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Walden瓦尔登湖At the approach of spring the red squirrels got under my house, two at a time, directly under my feet as I sat ing or writing, and kept up the queerest chuckling and chirruping and vocal pirouetting and gurgling sounds that ever were heard; and when I stamped they only chirruped the louder, as if past all fear and respect in their mad pranks, defying humanity to stop them. No, you dont - chickaree - chickaree. They were wholly deaf to my arguments, or failed to perceive their ce, and fell into a strain of invective that was irresistible.春天临近时,赤松鼠来到了我的屋子底下,成双成对,正当我静坐阅读或写作的时候,它们就在我脚下,不断地发出最奇怪的叽叽咕咕的叫声,不断地长嘶短鸣,要是我蹬了几脚,叫声就更加高,好像它们的疯狂的恶作剧已经超过了畏惧的境界,无视于人类的禁令了你别——叽叽咕咕地叫对于我的驳斥,它们听也不听,它们不觉得我气势汹汹,反而破口大骂,弄得我毫无办法The first sparrow of spring! The year beginning with younger hope than ever! The faint silvery warblings heard over the partially bare and moist fields from the bluebird, the song sparrow, and the red-wing, as if the last flakes of winter tinkled as they fell! What at such a time are histories, chronologies, traditions, and all written revelations? The brooks sing carols and glees to the spring. The marsh hawk, sailing low over the meadow, is aly seeking the first slimy life and awakes.春天的第一只麻雀!这一年又在从来没有这样年轻的希望之中开始了!最初听到很微弱的银色的啁啾之声传过了一部分还光秃秃的、湿润的田野,那是发自青岛、离雀和红翼鸫的,仿佛冬天的最后的雪花在叮当地飘落!在这样的一个时候,历史、编年纪、传说,一切启示的文字又算得了什么?小溪向春天唱赞美诗和四部曲沼泽上的鹰隼低低地飞翔在草地上,已经在寻觅那初醒的脆弱的生物了The sinking sound of melting snow is heard in all dells, and the ice dissolves apace in the ponds. The grass flames up on the hillsides like a spring fire - ;et primitus oritur herba imbribus primoribus evocate; - as if the earth sent th an inward heat to greet the returing sun; not yellow but green is the color of its flame; - the symbol of perpetual youth, the grass-blade, like a long green ribbon, streams from the sod into the summer, checked indeed by the frost, but anon pushing on again, lifting its spear of last year hay with the fresh life below. It grows as steadily as the rill oozes out of the ground. It is almost identical with that, in the growing days of June, when the rills are dry, the grass-blades are their channels, and from year to year the herds drink at this pernnial green stream, and the mower draws from it betimes their winter supply.在所有的谷中,听得到融雪的滴答之声,而湖上的冰在迅速地溶化小草像春火在山腰燃烧起来了,—— ;et primitus oritur herba imbribus primoribus evocata; ——好像大地上送上了一个内在的热力来迎接太阳的归来;而火焰的颜色,不是黄的,是绿的,——永远的青春的象征,那草叶,像一根长长的绿色缎带,从草地上流出来流向夏季是的,它给霜雪阻拦过,可是它不久又在向前推进,举起了去年的干草的长茎,让新的生命从下面升起来它像小泉源的水从地下淙淙的冒出来一样它与小溪几乎是一体的,因为在六月那些长日之中,小溪已经干涸了,这些草叶成了它的小道,多少个年代来,牛羊从这永恒的青色的溪流上饮水,到了时候,刈草的人把它们割去供给冬天的需要So our human life but dies down to its root, and still puts th its green blade to eternity.我们人类的生命即使绝灭,只是绝灭不了根,那根上仍能茁生绿色的草叶,至于永恒 18985  Friendship in China and the West  -- Chinese expect friendships to be more lasting.   Chinese a true friendship endures throughout life changes. Chinese are friends even if they havent spoken years. If you shared something at one time, then all your life you are friends. This is the best of Guanxi, the Wide Web that connects Chinese through time and space. Chinese invented the Internet long bee Bill Gates was born.  In North America, even the relationship in which people feel close and tell each other personal problems may not survive life changes such as moving to another city, graduation from a university, a change in economic circumstances, or marriage. If the people do not see each other regularly, the relationship is likely to die.  -- Different foundations friendships  Chinese friends share ;things in common;: a task, a class, the hometown. Friendships are med by people who work or go to school together. You may or may not like the person, but if he or she can do something you because of his position or job, you can be friends.  But in North America, business and friendship are kept separate. The friendships are usually tied to specific activities. A person may have work friends and leisure activity friends. Also friends tend to have similar financial circumstances, because friendship in the west is based on equality. Friends should exchange similar activities and give similar things to each other. If one can afd to treat the other to a meal at an expensive restaurant and the other does not have enough money to do the same, it will cause problems in the relationship.  -- Westerns expect friends to be independent.  Western people prefer people to be independent, so they do not feel comtable in a relationship in which one person is giving more and the other is dependent on what is giving. Their friendship is mostly a matter of providing emotional support and spending time together. A westerner will respond to a friend trouble by asking ;What do you want to do?; The idea is to help the friend to think out the problem and discover the solution he or she really wants and then to support the solution.  Chinese friends give each other more concrete help. A Chinese will use personal connections to help a friend get something hard to obtain such as a job, or an appointment with a good doctor. Chinese friends give each other money and might help each other out financially over a long time.  -- Chinese usually expect more from their friends.  In the West, you can certainly ask friend to do something with you, but you recognize that your friend may say no, if heshe gives you a reason. You would not expect a friend to drop everything to respond to a non-urgent need such as shopping. Nor would you expect a friend to recognize and respond to your wishes without stating them.  A friend in China is someone who offers help without waiting to be asked. There are few limits to what you can expect from a friend. You can feel free to tell your friend what heshe can or should do to help or please you. 18

Voice 1: Thank you joining us Spotlight! I’m Rebekah Schipper.声音1:谢谢大家收听重点报道节目我是瑞贝卡·席佩尔Voice : And I’m Liz Waid.声音:我是利兹·韦德Voice 3: It is Born声音3:诞生Here I came to the very edge在这里,我来到边缘,where nothing at all needs saying,无需多言everything is absorbed through weather and the sea,一切都被天气和大海所吸收and the moon swam back,月光回归its rays all silvered,银色光线闪耀and time and again the darkness would be broken黑暗再次被打破by the crash of a wave,被一道道浪花击破and every day on the balcony of the sea,每天在海边的露台,wings open, fire is born,张开翅膀,火光诞生and everything is blue again, like morning.如早上一样,所有的一切再度湛蓝Voice : What did you think of when you heard this poem? Could you hear the waves crashing against the sandy shore? Could you see the silver moon? Could you see the beautiful blue colour it speaks of? This poem talks about the birth of fire. Could you imagine fire being born on the sea?声音:你听到这首诗的时候想到了什么?你能听到海浪拍打沙滩的声音吗?你能看到银色的月光吗?你能看到诗里提到的漂亮蓝色吗?这首诗讲的是火光的诞生你能想象火焰在海上燃烧起来的情景吗?译文属 6

Decide whether these statements are TRUE or FALSE 1 Sarah is going to move into Fadi's flat Harry and Johnny are working the same company 3 Magda thinks it is a good idea friend to work together Johnny is optimistic about his future 5 Magda has an interview at Johnny's company 6 Johnny is playing football later http:www.englishonline.org.cn 87

  ~aaqb.x.,@Nux+_+[[,]gA~BMLQvYg(xF^;%gCqpZxnwK#RqCTHe couldn’t find his pen. Where is my pen, he wondered. He looked his pen. It was on top of the microwave. He couldn’t find his cell phone. Where is my cell phone, he wondered. He looked his cell phone. It was on top of the TV. He couldn’t find his glasses. Where are my glasses, he wondered. He looked his glasses. They were on top of his head. I’m tired of looking everything, he thought. He invented a tiny recorder. It recorded everything he did. It recorded everywhere he went. He couldn’t find his toothbrush. Where is my toothbrush, he wondered. He played his tiny recorder. He found his toothbrush. He didn’t have to look it.e1EqY(Y^F)rwb-M5^+i~Pw,b!UE~Gyf%s,wPad#)R1h0vBZffzM6IUhjJe 1857

  Ha Jin: Across an Ocean of Words哈金:超越字海Xuefei Jin, who writes under the pen-name Ha Jin, was born in 1956 in Liaoning province in northern China. At only years of age, Ha Jin joined the People’s Liberation Army. He began teaching himself the middle and high school courses since his third year in the army. After his military service ended, he taught himself English while working the night shift as a railroad telegrapher in Jiamusi, a remote frontier city in the Northeast. During that time he followed the English learner’s program, hoping someday to Friedrich Engelsworks in the English original.金雪飞,以哈金的笔名写作,1956年出生于中国东北的辽宁省岁时,哈金加入中国人民解放军,入伍第3年,他开始自学初、高中课程完兵役后,他在东北偏远城市佳木斯做了一名铁路话务员,并利用夜班时间,自学英语在这期间,他通过收听电台的英语节目学习英语,希望有一天能读懂恩格斯的英文原著Through his perseverance and hard work, he not only succeeded in improving his English skills but also got his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in universities. In 1985 he left the ed States to study English literature future education.由于哈金的坚持不懈和刻苦努力,他不仅提高了英语水平,而且取得了大学的学士学位和硕士学位1985年,他离开中国赴美深造,研究英语语言文学“ the initial years it was like having a blood transfusion, like you are changing your blood,” recalled Ha Jin. But his perseverance paid off. Not only did he secure a job teaching creative writing after graduation, but his fiction received a number of important praises. In the spring of 1997,he won the prestigious Ernest Hemingway Foundation Award First Fiction his collection of short stories, Ocean of the Words. “This debut book, of simple style and understated beauty,” the judge commented, “is occasion real celebration.”哈金回忆道:“在美国的最初几年,感觉就像一次大换血”他的努力没有白费,毕业后,找到了一份稳定的工作,教授写作课程,并通过自己的小说得到了他人的认可对他而言,得到他人认可非常重要1997年春天,他凭借短篇小说《字海赢得了享有盛誉的海明威基金会第一小说奖评审这样评价:“他的首部短篇小说集,风格简练,有一种朴实的美,这是真正值得庆祝的事情”While Jin admits there are elements of his life and experiences in much of his writing, he says his work is not autobiographical, a practice he tells his students puts serious constraints on a writer. “When you construct a piece of work, a novel or a story, you need a lot of drama and a message,” explains Ha Jin. “But when you write an autobiographical piece, you cannot create a happening. If this has not happened, you cannot say it happened. It is not faithful to reality, and so that is the limitation. In addition to that, I want to make my work better than myself.”哈金承认他的作品中包含一些个人的生活经历,但他表示自己的作品不是自传他告诉学生,作家写自传会有许多限制“如果创作小说或故事,只需一个主旨和大量的虚构情节但写自传时,不能随意编造,如果某事没发生过,就不能说它发生过,否则就是对现实的不忠,这就是自传本身的限制所在除此之外,我不想使我的作品仅仅局限于自身”While he enjoys each of these ms of writing, Ha Jin says practical reasons make short stories his favorite genre. “You can get into a short story and out easily,” he explains. “If I work on a novel, I have to immerse myself in it completely a long time. You are just absorbed by the work, so it is a very hard process, and sometimes I don’t have the time and the leisure to do that. As poetry, it’s pure luck. You don’t know whether this work will work, and you just try and try. I abandon a lot of poems, and so I think it is a high order of writing. It’s harder and it depends on luck. Sometimes you write a poem without much eft but it works well, and sometimes you just work months on one but it doesn’t work.”哈金喜欢各种写作形式,但更青睐短篇小说,原因很实际,他解释说:“融入和走出短篇小说很容易我写小说,必须长时间完全沉浸其中,必须要全身心投入到创作中,这是个相当艰难的过程,有时我没时间也没心情去写小说至于诗歌,全凭运气,因为你不知道写出的诗是好是坏,只能一首接一首地写我写过很多诗,后来都扔掉了,觉得诗歌对写作要求太高、太难,而且也要靠运气 有时候,你毫不费力就能写出不错的诗,而有时花费几个月心血写出来的诗却不怎么样”In an interview when asked about the most important advice he could give to young writers, he said, “Be patient. Patience is everything. Sometimes you just waste weeks and months. It happened to me a few times. I wrote eighteen pages and realized it was terrible and had to start again. This is why patience is everything.”在一次访谈中,哈金被问及给年轻作家的一条最重要的忠告时,他说:“一定要有耐心,耐心就是一切 有时你们会浪费好几个星期甚至几个月的时间,我有几次就是这样,写完18页后发现自己写得很糟,不得不重头写起这就是耐心即是一切的根源” 3756。

  ‘The Interview’ Tops Charts on Christmas Day电影“采访”荣登圣诞节榜首‘The Interview’, a comedy by Sony Pictures about the assassination of North Korea’s leader, topped the charts on Christmas Day after being released unconventionally online and in a handful of independent theatres. The traditional release of the film was cancelled after hackers broke into Sony’s computer systems last month and released emails and other confidential inmation. The hackers also threatened to attack major theatres that showed the film, causing Sony to cancel its traditional release. North Korea has denied involvement in the cyber attacks索尼电影出品的喜剧电影“采访”讲述的是刺杀朝鲜领导人的故事,没有惯例,这部电影只在几个独立电影院以及网上进行了上映,这部电影却荣登圣诞节榜首上周,索尼电脑系统遭到黑客攻击,并曝光了许多电子邮件和其他机密信息,为此电影的传统上映被取消黑客还威胁到了上映此影片的主要电影院,这让索尼不得不取消该片的传统上映朝鲜否认与网络攻击有关译文属原创,,不得转载 3808

  A feline perspective猫儿看世界There once was a kitty named Bear.从前有只叫贝尔的小猫,He loved to play, run outside and chase spiders.他很爱玩,喜欢在外面跑来跑去,还喜欢逮蜘蛛He was a happy cat without a care in the world.他是只快乐的猫,远离着身边嘈杂世界的烦扰He would often sit on top of the fence next to his owner condo and listen to all the human noises.他常常坐在主人公寓旁的篱笆上,听人们弄出的各种各样的声响His eyes would shut halfway as he would wonder what all the noise was about and why they felt it important to create it day after day, night after night.贝尔半眯着眼睛,纳闷地想:这些声音都是怎么来的呢,人们为什么日日夜夜地制造这些声响呢Shouts, laughter, tears, whirring and buzzing of objects, incessant voices of the big brown box, clomping of feet, chitchat and snoring would fill his delicate feline ears.贝尔娇弱的耳朵里总是塞满了哭声笑声,喊声叫声,各种物体发出的嗡嗡声,一个棕色大盒子源源不断地发出的嘈杂声,重重的脚步声,还有人们的闲谈,甚至打鼾声Humans are odd, indeed.人类真是很怪异,Why cant they see the beauty that is all around them?他们怎么能看不到周围美丽的景色呢?Locked up in their giant boxes, they very rarely played.他们把自己锁在了大盒子里,很少玩耍Only the little humans played, but if they played too long or with too much delight then the big humans would make them stop.只有那种很小的人才会玩耍,但如何他们玩的太久了,或者是太起劲儿了,大点儿的人就会让他们停下来Bear was both amused and saddened by these unnatural creatures.这些奇怪的生物既让贝尔觉得有意思,又让他觉得悲伤He tried to console them and make them play from time to time, but this was always short-lived, if that.他曾试着让人们高兴点,让他们也常常玩耍,但是即便人们玩了,高兴了,也总是就那么一会儿Eventually Bear gave up his attempts and abandoned the fence outside.终于,贝尔放弃了,离开了那个篱笆他跑到了野外,Running away into the fields, he declared to never become human, if he had any say in the matter.心想如果自己说了算的话,他打算永远也不变成人No, sir, no one was going to turn this kitty into a cooped up noise box.是的,先生,没人会把那只猫送到那乱哄哄的紧闭的盒子里 556

  Lesson 3 Living Places 住所英语听力练习题Listen to the phone dialogues.Note down how big the apartment is.听电话对话,并记下该公寓有多大living room bedroom bathroom kitchen dining room study balcony square meters5 355


  Ask an American: Watching TV on the Internet; to search versus to look versus to seek; pushing up daisies; do you have any idea?Words:dominantprogrammingto turn to (something)as opposed toto cut across generational linestech-savvyI cant sayprobabilityindestructibleto come on the sceneto searchto look to seekto push up daisiesDo you have any idea…?。

  B. Keywords. DNA, deciphering, genetic code, a series of letters, human genome, sorted out, function, mapping, cure.Vocabulary decipher, lifeblood, embryo, scroll, cystic fibrosis.Now listen to a second news report about the human genome project, choose the correct answers the following questions.Charts of DNA. The genetic blueprint of human beings. Deciphering the genetic code is the lifeblood of top researcher Ira Herskowitz.To help ordinary folks understand what going on, Herskowitz turns to music.Well, it just so happens that inside of everyone, are tiny plans to tell how the job to be done.Theyre worth more to you than the family jewels, theyre stored in the m of molecules like everything else, I guess... Only different and kinda special.He says people should welcome, not fear genetic research.When they hear about DNA, they might think about some monster movie they saw, but they really ought to understand that knowing about DNA is going to enrich their life and improve their health.DNA molecules contain about three billion pieces to a puzzle.Pieced together, they m genes that provide instructions on how to build all the unique cells that make up a human being.It is a series of letters, the alphabetic is only four letters, a, c, g and t and 3 billion of those in the proper order is what we use, ever since we were a one celled embryo until now to carry out the biological functions that we humans have to do.Like some four letters coded alien script, newly sequence DNA scrolls over the Internet.I wouldnt want to write a novel with four letters, so I think Ill write a human being instead...Thanks mostly to new technology, twenty percent of the three billion letter human genome has aly been sorted out.The National Institutes of Health says 90% will be completed within a year.And the challenge then will be to understand how the roughly 80,000 genes that reside in that script do what they do and how they are involved in health and disease.Researchers are finding genes faster than they can figure out how they function, genes breast cancer, cystic fibrosis, Parkinson disease are aly under intense study.But just mapping the human genome doesnt end the journey. Figuring out how to use the map to deliver the cure is the next big job.If youve got any questions about something you missed, please see me, all class dismissed. 06

  Voice 1: Thank you joining us today Spotlight. Im Rebekah Schipper.声音1:谢谢大家收听今天的重点报道节目我是瑞贝卡·席佩尔Voice : And Im Liz Waid.声音:我是利兹·韦德Voice 1: The Sahara desert. It is the world largest desert. It covers a third of the African continent--an area about the size of the ed States. The Sahara desert is one of the hottest, driest places on Earth. Temperatures may rise over fifty-seven degrees Celsius. And it receives less than eight centimetres of rain a year.声音1:撒哈拉沙漠这是世界上最大的沙漠这个沙漠占非洲大陆面积的三分之一,其面积相当于美国的大小撒哈拉沙漠是地球上最热、最干燥的地方之一那里的温度可能超过57摄氏度一年的雨水量少于8厘米Voice : Over thousands of years, rising and falling winds created the desert. The winds evaporate water from the sand. But these winds rarely bring rain. Natives to the Sahara have given some of the winds special names. ;Haboob; is the Arabic name a wild sand carrying wind. ;Khamsin; means fifty days. This wind blows across the Sahara from March through May. The Khamsin wind fills the air with sand.声音:数千年以来,气流的上升和下降创造了这个沙漠气流使沙子里的水分蒸发但是这些气流却很少带来雨水撒哈拉当地人给一些气流起了特殊的名字“哈布尘暴”是携带气流的一股狂沙“喀新风”的意思是50天这股气流3月至5月在撒哈拉沙漠吹拂“喀新风”则使空气中充满沙子译文属 993


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