什么招牌?加油站务员:在加油站招牌底下,有一个小标示写着"自助加油站"或"务加油站"有些加油站两种都有如果是两种都有的,自助式和务式的加油管道会分开你要看标示山姆:我懂了加油站务员:这辆车加什么油?山姆:我不知道,这是租来的加油站务员:我给你加优质无铅汽油好吗?山姆:好啊加油站务员:你前面的加油管就是了山姆:很贵吗?加油站务员:这是最贵的山姆:那我不要这种,我可以换别的吗?加油站务员:那我给你加一般无铅汽油,但是你要把车后退一点山姆:那么给我一般无铅汽油好了,我后退你可以帮我洗一下窗户吗?加油站务员:先生,抱歉,这不是务加油站我只能帮你加油,无法帮你洗窗户山姆:真的?我想我要慢慢习惯才是

保持健康(Keeping healthy) -- ::37 来源: 保持健康(Keeping healthy)  i am really healthy.i usually exerse ,when i from home to school.i eat vegetables and fruits every day,i drink milk every day.  i like junk food,i eat it once or twice a week.i never drink coffce,it's bad my healthy.i sleep nine hours every nights.

跑步 Running -- :: 来源: I like many kinds of sports, such as swimming, running, table-tennis and badminton. But I like running most. Running is a good activity people to keep healthy and relieve pressures. Besides, it’s very easy me to running. I can run in the morning or after class. And I can run alone. I don’t have to find a partner to run with me. After running, I always feel good and relaxed. It has become a part of my life.我喜欢很多种运动,比如游泳,跑步,乒乓球和羽毛球但是我最喜欢的是跑步跑步是人们保持身体健康和释放压力的运动此外,我觉得跑步很容易我可以在早上或课后进行跑步我也可以一个人跑,不需要找伴一起跑跑步过后,我总是感觉很好很放松跑步已经成为我生活中的一部分三年级英语作文:The bird and cat --1 01:57:1 来源:   once upon a time. there was a house. beside the house there was a bird cage. one day a cat went to eat the bird, so the cat jumped and hit the bird cage.  the bird cage fell down to the ground knocking the bird cage#39 door open. the bird then flew away. so the cat started to chase the bird and the dog chased the cat. however the bird flew on top of the tree. so the cat started to climb the tree and the dog barked at the cat. bee the cat could reach the bird, the bird flew away. this caused the cat to fall out of the tree.  the dog then ran away, the bird quickly flew back into his cage and the man from the house carried him safely home.我最喜欢的相片(My favourite photo) -- 1::1 来源: 我最喜欢的相片(My favourite photo)  there is an aoyu in the picture. the aoyu has a green tail, two colorful horns and the silver skin. it’s a silver aoyu. it looks beautiful and lively.  aoyu dance is a traditional dance in shawan piaose. it means it can always get the first. it’s a good symbol. everyone likes it very much.

My Good Friend -- ::3 来源: My Good Friend My name is ×××.I have a good friend . Her name is Liu Yun. She lives in China . Her mather is a singer. She likes swimming. Her father is a TV reporter. He likes listening to mnsic. Liu Yun likes piaying the violin and riding her bike. Every morning , she goes to school on foot. Every evening, she s newspaper ai home. Then she goes to bed at nine. This is my good friend Liu Yun.我的猫咪(My cat) -- :: 来源: 我的猫咪(My cat)  In my family, you can see a cat, the cat is very beautiful.      Now let me draw it you. He has got white hair and two big eyes, they are blue and bright.  He has got four short legs and his ears are small, his tail is long. I finish it now. How lovely!      After school, I play with him first, he is my best friend. I like him very much!  Oh, do you want to know his name? I’d like to tell you, his name is “MiMi”.

:凤凰传说 -01- :: 来源: Legend of phoenix Aside : This stage play was adapted according to an old story about a phoenix’ enjoyable experience in the beautiful water city of Liaocheng .The phoenix ,because she slyly drunk a glass of strong liquor in the heaven which was the tribute from the earth , was drove out from the heaven and fell on this enchanting place on the earth in an appearance of humanoid beauty .She would not return back until she found the same liquor.Scene 1Phoenix (soliloquy):Oh ,it was really a sound sleep .I dreamed of my mother and my sister , oh , I missed them so much . How can I return back .Yes , I have to search the liquor , that fragrant and strong liquor . If I find it and drink the same amount . I will get my colorful plume and fly back to my heavenly home , and see my mother and sister . But…where am I ? The place is so charming that it reminds me of my home .Green grass , broad lake…Over The RainbowScene (Mr. Zhang was a local merchant in Liaocheng ,while Mr. Wang was a merchant from Hangzhou who had promised to bring Mr. Zhang some jade plates their business exchange . Mr. Wang , it was his first trip to Liaocheng , and so ,Jinghang Canal was considered to be the most convenient route . But he has confronted much more difficulties . This morning a preceding letter said that Mr. Wang was going to arrived at Shanshan Guild Hall this noon . In case of missing Mr. Zhang has been waiting there since a very early time . However it was a long anxious wait . Mr. Zhang has grown too boring to stay any more , then , Mr. Wang finally showed up . But to everyone’s big surprise…)Merchant Wang : Deep water ,watch out !Merchant Zhang : Damn it ! What is going on ? Oh , hey guy it’s you , I thought you’ve drowned . You always surprise me .Merchant Wang : Oh , Mr.Zhang,sorry so much trouble and such a long wait.But,it was really a hard journey . When my boat almost drow into shore , there is something wrong with the wheels. So , I have to swim here .Merchant Wang : But the jade plates you want are save , I’ve brought a sample here .M.Z:Oh , thank you.You should be very tired . I’ve reserved a hotel you to rest.I can stay in Liaocheng a few days and have a good look at the beautiful old city.M.W : Yeah,I think that I should .The views along the JingHang Canal are so elegant that I was fascinated by it and get to go.And bee I arrived here,somebody told me that Liaocheng was a city with long history and full of cultures.I think it worth a long stay.M.Z:It deserved it .Even many eigners like to stay here the rest of their lives.And besides the JingHang Canal it also has a board lake which was called DongChang Lake,one of the biggest man-made lakes in China.Its beauty can be compared with the XiHu in Hangzhou or even more beautiful than that.M.W:Yeah,and the magic tall Guang Yue Lou,which was built without a nail.And this…,ShanShan guild hall is a good place us to exchange business . All of this worth a long stay.M.Z:Right.And still a lot you to find.But, by the way , aren’t you hungry ? How about that we have supper first?I’ve prepared some good dishes special in Liaocheng and some liquor…M.W:Oh,stop…I mean…I can’t wait , expecially the liquor.M.Z:Let’s go…Merchant Wang : Oh , wait , my sister has been here with me .Merchant Zhang : Really ? Where is she ?MW: She is still in the boat . You know she is such a lady , and she would rather stay there than swim along with me .MZ : Yeah, I know . So go and find her , quick . How luckily that she is not a crazy man as you .Scene 3Sister : oh , what a beautiful city Liaocheng is ! Oh , look at the views . these are even more charming than some places in Hangzhou . I’d like to stay here the rest of my life . I don’t care about my brother . He always want to put me under his surveillance,and protect me as a little bird.But I’m seventeen now,old enough me to find my love,and start my own life.These years after my parents died,my big brother really take good care of me.And I appreciate those things very much.Well,I also love my brother,but that’s not enough.I can’t stay with him ever.He has to find his own life,so do I.Well,how about if I find a gorgeous boy here and marry him?Oh,sounds like a good idea.But how could I?M.Z:Hey,there’s a beautiful lady.Is that your sister?M.W:Yeah,she must be tired of waiting and prefer to walk,and meet us.Hey,Morven,come here!Morven:Oh,hi,brother,I’so tired of staying in the boat that I walked here.M.W:Morven , this is Mr. Zhang , and , my sister Morven .MZ : Hi, Morven , ( nice girl , to MW)Morven:Nice to meet you . (delicate feeling arouse in her heart which made her face sharply red )…… 英语 话剧 剧本Sportsmanship -- :00:9 来源: SportsmanshipEvery sportsman should have sportsmanship. When defeated, he should GREet his opponent and congratulate him. If he can't, on one will care to be his opponent because he lacks basic decorum and the spirit of a good sportsman. A true sportsman has a generous heart, admits to his loss and does not act with vexation. Learning to have sportsmanship is very important. It doesn't always matter whether one wins or not. What's even more important than results is what you have learned from each competition.行使(Exercise) -- :55: 来源: 行使(Exercise)   e home from school .and eating habits are pretty good. i try to lot of vegetabies ,usually ten to eieven times a week.and i eat fruit everyday and i drnk milk everyday. ofcourse,i love junkfood too, but i try to eat it only once a week.oh,and isleep nine hours every night. so you see,i look after my health lifestyle helps me get good grades.  good food exercise help me to study better.

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