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2017年10月23日 03:21:08 | 作者:飞乐园 | 来源:新华社
2012 – Climate Change made headlines – Countries struggled between turmoil and transition – putting the ed Nations to the test – to negotiate peace and define “A Future we Want” for all.2012年气候变化占据新闻头条。各国在动荡和过渡中挣扎。联合国经受考验,协商和平,并为所有人构建一个我们期望的未来。In SYRIA, violence spiralled out of control. Fighting and human rights abuses by government and opposition groups left, according to some estimates, over 40,000 people dead and forced hundreds of thousands to flee.在叙利亚,暴力失去了控制。据估计,政府和反对派组织之间的战斗以及违反人权行为已经导致了4万多人死亡,数十万人被迫逃离家园。UN Secretary-General BAN Ki-moon: ;We must stop the violence and the flow of arms to both sides and set in motion a Syrian led transition as soon as possible.; The UN Security Council could not agree on action to stop the bloodshed.联合国秘书长潘基文:“我们必须制止暴力,制止武器流向双方,并尽快开始叙利亚人主导的过渡进程。”安理会无法就采取行动停止流血达成一致。US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton: “The international community should say with one voice – without hesitation or caveat – that the killing of innocent Syrians must stop and a political transition must begin.”But some argued for caution美国国务卿希拉里 克林顿: “国际社会必须用同一声音,毫不犹豫或迟疑地表示,必须停止杀害无辜的叙利亚人,必须启动政治过渡。”但是也有观点表示要谨慎行事Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov: “There is no doubt whatsoever that the Syrian authorities bear a huge share of the responsibility for the situation, but one shouldn’t ignore the fact that for a long time now they’ve been fighting not unarmed men but combat units such as the Syrian Free Army and extremist groups including AlQaeda.”俄罗斯外长谢尔盖 拉夫罗夫:“毫无疑问,叙利亚当局对当前局势负有很大责任。但任何人都不应无视以下事实,即长期以来,他们的交战对象不是非武装人员而是战斗部队,其中包括所谓的自由叙利亚军以及包括基地组织在内的极端团体。”Syria#39;s UN ambassador Bashar alJa#39;afari accused some council members of actually fuelling the flames:叙利亚常驻联合国代表巴沙尔 贾法里指责安理会一些成员实际上在煽风点火。;The same countries are undermining my country#39;s sovereignty by encouraging terrorism and by supplying and providing all types of logistical and political support to armed groups in Syria.”贾法里:“同样还是这些国家,正在通过鼓励恐怖主义并向在叙利亚的武装团体提供各种后勤、财政和政治持,破坏我国的主权。”The Joint Special Envoys of UN and Arab League, Kofi Annan and later Lakhdar Brahimi, presented plans to end the violence and start dialogue, but the various Syrian parties failed to reach an agreement to end the conflict.联合国和阿盟联合特使科菲 安南以及接替他的联合特别代表卜拉希米提出了旨在结束暴力、开启对话的计划,但叙利亚各方未能就停止冲突达成协议。The Security Council sent 300 unarmed observers to investigate alleged massacres and other human rights violations and monitor a ceasefire that never really took hold.安理会派出了300名非武装观察员,对据称的屠杀和其它侵犯人权行为进行调查,并对一项从未真正得到落实的停火进行监督。While the violence continues, the humanitarian needs are escalating in Syria and beyond. The World Food Program is scaling up to feed 1.5 million people in the country.随着冲突的持续,叙利亚及周边地区的人道主义需求也在不断增长。世界粮食计划署正在加大援助力度,为该国境内150万人提供口粮。In GAZA, a new cycle of violence erupted after months of standstill in negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon headed to the region to personally appeal for a ceasefire.在巴以之间的谈判停滞几个月后,加沙地带爆发了新一轮冲突。秘书长潘基文亲自前往中东地区,呼吁双方达成停火。In late November a great majority of countries approved a UN General Assembly resolution to elevate Palestine to a non-member observer state at the UN.11月下旬,在绝大多数成员国的持下,联大通过决议,将巴勒斯坦在联合国的地位提升为观察员国。LIBYA saw its first free and transparent elections in half a century. The UN Development Program assisted in setting up voting booths and ballot boxes, while the UN Mine Action Program removed 180 thousand explosives all over the country to help create stability and prevent arms smuggling across the region.利比亚见了该国半个世纪以来第一次自由和公正的选举。联合国开发计划署帮助设立了投票站和选票箱。联合国地雷行动方案在利比亚全境销毁了18万枚爆炸物,协助该国实现稳定,防止该地区日益猖獗的武器走私活动。Instability and turmoil in nearby MALI. After a military coup toppled the government, Islamic Jihadists used the power vacuum to occupy the country’s north. Refugees have flooded the Sahel region, which is suffering from drought and pervasive poverty.马里局势持续不稳并陷入动荡。在一场军事政变推翻了马里政府后,伊斯兰圣战主义者占据了该国北部的权力真空地带。难民如潮水般涌入本已备受干旱和贫穷困扰的萨赫勒地区。The African Union urged the UN Security Council to endorse military intervention to free Northern Mali from the extremists.非洲联盟敦促联合国安理会授权军事干预,将马里北部从极端分子的控制下解放出来。African Union’s Permanent Observer to the UN, Antonio Tete:“Mali is at a crossroads. Time is of essence. We need to act fast and to send a clear and strong message (on the resolve of international community and its support to the African-led efforts.)”非洲联盟常驻联合国观察员泰特 安东尼奥:“马里正处于十字路口。时间至关重要。我们需要迅速采取行动,并且发出明确、强有力的信号,表明国际社会有决心,并且持非洲主导的努力。”In the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, renewed fighting between government forces and rebel troops left 2 million people displaced and a million vulnerable children at even greater risk. As rebel soldiers advanced on the city of Goma in late November, the UN peacekeeping mission deployed attack helicopters to help the national army protect civilians amid the violence.在刚果民主共和国东部,政府军和反叛武装之间战火重燃,导致200万人流离失所,100万脆弱儿童面临更大的风险。11月下旬,在反叛武装向戈马进发的同时,联合国维和特派团派出了攻击式直升机,协助政府军在暴力冲突中保护平民。A first Birthday for SOUTH SUDAN – as diplomatic efforts by the UN Security Council help to ease tensions with neighbour Sudan over unresolved issues such as its borders and oil production.南苏丹度过了第一个生日。该国与邻国苏丹因边界划分和石油等悬而未决问题导致关系紧张,安理会通过外交努力帮助缓和两国关系。US Ambassador Susan Rice: ;The agreements that were signed last week in Addis on security, oil, finances, nationality and trade issues were very important and potentially historic.”美国常驻联合国代表苏珊 赖斯:“上周在亚的斯亚贝巴签署的有关安全、石油、财务、国籍和贸易问题的协议非常重要,可能是历史性的。”Nuclear worries about IRAN – as world leaders continue to question the country’s uranium enrichment programme:伊朗核问题令人忧虑——世界领导人继续质疑该国的铀浓缩方案。Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu: “A red line should be drawn right here, before Iran completes a second stage of nuclear enrichment necessary to make a bomb.”以色列总理内塔尼亚胡:“应当就在这里画一条红线,即在伊朗完成第二阶段——制造原子弹所必需有的核浓缩——之前。”Iran insisted on the peacefulness of its nuclear program – and President Ahmadinejad accused the General Assembly of applying double standards: “The ed Nations - which were created with the purpose of expanding justice and re-instituting universal rights - have in practice been engulfed by discrimination, preparing a supportive ground for the domination of a few powerful countries.伊朗坚持其核方案的和平性质,艾哈迈迪内贾德总统指责联大实施双重标准:“创建联合国的目的是扩展正义,恢复普遍人权,但联合国实际上却受到歧视的羁绊,从而为少数强国攫取配地位创造有利条件。”MYANMAR’s Nobel laureate and prodemocracy activist Aung Sun Suu Kyi received a hero’s welcome at the UN in Geneva and New York. Elected to parliament after years of house arrest, she invited international aid to build a better future for her country:缅甸诺贝尔和平奖得主、民主活动家昂山素季在联合国日内瓦办事处和纽约总部受到了英雄般的欢迎。在遭到长期软禁之后,她进入了议会,并邀请国际社会帮助她的国家建造更美好的未来。“If we all want to achieve genuine democracy for Burma, we have to learn to work together.”昂山素季:“如果我们所有人都希望缅甸实现真正的民主,就必须学会合作。”2012 – Storms and severe weather left countries ravaged across the globe – a stark reminder that the threat of Climate Change is real.2012年,风暴和恶劣天气使全球许多国家遭到蹂躏,严酷地提醒人们气候变化的威胁是实实在在的。Action on Climate Change was a major topic at the UN’s Rio+20 summit in Brazil, where 40 thousand people gathered to discuss developmental strategies for the 21st Century.就气候变化采取行动是联合国在巴西举行的“里约+20峰会”的一个主要议题,四万名与会者汇聚在一起,讨论21世纪的发展战略。Ban Ki-moon: “We are on a dangerous road. We cannot continue to burn and consume our way to prosperity at the expense of the world’s poor and the global environment. (cutaway) My message to world leaders is clear: Sustainable Development is an idea whose time has come.”潘基文:“我们正走在一条危险的道路上。我们不能再继续通过燃烧和消耗(化石能源)的方式去实现繁荣,却让世界贫困人口以及全球环境为之付出代价。(切换镜头)我向世界领导人传达的讯息是明确的:可持续发展作为一种思想的时代已经来临。”At the summit 191 countries agreed on an outcome document, called “A Future we Want”.在峰会上,191个国家同意达成一份成果文件:《我们期望的未来》。A Future that has aly started in Indonesia, where the UN inspired project “Teens go Green” motivates students from all over the country to make environmental protection a priority.这个“未来”在印度尼西亚已经开始。由联合国倡导的“青少年绿化”项目激励来自全国各地的学生把环境保护作为一个优先事项。“We have to work on changing our mindset. If teenagers get to know the issues then we can keep the commitment to the environment going in the future.”新闻系学生克劳蒂欧 范 纳苏逊:“我们必须致力于改变我们的思维方式。如果青少年了解这些问题,那么我们就可以在未来保持对环境的承诺。”Young people everywhere are contributing to the changes. But no one more so than the year’s youngest – and possibly greatest – hero, Malala Yousafzai, a 15-year old girl from Pakistan, who survived an assassination attempt by Taliban gunmen, who accused her of promoting education for girls.世界各地的年轻人都正在为改变贡献力量。但是没有人比马拉拉、今年最年轻或许也是最伟大的英雄做得更多。这名15岁的巴基斯坦少女在塔利班武装人员的击中幸存了下来。她因为倡导巴基斯坦女童接受教育权利而遭到迫害。Ban Ki-moon:“The terrorists showed what frightens them most: A girl with a book.”潘基文:“恐怖分子暴露了他们最害怕的事:女孩识字。”2012 will be remembered as complex and challenging year for the ed Nations. Conflict, poverty, natural disasters, terrorism, climate change and human rights violations continue to plague humankind. The ed Nations remains the global forum for discussing and solving some of the world’s most difficult problems. Carrying the torch for all these issues, Ban Ki-moon, at the Olympics in London, implored the world to keep the fire burning, for tolerance, peace and harmony. For “The Future we Want”.对联合国而言,2012年是复杂和充满挑战的一年。冲突、贫穷、自然灾害、恐怖主义、气候变化和侵犯人权的行为继续困扰着人类。联合国仍然是讨论和解决世界上最艰难议题的全球性论坛。高举应对所有这些问题的火炬,潘基文在伦敦奥运会上恳请世界让宽容、和平与和谐的熊熊之火持久燃烧。为了我们期望的未来。 /201301/218261Well, this is interesting. Apple has patented technology that could allow the police to block transmission of s, photographs and other information from leaving fenced locations.苹果手机的一项专利很有意思,通过它警察能对特定地区传播的数据信息进行阻断。Apple intends for its use to be mostly limited to cinemas, theaters, concert venues and other such locations, but also adds that police and authorities could utilize this on/off switch.苹果公司计划将这一应用投入到电影院、剧院音乐会和其他类似的地点,但也表示说警察和政府可以决定是否限于该类地区进行数据隔断。Here’s what Apple had to say about the technology:以下内容是苹果公司公布的内容:As wireless devices such as cellular telephones, pagers, personal media devices and smartphones become ubiquitous, more and more people are carrying these devices in various social and professional settings. The result is that these wireless devices can often annoy, frustrate, and even threaten people in sensitive venues. For example, cell phones with loud ringers frequently disrupt meetings, the presentation of movies, religious ceremonies, weddings, funerals, academic lectures, and test-taking environments.随着无线设备,如移动电话、寻呼机、个人媒体设备和智能手机变得无处不在,越来越多的人携带着这些装置出现在一些社交性的和特殊的地点。结果是在敏感的场所中,这些无线装置经常骚扰,挫折,甚至威胁到人们。例如,特别响的手机铃声经常破坏会议、播放中的电影、宗教仪式、婚礼、葬礼、学术讲座和考试。That sounds innocuous, but here’s the alarming part:这听起来是好像是无害的,但是以下是令人担忧的部分:Covert police or government operations may require complete “blackout” conditions.秘密警察和政府可以操控人们的手机,形成暂时性“无信号”的情况。That second e has some believing that authorities could use this technology to block information leaving the scene of geofenced protests and rallies.更深一层的忧虑来自于这样一种说法:当局可以使用这个技术来控制特定区域——如抗议示威和集会现场——的信息,使其无法传播。Though Apple has been granted this patent, it doesn’t necessarily mean the company will utilize it in its mobile devices soon. It’s worth noting that patented technologies don’t always end up in on-shelf products.而且虽然苹果公司已经被授予此项专利,但这并不意味着它将很快应用到移动设备上。值得一提的是,专利技术也并不一定会应用到上架产品中。 /201209/200515

On February 6, Chilean woman Grace Guajardo forced an evacuation of a passenger plane just before take-off in a bid to stop her partner from leaving the country for a new job.  2月6日,一名智利女子为了阻止男朋友出国工作,在男友所乘飞机即将起飞时用计迫使飞机航班取消。  According to a police source, the plane, with more than 300 passengers, was grounded after Grace Guajardo, called authorities warning of a "bomb" on board the flight from Santiago's international airport to Madrid, Spain.  据警方资料显示,圣地亚哥国际机场的这架飞机载有300多名乘客,当时即将飞往西班牙马德里,但是,当飞机接到格蕾丝 瓜哈尔多的警告说飞机上装有炸弹后停靠下来。  The false bomb threat was part of an elaborate plan by Guajardo to keep her boyfriend, 39-year-old Rodrigo Gomez from leaving.He was planning to take a job as a waiter in Madrid aboard a cruise ship.  这场“假炸弹威胁”是瓜哈尔多精心安排的一部分,她想以此挽留自己的男朋友、今年39岁的罗德里戈#8226; 戈麦斯。他本打算前往西班牙首都马德里,寻找一份游轮务生的工作。  Guajardo had called the airport from her mobile phone demanding that authorities told her boyfriend that his father was seriously ill; when that failed to work she made another call claiming there was a bomb on the plane.  瓜哈尔多曾用手机打电话给机场,要求工作人员告诉她的男朋友,他的父亲重病,但是这招没能奏效。她再次给机场打电话,说客机中安有一枚炸弹。  Guajardo has been charged for making the false bomb threats. Prosecutors decided not to invoke more serious anti-terror laws after hearing the couple's story.  瓜尔哈多以制造“假炸弹威胁论”被指控。但是检察部门在听取了这对情侣的故事后,决定不以涉及恐怖主义的罪名提出诉讼。  Outside the court after being charged, Guajardo said: "I'm sorry, but I did it for love".  瓜哈尔多在法庭外说:“抱歉,但为了爱,我才这么做。”  In response to his partners actions Gomez said: "I can't be angry, I have to support her. What she needs is love, nothing more".  对于伴侣的行为,戈麦斯说:“我不生气,我必须持她。她除了爱,别无所求。” /201102/125349

Companies should ;hire a hoodie; to tackle the UK#39;s jobs crisis as ;surly young men can be turned into excited and motivated young employees;, the Employment Minister has said.英国就业部长近日敦促各家公司“雇佣年轻小混混”,以应对英国的就业危机,因为“乖戾的年轻人能够转变为奋进的、积极主动的年轻职员”。In comments that echo David Cameron#39;s ;hug a hoodie; speech of 2006, Employment Minister Chris Grayling told employers to prioritise local youths who look ;unwilling to work; over Eastern Europeans.大卫—卡梅伦曾在2006年发表的一次演讲中提到要“拥抱小混混”,在效仿这一说法的一次中,就业部长克里斯—格雷林告诉雇主,要优先雇佣当地那些看起来“不想工作”的年轻人,而不是东欧人。He launched a new drive to get more people into work as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that unemployment has fallen by 35,000 this quarter — the first decline in almost a year.他最新发起了一项让更多人参加工作的行动,而英国国家统计局的数据显示,本季度英国的失业人数减少了3.5万人,是近一年来的首次下降。Mr Grayling on Wednesday urged British companies to ;put local recruits first; and not go for the ;easy; option of hiring older and more experienced Eastern Europeans, in a speech to the Policy Exchange, a thinktank.格雷林本周三在对智囊机构“政策交流”的一次演讲中说,英国公司要“优先招聘本地人”,而不要走“捷径”,雇佣年龄更大、更有经验的东欧人。He said: ;It#39;s easy to hire someone from Eastern Europe with five years experience and who has had the get up and go to cross a continent in search for work. And many employers do so.;他说:“雇到一些有五年工作经验,同时有魄力跋山涉水来找工作的东欧人很容易,而且很多雇主都这样做。”;But those who look closer to home find gems too. Very often the surly young man in a hoodie who turns up looking unwilling to work can turn into an excited and motivated employee. It#39;s all about the expectations that they have, and the place they come from. And employers who give them that chance find it enormously rewarding.;“但那些雇佣本地人的公司也能发现人才。一些乖戾的看起来并不愿意工作的年轻小混混也能转变为奋进的、积极主动的雇员。这取决于他们的预期,以及他们来自哪里。给他们机会的雇主会发现‘人超所值#39;”。;So I stand foursquare behind my hope that British employers will put local recruits first.;“所以我诚挚地希望英国的雇主能够优先雇佣本地人。”The fall in overall unemployment has been bolstered by a large increase of 80,000 in the number of people working part time in the three months to February, the ONS figures showed. The number of people with full—time jobs actually fell by 27,000.英国国家统计局的数据显示,截至今年2月以来的三个月间,英国兼职总人数增加了八万人,总体失业人数的下降是建立在这一基础上的。全职工作的人数其实减少了2.7万人。The number of unemployed women rose by 8,000 over the quarter to reach 1.14 million, the highest figure in 25 years.在上一季度中,失业女性人数增加了八千人,达到114万,是25年来的最高水平。Experts said that the increase in female unemployment is because of the large number of women who work in the public sector, which has suffered severe cutbacks in recent years.专家表示,女性失业人数上升是由于众多女性在公共部门工作,而这一部门近年来裁员严重。The long—term unemployed — those out of work for over a year — jumped by 26,000 to 883,000, the highest number since 1996.英国长期失业人数(失业一年以上)增加了2.6万,达到88.3万,是自1996年来的最高水平。 /201204/178527

The truth is women are always attracted to guys with unique and interesting personalities. In order to be successful with women, you have to know the right kind of characteristics to display to women. In the next few minutes, you’ll learn the most important personality traits to display that will draw women to you. Take a look and see if you’re doing something wrong! 女人事实上总是会被男人独特而有趣的特质吸引。为了成功地吸引女人,你必须知道应该将自己的哪一面展现在她们面前。在接下来的短短时间里,你将会学到吸引女人最该具备的特质。看看你是不是有哪些地方做得不对! Personality TraitDo:Confidence 自信 Whenever you’re talking to women, you have to show absolute confidence in yourself. No matter what happens or comes up, you should act like it doesn’t faze you. A confident guy can roll with the punches and handle himself in all situations. 无论什么时候和女人接触都必须表现得绝对自信。不管发生什么事情,无论出现什么状况,你都应该表现得毫不担忧。 一个自信的人可以收放自如、从容应对各种局面。 Don’t: Being Clingy And Insecure. 粘乎乎,不自信 By "clingy," I don’t mean physically touchy-feely–although women can be turned off by such behavior. But being psychologically clingy is even worse. You’re psychologically clingy when you never leave her side when you’re walking around the department store, or when you keep asking if she likes you or if you’re her type. This kind of insecurity make women think you’re a pest. 这里的“粘乎乎”并非指身体上的过于卿卿我我——尽管这种行为也有可能不招女人待见。心理上的粘乎乎更糟糕。其表现为:当你们逛百货商场时,你寸步不离她左右;或者你老是问她是否爱你,或问你是不是她想要的那种类型。这种不自信会让女人觉得你很烦。 /200911/90279

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