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We were just talking in the break,you look fanstastic by the way,youre looking fantastic.Thanks,Im not draining much,what are you doing刚在广告时间里我们还说了话 不过你看起来真好看 你看起来很棒 谢谢 我其实没那么瘦 你是怎么做的I,literally,Im not draining much.Its really the dress我说实在的 没怎么瘦 是裙子的关系Its zoning it all,No,it just adventures me and I sucks in裙子把什么都包住了 也没 我挑战了一下 把自己塞了进去It just sucks all I got in.I did,I started doing yoga,more because a therapist told me to start it我就是全都塞进去了 实际上我在做瑜伽 更大程度上是因为我的医师让我这么做的So it was like,I just feel like I have really hard time slowing down这就像 我感觉自己很难放慢节奏So she told me to do a few meditation proper this,so youre going,if youve ever done yaga于是她让我做些冥想之类的来改善you go into the class and thats like these 70-years-old and older women,just with the legs above their heads我参加了一个课程 然后好多七老八十的老太太们 就这样把腿抬到头上and doing these like tree pose,animal pose,whatever the poses and Im like sitting there,just trying to get one of my legs up like feeling very hot,so摆出树式或者什么动物式之类的 然后我还只能坐在那 光试着抬一条腿就惹得不行I dont know what kind of class youre going to,but.its a different kind to go.No,its just hard,yogas hard我不懂 你这都上的是什么课啊 这种比较不一样 没有啦 只是高级的 瑜伽高级班It will,you can go with your own pace though,you dont have to have your legs wrap on your head so是嘛 你其实可以按自己的节奏来 你不用一定要把腿绕在头上什么的But even sitting there is hard for me,just like a downward dog and therell like ;breathe; and then focus on your breath and Im just like ;Lord;.Oh,really不过光坐在那儿就已经够难的了 像小一样趴在那儿 他们会说“深呼吸”集中注意力于呼吸上 我心里一直说“我的天啊” 真的么I cant focus,its so hard for me to just,I have no off botton and Im just like,all the time我没法集中精神 对我来说太难了 我身上没有停止键 我会一直胡思乱想Me too,and I started meditating recently and it helps me tremendously我也是 我最近也在做冥想 超级有用Me too,my happiness level.Yeah.Skyrocket it,I know.I dont konw我也是 是《我的幸福标准》么 是啊 最近很火 我知道 其实我不了解Thats good,the meditation is very very nice,especially for people like us thatre always thinking那挺好的 做冥想非常好 特别是像我们这种总是在思考的人Like my mind is always,hard to shut off,very hard to shut up.and I want to something that came from your mind and then into a tweet.Uh-oh我的脑子总是 没法停下来 很难让它停止 我想读一段你最近在想还写到推特里的东西 啊哦 /201611/478280

Subject: John hit the nail on the head in the debate. 迷你对话A: I think John performed very well.我觉得John今天表现很好。B: So do I. John hit the nail on the head in the debate.我也是花这样觉得。辩论时,他是一阵见血呀。 地道表达 hit the nail on the head 1. 解词释义Hit the nail on the head的意思是“一针见血”。这里的head是指nail的顶部。这个短语源于人们的日常生活实践。当人们钉钉子时,应尽量定在正中,这样钉子才能直直地被钉进去,如果没对准就一锤下去,钉子就会歪倒一边,进不去了。同样我们平时说话做事,也应该做到干脆利落,即“一针见血,说话说得适当中肯”。所以对话中“John hit the nail on the head in the debate.”的意思是“辩论时,约翰的辩论就像锤钉子刚好锤在钉头正中一样恰到好处,直击对方要害,一针见血。” 2. 拓展例句e.g. He hit the nail on the head when he mentioned that the company was actually facing the danger of bankruptcy.他说那家公司实际上正面临破产的危机,真是一针见血。e.g. Every work he said hit the nail on the head.他说的真是头头是道。e.g. You hit the nail on the head when you said I was unhappy with my job.你说我不满意自己的工作,你真是一语道破。e.g. Mike hit the nail on the head in his speech on the demerits of the existing housing policy.迈克在演讲中,一针见血地指出了当前房屋政策的弊端。 /201404/287098Basketball made me happy篮球使我快乐I can be going through anything我可以超越一切but for that two hours那两个小时I was able to be happy我真的很快乐cause I had that much love for the game因为我对比赛是如此热爱Now, I get on the court当我踏上赛场I am gonna do what I gotta do to win the game for my team我尽我所能为我的团队赢得比赛But also, Im thinking, I am gonna give my show同时,我也在想,我一定要发光At the buzzer, in the corner yeah压哨出手,底角出手what a play! He hits多么精的一球!他投中了This is why we play这就是为什么我们打球how did this go in这球是怎么进的更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201702/491587大家好,欢迎来到,我是Canace老师。坚持学习口语,你的英语一定会提高,今天我们能学到什么呢?1. This store sells everything from soup to nuts.前半句是说这家商店出售一切货品,那么短语后面的短语from soup to nuts是什么意思呢?Soup指“肥皂”,nuts是“坚果”,from soup to nuts意思是从头到尾,自始至终;或是一应俱全,完整详尽,多半是指物品方面。This store sells everything from soup to nuts.这家商店的出售货品一应俱全。My office is supplied from soup to nuts. 我办公室里的用品十分齐全。2. Miss Su had a real blast at the party.Blast本来是指;一阵狂风;。但在口语中则是指have a good time;-也就是欢乐,或玩得愉快,很尽兴。Blast 前面用 real 形容,是起到加强语气的作用。Miss Su had a real blast at the party. 苏在派对上玩得很痛快。I hope our get-together will be a real blast. 我希望我们相聚的时光是愉快的。3. This bar is off limits to all soldiers.短语off-limits意思是禁止入內;限制进出或不准使用,也就是关闭。This bar is off limits to all soldiers. 这家酒吧禁止任何军人入内。The library will be off-limits to the public until re-carpeting project is completed. 新地毯铺好之前,图书馆闭馆。在今天的节目中,我们学习了三个短语:from soup to nuts, off-limits, next of kin。了解更多口语资讯,关注,我是Canace,新浪微ID是“Canace洁瑜”。感谢收听,再见!背景音乐:Darin - Cant Stop Love本节目属 /201508/396078

To their surprise, they found that growth during years of economic expansion has fallen in the recent era—from 3.88% between 1820 and 1870 to 3.06% since 1950—even though average growth across all years in those two periods increased from 1.4% to 2.55%.他们吃惊的是,他们发现经济扩张时期的经济增长在最近时期已经下降——从1820年和1870年的3.88%到自1950年3.06%——即使这两个时期中这些年份平均经济增长从1.4%上升到2.55%.Instead, shorter and shallower slumps led to rising long-term growth.相反,时间更短,程度更浅的经济衰退导致了长期的经济增长。Output fell in a third of years between 1820 and 1870 but in only 12% of those since 1950.收入在1820年和1870年中三分之一的年份下降,但是自从1950年仅在12%的年份中下降。The rate of decline per recession year has fallen too, from 3% to 1.2%.每个经济衰退年份下降的比率也从3%降低到了1.2%.So why have these “growth reversals” decreased in length and depth?那么,为什么这些“增长逆转”在长度和深度方面下降了呢?In another paper Messrs Broadberry and Wallis find that conventional explanations—such as demographic change or a sectoral shift from volatile agriculture to the more stable services sector—do not fully explain the shift.在另一篇 Messrs Broadberry 和 Wallis发现,传统的经济扩张——如从不稳定的农业到更加稳定的务部门中的人口变动或部门转变——并不能完全解释这一转变。More important is the rise of the rule of law, enabling disputes to be settled by impartial courts.更为重要的是法律地位的上升,保了纠纷由公正的法庭解决。Before the modern era, elites would fight between themselves for the spoils of growth and send the economy back to square one through wars, corruption and the like.在现代时期以前,精英会为经济增长的战利品相互争夺,并通过战争,腐败和类似这样的方式恢复经济以占取一部分利益。Respect for courts to resolve disputes prevents this from happening.尊重法庭去解决争端阻止了这种事的发生。With populist politicians challenging the authority of judges once again across the world, that is food for thought.随着民粹主义政治家再次在全世界挑战法官的权威,这值得人们深思。考研英语时事阅读 /201707/515840Finance and economics: Women and work The power of parity财经:女人和工作,平等的力量The world would be a much richer place if more women had paying jobs.如果更多女性参与有偿工作,世界将会更加富裕。Joan Rivers, a comedian who died last year, did not let chores get in the way of a career in show business.去年过世的喜剧演员Joan Rivers从没有让家务事影响到她的演艺事业。“I hate housework,” she joked.她曾戏谑道:“我讨厌家务事。“You make the beds, you do the dishes, and six months later, you have to start all over again.”整理床铺,洗涤碗筷,而且半年之后还得再来一次。”An escape from unpaid drudgery into paid work seems a distant prospect for millions of women.从无偿的劳累家务中逃离,投入到有偿工作中,对数百万女性来说似乎遥不可及。In South Asia, for instance, women carry out up to 90% of unpaid care work, including cooking, cleaning, and looking after children and the elderly.例如在南亚,高达90%的无偿工作由女性承担,包括煮饭,清洁,照顾孩子和老人。They are far less visible than men in work outside the home.在家庭之外的工作场合,女性的身影比男性要少见得多。Women make up less than a quarter of the paid workforce in India and account for just 17% of GDP, a measure of output that excludes unwaged work.在印度,她们占据不到劳动力的1/4,在不计无偿工作的情况下,甚至仅占GDP的17%。By contrast, women contribute 41% of GDP in China.相比之下,中国女性贡献GDP的比例高达41%。A new report from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) , a think-tank, underlines how gender inequality in work and society is itself distributed unequally across the world.智囊团麦肯锡全球研究所(MGI)的一份新报道强调就业时的性别不平等现象在世界各地分布不均是一个全世界的普遍现象。The number-crunchers at McKinsey calculated gender-parity scores—gauges of how women fare at work and in society in comparison with men—covering over 90% of the worlds population.麦肯锡的超级计算机基于女性与男性相比在工作和社会中的表现,计算出了性别平等分值,样本覆盖了全球90%的人口。They reckon South Asia (India excluded) is the global laggard with a score of 0.44 (a score of one represents perfect parity between the sexes) .他们认为,南亚(印度除外)是全球的相对落伍者,分值只有0.44(分值1表示最完美的性别平等)。Richer parts of the world do a lot better but are still a long way from complete gender equality.富裕地区做得好得多,但距离完全性别平等则还有很长一段路要走。North America and Oceania, the best-ranked region, has a score of 0.74.在北美洲及大洋洲,即使排名最前,分值也只有0.74。It is hard to put a number on the social costs of this but the McKinsey folk take a stab at estimating the loss of economic output that goes with it.很难用数字去说明这情况的社会成本。但是麦肯锡仍然设法估算了经济产出的损失。Other studies find that countries could boost their GDP by 5-20% if womens participation in the workforce was on a par with mens.其他研究也发现,如果女性在工作上的参与率能与男性一样,那么很多国家GDP将增加5~20%。But that captures only part of the lost output.但那仅仅抵消了部分的产出损失。Even in rich bits of the world, where women are close to half the paid workforce, they tend to work fewer hours than men and in jobs with lower productivity, not to mention lower pay as a result of pure discrimination.即使在那些女性劳动参与率接近一半的富裕地区,相比男性,她们也因为工作产出较差而倾向工作时间较短,更别提单纯因性别歧视而造成的低收入了。If the gender gaps in participation, hours worked and productivity were all bridged, the world economy would be .4 trillion (or 26%) richer, McKinsey reckons.麦肯锡还认为,假使因性别差异而造成的参与率、工时差异、生产力都能弥平,那么全球经济的富裕程度将增加28.4万亿美元(或26%)。The potential gains are proportionately greater in places where fewer women are in paid work.在女性少有参与有偿工作的地方,这种潜在收入会相应的增加。India, for instance, could be 60% richer.例如印度可能会增富60%。A more realistic target is for countries to close their gender gaps at the rate achieved by the country in their region with the best recent record in this respect.比较有可能实现的目标是将全球各国在自己区域为了缩小性别差异曾经创造的最好记录计算。That would add trillion to global output by 2025, according to McKinseys calculations, other things being equal (which they almost certainly will not be) .根据麦肯锡的计算,当其他因素相同的情况下(几乎可以确定不可能),到2025年全球产出将增加12万亿美元。The policies that would quicken a closing of the gender gap at work, such as keeping girls at school for longer and providing better legal protections for women, are in the gift of government.国家可以为了加快缩小两性间差异而采取一些措施,譬如为女性提供更长时间的教育或者为妇女提供更好的法律保护,这对国家也是一种回馈。Women whose level of education is on a par with men are more likely to find well-paid jobs in technical professions.在同等学历下,女性更容易在技术专业领域上找到更高薪的工作。They are also more likely to share unpaid work more equitably with men—or, at least, to be able to claim, as Rivers did, that the dullest chores can wait for another six months.她们也会因此更愿意与男性平等分担无酬的工作,或者至少能像Rivers 那样宣称:最乏味的家务可以再等六个月。译文属丁丁文 /201702/491711

Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.除了你自己,沒有人可以给你更好的建议。Trust your instincts. You have the power to control your destiny! What advice would you give your younger self?相信你的直觉。你有权利掌握你自己的命运!现在的你会给年轻的自己什么建议呢?1. wise 聪明的、有智慧的2. advice 忠告、建议3. trust 相信4. instincts 直觉5. destiny 命运 6. self 自己 self-esteem 自尊 yourself 你自己I would tell my younger self: Do not worry too much. All I need to do is to put ideas into action.我想要告诉我年轻的自己。不要烦恼太多,要将想法付诸于行动。 /201510/4019001. I''m sorry to interrupt your conversation, but I''ve got something urgent to tell you.抱歉打断你们的谈话,但我有急事要告诉你。2. Sorry to butt in.抱歉,打岔一下。3. I''m sorry to barge in like this, but I need your help with a problem.很抱歉这样打断你们,但我需要你帮我解决一个问题。4. Wait, can I put in a word here?等一下,我可以插句话吗?5. Can I say something?我可以说句话吗?6. She kept cutting in when I was making my point.我表示意见的时候她一直打断我的话。7. He chipped in when I was about to answer his question.我正准备回答他问题的时候,他就打断我的话。8. He always breaks in on our discussions.他老是打断我们的讨论。9. My boss got really mad when his secretary chimed in during the meeting.我老板的秘书在开会的时候插嘴,把他弄得很火大。10. It''s very impolite to interpose in such a formal seminar.在这么正式的研讨会里插嘴是很不礼貌的。 /201104/133177

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