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PARIS — Journalists have done their job, again, with another enormous leak of documents outing a global list of rich and powerful people who hid their wealth in offshore companies. 巴黎——借着又一批海量文件的外泄,记者们再度克尽职责,揭露了世界各地利用离岸公司隐藏财产的富豪与政要的名单。 This time, prompted by the Panama Papers, several European governments have followed up with new measures intended to rip away the veil of secrecy that is costing them billions of dollars in tax revenues. 这一回,在“巴拿马文件”的推动下,数个欧洲国家的政府跟进新措施,试图揭开使它们损失无数税收的隐秘机制的面纱。 “Populist outrage doesn’t by itself collect a single extra pound or dollar in tax or put a single criminal in jail,” said George Osborne, the chancellor of the Exchequer in Britain, at a news conference on Thursday in Washington. “光是群情激愤,连一个子儿的税收也讨不回来,也不会有哪怕一个犯人因此被关进监狱,”周二时,英国财政大臣乔治·奥斯本(George Osborne)在华盛顿的一场记者会上如此表示。 To that end, the biggest economies in the European Union — Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain — announced a plan to automatically share information about the true, or “beneficial,” owners of shell companies and overseas trusts. 为了达成目标,英国、法国、德国、意大利和西班牙这欧盟五大经济体,针对空壳公司与海外资产信托的真正持有人——即“实益”所有人——宣布了一项资讯自动分享计划。 This is good news for the global campaign to expose the ill-gotten gains of the corrupt and the secretly held wealth of tax evaders who benefit from a system that rewards anonymity. 一些逃税者受益于一种奖励匿名的金融体系,透过贪腐与藏匿财富赚取不当利益。对于致力于让这些不义之财曝光的全球倡议活动来说,该计划是个好消息。 But there is one major player that is coming up short, and that is the ed States, which in 2015 ranked third, behind Switzerland and Hong Kong, in a financial secrecy index published by the Tax Justice Network, a nonprofit organization based in Washington. 不过,在这整局棋中有个关键的角色表现得不尽如人意,那就是美国。2015年,美国在非营利组织税收正义网(Tax Justice Network)公布的金融保密指数中排名第三,仅次于瑞士和香港。 The Obama administration has recently taken steps to require banks to check the identities of clients setting up companies and to track the ownership of expensive real estate. 奥巴马政府近来已展开行动,要求验欲建立公司的客户身份、追查高价房地产的所有人。 Resistance to greater corporate transparency is still strong at the state level, however, where companies and corporations are registered. 然而,加强金融透明度一事,仍遭到负责注册公司企业的州政府的强烈抗拒。 Attention has focused on Delaware, Wyoming and Nevada, which aggressively market tax advantages for offshore companies. But in fact, full disclosure of ownership is not required in any of the 50 states. 其中的主要焦点在特拉华、怀俄明与内华达。这三州都十分积极地推销离岸公司在当地享有的税赋优惠。不过事实上,在美国的50个州里,没有任何一州要求财产所有人充分公开身份。 This has created an enormous black hole not only for tax inspectors but also for law enforcement officials who “can’t follow the money,” said Tom Cardamone, managing director of Global Financial Integrity, a research and advocacy group based in Washington. “What we have in place is compete secrecy, and it is secrecy that is the problem,” he said. 华盛顿研究暨倡议团体全球金融诚信组织(Global Financial Integrity)的执行主任汤姆#8231;卡达蒙(Tom Cardamone)表示,这不只给税务稽查员带来极大阻碍 ,也让执法官员无法“追踪现金流”。“我们现有的制度是完全保密的,而这种保密性就是问题所在,”卡达蒙说。 A bipartisan bill to make the states require disclosure of ownership is now before Congress, but it has stalled. 一份让各州要求揭露财产所有人身份的提案已经送入美国国会。该法案由来自两党的人员共同提交,目前却遭到搁置。 Opposition comes from the American Bar Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and a less-known but powerful lobby, the National Association of Secretaries of State. That final group fears a loss of revenue for state budgets if more transparency is required, said Robert Palmer, campaign director at Global Witness, an anticorruption organization. 提案的反对压力来自美国律师协会(American Bar Association)、美国商会(U.S. Chamber of Commerce),以及一个较不知名但颇具影响力的游说团体:全美州务卿协会(National Association of Secretaries of State)。反贪腐组织全球见(Global Witness)的倡议主任罗伯特·帕尔默(Robert Palmer)表示,州务卿协会担忧的是,州级预算收入可能会因为对财务透明度的要求提高而流失。 “Passing legislation in the U.S. is challenging,” he said. “要在美国通过法案是很大的挑战,”帕尔默说。 Failure to respond to the worldwide clamor for financial accountability looks hypocritical from afar, considering the ed States’ aggressive extraterritorial pursuit of foreign companies that violate its Foreign Corrupt Practices law and its demands that foreign banks provide information about accounts held by American citizens. 从外人的眼光看来,考虑到美国是如何积极行使治外法权以声讨违反该国《反海外腐败法》(Foreign Corrupt Practices Act)的外国公司,又是如何要求国外提供美国公民的帐户资料的,这个国家未能回应全球对金融问责性的大声疾呼就显得颇为虚伪了。 “Though the U.S. has been a pioneer in defending itself from foreign secrecy jurisdictions it provides little information in return to other countries, making it a formidable, harmful and irresponsible secrecy jurisdiction,” according to a Tax Justice Network report. 税收正义网在报告中指出:“虽然美国在海外带头保护自身利益不被金融不透明的制度所侵害,但其他国家却几乎不能获得它提供的资讯作为回报。这使得国在秘密资产方面成为一个难以应付、害人不浅又不负责任的管辖地。” Though legislation in the ed States has faltered, other countries began moving ahead with the creation of registries of corporate beneficial owners even before the Panama Papers came to light. Such a registry will be available to the public in Britain on June 30, while national registries required by the European Union will be y by 2017, although access to their information will be more restricted. 虽然美国的立法进程遭受了挫折,但其他一些国家已经开始取得进展,甚至在巴拿马文件曝光前便已着手建立企业实益拥有人登记制度。从6月30日开始,英国将把此类登记信息向公众开放,欧盟要求的全国性登记将于2017年准备就绪,不过对登记信息的查询会受到较为严格的限制。 Pressure is now growing on Britain to force its overseas territories — like the British Virgin Islands, which is home, on paper, to more than half of the companies revealed by the Panama leak — to follow suit, a subject sure to dominate an anticorruption summit meeting in London next month. 目前,英国面临着与日俱增的压力,希望它去强制自己的海外属地——比如英属维尔京群岛,被巴拿马文件曝光的公司,有一半以上在名义上设在该地——采取类似举措,而这必然成为将于下月在伦敦举行的一场反腐峰会的主要议题。 Transparency advocates hope similar pressure will build in the ed States to shine a light on what Mr. Osborne called “those hiding spaces, those dark corners of the global financial system” right in its own backyard. 持提高透明度的人士希望类似的压力也能在美国积聚起来,迫使它点一盏灯,照亮奥斯本所说的“全球金融体系之中那些存在于美国自家后院的隐秘空间,那些黑暗的角落。” As Mr. Palmer says, “I don’t think we should have to rely on journalists.” 正如帕尔默所言,“我认为我们不应该只能依赖新闻记者。” /201604/438542。

For Rob Willner, when work finishes, playtime begins. He likes nothing more when he gets home of an evening, than to kick off his shoes and upturn a crate of sleek Scandinavian Lego.对于罗布?维尔纳来说,工作结束以后,游戏时间就开始了。傍晚下班回到家,踢掉鞋子,搬出酷炫的丹麦乐高积木箱,这就是他最幸福的时刻。“It’s not like I’m obsessed with it, but there’s a simplicity to Lego models that’s quite nice – to clear your mind and help it focus a bit,” he says, only a touch sheepishly.“我并没有沉迷于此,不过,乐高玩具的确有一种简单质朴的美好,它可以让我保持头脑清醒,帮我集中注意力,”他有点害羞地说。Willner is 25 years old, and combines studying for a PhD in anthropology and religion at the University of Kent with youth work in north London, where he lives with his wife, Adele, a teacher. And he is not alone in his childish after-work habits.维尔纳今年25岁,他在肯特大学攻读人类学与宗教的士学位,同时还在北伦敦从事青少年工作,他的妻子阿黛尔是一名老师,两人一起住在北伦敦。说到他下班后孩子气的兴趣爱好,其实很多人都和他一样。According to new research conducted by NPD Group, a retail analyst, sales of toys to adults have increased by almost two thirds over the past five years, and by more than 20 percent in just the last year. As a result, the ‘toys for adults’ market (which, by the way, is a careful Google search, best done at home) is now worth £300m – and said to be growing three times faster than the children’s toy market itself.市场调研机构NPD的一项新研究表明,过去五年中,卖给成人的玩具数量几乎增长了三分之二,光是去年就超过20%。所以“成人玩具”的市场(顺便说一句,如果你要用谷歌搜索这个关键词,一定要小心,最好在家搜索)如今已价值3亿英镑(26亿元人民币),并且据说比儿童玩具市场的增长还快三倍。As with most things, millennials are largely to blame. More than half of the ‘kidult’ spend comes from 18 to 34-year-olds, snapping up everything from £500 Scalextric sets to drones, Nerf guns and £2,00 Star Wars Lego models.与很多其他事情一样,千禧一代是主要的责任人。超过半数的“购买儿童玩具的成年人”年龄在18到34岁之间,从500英镑的Scalextric赛车系列到无人机,从Nerf手到200英镑的星球大战乐高模型,无一不是他们抢购的对象。For some it’s a chance to recapture the careless raptures of childhood, while for others it’s a chance to escape the hassle and hardships of adult life – akin to other ‘mindfulness aids’ like adult colouring books and dot-to-dot. For Willner, it’s both.对一些人来说,这些玩具可以重温童年时代无忧无虑的幸福,而对于另一些人来说,它们可以使人逃离成人世界的困扰和艰辛——就像其他帮助“正念”的成人填色本和点对点智力游戏一样。对于维尔纳来说,这两种原因都有。“It reminds me of the playful side of life, but also helps me to keep perspective. Lego isn’t transcendent, but it’s fun, and gives you a chance to think about what’s really important.”“它总能让我想到生活有意思的一面,但同时也引导我客观地看世界。乐高并不是什么超然的东西,但是它十分有趣,它可以让你思考什么是真正重要的事物。”At home in Enfield, he has two technicolour crates of loose childhood Lego tucked away under a bed, but also various large “sentimental” models ornamenting the house. For instance, there’s a Lego VW campervan (worth £85) he and Adele received as a wedding present last summer, reminding them of the full-size version they drove across New Zealand. Or the Star Wars’ ‘X-Wing Fighter’ his youth group recently clubbed together to get him as a thank-you present. Privately, he adds to his collection with a new model every two months or so, normally from the infrastructure-for-fun Lego City range – which isn’t as babyish as some.在恩菲尔德的家中,他在床底下存放着两只色箱子,里面是童年时代已经松动的乐高玩具,他还用各式各样怀旧的大件模型来装饰房子。比如有一只大众牌露营车的乐高玩具(价值85英镑),这是去年夏天他与阿黛尔收到的结婚礼物,这件乐高总是让他们想起在新西兰时开的那辆大众车。还有一只星球大战的“X-Wing战斗机”,这是他所在的青年组织一起买给他的谢礼。而私下里,他每两个月左右就添一件新的收藏品,通常都是乐高城市系列的趣玩基础款,这些东西不像有些玩具那么幼稚。“In a way, this comes around with each generation,” says Lou Ellerton, a brand consultant with considerable experience tracking consumer trends. “A decade ago, people might remember board game cafés being all over the news. That was Generation X experiencing the same nostalgia and backlash against work; we called them ‘greenagers’ – grown-up teenagers. What we’re seeing now is Generation Y having the same feelings, and they’re less ashamed about it.”“某种程度上说,每代人都会这样,”善于捕捉消费趋势的品牌顾问卢?伊勒顿说,“十年之前,人们或许还记得,新闻中全是桌游咖啡厅的报道。那是有着相同的怀旧情绪并且同样厌恶工作的X一代(出生于1970年代的美国人),我们称他们是“成年的孩子们”。而我们现在所看到的是Y一代(出生于1980年后的美国人)相同的情感,只不过他们不那么感到羞愧了。”Indeed, as millennials have sought to return to the toys of their own childhoods, clever brands have pandered to their every needs, often charging very adult prices for essentially souped-up versions of 90s toys. Could it be that Gen Y, unable to afford to move on with their lives in the traditional sense – getting a mortgage, for one – are seeking more immediate pleasures?的确,当千禧一代回归各种儿时的玩具时,精明商家便努力迎合他们的各种需求,经常把改装过的90年代的玩具高价卖给成年人。Y一代会不会因为承担不起传统意义上长大的代价——比如付不起抵押贷款——而去寻求更加直接的乐趣呢?“Probably true,” says Ellerton. “If they put every spare pound they get into savings now, it could [still] take 10 or 15 years to get a deposit. This generation is characterised by not putting off today for tomorrow – they spend on experiences, so £500 for a toy is worth it to them.”伊勒顿说:“很有可能是这样。如果他们把多余的每一分钱都存进,也得花10到15年才能有一笔像样的存款。这一代人的特点就是及时行乐,他们喜欢花钱体验生活,所以一个价值500英镑的玩具对他们来说是物有所值。”And it’s not just millennials. The ‘middle aged’ bracket of 34-50 may be least likely to buy their own toys – as they’re most likely to have young children themselves – but baby boomers account for a fifth of the ‘kidult’ market spend.不仅仅千禧一代是如此。34到50岁的中年一代应该是最不可能给自己买玩具的人群,毕竟他们基本都有自己的孩子了,而事实却是,战后婴儿潮一代(1946年-1964年出生人群)的消费竟占据了五分之一的“成人玩具”市场。“I have a lot of toys around the house, but it’s more of a way of connecting with the kids,” says Andrew Birkin, a 71-year-old screenwriter with young children from his second marriage. “[The toys] went away when my older ones grew up, but now I get them out to spend time with them and fiddle about myself. I’m fortunate – my five-year-old loves World War One and rockets and planes, so that’s interesting for me as well. I even bought a drone, to take photos and show him.”“我家里有很多玩具,但这些大多都是与孩子们一起玩耍用的,”71岁的编剧安德鲁?伯金这样说,他与继子女住在一起。“年纪大一些的孩子们长大后,他们的玩具就都收起来了,但是现在我把它们找了出来,陪孩子们玩,自己同时也以此打发时间。我很庆幸我五岁的小儿子喜欢一战玩具,还喜欢火箭和飞机,我对这些也很感兴趣。我甚至还买了一架无人机,用来拍照并给我的小儿子展示。”Willner’s motivations are slightly more profound. When he became a man, it was important he didn’t put away childish things.而维尔纳想得更深刻一些。当他长大成人时,还能葆有一颗简单的童心是多么的重要。“I don’t want to be one of these people surrounded by models or spending all my money [on toys], but it’s more like a symbol of what really matters – fun.”“我不想成为那些整天围着玩具模型团团转的人,也不想把所有钱都花在玩具上,但是这些玩具却能够代表生活中真正重要的东西,那就是乐趣。” /201704/504953。

China#39;s annual consumer rights day TV show took aim at online food delivery apps, faked online sales and dodgy false teeth when it aired late on Tuesday, but the much-hyped program unusually failed to snag any major international firms.一年一度的中国消费者权益日电视晚会在周二播出,并将矛头指向了网络送餐应用,虚假在线销售,假牙制造等。但是这一大肆宣传的栏目这次却一反常态的未能抓住任何国际大公司的把柄。The show, similar to the CBS network#39;s ;60 Minutes; in the ed States, has previously aimed barbs at companies from Apple Inc to Volkswagen , and can leave global corporations and their press teams scrambling to respond to allegations after seeing their companies named and shamed.这一节目有些类似美国CBS的“60分钟”,此前曾揭露过苹果公司、大众公司等。而在看到公司被点名批评后,这也会促使这些全球企业和他们的新闻团队争先恐后地回应指控。But in an unusually low-key outing, the show#39;s highest-profile target was food delivery app Ele.me. The food-ordering platform Ele.me was accused of partnering with unlicensed restaurants, mostly home kitchens, with poor sanitary conditions. The website also allegedly allowed restaurants to post false pictures and addresses that could mislead customers.但是在本次不寻常的低调曝光中,该节目瞄准的最高知名度目标是网络送餐应用“饿了么”。订餐平台“饿了么”被指与多家无经营的餐馆合作。这些餐馆大多是卫生条件差的家庭式作坊。据称,该网站还允许商家上传虚假照片、虚构地址,误导消费者。Ele.me, which has investment from firms such as Tencent Holdings Ltd and JD.com Inc, said in a statement on its official microblog it took the issue seriously and had removed the offending restaurants from its platform.由腾讯控股有限公司和京东公司联合投资的“饿了么”,在其官方微上的一则声明中表示,该公司已高度重视此事,并下线相关涉事餐厅。 /201603/432284。

A Louisiana doctor who has brought a series of whistleblower lawsuits against pharmaceuticals companies is in line for a windfall from Pfizer that would take his total payout from fraud settlements close to 0m.对制药公司提起一连串举报人诉讼的一名路易斯安那州医生将从辉瑞(Pfizer)得到丰厚付款,这将使他从欺诈和解得到的总付款接近1亿美元。William LaCorte was one of two whistleblowers whose lawsuits resulted in Pfizer yesterday agreeing to pay the US justice department 4.6m to settle allegations that its Wyeth subsidiary overcharged government Medicaid programmes for a heartburn drug.威廉拉科尔特(William LaCorte)是两名举报人之一,他们提起的诉讼导致辉瑞昨日同意向美国司法部付7.846亿美元,以了结相关指控;此前辉瑞的子公司惠氏(Wyeth)被指对一种胃灼热药物向美国政府的Medicaid医疗补助计划收费过高。The 67-year-old practising medic is likely to receive about m of the settlement under US laws aimed at encouraging whistleblowing — adding to his m from similar lawsuits.根据旨在鼓励举报的美国法律,这位67岁的执业医生很可能从和解款项中分得大约5900万美元,此前他已从类似诉讼中获得3800万美元。The latest payout will reinforce his status as one of America’s most prolific serial whistleblowers and fuel debate over a system that entitles people to receive up to 30 per cent of federal settlements resulting from cases they helped instigate.最新付款将夯实他作为美国最高产连环举报者之一的地位,并给围绕这一制度的辩论提供素材——按照这一制度,人们有资格从他们帮助发起的案件中分得联邦和解款项的至多30%。Dr LaCorte sued Wyeth in 2008 under the US False Claims Act, which allows people to file lawsuits on behalf of the government against companies or individuals for defrauding taxpayers.拉科尔特医生在2008年根据美国《虚假申报法》(False Claims Act)起诉惠氏;该法允许人们代表政府对欺诈纳税人的公司或个人提起诉讼。Wyeth was accused of illegally denying Medicaid, the public-funded health insurance scheme for low-income patients, hundreds of millions of dollars in rebates that were available to non-government customers for its Protonix heartburn drug.Medicaid是公共资助的医疗保险计划,面向低收入患者。对于其胃灼热药物Protonix,惠氏被指向非政府客户提供返点,却未向Medicaid提供返点,涉案金额达数亿美元。Dr LaCorte told the Financial Times that, while whistleblowers could theoretically receive up to 30 per cent of settlements, a more typical payout was 15 per cent. In the Wyeth case, this would be shared with another whistleblower, Lauren Kieff, a former sales representative for AstraZeneca, a rival of Pfizer’s.拉克特医生告诉英国《金融时报》,尽管举报人理论上可以分得和解款项的最多30%,但他们通常情况下分得的份额为15%。在惠氏的案子,这笔钱将与另一名举报人——劳伦·基夫(Lauren Kieff)——分享,后者曾是辉瑞竞争对手阿斯利康(AstraZeneca)的销售代表。Pfizer said it was pleased to have “reached an agreement in principle” to settle the Protonix dispute.辉瑞表示,很高兴“达成原则协议”,了结围绕Protonix的纠纷。 /201602/427033。

China will raise the deposit interest rate for its housing provident fund to allow more proceeds for depositors, the central bank said Wednesday.中国人民上周三表示,我国将上调住房公积金账户存款利率,为缴存者带来更多收益。The rate will be increased to 1.5 percent starting from Feb. 21, the People#39;s Bank of China (PBOC) said in a statement. The current rate is 0.35 percent or 1.1 percent, depending on when the deposits were placed.根据中国人民发表的一项声明中表示,自本月21日起,住房公积金存款利率将升至1.5%。目前,根据公积金存款归集时间,公积金账户存款利率为0.35%或1.1%。The housing provident fund is a saving program that allows employees and employers to set aside a portion of wages to be used as deposits on home purchases.住房公积金是一种储蓄形式,允许雇员和雇主留出一部分工资作为购房存款。;The move will help employees gain reasonable returns from their deposits, making the program fairer and more effective,; the PBOC said.央行称:“此举将有助于住房公积金缴存职工获得合理存款收益,进一步提高住房公积金制度公平性和有效性。”The hike will not affect the country#39;s overall interest rate level, it noted.此外,央行还指出,此次调整不会影响我国整体利率水平。Some analysts said the move will be an incentive for home buyers to make better use of the fund, thereby, helping house sales and reducing inventories, while others noted its role will be limited.一些分析人士表示,此举将刺激购房者更好的利用公积金,从而促进房屋销售和减少存房,但有些人则认为它的作用将是有限的。Chinese authorities have issued a slew of measures to revive the property market after it took a downturn in 2014 due to weak demand and a supply glut.中国政府已经就2014年楼市因为需求疲软和供应过剩而有所下滑做出了一系列振兴楼市的措施。 /201602/427460。