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遵义人民美容医院看男科好吗遵义市汇川区九龙医院不黑人喽探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 08In every galaxy scientists looked at, they found evidence for a supermassive black hole.NGC 3115NGC 3377NGC 3379In M31 and M32In total there is probably 20-30 or so black holes that have been found. Supermassive black holes were supposed to be rare, but Hubble was finding them everywhere, both feeding in active galaxies and lurking quietly in ordinary galaxies. Pretty soon we got used to the idea that everything we would look at would have a black hole in it. You know, after the first three or four cases, we are beginning to wonder: does every one have a black hole? One by one we were seeing this picture sort of emerge out of the fog that, that every galaxy, almost every galaxy had a supermassive black hole in it. It was really quite astonishing.Far from being rare freaks of nature, the Nukers began to suspect that all galaxies could have giant black holes at their hearts. If this was true, it would revolutionize ideas of what a galaxy actually is. More disturbingly, it meant there could be a supermassive black hole lurking at the heart of our very own galaxy, the Milky Way. Andrea Ghez has been coming to Hawaii for the last five years, trying to find out if there is a supermassive black hole in the middle of the Milky Way. When I first started thinking about astronomy, it never occurred to me that there might be a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. The idea was that galaxies rotated just around the mass of the center, which was just stars and gas and dust, nothing particularly exotic.Andrea Ghez has been using a telescope even more powerful than Hubble, the Keck Telescope, perched 14,000 feet up on the sacred mountain of Mauna Kea. The Keck Telescope is the biggest optical telescope in the world. It has a vast mirror, ten meters across, made up of 36 segments of highly polished aluminized glass.freak: a person, animal, or plant with a physical abnormalityperch: be situated above or on the edge of somethingaluminize: treat with aluminum; cover with aluminum200808/45323遵义市男科医院在哪里 US Ships Food to North Korea Following Agreement to Expand UN Role美援助北韩首批小麦运抵北韩港口 Help is starting to reach hungry North Korea. A ship carrying tens of thousands of tons of grain from the ed States has arrived at a North Korean port. The shipment follows a North Korean deal with the World Food Program to expand its reach in the country.  援助物资开始进入饥饿的北韩。一艘满载数万吨粮食的货船从美国抵达北韩港口。此前的一项协议使世界粮食计划署得以扩大对北韩的援助行动。The American ship carrying 37,000 tons of wheat arrived Sunday in the North Korean port of Nampo. It is the first installment of half a million tons of food aid promised by the ed States to the impoverished North. 一艘装载著3万7千吨小麦的美国货轮星期天抵达北韩港口南浦。美国表示要提供给贫困的北韩50万吨粮食援助,这是第一批。Two days earlier, the ed Nations World Food Program signed a new agreement with Pyongyang to bolster its presence in North Korea. Paul Risley, spokesman for the WFP's Asia operations, says the deal is great news for North Korea's malnourished population. 两天前,联合国世界粮食计划署与平壤签订了一项新的协议,扩大在北韩的行动。世界粮食计划署亚洲行动发言人里斯利说,这个协议对北韩营养不良的民众来说是一个极好的消息。"It will allow for increased staff, it will allow for much larger amounts of food, and instead of feeding roughly one million people we feed presently, we will likely be able to feed close to the five million people we estimate are hungry," he said. 他说:“根据协议,可以增加工作人员,增加更多的粮食。我们可能能够为我们估计正在挨饿的将近5百万人提供食品,而现在我们大约只能帮助1百万人。”North Korea has experienced food shortages for decades as the result of self-imposed economic isolation and mismanagement of resources. The problem culminated in the mid-90s, when up to a million North Koreans are believed to have died in a famine. Last year's heavy flooding in the North, made worse by the population's clear-cutting of mountains for food and fuel, has severely impacted this year's harvest.  由于在经济上与外界隔绝和对资源的管理不当,北韩几十年来一直粮食短缺。这个问题到1990年代中期恶化到极点,据信那些年有1百万北韩人饿死。去年北韩发生严重水灾,北韩人为种粮食和获取燃料而将山上的树木全部伐光,使灾情进一步恶化,严重影响了今年的收成。Friday's agreement with the WFP will put 50 WFP workers in North Korea over the next year, up from the current ten people. It also allows the teams to distribute food in areas previously off limits. 根据上星期五北韩与世界粮食计划署签署的协议,相对于目前的10名工作人员,该机构今后一年可以派遣50名工作人员进入北韩。协议还允许这些人前往过去不得进入的地区分发食品。Risley says desperate times may have helped coax North Korea away from its usual reclusiveness. 里斯利指出,局势严峻,这可能是迫使北韩脱离通常那种与世隔绝状态的原因。"There is a growing awareness by the government of DPRK, and a growing openness toward an expanded international presence," he added. "In particular, when it comes to food assistance." 他说:“北韩政府越来越认识到这一点,而且越来越接受国际社会进入北韩,特别是在粮食援助问题上。”Risley adds, the U.S. shipment that arrived Sunday was contingent on the new WFP deal. 里斯利补充说,美国星期天运抵北韩的粮食是北韩与世界粮食计划署新协议的一部分。"The U.S. was reluctant to provide the first installment of its food aid until that agreement was reached by WFP and by the government," he said. 他说:“在世界粮食计划署和北韩政府没有达成协议之前,美国不愿意发送第一批粮食。”The World Food Program has a policy of only distributing food in areas where it can monitor distribution to ensure food reaches the most needy. Washington has expressed concerns in the past that unmonitored aid may be diverted to North Korea's military and political elite. 世界粮食计划署的政策是,只在能够实施监督、确保粮食发送最需要的人的地方分配粮食。华盛顿过去担心,如果没有监督,援助物资可能会落到北韩军队和政治特权者手中。South Korea has not yet sent food aid to the North, but that may change soon as the result of progress in negotiations on nuclear weapons. Even without sending food, Seoul is assisting the North in its crisis: the World Food Program says South Korea puts up most of the funding for the agency's operations in the North. 韩国还没有向北韩运送粮食援助,但是在有关核武器的谈判取得进展之后,韩国方面可能会有所改变。尽管没有运送粮食,首尔还是在北韩陷入危机的时刻提供了帮助。世界粮食计划署说,韩国为该机构在北韩的行动提供了大部分资金。200807/43140遵义九龙医院治疗阳痿没有的啊丧尽天良骗人则

遵义九龙医院治疗阳痿不存在坑不坑了Pentagon Report Finds No Direct Saddam-al-Qaida Connection美称萨达姆与基地组织无直接关联The U.S. Defense Department has released a study of 600,000 documents from Saddam Hussein's archives concluding that while he supported many terrorist groups he did not have a "direct connection" with al-Qaida. But the department's spokesman says that is not a new conclusion.  美国国防部对60万份萨达姆档案文件进行研究之后发表的报告得出结论说,尽管萨达姆曾持许多恐怖集团,但是他和基地恐怖组织没有直接关联。国防部发言人说,这并非新结论。According to the executive summary of the Iraqi Perspectives Project report, Saddam Hussein was concerned that terrorist groups, particularly those with an Islamic viewpoint, could threaten his regime. But the report says he cooperated with them anyway because they attacked his enemy, the ed States. 根据“伊拉克透视项目”报告作出的摘要,萨达姆曾担心恐怖集团、尤其是具有伊斯兰教观点的恐怖集团可能危及他的统治地位。但是有关报告说,他仍然与恐怖集团协作,因为他们打击他的敌人:美国。It says under Saddam, Iraq's involvement in terrorism focused on his enemies both inside and outside Iraq, but also extended to support for the families of Palestinian terrorists and a program to develop and build car bombs and to train people on how to use them. The report says, "State sponsorship of terrorism became such a routine tool of state power that Iraq developed elaborate bureaucratic processes to monitor progress and accountability in the recruiting, training and resourcing of terrorists." 报告说,在萨达姆统治下,伊拉克所参与的恐怖活动的重点是对付他在国内外的敌人,但是伊拉克的参与也扩展到持巴勒斯坦恐怖分子的家属、发展并制作汽车炸弹项目以及训练如何使用汽车炸弹。这份报告说,国家对恐怖主义的持在伊拉克成为国家权力的一种惯用工具,以至伊拉克设立了完善的官方程序来监督招募、训练及资助恐怖分子工作的进展和可靠程度。Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell says the report shows "a Nazi-esque cataloging of Saddam's ties with terror." 五角大楼的新闻秘书莫雷尔说,这份报告显示萨达姆与恐怖主义的关系属于纳粹法西斯模式。Still, according to the report, researchers have not found any "direct connection" between Saddam and al-Qaida, which carried out the September 11 attacks in 2001 and several other significant attacks on U.S. targets. Pentagon Spokesman Bryan Whitman says U.S. military researchers have reached the same 'no-connection' conclusion in at least two previous analyses of the captured documents. 200803/30658红花岗区人民医院看泌尿科怎么样 遵义九龙医院没骗子呸

遵义九龙医院治疗早泄不可能骗人Did you know that there is one simple thing you can do at the beginning of any relationship to set it up for a long-term success, but most of us are afraid to do it? Hi! I'm Marie Forleo, life coach and author, and I'm gonna give you this one simple tip that's gonna set you up on the right path for any relationship in your life. Here it is. Most of us tend to not communicate honestly. Now I know this doesn't sound like a revolutionary idea, but it comes down to the small things. Here's what I mean.Have you ever been on a date and the guy always shows up late or there is something that he does that really doesn't work for you, but you're kind of afraid to say, coz you think he's not gonna like you or he won't ask you on a second date? No, no, no. What you wanna do is you wanna communicate what's happening for you, what's working for you, what's not, and you gotta start from the get-go. Here's why. When you don't communicate, things that aren't working for you or things that really aggravate you and kind of get you pissed off. What happens is you build up resentment. That resentment builds up overtime and before you know it you're gonna start picking fights. You are not gonna know why; he is not gonna know why. And things are gonna get really bumpy really fast. What happens when you practice communicating and speaking honestly when things aren't working is that when the relationship gets a little further and things are to get bumpy, it's gonna be so easy for you to smooth it out and you guys are gonna have a great relationship moving forward. And then of course if things aren't gonna work out for you guys, it's not gonna be hard to say it and you are gonna spend less time in a relationship that's not working. So you can move on to one that does.If you wanna learn more on how to be a great communicator and more helpful tips on dating and relationships, do me a favor, check out makeeverymanwantyou.com. It's an excellent book that I just wrote and it's gonna help you out so much in all your relationships. Thanks for clicking on imag. For more original lifestyle s, log on to fncimag.com. 200810/51398 遵义务川县中医院前列腺炎多少钱遵义医学院美容医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱



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