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昨天是;三八;国际妇女节,女同胞们是不是都放假出去庆祝啦?如果你还坚守在工作岗位,也请你不要沮丧,因为这说明女性的力量越来越强大,没有了女性,男同胞们是玩不转这个世界的。女同胞们散发出的;她力量;(she-power),你感觉到了吗?图为;she-power;的典型代表;The Iron Lady;铁娘子。She-power is the power of females that should not be neglected in any field of society, which may include the basic power of females, the integrated power of females and males, and the incidental power that males get from females. She-power is having a greater influence on the economy, culture and society as the social status, education background and consuming capacity of females have grown in recent years.;她力量(she-power);是指女性群体在社会各个领域产生的不可忽视的力量,包括女性本身的力量、女性和男性融合的力量、女性对男性激励的力量。随着女性的社会地位、文化素质和消费能力的不断提高,;她力量;正影响着经济、文化、生活等各个领域。According to statistics from a survey in 2006, one in three mid- to high-level enterprise managers is female, and one in four women holds a college diploma. Women are also playing an increasingly important role in the decision-making process concerning house purchasing. In addition, more women are joining hi-tech and auto industries, where men are considered the dominant power, and displaying outstanding competence.据2006年的一份调查数据显示,大约每3位企业中高层管理者中就有一位是女性,每4位女性当中就有一位具有大专以上学历。女性也在家庭置业决策中扮演着越来越重要的角色。在科技和汽车等传统的男性工作领域,也有越来越多的女性加入并大放异。 /201203/173863

Anchor plays host to thank helpers新闻主持人设宴招待救人农民工Cui Yongyuan, a famous anchorman from China Central Television, treated 154 migrant workers to dinner on Monday evening to show respect for their heroic behavior in rescuing about 200 people trapped in a torrential downpour.崔永元,中国中央电视台著名节目主持人,于周一时间与154名暴雨中救人的平民英雄共进晚宴,以示尊敬。这些无私救人者,在暴雨灾害中救起大约200人。All invited migrant workers, who work for a water treatment factory in the Fengtai district of Beijing, raced against time to transfer people stranded by floodwaters on an expressway when the heaviest rainfall in 61 years lashed Beijing on July 21.现场所有被邀请的农民工,在丰台区一家污水处理厂工作,在60年一遇的暴雨灾害中争分夺秒地转移被困居民。More than 120 vehicles were submerged in a low-lying section of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway in Fengtai that night.当天晚上大约有超过120两机动车被淹没在京九高速公路的桥洞下方。When several drivers escaped from their cars and rushed to a nearby factory for help, Du Jinrong, leader of a construction team, knocked on his workmates#39; dorm doors.当一些车主从车内逃出并跑到附近的工厂寻求救助时,工头杜景荣招呼工友起来。The factory staff gave out clothes, food and bottled water to all people rescued and allowed them to rest in two meeting rooms or in the dormitory, Du said.据杜介绍,他们给所有来逃难的人分发了衣,食物和瓶装水,并允许他们在两个会议室中和一些宿舍中休息。;Some of the rescued wanted to give us money as a reward but we refused. We did not help for money,; Du said.杜说:有些人想给我们钱来表示感谢,但是我们都拒绝了。因为我们这么做并不是为了钱。More than 180 people were stranded on the roofs of three buses in the inundated section of the expressway when the rescue team, equipped with buoys, ropes and flashlights, reached the site around 9 pm.超过180人被困在公交车顶上,随后约晚上九点供人们组成救援队,用铁锹,绳子和探照灯到达了该地点。He Xuezhong, who has been working in Beijing for more than 17 years, joined the rescue work with his wife and 20-year-old son.何学中在北京工作了17年多,和他的妻子,以及他们20岁的儿子一起参加了救援工作。;I did not worry about my son#39;s safety in that urgent moment although I knew that he can#39;t swim,; He said. ;He can cope with the help of ropes and buoys.;他说:尽管我知道儿子不会游泳,但我并不担心他的安全,他可以给我们搭把手。He Ming, his son, also took part in the rescue at about 9 pm on July 21 and saved a 9-year-old boy at 3 am who was grasping an iron fence so the current wouldn#39;t sweep him away.他的儿子,何明,在21号九点的时候参与到救援中,并在凌晨三点时救起一个9岁大的儿童,该儿童攀附在立交桥的栅栏上,才没有被水流冲走。;I heard the boy saying #39;I want my mom#39; but after I took him to a safe place, my workmate immediately took him to change his clothes, so I didn#39;t know whether he found his mother until yesterday,; he said.“我听到那个男孩哭喊着说‘我要妈妈’,但是我把他带到安全地带之后,我的工友立刻把他带走换衣去了,所以我知道昨天才知道他已经找到家人了”About 60 people who were rescued visited the migrant workers on Sunday to express their gratitude and He Ming said he saw the boy and his mother there.大约有60名被救人员周末拜访了这些农民工,表示感谢。何明说他看见小男孩和他妈妈在一起。After a brief opening speech, Cui, the anchor, asked everyone at the dining hall for a minute of silence for people who died in the rainstorm.在一个简短的开场白之后,主持人崔永元要求每个在餐厅的人员保持一分钟默哀,为那些没有被救的人们。 /201207/192899

Many who need restorative rest most might not be able to get it. Why? They#39;re in a hospital. Even at night, a hospital can be a noisy place. And research has shown that these noise levels have been rising for decades.许多处于恢复期、最需要休息的人可能睡不好觉。为什么?因为他们在住院。即使到了晚上,医院也可能是很嘈杂的地方。研究表明几十年来,医院的噪音水平一直在上升。A new study finds that electronic noises in particular interfere with sleep.一项研究发现,电子噪音尤其会干扰病人休息。Researchers followed the sleep patterns of a dozen healthy volunteers as they spent three nights sleeping in a lab. Their hours of darkness were punctuated with 14 different recorded hospital sounds played at varying volumes. Even when electronic sounds, such as alarm beeps, were played at the level of a whisper, volunteersslightly roused from sleep. The findings are in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.研究人员让12名身体健康的志愿者连续三天睡在实验室,并跟踪了他们的睡眠模式。当以不同的音量播放14种不同的医院录音时,他们的黑暗时间就推迟了。即使轻声播放电子声音,例如报警器的哔哔声,志愿者们还是会从睡梦中吵醒。这项研究发表在《内科医学年报》上。When the volunteers#39; sleep was disrupted, their heart rate increased. This frequently elevated heart rate could be especially bad for recovery. A little peace and quiet could make for a lot more restful nights.当志愿者的睡眠遭到打扰时,他们的心率就会加速。而频频出现心率加速则不利于身体的恢复。安静一点能带给你更多安宁的夜晚。 /201301/219842

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