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黑龙江哈市九洲怎么样?哈尔滨哈尔滨引产需要多少钱牡丹江市打胎需要多少钱 First came the wave of manufacturing, with Samsung and LG; then the K-pop stars, whose ubiquity reached its regrettable height with Psy. Now comes the latest import from South Korea: a formidable array of beauty products.先是以三星和LG为代表的制造业;然后是韩国流行歌手,可惜他们的巅峰止于鸟叔(Psy)。现在是韩国的最新进口产品:一系列势不可挡的美容产品。It all started with the BB cream. In early 2011, the Korean brand Dr. Jart introduced two BB creams at Sephora in the ed States. They had dermatologic roots, intended to protect and heal patients#39; skin after treatment, and had been popular as all-in-one skin-care and makeup products in Korea for several years before they came to the ed States.一切都始于BB霜。2011年初,韩国品牌蒂佳婷(Dr. Jart)在美国丝芙兰化妆品商店(Sephora)推出了两款BB霜。BB霜有皮肤病学的渊源,最初是为了保护和修复治疗后的皮肤。作为一款全效护肤化妆品,它进入美国前已经在韩国畅销了好几年。The cream was a hit. Major beauty companies took note. Soon enough, it had spawned versions from L#39;Oréal, Smashbox, Clinique, Jane Iredale, Stila and Dior — and paved the way for a Korean beauty invasion of the ed States.BB霜很受欢迎。大牌化妆品公司纷纷效仿。很快,欧莱雅、Smashbox、倩碧(Clinique)、珍爱芮德(Jane Iredale)、丝狄拉(Stila)和迪奥(Dior)等品牌都推出了自己的BB霜,为韩国化妆品进军美国铺平了道路。The beauty market has long been led by European countries, which were thought to be the source of innovation. But in recent years, American women (and beauty companies), their interest piqued by the BB cream, began to look more closely at Korean multistep skin-care regimens, and they liked what they saw.长期以来,化妆品市场由欧洲国家主导,欧洲被认为是创新之源。但是近些年,美国女人(以及美国化妆品公司)对韩国的兴趣被BB霜勾了起来,开始更密切地关注韩式多步护肤法,她们对其护肤效果也感到满意。;It shifted our consciousness on what it means to take care of your skin,; said Megan McIntyre, the beauty director at the lifestyle site Refinery29. Seeing the care Korean women devote to their skin made consumers curious about new techniques, Ms. McIntyre said, adding that the often adorably twee packaging, high-tech innovations (peel-off lip stains, overnight masks) and affordable prices have not hurt, either. But let no one think that Korean women just slap on a BB cream and call it a day.“它改变了我们对护肤的看法,”生活方式网站Refinery29的美容总监梅根·麦金太尔(Megan McIntyre)说。麦金太尔说,顾客们看过韩国女人对护肤的投入后,对新技术很好奇。她补充说,况且韩国化妆品的包装大多很可爱,又有高科技创新(撕拉式唇、睡眠面膜),价格也能承受。但是可别以为韩国女人涂上BB霜就完事了。;The American approach is: the simpler the better, the faster I can get out the door,; said Cindy Kim, a founder of Peach and Lily, one of a number of online retailers, including Soko Glam and Memebox, that sells Korean beauty products. ;The Korean mentality is comprehensive and detailed.;桃子与百合(Peach and Lily)是一家销售韩国化妆品的在线零售商(类似的还有Soko Glam和Memebox)。它的创始人辛迪·金(Cindy Kim)说,“美国女人的方式是:越简单越好,这样我就能更快出门;韩国女人的心态则是全面而细致。”And it is exhaustive. First, there#39;s cleansing, often with two different cleansers (one oil-based to remove makeup, then a foaming cleanser), followed by a toner to balance pH levels on the face.而且韩式化妆非常彻底。先是洁面,通常要用两种洁面产品(先是卸妆油,然后是泡沫洁面乳),然后用柔肤水平衡脸上的pH值。Then there are ;essences; and serums, which is ;where the number of steps can blow up,; Ms. Kim said. The serums often target single issues: aging, radiance, hydration, redness. An eye cream, plus moisturizer, and BB cream (for day) or an overnight sleep mask are applied next and all sealed with a mist. There is even a term for the desired plump and sticky feeling after application of these products: ;chok chok.;之后使用精华液。“这里的步骤可以无限多,”金说。精华液通常是针对单个问题的:延缓老化,提亮肤色,补水,使脸色红润。然后用眼霜、滋润霜和BB霜(白天用)或睡眠面膜,最后用喷雾定妆。韩语中甚至有个词来形容用完这些产品后所期待的饱满水润的感觉:chok chok(大意是水灵灵的)。Taking a half-hour for your skin-care routine ;isn#39;t weird,;said Esther Dong, the senior vice president for marketing at the Korean line Amorepacific, whose Time Response anti-aging moisturizers are selling well in the ed States. ;When people describe a beautiful girl in the U.S., it#39;s all about the body, and the third or fourth sentence is about the face. When you describe a beautiful girl in Asia, it#39;s about her face and how pure and fine her skin is.;韩国化妆品公司爱茉莉(Amorepacific)的市场营销高级副总裁埃斯特·董(Esther Dong)说,花半小时护肤“不奇怪”。该公司的时光幻(Time Response)抗老化保湿霜在美国很畅销。“美国人描述美女全是在说身材,第三或第四句话才提到脸。亚洲人说美女是说她脸庞俊秀、皮肤纯净。”Such standards are reflective of Korean culture at large. ;The culture of South Korea is very much tied with technological advancement and the rapid pace of life,” said Richard You, the deputy general manager for Dr. Jart in the ed States. “Everyone has a smartphone, is concerned about their looks, and companies are working around the clock to provide new products. Word gets around quickly regarding what#39;s working and what#39;s not.; In Korea, more than one television show is devoted to reviewing new beauty products.这样的标准反映了韩国文化的整体面貌。“韩国文化与科技进步和生活快节奏紧密相关,”蒂佳婷美国区副总经理理查德·刘(Richard You)说,“每个人都有智能手机,很在意自己的相貌,化妆品公司夜以继日地开发新产品。关于产品效果的评价很快就会传开。”在韩国,不止一个电视节目致力于评价美容新产品。Even if American women aren#39;t likely to massage five different creams into their faces for 30 minutes, they are willing to try new products. Alicia Yoon, the other founder of Peach and Lily, reported that most of its customers are non-Asian and that, month to month, its sales nearly double.虽然美国女人不大可能花30分钟时间往脸上抹五种面霜,但她们愿意尝试新产品。桃子与百合网店的另一位创始人艾莉西娅·尹(Alicia Yoon)说,该网店的大部分顾客不是亚洲人,而且销量几乎在逐月翻倍。;The appetite is huge,; said Priya Venkatesh, who oversees the merchandising of products with Korean roots at Sephora. And not just for Korean brands. Korean-inspired masks and essences from Dior, Shiseido and SK-II are emerging as popular, she said.普里亚·凡卡泰斯(Priya Venkatesh)在丝芙兰公司负责与韩国有关的美容产品的促销活动。她说,“顾客们很感兴趣”,而且不只是对韩国品牌,迪奥、资生堂和SK-II等品牌受韩国美容产品启发开发的面膜和精华液也开始流行。American companies are also hoping to strike a chord with similar products. Peter Thomas Roth, a skin-care line in New York, makes a CC cream (a lighter sibling to the BB cream) in South Korea. Its answer to the Korean essence, a step between cleansing and treatment, is its Un-Wrinkle Turbo Line Smoothing Lotion. It also has a sleeping mask (a concentrated mask you wear overnight) and an oil-like product made from squalene, which comes from sugar cane and has long been popular in Asia.美国化妆品公司也希望用类似的产品打动顾客。纽约护肤品牌彼得罗夫(Peter Thomas Roth)在韩国生产CC霜(一款比BB霜清淡的产品)。它的精纯胜肽精华(Un-Wrinkle Turbo Line Smoothing Lotion)是一款与韩国的精华液(清洁和护肤之间的一个步骤)类似的产品。它也有睡眠面膜(可以敷着入睡的浓缩面膜),还有一款用鲨烯做的卸妆油,这种从甘蔗中提取出来的鲨烯在亚洲流行已久。For sure, there is an exoticism to Korean ingredients, with products like LadyKin Vanpir Dark Repair Cream (which touts Red Dragon Blood Resin Extract) and Mizon Returning Starfish Cream (with 70 percent starfish extract). Alpha-hydroxy acid-based peeling foot masks that remove layers of dead skin have been gaining followers here, the most popular being Baby Foot. (Best not to Google the product. Eeew.)毫无疑问,韩国护肤品的成分具有异国情调,比如LadyKin吸血鬼暗黑复活面霜(LadyKin Vanpir Dark Repair Cream,含有红龙木树脂提取液)和谜之芬海星再生面霜(Mizon Returning Starfish Cream,含有70%的海星萃取物)。果酸去死皮足膜在美国也被追捧,最流行的是宝贝脚(Baby Foot)牌的(最好别去谷歌上搜索这种产品。呃!)。So pronounced is the interest in Korean products among Refinery29 ers that Ms. McIntyre recently hired Joyce Kong, a Korean-American writer in Seoul, as its Korean beauty correspondent.Refinery29网站的读者们对韩国护肤品的兴趣非常明显,所以麦金太尔最近聘用首尔的韩裔美国作家乔伊斯·孔(Joyce Kong)担任韩国美容记者。;Every month there#39;s something new, so much of my job is to figure out, is this a fad or something that#39;s going to be a real trend?” Ms. Kong said. “There has been snail cream and snake venom lotion. Right now donkey milk is a thing.;“每个月都有新产品,我的工作很大一部分是弄清楚某种新产品只是一时流行还是会成为真正的潮流,”孔说,“曾有过蜗牛霜和蛇毒液。现在新出现的是驴奶。”A contender for the next blockbuster is the single-use sheet mask, a piece of thin paper or fabric coated in active ingredients. ;Say my skin routine focuses on hydrating and firming,; Ms. Yoon said, “but I#39;ve been tired so I want something to promote an inner glow. That#39;s where a mask comes in.”下一个热门可能是一次性薄片面膜,就是一片涂有活性成分的薄纸或薄布。“比如,我平常护肤主要是补水和紧致,”尹说,“但我感到疲倦,想提升皮肤的内在光。这时就需要面膜。”In Korea, these are aly ubiquitous. ;You walk into any drugstore and there are walls filled with sheet masks that cost anywhere from to ,; Ms. Kim said. “They#39;re very much part of the routine over there.;在韩国,这些已经非常普遍。“你走进任何一家化妆品商店,都能看见墙上摆满薄片面膜,售价从1美元到10美元不等,”金说,“在韩国,面膜几乎是必用的。”Ms. McIntyre said she thinks the next big things could be sleeping masks and cushion compacts, in which BB cream in a compact form comes with a spongelike applicator for a dewy finish.麦金太尔认为接下来流行的可能是睡眠面膜和气垫BB霜。BB霜紧密地填在盒内,附有海绵状的敷抹器,能让皮肤最后呈现出水灵灵的感觉。One sure thing is that beauty companies will continue looking to Korea. Ms. McIntyre said, “It has become almost an arms race to see what the next big thing will be.;有一点是可以肯定的:化妆品公司将继续向韩国学习。麦金太尔说,“大家都争着开发下一个热门产品,有点像军备竞赛。” /201411/340861The southern Chinese province of Guangdong has seen a surge in dengue fever cases this year, raising fears that factors such as climate change and urbanization have accelerated the sp of the mosquito-borne disease in the region.中国南部广东省今年的登革热病例激增,人们担心气候变化和城市化等因素,加快了这种通过蚊子传播的疾病在该地区的传播。Health officials said on Wednesday that Guangdong had seen 7,497 cases of dengue this year, the state news agency Xinhua reported. That was a sharp jump from the 6,089 cases reported on Monday.国家通讯社新华社报道,卫生官员周三表示,广东省今年的登革热病例已达7497例。这比周一报道的6089例有大幅上升。Most years, Guangdong, China’s most populous province with more than 100 million people, sees fewer than 1,000 cases. Between 1990 and 2008, the highest level was in 1995, with about 7,000 cases. “This will likely be the year with the most cases,” Chen Xiaoguang, an infectious disease expert with the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine at Southern Medical University in the provincial capital Guangzhou, said on Thursday in an email.广东省是中国人口最多的省,全省人口超过1亿,大多数年里,广东每年登革热的发病情况不到1000例。从1990年至2008年间,1995年的发病水平最高,约7000例。位于省会广州的南方医科大学的公共卫生与热带医学学院传染病专家陈晓光周四在一封电子邮件中说,“今年将很可能是发病最多的一年。”Dengue causes fever, headaches, rashes and extreme joint pain, which gives it the informal name “breakbone fever.” With proper treatment the fatality rate is less than 1 percent, but severe cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever can be deadly, particularly for infants who make up most of the estimated 22,000 who die from dengue each year worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.登革热引起发烧、头痛、皮疹,以及关节剧痛,因此有“裂骨热”的非正式名称。得到适当治疗的情况下,该病的死亡率低于1%,但严重的登革出血热可致命,特别是婴幼儿患者,据世界卫生组织估计,全世界每年有2.2万人死于登革热,其中婴幼儿占绝大多数。Thus far, Guangdong has reported three deaths. Most of the dengue cases have been found in Guangzhou, which reported 6,361 cases and two deaths as of Wednesday. The city of Foshan was the second highest, with 789 cases and one death, Xinhua said.迄今为止,广东已有3例死亡报告。大多数登革热病例出现在广州,截至周三已有6361例及两例死亡报告。佛山市发现的病例数第二高,共有789例及一例死亡报告,新华社说。In neighboring Hong Kong, the Center for Health Protection reported 66 confirmed cases of dengue fever as of Monday, all of which it said were imported from elsewhere, including one from the Chinese mainland.在邻近的香港,当地的卫生防护中心报告说,截至周一,已有66例确诊的登革热病例,卫生防护中心表示,所有病例都来自外地,包括来自中国大陆的一例。The dengue virus is sp by Aedes mosquitoes and was only seen in sporadic outbreaks during most of the 20th century in China. But starting in 1978, there have been increasingly serious outbreaks in southern and coastal China. Between 1978 and 2008, there were 655,324 cases that killed 610 people in mainland China, Dr. Chen and several colleagues wrote in a 2010 paper.登革热病毒由一种伊蚊属的蚊子传播,在20世纪的大部分时间里,该疾病在中国只有过零星的爆发。但从1978年起,在中国南方和沿海地带开始出现日益严重的疫情。陈晓光和几位同事在2010年发表的一篇论文中写道,从1978年到2008年,中国大陆共有655324例登革热病例,导致610人死亡。Dr. Chen said that unusually warm temperatures and high rainfall along with the prevalence of dengue in neighboring areas of Southeast Asia contributed to the scale of the Guangdong outbreak this year.陈晓光表示,导致广东省今年疾病爆发规模的原因有几个,包括异常高的气温,高降雨量,以及登革热在附近东南亚地区的流行。Yang Zhicong, deputy director of the Guangzhou municipal disease control and prevention center, also blamed public unwillingness to take steps to control mosquito populations, Xinhua reported. Officials have asked residents to reduce standing water that allows mosquitoes to breed. They have predicted that further eradication efforts, including spraying insecticide, should help reduce the outbreak, which should naturally decrease as cooler autumn temperatures make the environment less hospitable for mosquitoes.新华社报道称,广州市疾病预防控制中心副主任杨智聪还把爆发的规模归咎于公众不愿采取控制蚊子数量的措施。官员曾要求居民减少蚊子得以滋生的积水。他们预测,进一步根除蚊子的努力,包括喷洒杀虫剂,应有助于减少疾病爆发,不过,随着秋天凉爽气温的到来,疫情自然会减弱,因为低温环境不适合蚊子生存。Other parts of Asia have also been confronted with dengue this summer. Earlier this month, Japan saw its first dengue cases since 1945, when at least 70 people fell ill in an outbreak connected to mosquitoes in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo.亚洲其他地区今年夏天也面临着登革热的问题。本月初,日本出现了自1945年以来的第一个登革热病例,1945年的爆发与东京代代木公园中的蚊子有关,至少有70人被感染。Taiwan has tallied 2,589 dengue cases and five deaths from dengue hemorrhagic fever this year, the Taiwan Centers for Disease Controlsaid on Monday. The present rate of infection means the annual total probably will reach a level not seen since 2002, the centers’ deputy director general, Chou Jih-haw, told the state-owned Central News Agency.台湾的疾病管制署周一表示,台湾今年的登革热发病情况已达2589例,并有5人死于登革出血热。疾病管制署副署长周志浩对政府所有的中央新闻社表示,目前的感染率意味着,本年度的发病数量可能会达到2002年以来的最高水平。Long-term trends are likely to aid the sp of the virus. The W.H.O. says dengue cases have increased 30-fold over the past 50 years because of population growth, urbanization, increased global trade and growing amounts of plastics and other refuse that can provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes.未来的长期趋势可能有助于这种病毒的传播。世界卫生组织表示,在过去50年中,登革热病例增加了30倍还多,主要原因是人口增长、城市化、全球贸易增长,以及越来越多的塑料垃圾和其他废弃物,为蚊子的滋生提供了条件。“Because of climate and environmental change and increasing international trade and travel, dengue may become more and more common in China,” said Dr. Chen. “So we have to strengthen our efforts against it.”“由于气候和环境变化,加上国际贸易和旅行的日益增长,登革热在中国可能会变得越来越常见,”陈晓光说。“因此,我们必须加强抗击这种疾病的努力。” /201409/332495哈尔滨市第二医院做人流要多少钱

黑龙江九洲资料Pink and white vanilla marshmallows粉白香草棉花糖Homemade marshmallows are the stuff of dreams! They are light as pink fluffy clouds, oh-so-sweet and with just a hint of pure vanilla extract. Cut into squares and package into pretty pink- and white-striped bags for hen nights, girly birthday parties and Valentine#39;s Day treats.自制棉花糖是最令人渴望的礼物!就像粉色的絮云一样轻,香甜可口,而且只要加入微量纯香草精。切成块状,包装进漂亮的粉白相间的袋子,可以用作女子婚前单身派对、女孩生日聚会,或者情人节礼品。Makes about 30做30份。需用食材: 1 tablespoon icing sugar一汤匙糖粉1 tablespoon cornflour一汤匙玉米粉2 tablespoons powdered gelatine两汤匙明胶粉400g granulated sugar400克砂糖50g golden syrup50克糖浆2 large egg whites蛋清,用量为两个较大的鸡蛋pinch of salt少量盐1 teaspoon vanilla extract一茶匙香草精pink food colouring paste粉色食用色素制作方法: 1 Mix the icing sugar and cornflour in a small bowl. Lightly grease a 23cm square tin with a depth of about 5cm with a little sunflower oil and dust with the icing sugar and cornflour mix, tipping out and reserving the excess.1 将糖粉和玉米粉放进小碗中搅匀。在23平方厘米的烘烤听罐中轻抹一层油,深度大约为5厘米,加入少量葵花子油,撒上糖粉和玉米粉混合物。倒出,并保留多余的部分。2 Measure 6 tablespoons of cold water into another small bowl, sprinkle over the gelatine and set aside.2 在另一个小碗里倒入6汤匙冷水,撒入明胶粉,放在一旁。3 Tip the sugar into a medium-sized pan, add 250ml water and the golden syrup and place the pan over a medium heat until the sugar has dissolved. Bring the mixture to the boil and continue to cook steadily until the syrup reaches 120C/250F on a sugar thermometer. Remove from the heat, add the sponged gelatine and stir until thoroughly combined and the gelatine has melted.3 将糖倒入一个中等大小的平底锅,加入250毫升水和糖浆。用中火烘焙,直到糖溶解。大火烧开,继续煮,直到糖浆到达120摄氏度/250华氏度的高温(按照糖果温度计测量)。关火,加入海绵状的明胶粉,搅拌至完全均匀,明胶粉溶解。4 Place the egg whites in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a whisk attachment. Add a pinch of salt and whisk until the whites hold a stiff peak. Add the vanilla and the hot gelatine syrup in a steady stream and continue to whisk for a further 3–4 minutes, until the mixture will hold a ribbon trail when the beaters are lifted from the bowl.4 将蛋清放入带有搅蛋器的电动搅拌机。加入少量盐搅拌,直到蛋清成形。缓缓加入香草和热的明胶浆,继续搅拌3至4分钟,直到拿开搅拌器时,碗内保持带状痕迹。5 Pour half the mixture into the prepared tin in an even layer. Add a tiny amount of pink food colouring paste to the remaining mixture and stir until evenly coloured. Pour the pink marshmallow over the white and leave to set (at least 2 hours).5 将其中的一半倒入准备好的听罐里,放在平台上。在剩余的一半内加入少量粉色食用色素,搅拌,直到均匀着色。将粉色棉花糖倒在白色棉花糖的上方,晾凉至凝固(最少两个小时)。6 Once the marshmallow has completely set, dust the work surface or a board with the remaining icing sugar and cornflour mixture. Carefully tip the marshmallow out on to the prepared board and cut into squares, using a sharp knife. Dust the individual marshmallows before packaging.6 待棉花糖完全冷却凝固,在面板上撒上剩余的糖粉和玉米粉。小心地倒出棉花糖,放在准备好的台面上,用刀切成块状。包装前在每块棉花糖上撒糖。7 Package in striped paper bags. Stored in an airtight box, the marshmallows will keep for 3 days.7 装入条状纸袋。放进密封盒内,可保留3天。 /201401/271235巴彦县儿童医院在哪里 平房区儿童医院门诊在那里

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