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Bee you leave, Ill polish your teeth and remove the rest of the stain.在你离开以前,我要把你的牙齿磨一磨, 并把留下来的着色剂磨掉How much have you done, Miss Jones?琼斯,干到哪了?Oh, hello Doctor. Ive almost finished scaling the lower teeth.奥, 医生 我快刮完下一排牙齿了It took me a long time to clean them. Would you like to see what Ive done?挂了好长时间 看看刮的怎摸样了?Yes, please. That looks fine, Miss Jones,好 琼司, 看来刮的很好,but there still a little bit of calculus on the proximal surface of this tooth.不过在这双牙齿临接面上还留有一点点齿石I see, Doctor.是的Ill show you how to remove it.我做给你看怎样把它刮掉Use a Towner U- scaler here. Be sure to reach under the p of calculus and scrape upward.用着一把 ;汤纳u – ;刮锄器 一定要刮到齿石粒的下面, 然后往上刮What if the tooth is loose?要是牙齿松动怎摸办?If the tooth is loose, you should hold it steady with a piece of gauze in your left hand.要是牙齿松动, 你可以在左手里裹着纱布把牙齿固定住Did you review the patient home care technique?你了解了病人在家里是怎样保护牙齿的吗?Yes, I did. At the next appointment Ill stain the teeth again.了解了 在下次预约治疗时,我在给他的牙齿上着色剂Then, Ill repeat the instructions if it necessary.然后如需要的话, 我再教他一次Usually, it will take two or more instruction periods to teach effective home care.教人如何在家保护牙齿通常要教两次或更多一些Doctor, should I do anything my next appointment?医生,关于下次预约治疗我应该做些什莫?Yes, Mrs. Williamson. Id like you to keep a record of everything that you eat a week.威廉森太太, 请你把你一星期内吃的东西都记录下来Bring it with you on your next appointment.在下次预约时把记录带来Ill analyze your food list, and make recommendations to improve your eating habits.到时我来分析分析你的食物表, 对改进你的饮食习惯提出建议It will help you to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases.这样可以帮住你防止蛀牙和防止齿龈炎发生疾病Thank you, Doctor.谢谢你, 医生 16。

B: Good afternoon, Lexington Software. Angelina Dawson, how can I help?下午好,Lexington软件公司我是Angelina Dawson,我能如何为您效劳?A: Hello, this is Quinn from IBJ.您好,我是IBJ的QuinnB: Ah, hello Quinn. Oh dear,you are calling to tell me there is a problem, arent you?噢,你好,Quinn哎呀,你来电话是要告诉我出问题了,是不是?A: Im afraid so, yes.恐怕是这样的,是有问题B: Hmm ... well,it was my first attempt! Is it a very big mistake,or can we just alter it?嗯...哎,这是我第一次尝试!是非常严重的错误吗,或者我们能不能只是修改一下呢?A: Untunately it rather a big mistake.不幸的是,错误相当严重B: What do you recommend we do?你认为我们应该怎么办呢?A: I would recommend we scrap this one and you bring in another set as soon as possible.我会建议我们把这套作废,然后请您尽快送另外一套单据过来B: I trust your judgement. Thank you, Quinn. Ill be back tomorrow with a new set. Bye now.我相信你的判断谢谢你,Quinn我明天就拿一套新的来再见啦 8。

There is a lot of hype about the prospects of an EU-US free trade agreement, especially in the wake of Barack Obamas State of the Union address last week. Supporters point to the benefits such an agreement could bring to both economies. Yet the costs are likely to outweigh the benefits. Most importantly, a transatlantic deal will undermine multilateralism, in particular the long-overdue completion of the Doha round, and weaken multilateral institutions such as the World Trade Organisation.围绕欧盟-美国自由贸易协定问题一直存在着大量的炒作,特别是在巴拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)上周发表国情咨文演讲之后。持者指出了此协定可能给两个经济体带来的好处。然而,要为协定付出的代价很可能大于它带来的好处。最重要的是,跨大西洋协定可能会危及多边主义的基础,特别是人们期待已久的多Doha)回合谈判。另外,此协定会减弱世贸组织(WTO)等多边机构的影响力。An FTA will of course bring some benefits to the EU and the US via enhanced trade. The removal of trade barriers might raise the gross domestic product of the EU by #59244;190bn and of the US by #59244;100bn, according to estimates by the German Marshall Fund.自由贸易协定能加强贸易联系,当然会给欧盟和美国带来一些好处。根据德国马歇尔基金German Marshall Fund)的估算,消除贸易壁垒可能会令欧盟(EU)的国内生产总GDP)增加1900亿欧元,令美国的GDP增加1000亿欧元。While these figures are not negligible, they constitute rather modest gains boosts of only 1.5 per cent and 0.9 per cent of GDP to the EU and US respectively. The largest potential benefit from an EU-US free trade deal would be enhanced competition among companies that become part of a much larger common market. Yet that is difficult to quantify.尽管1900亿欧元和1000亿欧元并不是小数字,但实际的意义相当有限——它们相对于欧盟和美国GDP的比例分别仅.5%.9%。欧美国自由贸易协定可能带来的最大好处是,随着这两个地区结成一个更大的共同市场,市场中企业间的竞争将会加剧。不过,这种好处很难进行量化。Even these modest estimates are based on the hope that a comprehensive abolition of trade barriers can be achieved. This is more than doubtful, in particular as some of the largest trade barriers erected by the EU are on agricultural products, while the US is a major exporter of agricultural products.即便这有限的好处也是基于一个假定,即真的可以全面撤销贸易壁垒。这种假定能否实现非常令人怀疑,特别是考虑到欧盟建立的最大的贸易壁垒中有一些是针对农产品的,而美国正是一个农产品出口大国。The recent EU budget deal alone assigns about #59244;370bn for the common agricultural policy over the next seven years. Do we believe the EU will now alter its stance on agriculture to allow an FTA to be a more meaningful achievement?单是在不久前达成的欧盟预算协议中,今年的共同农业政策出700亿欧元。我们能相信欧盟会改变其对农业的立场,令自由贸易协定取得更实在的进展吗?However, the main drawback of an EU-US FTA is that it might extinguish the remaining hope of achieving a truly multilateral trade agreement. The WTOs Doha round, which commenced in 2001, is paralysed and lingering unfinished.不过,欧美国自由贸易协定最大的问题在于,它可能会令达成真正的多边贸易协定的最后一丝希望化为泡影001年启动的WTO多哈回合谈判久拖不决,如今已陷入了僵局。The unwillingness of the EU to compromise on trade liberalisation in agriculture and of the US to accept smaller tariff cuts for emerging markets have played no small part in the failure. The negotiation of an EU-US deal will not only capture the trade bureaucracy on both sides of the Atlantic, it will allow policy makers to forget the unfinished global agenda.欧盟不愿在农业贸易自由化方面做出让步,而美国不愿接受新兴市场较低的关税削减额度,都对多哈回合谈判的失败起了不小的作用。欧盟和美国就贸易协定开展谈判,不仅会吸引大西洋两岸官方贸易机构的注意力,还会令两岸政策制定者把已搁浅的全球贸易议程抛诸脑后。Furthermore, bilateralism undermines the few functioning global policy institutions. The WTO has been a success story by being a neutral, even-handed and fairly effective judge on trade disputes. Multilateral rules lose their relevance in a world where bilateral agreements come to dominate.更重要的是,双边主义还会削弱几家正在发挥作用的全球政策机构的影响力。目前,作为解决贸易争端的中立、公平而又相当有效的裁判机构,WTO已成为一个成功范例。然而,如果双边协定占据了世界的主导地位,多边规则将会失去其影响力。来 /201302/227238。

The evacuation procedure撤离过程A:Could you just run through the evacuation procedure?A:你能否解释一下撤离步骤?B: Yes, of course. When you hear the fire alarm, which is a very loud, continuous ringing noise, you should go to the nearest fire exit or fire escape as quickly as possible.B:当然可以当你听到非常大的火警的声音、连续的振铃的时候,尽快地跑到最近的安全出口或者安全梯A: Should we use the stairs?A:我们走楼梯吗?B: Yes, dont use the lifts. We have regular fire drills so youll soon become familiar with the procedure. And always shut the fire doors to prevent the fire sping.B:是,不要走电梯我们举行定期的消防演习,你很快就会熟悉这些步骤记住一定要关掉防火门防止火势蔓延 53。

Changing Yen to Dollars日元兑换美元Goro Watanable is leaving the ed States and wants to buy some American dollars bee he goes .渡边五郎准备前往美国,想在临走前买些美元Watanable:I am leaving the States tomorrow and will need some dollar currency with me when I arrive .渡边:我准备明天启程去美国,在到达那里时,我需要随身带些美钞,Can I get it here ?我能在这里买到美元吗?Clerk:Yes,sir.How much did you want to buy ?职员:可以,先生,你想买多少?W:Well,I think about worth .I get traveller checks the other day ,but I dont want to arrive in American without any cash .渡边:哦,我想要0美元左右前几天我已经办理了旅游票,但是,我不想在到达美国时手头无现金It a real problem cashing a traveller check when the airport is crowded .机场上非常拥挤的时候,兑现旅游票是件很麻烦的事C:Yes ,that true .Please fill out this request eign currency .On the purpose line ,just indicate travel.职员:的确是这样请您填写一下外币申请表,在目的那一栏上只需说明旅游就可以了W:What the exchange rate today ?I cant understand this chart you have here .渡边:今天的兑换率是多少?我看不明白你们的这张图表C:The figure under the listing spot rate selling is the one you want .职员:在现货兑换率卖出的编目底下的那个数字就是您所需要的数字,That means that rate immediate delivery of cash .它指的是现金的立即交付兑换率W:How come this so confusing ?What are these other rates listed?渡边:怎么这么令人费解呢?表中所列出的另外的那些兑换率是怎么回事?C:Well,the rate is different different kinds of transaction .职员:哦,不同种类的交易有不同的兑换率, example ,we dont buy or sell checks the same rate as cash because of the transit time involved .比如,我们买进或卖出票与买进或卖出现金使用不同的兑换率,因为这里涉及到转寄时间的问题W:I remember one bank said over-the -counter rate.Is that the same?渡边:我记得有家说过柜台兑换率,它与现货兑换率意思一样吗?C:It the same as the spot rate small transactions the gengeral public .职员:一般讲柜台兑换率与小规模交易的现货兑换率意思相同Some banks call it the over-the -counter rate convenience .某些为方便起见,就称后者为柜台兑换率 35。