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Shaunaka Rishi Das, Hindu cleric and Director of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies explains:牛津大学古印度研究中心主任、印度教僧人肖纳卡·里希·达斯解释道:;Hindus will see a deity on the whole as God present. God can manifest anywhere, so the physical manifestation of the image is considered to be a great aid in gaining the presence of God. By going to the temple, you see this image that is the presence, or you can have the image in your own home. So they#39;ll invite God to come into this deity form, they will wake God up in the morning with an offering of sweets. The deity will have been put to bed, in a bed, the night before, raised up, will be bathed in warm water, ghee, honey, yoghurt, and then dressed in hand-made dresses-usually made of silk-and garlanded with beautiful flowers, and then set up for worship for the day. So it#39;s a very interesting process of practicing the presence of God.;印度教将所有的神都当作造物主的分身。造物主无处不在。因此,对神灵形象的实体展现被认为对呼唤造物主显身极有帮助。去寺庙参拜时,神像便是显身。同时,你在家里也可以供奉。印度教徒会邀请造物主进入这一实体。早上敬献甜食唤醒他,晚上将他置于床榻之上,起床后用温水、酥油、蜂蜜、酸奶为他沐浴,然后穿上通常用丝绸缝制的装,并饰以美丽的花环,最后再开始一天的敬拜。这一套实践造物主显身的仪式十分有趣。The god whose presence Kumaragupta chose to practise most intensely is obvious from his name. He chose as his special god, the god of war, Kumara, and it#39;s Kumara that we see on our second gold coin.鸠罗笈多一世最常敬拜的神祇从他的名字就能看出来。他选择的是战神鸠罗。这便是我们在第二枚金币上看到的形象。Naked to the waist, he holds a spear and is mounted on a sacred peacock. Not the vainglorious peacock of western tradition, but an aggressive and terrifying bird that he#39;s riding into war. This image, created 1,600 years ago, is still immediately recognisable today, you can see it in many shrines. But there#39;s one final detail that#39;s worth mentioning-Kumara and his peacock are shown standing on a plinth.鸠罗上身,手握长矛,骑坐在一头孔雀上。他们的孔雀并不像西方传统中那样是虚荣自负的象征,而是一种凶残可怕的神鸟,鸠罗骑着它上战场。这一 形象出现于1600年前,时至今日仍能让人一眼认出,在许多寺庙都能见到。但有一处细节值得一提,金币上的鸠罗与孔雀立于基座之上。 Article/201504/371570。

  • What I#39;d love to do is take you off and do a number of tests我想带你去做一些测试and see just how we compare.看我们俩比较起来如何OK, I#39;m game for that. So, is this a challenge?好 我加入 这算是一种挑战吗This is a challenge indeed,当然是一种挑战a challenge I suspect I may well lose!我怀疑我会输得很惨For a decade, Joe#39;s been eating 1,900 Calories a day.十年来 乔每天只摄入1900大卡热量I#39;ve averaged around 2,300,而我平均约2300大卡quite a few of them donuts and burgers.其中很多都来自于甜面包圈与汉堡How much do you think you weigh?你觉得你有多重-Probably about 180. -Ooh, more than 180!-大概82公斤吧 -比那更重I should be around 134, 135, 136.我大约有61 62公斤We just have to move it down one notch.我们得下调一个刻度- 134. - Oh, right on.-61公斤 -刚好We#39;re both in our 50s, and I really don#39;t think我们都是五十几岁了 但我一点不觉得we look like different generations, let alone species.我们像是两代人 更遑论两个人种了So how different are we?那么我们有多大的区别I just need for you to relax in there. Sit still, no talking.只需要放松即可 坐好 不要说话重点解释:1.a number of 许多;若干(后接可数名词的复数形式)例句:A number of cables are needed in this project.这项工程需要大量电缆。2. a few of 几个;少许;稍有例句:Only a few of my friends were informed about it.这件事只有我的几个朋友知道3.move down 将 ... 移至低处; 将 ... 调到低位例句:The current strengthened as we moved down the river.我们顺流而下时,水流更急了。 Article/201509/398734。
  • We see it in movies and TV shows all the time-birds deliveing messages,Whether it#39;s a historical drama ,or the ravens in Game of Thrones, one has to wonder-can birds actually deliver messages with accuracy? Not to burst your fantasy bubble,but Ravens,while incredibly intelligent,aren#39;t the likeliest of birds to get this job done,Sorry John Snow!我们经常在电影,电视中看到---鸟差送信,比如历史剧和权力的游戏里的乌鸦,所以说:鸟儿真的能准确地投递信件吗?无意破坏你美好的统计幻想,不过超级聪慧的乌鸦,并非完成这项工作的候选者,抱歉啦 John snow!But the somewhat surprising fact is that other birds,such as pigeons,are fantastic at it!Hence the name ;carrier-pigeon;.In fact were successfully used,nearly 3000 years ago to declare the winner of the Olympics,abroad.Pigeos have an innate homing ability. meaning they will return to their nest to mate.令人吃惊的是另一种鸟-------鸽子,超级适合用来送信,所以才有了“信鸽”这个称呼,事实上,三千多年前,它们成功地被用于向国外传递奥利匹克优胜信息,鸽子天生具有归巢本能,它们会返巢进行交配。Flights as long as 1800 km have been recorded.Because of this,they have been used for centuries to send messages,but-and this is a pretty big but-they generally only sent messages in one direction.They would be taken away from their homes,and when needed,could send messages back home,because their natural instinct was to fly there.据记录,鸽子可以飞行长达1800km的距离,因此,数个世纪以来它们一直被用于送信,但是有个很大的问题,它们只能送单个方向的信件,它们会被带离巢穴,然后再需要时,让它把信捎回家,它们的本能会把它们带回那里。So the idea of sending a bird wherever you needed it to go is a little farfetched.However,by placing their food at one location,and their home in another,pigeons have been trained to fly back and forth between 2 locations reliably.They have great eyesight,and use the sun and the stars,landscapes,odors,sound waves and potentially even the earth#39;s magnetic field to locate home.因此鸟儿可以往任何地方送信,这种想法有点不切实际,但是,如果将食物放在某个地方,然后巢穴设置另一个地方,那么就可以训练鸽子往返于这两处,鸽子的视力极佳,它们可以通过太阳,星星,景观,气味,声波,甚至地球磁场来定位的巢穴。Not to mention,they seem to have an internal compass which orients them.And because of their migratory behavior,they can be trained as flocks,as opposed to other birds which would require one-on-one attention to accomplish the task.更别提,它们似乎还有用于辨别方向的内置指南针,由于它们的迁移本能,鸽子可以成群进行训练,不像其他鸟儿必须进行,一对一的任务训练。 Article/201505/377673。
  • North Atlantic hurricanes only account for about 11%世界只有上大约11%的热带气旋of the world#39;s tropical cyclones.是北大西洋飓风But Professor Kerry Emanuel,然而凯瑞·伊曼纽教授one of the world#39;s leading hurricane experts,世界领先的飓风专家之一has started to see something of a pattern开始在自家的后院中in his own backyard.看到某种规律This last decade was the worst in the record books.过去十年的天气是史上最糟糕的2005 was an especially bad year.尤其是2005年We had a record number of hurricanes.我们经历了数量空前的飓风So many they ran out of letters of the alphabet编号时英语字母都用完了and had to go to the Greek alphabet.不得不使用希腊字母表Professor Emanuel is trying to figure out伊曼纽教授正在设法why this might be happening.找出原因One crucial factor一个关键的因素is the mechanism that#39;s at the core of what makes them work in the first place.是飓风形成时 最重要的机制Hurricanes are driven by heat.飓风受热量驱使In fact, they#39;re quite simply massive heat engines.其实它们简直就是超大的热力发动机They effectively transfer warmth from the ocean它们有效地把热量从海洋中 and into the atmosphere.转移到大气层中 Article/201409/332471。
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