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讲解Today key word is Mobile (mobile adj.可移动的; 行动自如的; n.风铃; 手机; )It means able to move or be moved freely or easily 可移动的It means: A machine designed to convert one m of energy into mechanical energy.Eg: Primary education is given to pupils between the ages of 5 and .)Of chief importance首要的例句We all have mobile phone我们都有移动电话延伸Bee we go to today section, letamp;`amp;s listen to an audio about a eigner speaks tongue twister.妈妈骑马马慢妈妈骂马红凤凰,粉凤凰,红粉凤凰,粉红凤凰~~~~~When I was trying, I stress on the word trying to learn Chinese.The first thing that I did was I actually went to Youtube. But I made a big mistake. I had like this introduction via Youtube of some who just taught me the basic phrases like ;Good morning, how are you;.And then they start to talk about tongues~~~ and then I start freaking out. Tongue seems to be one of the main difficulties, especially a beginner.It is.Here is one eigner who lives in Beijing talking about his experience of learning Chinese.Notes:--近年来有越来越多的外国人学中文对他们来说,学习中文的一大难题就是四个声调实现(附一个英文绕口令,大家可以试一试:While we were walking, we were watching window washers wash Washingtonamp;`amp;s windows with warm washing water.当我们走路时,我们看着清洁窗户的人用暖水清洗华盛顿的窗户) 37The plural m of ;Child; ;孩子;的复数形式Teacher: What is the plural of man, Tom?老师:汤姆,‘男人’这个词的复数形式是什么?Tom: Men.汤姆:男人们Teacher: Good. And the plural of child?老师:答得好那‘孩子’的复数形式呢?Tom: Twins.汤姆:双胞胎1.pluralplural表示复数的,复数形式的eg:Did you say children, plural?你刚说了孩子们复数?plurality n.诸多;多元化;处于多数;(选举中的)相对多数(票)pluralism n.多元化;多元主义;多元性(不同种族、不同政治或宗教信仰的多种群体共存);兼职pluralistic adj.兼职的;多元论的,多元化的.goodgood在这里指答得好,那么类似意思我们还可以说well done,good job,nice doing,nice work3.twins双胞胎(twins) 三胞胎(triplets) 四胞胎(quadruplets) 五胞胎(quintuplets) 561大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Magi上期留给大家的脑筋急转弯为:What can I do to avoid falling hair?怎样防止头发脱落?是:Get out of the way where the hair is falling.别站在头发掉下来的地方就行了avoid falling hair防止头发脱落,避开掉下的头发 词汇讲解:avoid vt.避免;逃避You should avoid unnecessary repetition.你应避免不必要的重复词组:~ an answer 回避答复;~ danger 避开危险;~ mistakes 避免错误;~ punishment 逃避惩罚;~ sb eyes 避开某人的目光;~ the topic 避开话题Get out of逃避; 戒除; 由 ... 出来I couldnt get out of going to that wedding.我不能逃避出席婚礼He has got out of the habit of drinking.他已经戒除了喝酒的习惯下面给出今天的脑筋急转弯:what stays hot even if put in a refrigerator?什么东西放在冰箱里也是热的?下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见! 133

Comt Dog Keeps Scared Kids Company at the DentistMeet 6-year-old Golden Retriever Jo Jo, a trained Comt dog helping ease the fears of terrified kids at one Illinois children dental clinic. The youngsters find comt and security by petting Jo Jo or by holding her paws during their procedures, according to Dr. Paul Egger of the Pediatric Dentistry of Northbrook.This isnt Jo Jo first rodeo. She has been a source of strength many kids and adults facing tough situations, including the traumatized students at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut after a mass shooting in left 6 dead, her handler Lynne Ryan told A News.Dogs that act in this capacity must be certified to do so, Dr. Cheryl London of the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center told A News. ;Therapy dogs are highly trained and highly screened.; There would only be one concern. ;The potential drawback would be if a child had allergies,; London said. Jo Jo works only with patients who are comtable having her around them, and she only works once a month.Vocabulary:Traumatize, capacity, screen, draw 36889

8 Talking Parrot第8单元 会说话的鹦鹉A lady was walking down the street to work. A parrot was perched on the side-walk outside a pet store.一名女士走路上班时经过一家宠物店,看到有只鹦鹉栖息在店外人行道上The parrot said to her, “Hey lady, you are really fat.” Well, the lady is very angry!She stormed past the store to her work.那只鹦鹉对她说:“喂,,你好胖哦”想也知道这名女士听了很生气!便怒气冲冲地经过这家店上班去了On the way home she saw the same parrot and it remarked to her, “Hey lady, youare really fat.”下班回家路上,她又看到同一只鹦鹉,结果鹦鹉又开口对她说:“喂,,你好胖哦”She was very pissed off now. The next day the same parrot again said to her, “Heylady, you are really fat.”她这回被惹毛了第二天,同一只鹦鹉又对她说同样的话:“喂,,你好胖哦”The lady was so ticked that she went into the store and told the store manager shewould sue the store and kill the bird. The store manager replied, “That’s not good,” and promised the parrot would not call her fat again.这名女士火冒三丈,冲进店里跟老板说她要告这家店,把那只鹦鹉给宰了老板回答:“这样不好吧!”并向她保那只鹦鹉不会再说她胖了When the lady walked past the store that day after work the parrot called to her, “Heylady.”这名女士那天下班经过这家店时,又听到鹦鹉在叫她:“喂,”She looked at the bird and said, “Yes?”她看着这只鹦鹉,说道:“怎么样?”The bird remarked, “You know.”这只鹦鹉说:“你知道的啊” Tara McAteer 著 黄惟郁 译上海交通大学出版社出版 956

第66届法国戛纳国际电影节落幕,《阿黛尔的人生摘得最高奖,金棕榈奖电影讲述少女阿黛尔对美丽的蓝发女孩艾玛一见钟情,及由此产生的种种悲欢离合既反映了一个女孩成长的心路历程,也让观众对法国的现实问题产生思考两位主演阿黛尔·艾克阿切波洛斯和莱娅·塞杜在剧中的出色表演,获得好评《阿黛尔的人生改编自法国作家朱丽?马罗的漫画《蓝色是一种暖色调,讲述了两位年轻女性之间的一段情感纠葛凯希什说,这部影片的副标题是第一章和第二章,他接下来将构思续集It one of the biggest prizes in cinema and attracts equally big names,这是在电影界中最负盛名的奖项而且吸引同样齐名的大牌明星们,but the winner of the Palme dOr isnt a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster.但是作为胜利者的金棕榈奖并没有颁给大制作的好莱坞大片Instead, the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival went to a French lesbian romance, called Blue is the Warmest Colour.相反,戛纳电影节的最高奖项被一部法国女同性恋浪漫电影所摘得,它的名字就是《阿黛尔的人生We worked so hard on this film.我们为这部电影下了苦功夫We gave it all so much.我们为它付出一切It is bit awe to say that but it true, so it obviously a great reward.虽然有点敬畏,但这是真的,所以很明显能够拿到至高无上的荣誉真的很伟大About a fifteen-year-old girl relationship with an old woman,关于一个岁女孩和一个老女人的关系,it been both celebrated and condemned its explicit sexy scenes.其直言不讳的暴露片段同样受到了追捧与谴责Everyone who is against homosexual male marriage or love between two persons under same sex must see the film.每个反对同性恋男性婚姻或同性间爱情的人都必须观看这部电影Among other winners, Berenice Bejo, she lost out in Oscar her role in the silent film, the Artist.在其他获奖者中,虽然贝蕾妮斯凭借无声电影艺术家中的角色在奥斯卡的角逐中而落败But Cannes named her Best Actress her latest part.但戛纳电影节却提名饰演最新角色的她为最佳女演员奖Im a very good loser, and I realize today that Im a good winner, too.我是一个很好的失败者,而我意识到今天,我也是一个很好的赢家You know, it great to win.你知道,能赢真是太伟大了At the end of the festival, where the films have often been overshadowed by the thieves with two separate jewelry raids, it now the movies,在电影节落幕结束时,那里的电影也被小偷及件单独的珠宝失窃案夺去了光辉,而现在则关注电影,Their stars and the love stories with a difference taking the spotlight.他们不同的明星和爱情故事映照在聚光灯下 5830

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