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2019年09月17日 13:21:32

济南做人流到哪个医院好Judging from his pile of train tickets, Xie Cheng must travel a lot. So it’s odd that the 24-year-old history major knows nothing about the local attractions or food in the cities he’s visited – Qingdao, Lanzhou, Changchun, Yichang, Changzhou, Shijiazhuang, to name a few.从谢成(音译)手中厚厚的火车票票根来看,他一定去过好多地方。但奇怪的是,这名24岁的历史专业毕业生竟对自己所到城市的风光及美食一无所知,这些城市包括青岛、兰州、长春、宜昌、常州、石家庄等等,不一而足。Xie is one of many young Chinese graduates who have been caught in the civil service mania of recent years, hoping that their toil in taking the exams will land them a stable career with a decent income and a respectful social status.近年来,中国许多年轻的大学毕业生都投身“公务员热潮”之中,希望自己不辞辛苦地一次次参加国考,最终能换来一个收入可观、受人尊敬的“铁饭碗”。谢成就是其中的一员。“I have taken the national entrance exam for the central government’s civil service three times, and about a dozen times for civil service jobs in other provinces and cities,” said Xie.“我先后参加了三次国家公务员考试以及十几次各省市的地方公务员考试。” 谢成说。For Xie, the civil service paints a promising future. “It would mean a change of fate,” said Xie. “By becoming a civil servant, an apartment, cars and a happy family would be within my reach.”对于谢成来说,公务员描绘了大好的前途。他表示:“这可能意味着一次命运的转折。如果成为一名公务员,房子、车子及美满家庭将指日可待。”In order to realize one’s dream, one has to be willing to fight for it. According to the State Administration of Civil Service, the national exam for civil servant admission to central government agencies hit a new record in 2012, with 109 positions receiving more than 1,000 applications each.为实现梦想,必须为之拼搏。国家公务员局表示,2012年中央机关及其直属机构国家公务员考试创造了一个新纪录,109个招录职位的报名比例超过1000:1。Liu Manping, an economist at a Beijing-based think tank, thinks the phenomenon reflects people’s sense of insecurity in a fluctuating market and economy.北京某咨询研究机构的经济学家刘满平认为,“公务员热”现象反映出,由于市场环境与经济环境的波动,人们缺乏安全感。“More fierce social competition tends to push people to play safe,” said Liu. “With high housing prices and the rising cost of medication, some of the welfare benefits extended to civil servants can cure these headaches.”刘满平表示:“日益激烈的社会竞争,往往会促使人们寻求安稳。房价与医疗出不断攀升,而公务员的福利待遇可以解决这些棘手难题。”However, according to Zhu Lijia, from the Chinese Academy of Governance, there has been a trend of phasing out public servants’ privileges in medication and housing.但来自国家行政学院的竹立家则表示,政府已有意逐步取消公务员在医疗及住房方面所享有的特权。A report by China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security indicates that by 2012, 24 out of 31 provinces and municipalities reformed medication benefits for civil servants.人力资源和社会保障部发布的一份报告显示,截止到2012年,全国31个省、直辖市、自治区中,已有24个地区实行了公务员医疗保险制度的改革。“The inequality embodied in the traditional medication benefit has to be tackled,” said Zhu. “Social welfare systems must cover everyone indiscriminately.”竹立家说:“过去公费医疗中所体现出的不公性必须解决,社会福利制度必须公平地覆盖所有人。”As for Xie: Earlier this year he finally managed to become a quality inspector in a small city in Shanxi province. But his daily routine is far from the ideal picture he had in mind.今年年初,谢成最终如愿以偿,成为山西一座小城市的质量检验员。但日常工作与他理想中的设想相差甚远。“The workload is huge and we work late into the night on most days,” said Xie. “The salary just reaches the local average, so I’m a bit disillusioned. But at least I don’t need to worry about losing my job for a while.”谢成说:“工作量很大,大多数时间我们都会加班到晚上。工资刚刚达到本地的平均水平,所以我有点儿理想幻灭的感觉。但至少在一段时间内,我不用担心自己会失业了。” /201212/215883山东省妇幼保健医院是公立医院吗?Brides and grooms across the UK are staging a romantic rush to tie the knot on the most memorable date of the year.....10-10-10.  英国各地的新娘和新郎们争相在今年最难忘的日子——2010年10月10日——喜结连理。  All around the world, the attraction of saying 'I do' on an unforgettable date has sparked a massive rush by couples to organise their big day for the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year of the century.  为了能在一个难忘的日子里说“我愿意”,世界各地的许多情侣都想赶在本世纪第十个年头的第十个月的第十天办喜事。  More than 31,000 romantic couples are to get hitched this Sunday as the unique date proves to be the hottest day for a wedding this year.  超过3.1万对浪漫情侣将在本周日结婚,这一独特的日子将是本年度最热门的结婚日。  Registry offices and churches have been booked up for months. Manchester's 163-year-old register office is opening on a Sunday for only the third time in its history so that six couples can get hitched.  婚姻登记所和教堂在几个月前就已经被预订满了。曼彻斯特有着163年历史的婚姻登记所将在周日开放,以让六对情侣能够登记结婚,这是该登记所有史以来第三次在周日开放。 Brides and grooms across the UK are staging a romantic rush to tie the knot on the most memorable date of the year.....10-10-10.  英国各地的新娘和新郎们争相在今年最难忘的日子——2010年10月10日——喜结连理。 /201010/115370济南的妇科医院在什么位置

济南紫荆花医院产前检查好吗济南阳光医院收费怎么样Reader's Digest turns to 11 Reader's Digest Association, the venerable staple of doctors' waiting rooms and middle-class bedside tables, yesterday announced plans for voluntary bankruptcy as it became the latest victim of the advertising recession.Equity investors led by Ripplewood Holdings, who announced the .4bn acquisition in November 2006, will lose their entire 0m investment.The pre-packaged 11 filing, agreed with senior lenders but contingent on agreement with other lenders, marks the latest media industry deal struck at the peak of the credit-fuelled buy-out market to head towards the bankruptcy courts.Reader's Digest, launched by a husband and wife in 1921 from one room under a Greenwich Village speakeasy, began as a mail-order collection of condensed articles from other magazines and evolved into a direct- mail pioneer and one of the world's largest publishers.Nine of its 94 magazines have a circulation of more than 1m in the US alone, and its titles claim a combined global ership of 130m people in 78 countries.But advertising revenue from the flagship magazine fell 18.4 per cent last year, and is down another 7.2 per cent in the first six months of this year, according to the Publishers Information Bureau.“The deal was done at the height of the frothy investment banking model, and the company was saddled with .2bn worth of debt,” Tom Williams, chief financial officer, said.Group revenues are down just 2 per cent this year, said Mary Berner, chief executive. However, as cashflows came in below the Ripplewood-led buyout group's expectations, it found itself struggling to make a m interest payment, due yesterday.Ms Berner said the restructuring would not affect its operations or suppliers. /200908/81782Hurricane Alicia was the third depression, the first tropical storm, and the only major hurricane of the 1983 Atlantic hurricane season. It struck Galveston and Houston, Texas directly, causing .6 billion USD (.27 billion 2006 USD) in damage and killing 21 people; this made it the worst Texas hurricane since Hurricane Carla (1961 season), and Texas' first billion-dollar storm. Hurricane Alicia became the last major hurricane (Category 3 or higher) to strike Texas until the stronger Hurricane Bret in 1999 made landfall. 飓风艾丽西娅是1983年大西洋飓风季节里的第三次低气压活动,也是第一次热带风暴,并形成了那一年唯一的一次大型飓风。飓风袭击了德克萨斯州的加尔维斯顿和休斯顿,直接经济损失为二十六亿美元(五十二万七千点零零零万美元2006美元),并夺去了21人的生命; 这是德克萨斯州在1961年飓风卡拉之后遭受的最严重的一次飓风, 可称为德克萨斯州10亿飓风。 在1999年飓风布雷特登陆以前,飓风艾丽西娅是德州最大一次飓风(飓风级别为3级,甚至更高)。 /200908/81605济南的妇科医院中药科山东省济南市妇幼保健好不好

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