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You may have chic skirts, stylish shades, and versatile hats that will keep you looking cool this summer, but don’t forget about this seasonal staple — sandals.复古裙、时尚墨镜、百搭帽子让你这个夏天看上去潮范儿十足,但是别忘了这个季节的主角——凉鞋。Slipping into a pair of sandals to let your feet and toes breathe is definitely necessary in this blazing time of year. Whether you feel bored with your old sandals or are looking for something new that will let you put your newly pedicured toes on display, here are some trendy sandals you can wear to waltz through the streets in style.能让脚和脚趾呼吸的凉鞋自然是每个炎炎夏日的必需品。不管你是“厌旧”还是“喜新”,想要秀出自己刚刚修过的脚,下面这些潮流凉鞋都能让你在大街上舞出时尚的华尔兹。Delicate gladiator sandals精致罗马式绑带凉鞋For fashionistas who are looking for bold and eye-catching summer footwear, gladiator sandals might be your new best friend. This style of shoe has deep roots in history, with its bold design being associated with the ancient Roman military. This year, the gladiator trend is coming back again with new designs. Along with the classic gladiator sandals released by German brand Hugo Boss, French fashion house Chloe has given the sandals wedge heels and knee high strap ties, while Italian brand Valentino remade the sandals with zippers. To make onlookers’ eyes pop, Glamour magazine encourages you to wear your gladiators with printed dresses, jean shorts or denim skirts.如果身为时尚达人的你正在寻找风格大胆又吸睛的夏日潮品,那么罗马式绑带凉鞋也许会成为你的“新欢”。罗马鞋的历史源远流长,它的大胆设计与古罗马军队息息相关。今夏,全新设计下的罗马鞋再次回归,成为时尚主流。今年的罗马鞋除了德国品牌Hugo Boss新发布的传统款,还有法国时尚品牌Chloe推出的坡跟及膝绑带款以及意大利品牌Valentino的拉链款等等。若想令路人眼前一亮,《魅力》杂志的建议是穿罗马鞋搭配印花裙、牛仔短裤或是牛仔裙。Creative flats创意平底凉鞋Many fashion aficionados are gravitating toward flats, among them US actresses Anne Hathaway, 32, and Jennifer Lawrence, 24, have been spotted strolling around in flats recently. As one of the best alternatives to painful heels, flats never go out of style as far as trendy sandals go, and this year is no exception. But there are new and creative twists, as always. Cutout flats, classic pointy-toe flats and colorful flat sandals stand out, fashion website fashionisers.com notes. Unlike most high-heeled sandals, flats look chic while still being comfortable to wear.平底凉鞋一直是许多时尚大咖的最爱, 32岁的美国演员安妮#8226;海瑟薇和24岁的詹妮弗#8226;劳伦斯最近都被拍到穿着平底凉鞋逛街。平底凉鞋是换下痛苦高跟鞋的最佳选择之一。只要是凉鞋流行的年份里,平底凉鞋都不会过时,今年也不例外。不过,和往年一样,今年也有诸多充满创意的新款问世。据时尚网站fashionisers.com介绍,镂空平底鞋、复古平底鱼嘴鞋以及色平底凉鞋在今年格外吸睛。与高跟凉鞋不同,平底鞋在保持你的时尚品味的同时还穿着舒适。Feminine platform sandals优雅厚底粗跟凉鞋Platform sandals are known for their elongating effect and the comfort their chunky soles offer. Called one of this season’s hottest shoe styles by Bazaar magazine, these sandals are coming back this season in materials ranging from shimmery and colorful fabric to natural leather. These shoes might look intimidating, but they are actually easy to wear. To enhance your feminine look, Bazaar magazine advises you pair these sandals with pastel floral prints, a ladylike shoulder bag as well as a necklace appropriate to your look.厚底凉鞋以其增高效果和舒适体验而著称,更是被《时尚芭莎》杂志评为今夏最火的款式之一。今年强势回归的厚底凉鞋面料各异,闪亮色的织物面料到自然的皮革面料都在其中。其中的一些款式也许会让人目瞪口呆,但是他们确实都很好穿。为了让你更有女人味,《时尚芭莎》杂志的建议搭配单色印花图案的衣,女士单肩包以及配合造型的项链。Versatile block heel sandals多用复古方根凉鞋Block heel sandals are huge this season not only because they were spotted in New York Fashion Week but also because stylish celebrities such as US singers Taylor Swift, 25, and Emmy Rossum, 28, favor them. Similar to most flats, block heel sandals are also comfortable because of their squared heels. Even better, they are versatile. US entertainment website hollywoodlife.com suggests girls who want to make a personal statement try to contrast colorful block heels with tailored shorts or jeans. Girls who are looking for a classic look can wear ankle-strap block heel sandals with summer dresses.复古方根凉鞋也是今夏的大势款。它不仅亮相纽约时装周,也是很多时尚明星的心头爱:25岁的美国女歌手泰勒#8226;斯威夫特,28岁的艾美#8226;罗森都在其中。因为鞋跟呈方形,方根凉鞋和大多数平底鞋一样舒适,甚至比平底鞋更加白搭。美国网站hollywoodlife.com建议追求个性的女孩试试撞色方根凉鞋与西短裤或是牛仔裤的搭配;喜欢经典款的子则可以用绑带方根凉鞋搭配夏日裙装。 /201506/383146。

女:Be careful with it...It#39;s fragile.(把一颗心送给男的)请小心对待它,它很脆弱。男:....(Crash)男:....砰男:.... Eh, it was worthless anyway男:额,真的一点用都没有女:In tears.女:泪奔 /201506/379719。

How one company is using artificial intelligence to develop a cure for cancer人类能否在两三年内治愈癌症?Could we be just two or three years away from curing cancer? Niven Narain, the president of Berg, a small Boston-based biotech firm, says that may very well be the case.我们是否真的在两三年之后,就能实现治愈癌症的愿景?波士顿小型生物科技公司Berg的总裁尼文·纳雷因表示,可能真是这样。With funding from billionaire real-estate tycoon Carl Berg as well as from Mitch Gray, Narain, a medical doctor by training, and his small army of scientists, technicians, and programmers, have spent the last six years perfecting and testing an artificial intelligence platform that he believes could soon crack the cancer code, in addition to discovering valuable information about a variety of other terrible diseases, including Parkinson#39;s.凭借亿万富翁、房地产业大鳄卡尔·伯格和米奇·格雷提供的资金,纳雷因和他带领的科学家、技术人员和编程人员团队耗时6年,完善并测试了一个人工智能平台,纳雷因认为,这个平台可能很快就会解开癌症的密码,同时为治疗包括帕金森症在内的一系列严重疾病提供有价值的信息。Thanks to partnerships formed with universities, hospitals, and even the U.S. Department of Defense, Berg and its supercomputers have been able to analyze thousands of patient records and tissue samples to find possible new drug targets and biomarkers.凭借着跟多所大学、医院甚至美国国防部建立的合作关系,伯格公司及其超级计算机系统已经分析了成千上万的病历和组织样本,以找到有可能全新的药物靶标和生物标志。All this data crunching has led to the development of Berg#39;s first drug, BPM 31510, which is in clinical trials. The drug acts by essentially reprogramming the metabolism of cancer cells, re-teaching them to undergo apoptosis, or cell death. In doing so, the cancer cells die off naturally, without the need for harmful and expensive chemotherapy.经过庞大的数据计算,伯格公司开发出第一款新药--BPM 31510,目前该药已经进入临床测试阶段。它可以重组癌细胞的新陈代谢,重新教会癌细胞如何死亡。在这个过程中,癌细胞就会自然死亡,使患者不必经历对身体伤害极大又十分昂贵的化疗过程。So far, Berg has concentrated most of its resources on prostate cancer, given the large amount of data available on the disease. But thanks to recently announced partnerships, the firm is now building a new modeltargeting pancreatic cancer, which is one of the deadliest forms of cancers with a survivorship rate of only 7%.到目前为止,伯格公司的主要资源都集中在前列腺癌上,因为目前有大量关于前列腺癌的数据可供研究。不过拜一项最新合作所赐,该公司现在已经开始构建针对胰腺癌的新模型了。胰腺癌也是最凶险的癌症之一,目前的存活率只有7%。Ambitious as that may be, it is really just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to mapping out prostate and pancreatic cancer, Berg hopes to analyze data from a whole host of other diseases, including breast cancer. Additionally, Berg thinks his company#39;s artificial intelligence platform can also revolutionize drug testing by creating individualized patient-specific treatment options, which he believes will ultimately reduce the risk of adverse drug interactions in clinical trials and hospitals by a significant degree.这个目标本身可谓雄心勃勃,但它还只是冰山的一角。除了治疗前列腺癌和胰腺癌之外,伯格公司还希望分析多种其它疾病的数据,包括乳腺癌。另外,伯格公司还认为,它的人工智能平台可以根据病人的特异性制定专门针对个别患者的治疗方案,从而将掀起一场药物测试的革命,并显著降低药物的负面作用在临床实验和医疗实践中的风险。I sat down with Berg and Narain to discuss how the company works and what they hope to accomplish in the next few years. The following interview has been edited for publication.我采访了卡尔·伯格和纳雷因,探讨了该公司的工作机制,以及他们在未来几年内的目标。以下是采访摘要。Fortune: Carl, why did you decide to move from real estate into healthcare and has it panned out like you thought it would?财富:卡尔,你为什么选择从房地产业转向医疗行业?它的进展是否符合你的预期?Carl Berg: I have been in the venture capital business for 40 years but I never once touched biotech because I was concerned about the risk associated with government approval - it#39;s bad enough when you#39;re doing venture capital but adding one more equation, like getting approval from the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] makes it a lot harder. But about eight years ago I said, instead of getting into a whole bunch of small companies, I am in a position now where I can do something really big in a hope that it changes the world. So that#39;s what motivated me, and then I met with Niven, and that#39;s what got it started.卡尔·伯格:我已经在风投界干了40年了,但我从来没有触碰过生物科技领域,因为我担心与政府审批有关的风险。做风投本身就不容易,又要多花一番工夫去获得美国食品药品监督的认,那就会更难。但大概8年前我曾说过,现在我不必再做一堆小公司了,而是有能力做一些影响力足够大甚至有希望改变世界的事。这个目标激励了我,然后我认识了尼文,我们就是这样开始这项事业的。Did Niven convince you to go into biotech or did you find Niven?是尼文说了你进入医疗行业,还是你找到了尼文?CB: I was considering a skin care product investment and I was introduced to Niven at the University of Miami. Niven was the project manager and about a couple months into work on this product, Niven called me and said ;Carl, this skin care product appears to have an effect on cancer.; To which I said ;Sure, whenever you cure somebody, let me know.;卡尔·伯格:当时我正考虑投资一款护肤产品,然后我在迈阿密大学经人介绍认识了尼文。尼文当时是那个项目的经理,那个项目开始大约一两个月后,尼文给我打电话说:;卡尔,这款护肤产品似乎对治疗癌症有效。;我说:;好吧,如果你治好了谁,记得让我知道。;You didn#39;t sound very convinced.你听起来好像不太相信。CB: Everybody knows that every cancer is different, so how could this one thing work? That didn#39;t make any sense to me. And Niven said, ;Can I fly out to California and show you my results?; And he came out, and we talked, and I got convinced that the technology he was using and the approach he was taking, could revolutionize the pharmaceutical market.卡尔·伯格:人人都知道,每种癌症都是不一样的,那么这个东西怎么会有效呢?在我看来根本就说不通。这时尼文说:;我能飞到加州向你展示一下我的成果吗?;然后他就来了,经过一番交流,我相信他使用的技术和方法真的有可能在医药市场掀起一场革命。Niven, what did you say to convince Carl Berg that your work on skin cream could possibly lead to a cure for cancer?尼文,你是怎样让卡尔·伯格相信,你那款护肤产品上有可能治愈癌症?Niven Narain: When I met with Carl we were aligned philosophically that there has to be a better way to create a more efficient healthcare system - one that really matches the right patients to the right drugs in a very precise manner. So Carl supported taking this concept to the next level. Instead of treating humans with chemicals, that are screened to become drugs, we actually started with human tissue samples and work to understand the biology and develop drugs based on that. Using AI [artificial intelligence] instead of hypotheses.尼文·纳雷因:当我见到卡尔时,我们原则上同意,肯定有办法建立一个更高效的医疗系统,它能够以非常精确的方式,将病人与正确的药物进行匹配。卡尔持我们将这个理念引向深入。我们不是利用筛选过的化学制品治疗病人,而是从人体的细胞样本入手去了解人体生物学,然后据此研发药物的。我们使用的是人工智能,而不是各种假设。 How exactly does artificial intelligence come into play here?人工智能究竟在这个过程中起了什么样的作用?NN: When you start with a hypothesis, you are dismissing a lot of other areas that might actually have an impact on whatever you are trying to figure out. How many times do we see drugs get to late stage trials and fail because the early science either wasn#39;t robust enough or focused on the wrong target?尼文·纳雷因:如果你从一个假设入手,你就排除了很多其他可能产生真正效果的领域。有多少次药物在晚期测试的失败,是因为它的早期科研不够扎实,或是选择了错误的靶标?At Berg, we use AI to create over 14 trillion data points on only one tissue sample. It is actually humanly impossible to go through all this data and use the traditional hypothesis inference model to glean any value out of all of it. So early on when we built what we call an interrogative biology platform using AI to go through all that data. AI is actually able to take all the information from the patient#39;s biology, clinical samples, and demographics and really categorize which ones are similar and which ones are different and then stratify those in a way that helps us understand the difference between the healthy and diseased.在伯格公司,我们只针对一个组织样本就建立了超过14万亿个数据点。无论是使用人力,还是使用传统的推理假设模型,要想从所有这些数据中摘取有价值的信息,都是不可能的。所以当我们构建我们所称的疑问型生物平台时,我们使用了人工智能来分析所有数据。人工智能可以从病人的生物数据、临床样本和人口统计资料中摘取所有的信息,并且可以根据类似性和差异性进行分类和分层,从而帮助我们了解健康细胞和病变细胞之间的差异。Fourteen trillion data points sounds like information overload.14万亿个数据点听起来有点超负荷的感觉。NN: So there are two components: the upfront biological and there is something called omics. We go much deeper than just analyzing the genome, we look at all the genes in that tissue sample, all the proteins, metabolites, lipids, patients records, demographics, age, sex, gender, etc. We combine the 30,000 genes in the body with about 60,000 proteins and a few hundred lipids, metabolites. Then we take those components and subject them to high order mathematic algorithm that essentially learns, uses machine learning, to learn the various associations and correlations.尼文·纳雷因:所以它有两个组成部分:首先是生物信息,然后还有所谓的;组学;。我们不仅仅是分析基因组,而是研究一个组织样本的所有基因、蛋白质、代谢分子、脂质、病历记录、人口统计学资料、年龄、性别等等信息。我们把人体的3万个基因与6万种蛋白蛋和几千种脂质、代谢分子的信息综合起来,然后把这些成分用具有机器学习功能的高阶数学算法进行计算,以了解它们的各种关联性和相关性。Omics - it#39;s a fairly new term. It means you#39;re going beyond just the genome. It means all the omics - proteomics, metabolomics, and proteins. So we may be born with 30,000 genes, and those genes were born with certain mutations, but that#39;s not the end of the story. You live in New York City, you are exposed to different things in the environment, your diet is different than someone who lives in Alabama and your sleeping habits are different from some who lives in Utah. We believe all of these things have to be put together to tell the whole story of your omics - the full profile of you.组学是一个相对较新的术语,它意味着你不能仅仅盯着基因组,而是所有的;组;--比如蛋白质组、代谢组等等。虽然可能我们出生就带着3万个基因,而且这些基因可能还有某些天生的突变,但这并不是故事的结尾。你住在纽约市,暴露在环境中的不同物质里,你的饮食与阿拉巴马州的某个人不一样,你的睡眠习惯也与犹他州的某个人不一样。所以我们认为,这些东西应该综合起来,才能完整描绘你的;组学;,即你的整体资料。   But how does all of this get us to a cure for anything? Seems like a bunch of number crunching.但是这些东西怎样让我们治病?看起来只是一堆数据分析而已。NN: I know you cover the airline industry pretty intently, so you are probably familiar with those airline route maps that show all the connections between hubs cities and destinations. So with the interrogative biology platform, the result of all that number crunching looks similar to a 3D version of those maps. But instead of those connections going between cities, they are going between genes and proteins. We then focus in on the big hubs and see what, if anything, is wrong. For example, in a system, if Dallas is in Oklahoma, obviously we know something is wrong, so the AI helps to push Dallas back into North Texas, and analyze what events happened in the biology to make that a normal process again. This is what we focus in on. The elements within the biology, the genes and proteins that made that a healthy process again.尼文·纳雷因:我知道你经常报道航空业,你可能很熟悉航空公司的路线图了,它们展示了各个枢纽城市和目的地之间的联系。在我们的疑问型生物平台上,所有这些数据分析的结果看起来就像3D版的航空路线图。但这些联系并不是城市与城市之间的,而是基因与蛋白质之间。然后我们把重点放在那些大的枢纽上,看看是否出了什么问题。比如如果达拉斯市是在俄克拉荷马州境内,我们都知道肯定有问题,这时人工智能就会把达拉斯推回北德克萨斯州,然后分析生物学中的哪些事件可以让人体重启正常的流程。这就是我们的研究重点,即生物的基本元素,以及能让健康流程重启的基因和蛋白质。Have you had any success using this platform in a real world situation?在真实世界中,你利用该平台取得过成功吗?NN: We are in clinical trials for a drug, BPM 31510, which we developed using the interrogative platform. The results we have seen so far have been very encouraging. The platform predicted that the more metabolic, the better the treatment will work. And that is exactly what we are seeing in patients for certain types of cancer. For example, we tested this on a patient who had bladder cancer. It was a very aggressive cancer, which failed to respond to all other therapies. We then put him on BPM 31510, which targeted the metabolism of the cancer cell, and by week 18, the tumor was completely gone.尼文·纳雷因:我们正在测试一款名叫BPM 31510的药物,它就是我们利用疑问型平台研发的。目前显示的结果非常令人鼓舞。该平台显示,新陈代谢越多,治疗就会越有效。根据我们对患有某些癌症的病人的观察,的确是这样。比如我们在一名患有膀胱癌的病人身上测试了这款药物,膀胱癌是一种非常凶险的癌症,几乎对所有疗法都没有反应。我们在他身上使用了BPM 31510,该药以癌细胞的新陈代谢为靶向,到了第18周,他的肿瘤已经完全消失了。Is this a patented process?这种疗法取得专利了吗?NN: We spent the lion#39;s share of the first six years building the platform, developing it into various areas of focus, getting our early drugs into clinical trials and diversifying the use of the technology. And we have filed over 500 patents around the world that govern this specific elevated biology. So we have patents on the biological process, on the mathematics, the informatics, on each individual candidate biomarker, and drug targets. It is a very robust IP portfolio.尼文·纳雷因:我们把前六年的大部分时间花在构建平台、研究各个重点领域、对早期药物进行临床实验和实现技术使用的多样化上。我们在全球已经注册了500多个专利。所以我们在生物学、数学、信息学上都有专利,对每个个体生物指标和药物靶标也都有专利。总之我们有着非常坚实的知识产权资产。Who are your competitors and where are you versus them in taking this process to the next level?你们的竞争对手是谁?与他们相比,你们在今后的发展中处于何种地位?NN: We get asked that fairly often. There are folks and entities that do pieces of what Berg does. They#39;re leading companies focused on proteins or analytics, but there isn#39;t one company we can identify or know of that has taken the biology, the omics, the clinical capability and put it all into an interrogative platform to really allow for a robust understanding of the biology to discover drugs in a different way. Also, we are allowing the data to generate hypotheses instead of hypotheses generating data, so it#39;s a really different approach. We are fairly unique in that respect - both from a technology, but also from a commercial standpoint.尼文·纳雷因:我们经常会被问到这个问题。也有一些人和机构在做我们正在做的事。他们是一些蛋白质和分析学上的顶尖公司,但我们目前还没有发现哪家公司把有关的生物学、组学研究和临床能力整合到一个疑问型平台上,来对人体产生坚实的理解,并以一种新的方式开发药物。另外,我们是用数据产生假设,而不是用假设产生数据,所以它是一种不同的方法。我们在这方面还是挺独特的--无论是在技术上还是商业上。Carl, for the last few years, you and Mitch Gray have been the only investors in Berg. How come?卡尔,过去几年里,你和米奇·格雷一直是伯格公司的唯一投资人,为什么会这样?CB: I#39;ve learned that if you get too many people in the early stages of these things, especially within something as risky as this was, basically you have failed because people get upset and they get worried when anything goes wrong. Through all the years that I have been doing this I can kind of roll with the punches. If something goes haywire it doesn#39;t upset me that much. I know that#39;s what you#39;re going to expect.卡尔·伯格:如果你在这些东西的早期阶段就让太多人进入,尤其是这个项目又有比较高的风险,那么你基本上肯定会失败,因为只要有什么事情出了差错,人们就会感到沮丧和担心。凭借多年的风投经历,我基本上已经处变不惊了。就算出了大乱子,我也不会那么沮丧。我知道那就是你需要预料到的。Are you y to open things up now?你们现在打算开放融资了吗?CB: We are definitely planning on doing some other things and bringing in other investors, but we thought we ought to get to a certain point before we did that. I think we are now very close to that point.卡尔·伯格:我们当然希望做些其他事情,并且引入新的投资人。但我们希望在此之前先达到某一个点。我认为我们离那个点已经非常近了。 /201506/378782。

It#39;s no secret celebrities spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on maintaining their looks.世人皆知,明星们为了使自己容颜永驻可谓是不惜一切代价。From bloody #39;vampire facials#39; to placenta serums and of course plastic surgery - the fountain of youth runs deep.从敷人血面膜驻颜到胎盘面部护理,明星们为了看起来更年轻真是使出了浑身解数。But an app is now trying to cut through all the cosmetics to determine exactly how old a person looks based on a picture.但现在有一款应用,能够识破你所有“伪装”,仅从照片判断你的年龄。(有人将奥巴马最开始的照片和现在的照片年龄进行对比,发现他任职6年,颜龄老了13岁。今年这位总统53岁,照片显示已有58岁。)(虽然已经51岁,米歇尔夫人却被测出只有37岁。奥巴马总统曾经说过:“米歇尔一天都没有变老,我问她青春永驻的秘密是什么,她只是说,‘新鲜的水果和蔬菜#39;,这太让人恼火了。”) The website, called How old do I look, it allows people to analyse any image found on Bing, Microsoft#39;s search engine, or upload their own.这个通过分析图片来鉴定年龄的网站叫How old do I look,人们可以上传从微软搜索引擎必应(Bing)上下载的图片,或上传自己的图片,系统将对图片进行分析。(乔治王子显示的年龄就是他的实际年龄,但是十分遗憾的是,软件搞混了他的性别。) It even allows users to search for celebrities - and see what Microsoft thinks their real ages are.用户甚至可以在该网站上搜索名人的照片,应用将会测算出该名人的“真实年龄”。#39;This may be hard to believe but it took a couple of developers just a day to put this whole solution together, starting with the pipeline from the web page to the Machine Learning APIs to the real time streaming analytics and real time B,#39; said Microsoft.“这个应用是两个研发人员的劳动成果,他们完成了从网页到机器学习编程接口(Machine Learning APIs)的信息传输,继而完成后者到实时流量分析,再到实时扫描的信息传输,整个过程仅用了一天时间,这非常不可思议。”微软有关人员表示。(67岁高龄的希拉里·克林顿经过软件分析后显示只有40岁。这张照片选自她的竞选宣传片“我想成为捍卫者”。) It designed to site to show off the capabilities of its cloud server software.微软设计这个网站是为了体现其云务器软件的性能。(照片中51岁的普京实际年龄已经是62岁了。) It revealed the site today at its annual Build developers conference in San Francisco.在当地时间4月30日于旧金山举办的年度Build开发者大会上,微软公布了这个网站。(比尔-盖茨实际年龄59岁,而自家公司开发的软件测算的年龄居然已经77岁了。) #39;We wanted to create an experience that was intelligent and fun could capture the attention of people globally, so we looked at the APIs available in the Azure Machine Learning Gallery,#39; it said.微软表示:“我们想开发一款足够智能的产品,抓住全世界人们的目光,因此我们在Azure机器学习库(Azure Machine Learning Gallery)中查找可利用的编程接口(APIs)。”The system works by analysing 27 points on the face.这个系统将在人的面部选取27个点并进行分析。(美国乡村音乐小天后泰勒·斯威夫特的这张照片摄于她23岁时,软件却认为泰勒的颜龄就像她的流行单曲“22”一样。) Called face landmarks, they are a series of specifically detailed points on a face; typically points of face components like the pupils, canthus or nose.系统将这27个点称为“脸部地标”,选取的是一系列非常能够体现面部特征的点;尤其是像瞳孔,眼角和鼻子。(足球明星大卫·贝克汉姆刚于上周五过了他40岁的生日,软件测的结果是45岁。) #39;These attributes are predicted by using statistical algorithms and may not always be 100% precise.“该应用是通过统计学算法来对这些特征进行测算,有时并非百分之百准确。”(“颜龄”认为默克尔只有47岁,比实际年龄小了11岁。不过,照片中在默克尔身边的时任泰国总理英拉更抢镜,只有29岁,要知道当时英拉的实际年龄是45岁。) #39;However, they are still helpful when you want to classify faces by these attributes.“然而,当我们想要通过这些特征来鉴别人的面部时,这个应用仍然有其用武之地。”(这两年,爱折腾的安倍老得快,“颜龄”测试给出的结果是73岁。)#39;Face landmarks are a series of specifically detailed points on a face; typically points of face components like the pupils, canthus or nose.“‘脸部地标#39;是脸部一系列非常能够显示面部特征的点;尤其是像瞳孔,眼角和鼻子。Face landmarks are optional attributes that can be analyzed during face detection.“脸部地标”是在脸部随机选取的特征点,系统会对人脸部进行识别,继而对这些特征点进行分析。By default, there are 27 predefined landmark points.默认情况下,系统将预先确定27个这样的“脸部地标”。 /201505/373659。

LOS ANGELES — For more than a century, California has been the state where people flocked for a better life — 164,000 square miles of mountains, farmland and coastline, shimmering with ambition and dreams, money and beauty. It was the cutting-edge symbol of possibility: Hollywood, Silicon Valley, aerospace, agriculture and vineyards.洛杉矶——一个多世纪来,加利福尼亚一直吸引着人们纷至沓来,追寻更美好的生活——16.4万平方英里的山区、农田和海岸线,闪耀着野心和梦想、金钱和美女。它是一个迷人的象征,代表着种种机会:好莱坞、硅谷、航空航天业、农业和葡萄园。But now a punishing drought — and the unprecedented measures the state announced to compel people to reduce water consumption — is forcing a reconsideration of whether the aspiration of untrammeled growth that has for so long been this state#39;s driving engine has run against the limits of nature. The 25 percent cut in water consumption ordered by Gov. Jerry Brown raises fundamental questions about what life in California will be like in the years ahead, and even whether this state faces the prospect of people leaving for wetter climates — assuming, as Brown and other state leaders do, that this marks a permanent change in the climate, rather than a particularly severe cyclical drought.人们希望它不受约束地发展,长期以来,这一直是推动该州增长的动力,但现在,严重的干旱——以及前所未有的措施,该州宣布要强制大家减少用水量——让人不得不重新考虑,这个愿望是否已经达到了大自然的极限。州长杰里·布朗(Jerry Brown)下令削减25%的用水量,这提出了根本性的问题:如果像布朗和该州其他领导人假设的那样,这不是一次特别严重的周期性干旱,而是标志着气候发生永久性的改变,那么加州未来几年的生活会是什么样?人们是否甚至会离开加州,前往气候更湿润的地方?This state has survived many a catastrophe before — and defied the doomsayers who have regularly proclaimed the death of the California dream — as it emerged, often stronger, from the challenges of earthquakes, an energy crisis and, most recently, a budgetary collapse that forced years of devastating cuts in spending. These days, the economy is thriving, the population is growing, the state budget is in surplus, and development is exploding from Silicon Valley to San Diego; the evidence of it can be seen in the construction cranes dotting the skylines of Los Angeles and San Francisco. But even California#39;s biggest advocates are wondering whether the severity of this drought, now in its fourth year, is going to force a change in the way the state does business.加州以前也经历过很多灾难——而且也有很多灾难预言者经常宣布“加州梦”已成泡影——但当它从挑战中恢复时,加州往往会变得更强大;这些挑战包括地震、能源危机,以及较近期的预算危机,迫使他们不得不以极大的幅度削减出。如今加州经济蓬勃发展,人口不断增长,预算也有盈余,从硅谷到圣地亚哥,很多地方都出现爆炸式增长;点缀在洛杉矶和旧金山天际线的塔吊,就是这种现象的明。但是,这场旱灾目前已进入第四个年头,就连加州最热烈的拥护者都在猜测,它的严重程度是否会迫使该州改变它的运转方式。Can Los Angeles continue to dominate as the country#39;s capital of entertainment and glamour, and Silicon Valley as the center of high tech, if people are forbidden to take a shower for more than five minutes and water bills become prohibitively expensive? Will tourists worry about coming? Will businesses continue their expansion in places like San Francisco and Venice?如果居民的洗澡时间不准超过五分钟,水费账单高得离谱,洛杉矶还能维持“美国和魅力之都”的地位吗,硅谷还会继续是高科技中心吗?游客会望而却步吗?公司会继续在旧金山和这样的地方扩张吗?“Mother Nature didn#39;t intend for 40 million people to live here,” said Kevin Starr, a historian at the University of Southern California who has written extensively about this state. “This is literally a culture that since the 1880s has progressively invented, invented and reinvented itself. At what point does this invention begin to hit limits?”“大自然母亲本没有打算让4000万人住在这里,”南加州大学(University of Southern California)的历史学家凯文·斯塔尔(Kevin Starr)说,他撰写了许多关于加州的文章。“这实际上是一种文化,自19世纪80年代起,它逐步创造并重新创造自己。到哪个点上,这种创造开始触及极限呢?”California, Starr said, “is not going to go under, but we are going to have to go in a different way.”斯塔尔说,加州“不会衰落,但我们要采取不同的方式”。An estimated 38.8 million people live in California today, more than double the 15.7 million people who lived here in 1960. California#39;s .2 trillion economy today is the seventh largest in the world, more than quadruple the 0 billion economy of 1963, adjusted for inflation, and the median household income jumped to an estimated ,094 in 2013 from ,772 in 1960, adjusted for inflation.目前大约有3880万人居住在加州,比1960年时的1570万人增加了一倍以上。加州今天的经济规模为2.2万亿美元,在全球位列第七,排除通货膨胀因素之后,相比1963年的5200亿美元增长了三倍以上。根据排除通货膨胀因素后的估算,加州家庭收入中位数已经从1960年的44772美元,增加到2013年的61094美元。“You just can#39;t live the way you always have,” said Brown, a Democrat who is in his fourth term as governor.“你不能再沿用一直以来的那种方式了,”布朗说。这已经是这位民主党州长的第四个任期。“For over 10,000 years, people lived in California, but the number of those people were never more than 300,000 or 400,000,” Brown said. “Now we are embarked upon an experiment that no one has ever tried: 38 million people, with 32 million vehicles, living at the level of comfort that we all strive to attain. This will require adjustment, this will require learning.”“人类居住在加州已经有1万多年,但人数从未超过30万或40万,”布朗说。“现在我们在做一个以前从未有人尝试的实验:3800万人,3200万辆车,过着我们奋斗而来的舒适日子。需要调整,需要学习。”This disconnect, as it were, can be seen in places like Palm Springs, in the middle of the desert, where daily per capita water use is 201 gallons — more than double the state average. A recent drive through the community offered a drought-defying tableau of burbling fountains, flowers, lush lawns, golf courses and trees. The smell of mowed lawn was in the air.这种脱节可以在棕榈泉这样的地方看到,它地处沙漠腹地,每天人均用水量为201加仑——超过该州平均数字的两倍。不久前驱车穿过这个社区时,你看不到旱灾的迹象:漩涡喷泉、鲜花、郁郁葱葱的草坪、高尔夫球场和树木。修剪过草坪的气味在空气中弥漫。But the drought is now forcing change in a place that long identified itself as “America#39;s desert oasis.” Palm Springs has ordered 50 percent cuts in water use by city agencies, and plans to replace the lawns and annual flowers around city buildings. It is digging up the grassy median into town that unfurled before visitors like a carpet at a Hollywood premiere. It is paying residents to replace their lawns with rocks and desert plants, and offering rebates to people who install low-flow toilets.棕榈泉多年来一直以“美国的沙漠绿洲”自居,但旱情正在迫使它做出改变。棕榈泉已经下令,市政机构削减50%的用水,并计划用别的东西替代市政建筑物周围草坪和一年生花卉。之前在游客眼前仿佛好莱坞首映式红毯一般展开的草坪卷,被他们挖了出来。棕榈泉还付钱给居民,让他们用石块和沙漠植物来替代自家的草坪;安装低流量马桶的居民,也会获得补贴。At the airport that once welcomed winter-chilled tourists with eight acres of turf and flowers, city officials are in the early stages of replacing the grass with cactus, desert bushes and paloverde trees.机场曾用八英亩的草坪和鲜花欢迎前来这里享受温暖气候的冬季游客,城市官员正在做一些初步工作,用仙人掌、沙漠灌木和绿皮树取代这些草坪。“Years ago the idea was, come to Palm Springs, and people see the grass and the lushness and the green,”said David Ready, the city manager. “We#39;ve got to change the way we consume water.”“前些年的想法是:来到棕榈泉,人们能看到草坪,又绿又茂盛,”市执行长戴维·瑞迪(David Ready)说。“我们必须改变水资源的消耗方式。”Richard White, a history professor at Stanford University, said the scarcity of water could result in a decline in housing construction, at a time when there has been a burst of desperately needed residential development in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.“It#39;s going to be harder and harder to build new housing without an adequate water supply,” he said. “How many developments can you afford if you don#39;t have water?”斯坦福大学(Stanford)的历史学教授理查德·怀特(Richard White)说,缺水会导致住宅施工量减少,而此时,在洛杉矶和旧金山这样的城市,人们对住宅开发的需要相当迫切。“没有足够的供水,修建新的住宅就会越来越难,“他说。“如果没有水,你能负担得起多少房屋的开发成本呢?”Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, pointing to Brown#39;s executive order and his own city#39;s success in reducing water consumption, said he was confident that the state would find ways to deal with an era of reduced water supplies, in a way that would permit it to continue to grow and thrive.在谈到布朗的行政命令,以及洛杉矶在降低水耗方面的成功时,该市市长埃里克·加希提(Eric Garcetti)认为加州可以想出办法,应对一个供水减少的时代,并且同时保持繁荣昌盛。他声称自己很有信心。“We have to deal with a new normal,” Garcetti said. “That said, do we have enough water to sustain life here? Absolutely. Do we have enough water to grow economically? Absolutely.”“我们必须面对一个新常态,”加希提说。“话虽如此,我们是否有足够的水维持生命?当然有。我们是否有足够的水来发展经济?绝对有。”“Cities that are much drier and truly desert — Phoenix, Las Vegas — have shown the ability to have economic growth,” he said.“有些城市非常干燥,地处真正的沙漠,比如,凤凰城。事实已明,这些城市也能实现经济增长,”他说。The critical question is the extent to which Brown has succeeded in persuading people here to shake long-held habits and assumptions.关键的问题是,布朗能在多大程度上说这里的人,改变长久以来的习惯和假设。“I#39;m not going to stop watering,” said Matthew Post, 45, referring to the gardens around his Benedict Canyon home. “The state does not know how to arrange the resources they have and so we have to pay for it,” he said. “They say that they will raise the prices because there is a drought, but when the drought ends, will they reduce the prices?”“我不会停止浇水的,”45岁的本尼迪克特峡谷居民马修·波斯特(Matthew Post)说。他指的是其住宅周围的花园。“这个州不知道如何安排自己的资源,却让我们来付出代价,”他说。“他们说因为旱灾,所以会提高水价,但旱情结束时,他们会降低水价吗?”The governor#39;s executive order mandates a 25 percent overall reduction in water use throughout the state, to be achieved with varying requirements in different cities and villages. Much of it is expected to be done by imposing new restrictions on lawn watering.州长的行政命令要求全州的用水量总体减少25%,但是在不同的城市和乡村,要求是不同的。按照预期,这25%的节水指标有相当一部分要靠限制草坪灌溉来实现。But even a significant drop in residential water use will not move the consumption needle nearly as much as even a small reduction by farmers. The 25 percent reduction does not apply to farms. Of all the surface water consumed in the state, roughly 80 percent is earmarked for the agricultural sector.但是对于节水效果而言,住宅用水量下降得再多,也比不过农业用水的一点点减少。节水25%的行政命令不涵盖农场。该州消耗的所有地表水中,大约有80%被指定用于农业。“The big question is agriculture, and there are difficult trade-offs that need to be made,” said Katrina Jessoe, assistant professor of agricultural and resource economics at the University of California at Davis.“最大的问题是农业,加州必须对一些难以取舍的东西加以取舍,”加州大学戴维斯分校的农业和资源经济学助理教授卡特里娜·杰索(Katrina Jessoe)说。State officials signaled that reductions in water supplies for farmers were likely, and there is also likely to be increased pressure on the farms to move away from certain water-intensive crops — like almonds.州政府官员暗示可能会减少对农民的供水量,而且也可能会施加更大压力,让农场逐步减少某些耗水量大的作物的种植,比如杏仁。Mayor Robert Silva of Mendota, in the heart of the agricultural Central Valley, said unemployment among farmworkers had soared as the soil turned to crust and farmers left half or more of their fields fallow. Many people are traveling 60 or 70 miles to look for work, Silva said, and families are increasingly relying on food donations. “You can#39;t pay the bills with free food,” he said. “Give me some water, and I know I can go to work, that#39;s the bottom line.”门多塔市位于农业区“中央山谷”的心脏地带,市长罗伯特·席尔瓦(Robert Silva)说,农场工人失业率出现了飙升,因为土壤干燥起壳,至少一半的土地已经休耕。很多人前往60或70英里之外的地方去找工作,席尔瓦说,农业家庭越来越多地靠别人捐赠的食物过日子。“你无法用免费的食物付账单,”他说。“给我一些水,我就可以去工作,这是最低限度的要求。”Bill Melzer, 72, a bond broker walking his dog on a sunny morning in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, said he was worried about the drought, about the prospect of higher fines for using too much water and about what might happen to the agriculture industry. But he said he was not worried about the future of his state.72岁的比尔·梅尔泽(Bill Melzer)是债券经纪人,一个阳光明媚的上午,他在旧金山的金门公园遛。梅尔泽表示,他很担心干旱,担心以后用水过多会被处以更高的罚款,担心农业可能会发生哪些变化。但他说自己不担心加州的未来。 /201504/370544。

Anna David is Editor-in-Chief of RehabReviews.com, a website with reviews of nearly 900 drug rehabilitation facilities. Think of it as a Yelp.com for drug rehabs.David is also a recovering addict, and she said that in her experience, the CEO with an addiction is by no means a rarity, and neither is the treatment facility catering to his or her needs.安娜o大卫是RehabReviews.com的总编辑,这家网站上有将近900家戒毒康复机构的。你可以将它看作点评网站Yelp.com的戒毒康复机构版本。大卫也是一名正在康复的瘾君子。她表示,以她自己的经验看,有毒瘾的首席执行官绝不罕见,而一般的医疗机构很难满足他们的需求。“Rehabs targeting this demographic have started popping up seemingly every second,” she said. “Many of these rehab owners are addicts who got sober, became quite successful as a result, and know exactly how to treat these people, because they are these people.”她说:“面向这一人群的康复机构正如雨后春笋般涌现。其中有不少业主都曾染上毒瘾,后来幡然醒悟,最终取得了事业上的成功。他们完全知道如何治疗这类人,因为他们曾经是其中的一员。”These facilities aren’t exactly cheap — David said that at the high end, the 0,000-a-month inpatient facility is not unheard of — but she also said that they’re ideal for easing a chief executive officer into recovery.这些康复机构可不便宜。大卫说,每月收费10万美元的高端康复机构也并非闻所未闻。不过她也表示,对首席执行官来说,这些地方是理想的放松和康复场所。“Having the best therapists around, 1000-count sheets and an all-organic, ‘paleo,’ vegetarian, what-have-you meal plan… will encourage more of them to go to treatment, and ultimately to thrive there,” she said. “I’ve seen amazing transformations… people who come into rehab with the most entitled, obnoxious personalities imaginable, who end up having spiritual awakenings that cause them to check out as different people.”她说:“这些地方配备了最优秀的治疗师、1000针的高级面料床单、复古的全天然素食盛宴……这会鼓励更多人前来接受治疗,并最终在那里康复。我看到了令人惊讶的转变……来到疗养院的人里,有你能想到的最声名昭著的讨厌鬼,他们在这里恢复了精神上的活力,出院时已是一个完全不同的人。”There are different treatment options available to executives, all with different approaches, philosophies and costs. Fortune spoke to some of the professionals who offer them, and got their observations.康复所向高管提供了许多不同的治疗选择,它们的方法、理念和价格都有所不同。日前接受《财富》采访时,一些提供这类治疗务的专业人士畅谈了他们的看法。Innovation360创新360Situated in Texas, Innovation360 is an outpatient facility with locations in Dallas and Fort Worth. Clinical psychologist Kevin Gilliland operates out of the Dallas facility, and he estimated that patients pay between ,000 and ,000 for their first month of treatment at the center. He said that alcohol is the substance that he most frequently sees executives struggling with.创新360(Innovation360)位于德克萨斯州,在达拉斯和沃斯堡都设有门诊所。临床心理学家凯文o吉利兰德在达拉斯诊所工作,他估计病人在中心接受第一个月的治疗需要花费1.5万至2.5万美元。他说,酒精是他最常见到的让高管上瘾的东西。“It’s legal, it’s accepted as part of entertainment and business, and even expected by some clients,” he said.他表示:“酒精是合法的,人们将它视为和商业的一部分,而且有些客户期待你用酒精招待他们。”For many of these patients, the barriers to treatment that they encounter are also signs of their success. They often can’t be fired, they’re too wealthy for anyone to force them into treatment by threatening to cut them off, and although “lonely at the top” is a well-worn cliché, it’s no less true of the CEO with an addiction.对许多这类病人来说,他们成功的标志也是他们接受治疗的障碍。他们通常不能被公司解雇,而且十分富裕,以至于没有人能通过威胁解雇他们来让其接受治疗。尽管“高处不胜寒”已是陈词滥调,但用这句话来形容那些有酒瘾的首席执行官的确再恰当不过。“People will choose alcohol or drugs over developing significant relationships that can help them manage the challenges of the position,” he said. This is especially true of executives who are too image-conscious to seek treatment.他表示:“人们宁愿选择酒精或毒品,而不是发展重要的人际关系,来帮助他们应对岗位上的挑战。”对那些十分在意公众形象而不愿寻求治疗的高管来说,这一点尤其如此。“CEOs and senior executives are all concerned about perception, and rightly so,” he said. “How well would you sleep if you knew your hedge fund manager watching over your hard-earned money and retirement has an alcohol addiction?”他说:“首席执行官和高管都很注重声誉,这也是理所当然的事情。如果你知道管理你血汗钱和退休金的对冲基金经理嗜酒如命,你怎么能睡一个安稳觉?”Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation海瑟顿o贝蒂o福特基金会The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is the world’s largest nonprofit treatment provider. According to public relations representative Christine Anderson, one month of inpatient treatment costs approximately ,000.海瑟顿o贝蒂o福特基金会(Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation)是全球最大的非盈利治疗提供商。基金会的公共关系代表克里斯汀o安德森表示,住院治疗一个月的费用大约是3.3万美元。Chief Medical Officer Marvin D. Seppala, M.D. said that the biggest hurdle in treating the executive is the alpha dog mentality – ironically the very thing that made him or her successful in the first place.首席医疗官、医学士马文oDo斯帕拉表示,治疗高管最大的障碍是他们的领袖心态——讽刺的是,正是这种心态让他们取得了成功。“Our treatment is primarily accomplished with group therapy, which requires that people share their problems and express their feelings,” he said. “As you can imagine, this does not come naturally for most high-powered executives.”他说:“我们的治疗方法主要是集体治疗,这要求人们分享他们的问题,表达他们的感受。你可以想象,手握重权的高管很难做到这一点。”It may not be an easy sell, but he said that the group setting is essential to the way the Foundation provides treatment.或许很难说他们采用这种方式,但他表示,“集体背景”是基金会治疗流程中必不可少的环节。“It is much easier for those with addiction to recognize problems in others than to see the exact same problem manifesting in their own lives,” he said. “Group therapy allows for initial recognition of someone else’s shortcomings — ultimately the individual begins to see and admit to their own problems as well.”他说:“那些上瘾者很容易意识到其他人身上出现了问题,但要发现自己有同样的问题则难得多。集体治疗让人们能认识到其他人的毛病——最终他们会开始审视和承认自己的问题。”The Foundation also looks ahead to what happens when a patient has finished treatment, and offers a variety of resources to help when the going gets tough, as it inevitably will.基金会还会预测病人结束治疗后的状况,准备了各种资源来帮助那些进展不顺的病人,因为这种情况是难免的。“We offer assessments, residential and outpatient treatment, structured living, continuing care, family programs, social communities, parent recovery groups, parent coaching, children’s programs, and prevention programs,” he said. “We integrate addiction and mental health treatment so that both issues are addressed at the same time.”他说:“我们提供的务包括评估、住院和门诊治疗、有条理的生活、持续的看护、家庭项目、社群社区、父母康复团、父母指导、儿童项目和预防项目。我们整合了成瘾治疗和心理健康治疗的方法,以同时解决这两个问题。”Coaching Through Chaos穿越动荡期Coaching Through Chaos is a private practice located in San Diego and run by Colleen Mullen, Psy.D., LMFT. She said that her executive patients frequently present with addictions to opiates that were prescribed for pain management.穿越动荡期(Coaching Through Chaos)是一家位于圣地亚哥的私人诊所,业主是心理学士、家庭与婚姻治疗师柯林o穆伦。她说她的高管病人经常因为止痛治疗而对麻醉剂上瘾。“Their tolerance to the medication has built up, but the pain is still there, so they begin taking more than prescribed,” she said. Eventually, the pills just don’t do the trick any more, and she said that it’s not uncommon for someone in that situation to move on to a drug such as heroin.她表示:“他们的耐药性已经提升了,但疼痛仍未缓解,所以他们使用了超出医嘱的药量。”她说,最终,药物已经不再有效了,这种情况下,一些高管进而采用海洛因等毒品也并非罕见。“By that time, no matter what position in life the person started out in, they often look like any other addict, except maybe they still have a nicer home to use in,” she said.她说:“到那个时候,无论他们身处何种位置,看起来和其他瘾君子也没什么区别了,也许除了他们还有更好的家可以住以外。”Whatever their appearance, they have reputations to protect and businesses to run, so she’s tailored certain aspects of her practice to suit those needs.无论他们外型如何,他们都需要维护声誉,继续经营自己的事业,所以她的治疗方法在某些方面进行了调整,以满足高管的需求。“In addition to traditional insurance-covered therapy services, I offer a cash option, should they want to fully protect their anonymity,” she said. “I also provide concierge therapy services in which I can come and meet with them in their office or provide extra support by way of coaching phone calls or -conference sessions when they may be traveling.”她表示:“我这边的治疗务不仅可以用传统的医保付,如果他们想隐藏自己的身份,我也接受现金付款。我还可以提供上门务,在他们的办公室里与他们见面。如果他们要出差,我也可以提供电话或视频会议的额外指导。”As an outpatient provider, the costs for Dr. Mullen’s monthly services don’t reach the heights of those of a high-end, residential inpatient facility.作为门诊务提供者,穆伦士的每月治疗费用没有达到那些高端住宅式疗养院的标准。“My hourly in-office rate is 0,” she said. “The average person comes at least one time per week. If someone hires me for concierge services, ranging from meeting with them outside of my office or extra coaching calls, we could be looking at 0 or more per week. So the average range is about 0 to ,000 a month.”她说:“我在自己的办公室内看病,收费是每小时120美元。一般每个病人每周至少要来看一次。如果有人要求我提供专门务,比如在办公室之外与他们会面,或是提供额外的电话指导,收费就会是每周600美元或更高。所以每个月的平均价格是500至4000美元不等。”Seasons in Malibu马里布的季节Dr. Nancy Irwin is staff therapist at Seasons in Malibu, an inpatient facility. She said that the average 30-day stay costs approximately ,000, but patients get a lot of bang for their buck. In fact, the center offers treatment options so enticing that even the utterly lucid might briefly entertain the prospect of checking in.南希o埃尔文士是住院式医疗中心马里布的季节(Seasons in Malibu)的临床医学家。她表示,住院30天的平均费用约为5.5万美元,但病人享受的务绝对物有所值。实际上,中心提供的治疗选择太诱人了,即便是完全清醒的人可能也愿意短暂入住。“Our holistic modalities include art therapy, massage, cranial-sacral work, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, spiritual counseling… and a host of groups — trauma, men’s, women’s, dream interpretation, family systems, and more,” she said. She also noted the physical exercise options, which include surfing, yoga and Muy Thai.她说:“我们的整体治疗中包括艺术疗法、推拿、头部、催眠疗法、针灸、精神辅导,还有许多康复小组——创伤组、男子组、女子组、释梦组、家庭组等等。”她还列出了一系列健身项目,包括冲浪、瑜伽和泰拳。If business simply won’t wait, Seasons in Malibu offers “Executive Track,” a plan that allows patients to attend to company matters via -conferencing while they’re still on the facility’s grounds. “We don’t want people to think their business is going to tank if they’re here for 30 days,” Dr. Irwin said.如果高管们有紧迫的事情要办,马里布的季节还提供“高管特权通道”,病人可以在疗养院通过视频会议直接参与公司事务。埃尔文表示:“我们不想让病人在入住这里的30天中还担心他们的公司业绩下滑。”She said that stress and unresolved trauma were common triggers that cause these kinds of patients to relapse after leaving the facility. However, she objected to the negative connotation associated with the word “relapse.”她表示,压力和尚未解决的创伤是导致这类病人出院后故态复萌的常见原因。然而,她认为“故态复萌”这个词不具有贬义。“Most addicts do relapse, but we view that as a stepping stone to success,” she said. “Wise people learn from a relapse, like any other mistake, and use that to empower their success, versus viewing it as proof of the limiting belief, ‘Once an addict, always an addict.’”“大多数成瘾患者都会故态复萌,但我们认为这是通向成功的踏脚石。聪明的人会从其中吸取教训,就像从其他错误中一样。他们会利用它来取得成功,而不是将它看作得到验的成见:‘一旦上瘾,永久上瘾。’” /201504/368005。