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Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the thrill of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. The joy, the moral stimulation of work no longer must be forgotten in the mad chase of evanescent profits. These dark days, my friends, will be worth all they cost us if they teach us that our true destiny is not to be ministered unto but to minister to ourselves, to our fellow men. Recognition of that falsity of material wealth as the standard of success goes hand in hand with the abandonment of the false belief that public office and high political position are to be valued only by the standards of pride of place and personal profit; and there must be an end to a conduct in banking and in business which too often has given to a sacred trust the likeness of callous and selfish wrongdoing. Small wonder that confidence languishes, for it thrives only on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection, and on unselfish performance; without them it cannot live. Restoration calls, however, not for changes in ethics alone. This Nation is asking for action, and action now. Our greatest primary task is to put people to work. This is no unsolvable problem if we face it wisely and courageously. It can be accomplished in part by direct recruiting by the Government itself, treating the task as we would treat the emergency of a war, but at the same time, through this employment, accomplishing great —greatly needed projects to stimulate and reorganize the use of our great natural resources. Hand in hand with that we must frankly recognize the overbalance of population in our industrial centers and, by engaging on a national scale in a redistribution, endeavor to provide a better use of the land for those best fitted for the land.201110/159227

Only as free Europe unitedly marshals its strength can it effectively safeguard, even with our help, its spiritual and cultural heritage.自由的欧洲只有团结一致地调度自己的力量,再加上我们的帮助,才能有效地捍卫其精神与文化的遗产。eight Conceiving the defense of freedom, like freedom itself, to be one and indivisible,八、我们感到,对自由的维护正如自由本身一样,乃是一个不可分割的整体,we hold all continents and peoples in equal regard and honor.因此我们对各大洲与各民族一视同仁和同等尊重。We reject any insinuation that one race or another, one people or another, is in any sense inferior or expendable.对关于某一种族或某一民族在任何意义上低人一等或可以牺牲的暗示,我们都不接受。nine Respecting the ed Nations as the living sign of all peoples hope for peace, we shall strive to make it not merely an eloquent symbol but an effective force.九、我们尊重联合国,把它视为各个民族向往和平的活标志。我们要努力使联合国不单纯是一个雄辩的象征,而且成为一种有效的力量。And in our quest for an honorable peace, we shall neither compromise, nor tire, nor ever cease.我们在寻求光荣的和平时,决不妥协,决不气馁,决不却步不前。 通过这些行动准则,我们希望得到各民族的理解。By these rules of conduct, we hope to be known to all peoples.By their observance, an earth of peace may become not a vision but a fact.只要遵守这些准则,一个和平的地球就不是幻想,而会成为现实。This hope—this supreme aspiration—must rule the way we live.这一希望——这一至高无上的抱负,应当主宰我们生活的方式。We must be y to dare all for our country. For history does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.为了我们的祖国,我们必须做好准备以勇敢地面对一切艰难险阻,因为历史不可能长期把护卫自由的重任交给弱者和懦夫。We must acquire proficiency in defense and display stamina in purpose.我们必须精于防卫,并且展示坚忍不拔的毅力,We must be willing, individually and as a Nation, to accept whatever sacrifices may be required of us.无论是作为一个人还是作为国家,我们必须心甘情愿地做出可能需要我们做出的任何牺牲。A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.一个把自己的特权看得比原则还重的民族,就会很快将两者都丧失殆尽。These basic precepts are not lofty abstractions, far removed from matters of daily living.这些基本的言行准则不是远离日常生活问题的玄虚而抽象的观念,They are laws of spiritual strength that generate and define our material strength.而是产生和规范我们物质力量之精神力量所奉行的法则。Patriotism means equipped forces and a prepared citizenry.爱国主义意味着装备精良的军事力量和做好准备的民众,Moral stamina means more energy and more productivity, on the farm and in the factory.道德的力量意味着在工农业发展中表现出更充沛的精力和生产更多的产品,02/437505

  As the President took to the podium to discuss the Afghanistan-Pakistan Annual Review released today, he thanked all involved in the effort -- from Defense Secretary Gates of Secretary of State Clinton to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mullen, as well as the late Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. He saved his most sincere respect for our troops, however, saying, "There are more difficult days ahead. But as a nation, we can draw strength from the service of our fellow Americans. On my recent visit to Afghanistan, I visited a medical unit and pinned Purple Hearts on some of our wounded warriors. I met with a platoon that had just lost six of their teammates. Despite the tough fight, despite all their sacrifice, they continue to stand up for our security and for our values that we hold so dear." During their briefing afterwards Secretary Gates and Secrtary Clinton echoed those sentiments.Read the Transcript | Download Video: mp4 (97MB) | mp3 (9MB) 201012/121175


  Another difficulty with giving a Harvard commencement address is that some students may disapprove of the fact that I will borrow material from previous speeches, as well from others. I ask that you forgive me for two reasons.[qh]在哈佛大学毕业典礼上发表演说,还有一个难处,那就是有些毕业生可能有意见,不喜欢我重复前人演讲中说过的话。我请你们谅解我,有两个理由。[qh] First, in order to be heard, it is important to deliver the same message more than once.[qh]首先,为了能让你们听进去,很重要的方法就是重复传递同样的信息。[qh] Second, authors who borrow from others are following in the footsteps of the best. Ralph Waldo Emerson, who graduated from Harvard at the age of 18, noted “All my best thoughts were stolen by the ancients.” Picasso declared “Good artists borrow. Great artists steal.” Why should commencement speakers be held to a higher standard?[qh]其次,借鉴他人的作者,正走在一条前人开辟的最佳道路上。拉尔夫·瓦尔多·爱默生18岁从哈佛大学毕业时曾写过这样的话:“我最好的一些思想曾被古人偷用过。” 画家毕加索宣称:“优秀的艺术家借鉴,伟大的艺术家偷窃。”那么,毕业典礼的演说者为什么就不适用同样的标准呢?[qh] I also want to point out the irony of speaking to graduates of an institution that would have rejected me, had I the chutzpah to apply. I am married to “Dean Jean,” the former dean of admissions at Stanford. She assures me that she would have rejected me, if given the chance. When I showed her a draft of this speech, she objected strongly to my use of the word “rejected.” She never rejected applicants; her letters stated that “We are unable to offer an admission.” I have difficulty understanding the difference. After all, deans of admissions of highly selective schools are in reality, “deans of rejection.” Clearly, I have a lot to learn about marketing.[qh]我还要指出一点,向哈佛毕业生发表演说,对我来说是有讽刺意味的,因为如果当年我斗胆向哈佛大学递交入学申请,一定会被拒绝。我的妻子迪恩·简,曾任斯坦福大学的招生办公室主任,她明确告诉我,如果当年我申请斯坦福大学,她会拒绝我。我把这篇演讲的草稿给她过目,她强烈反对我使用“拒绝”这个词,她从来不拒绝任何申请者。在拒绝信中,她总是写:“我们无法给你提供入学机会。”我不知道这两种说法有何差别。说到底,那些热门学校的招生办公室与其说是“准许他人入学的主任”,还不如说是“拒绝他人入学的主任”。很显然,我需要好好学学怎么来推销自己。[qh] /201206/187757

  THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. In a time of war, America's top priority should be to ensure that our troops on the front lines get the funding they need. So beginning in February, I submitted detailed funding requests to Congress to fund operations in the war on terror. Congress has had months to pass this funding. Unfortunately, with just days to go before members leave for their Christmas vacation, they still have not come through with these funds. This week Congress considered a defense authorization bill. An authorization bill is a pledge to spend money. Under such a bill, Congress will make a promise to fund our troops in combat. But a congressional promise -- even if enacted -- does not pay the bills. It is time for Congress to provide our troops with actual funding. The stakes are high for our men and women on the front lines. Our troops are striking blows against the terrorists and extremists in Iraq and Afghanistan -- and these funds are critical to their continued success. The funds I have requested include money to carry out combat operations against the enemy. They include money to train the Iraqi and Afghan security forces to take on more responsibility for the defense of their countries. They include money for civilian agencies deployed in the field with our military to help build local governments and create jobs. And they include money for intelligence operations to protect our troops on the battlefield. Congress has had plenty of time to consider the emergency funds our troops need. Time is running out. And Pentagon officials say that continued delay in funding our troops will soon begin to have a damaging impact on the operations of our military. Congress' responsibility is clear: They must deliver vital funds for our troops -- and they must do it before they leave for Christmas. Our men and women on the front lines will be spending this holiday season far from their families and loved ones. And this Christmas, they deserve more than words from Congress. They deserve action. Thank you for listening. 200801/23823[Nextpage视频演讲]Today, President Obama travelled to the Gulf Coast region for the fourth time since the BP oil spill began in April. The President began his trip in Gulfport, Mississippi, where he met with National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen and local officials to discuss efforts to fight the BP oil spill. Later, the President had lunch with business owners in Gulfport, Mississippi, to discuss the impact the oil spill is having on tourism, fishing and other industries in the region.Download Video: mp4 (167MB) | mp3 (16MB) [Nextpage演讲文本]Remarks by the President After Touring Theodore Staging FacilityTheodore Staging Facility, Theodore, Alabama3:05 P.M. CDTTHE PRESIDENT: Good afternoon, everybody. I just had to -- a chance to tour this staging facility here at Theodore along with Admiral Allen and Governor Riley. I also want to acknowledge that Congressman Jo Bonner and a number of our elected officials are here and they just received an extensive briefing about what is taking place. It is from this staging area and 16 others like it all across the Gulf Coast that our response to the oil spill is being carried out. I saw and many of you had an opportunity to see what is being done to repair and decontaminate boom, to train volunteers, and to help with the cleanup efforts. And their hard work and their sense of purpose on behalf of the people of Alabama as well as the Gulf Coast is inspiring. I had a chance during the discussions with the state and local officials to reiterate to them what I've been saying all across the coast, and that is that we want to coordinate at every level -- federal, state, and local -- to make sure that we are leaving no stone unturned in terms of our ability to respond to this crisis. Now, what I've heard from a number of local officials during my trip today is what I’ve heard from folks on each of the four visits that I’ve made to this region since the Deepwater Horizon explosion happened in April. There’s a sense that this disaster is not only threatening our fishermen and our shrimpers and our oystermen, not only affecting potentially precious marshes and wetlands and estuaries and waters that are part of what makes the Gulf Coast so special -- there’s also a fear that it can have a long-term impact on a way of life that has been passed on for generations. And I understand that fear. The leaders and the officials who are with me understand it. Governor Riley understands it. He has been a regular presence on our daily coordinating calls, and a relentless advocate for Alabama throughout this process. And we are absolutely committed to working with him and all the local officials who are behind us to do everything in our power to protect the Gulf way of life so that it’s there for our children and our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren. Now, everybody here has had experiences dealing with disasters. As we were flying over from Mississippi via helicopter, you could see the footprints of buildings that had been decimated from Katrina. But in some ways what we're dealing with here is unique because it's not simply one catastrophic event. It’s an ongoing assault whose movements are constantly changing. That's what makes this crisis so challenging. It means that it has to be constantly watched. It has to be tracked. We're constantly having to redeploy resources to make sure that they're having maximum impact. And we also need to make sure that we are constantly helping folks who have been hurt by it, even as we're stopping the oil from sping into more and more areas. So that means that this response effort has to happen on a bunch of different tracks. It means containing as much of the oil as we can as quick as we can. After seeing an initial oil collection plan from BP, we went back to them and said that they need to move faster and more aggressively. And they have now come back with a plan to accelerate steps to contain over 50,000 barrels a day by the end of June, two weeks earlier than they had originally suggested. Their revised plan also includes steps to better prepare against extreme weather events and other unforeseen circumstances in the months ahead, addressing another one of our concerns. And we’re going to continue to hold BP and any other responsible parties accountable for the disaster that they created. Dealing with the aftermath of this spill also means protecting the health and safety of the folks who live and work here in Theodore, here in Alabama, and here on the Gulf Coast. As part of this effort, I’m announcing a comprehensive, coordinated, and multi-agency initiative to ensure that seafood from the Gulf of Mexico is safe to eat. Now, I had some of that seafood for lunch and it was delicious. But we want to make sure that the food industry down here as much as possible is getting the protect -- the protection and the certification that they need to continue their businesses. So this is important for consumers who need to know that their food is safe, but it's also important for the fishermen and processors, who need to be able to sell their products with confidence. So, let me be clear: Seafood from the Gulf today is safe to eat. But we need to make sure that it stays that way. And that’s why, beyond closing off waters that have been or are likely to be exposed to oil, the FDA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are increasing inspections of seafood processors, strengthening surveillance programs, and monitoring fish that are caught just outside of restricted areas. And we’re also coordinating our efforts with the states, which are implementing similar plans. These safety measures are on top of steps that we’ve taken to protect workers who are involved in the cleanup efforts. And part of the training that you observed here today involves making sure that workers are sticking to the protocols that are put in place so that when they are out there on the waters or here on land working with potentially toxic materials, that they're taking that seriously and that they're not cutting corners on safety, because we don't want tragedies on top of the tragedy that we're aly seeing. Officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are inspecting all the staging areas like this one. They're boarding vessels off the coast to make sure that BP is complying with its safety obligations. If they see a problem, they’ll work with BP to resolve it as quickly as possible. And we’re also monitoring air and water across the Gulf Coast for hazardous chemicals and pollutants that could endanger oil spill workers or anybody else, so we can act swiftly should any health risks arise. Now, these health and safety measures are just part of our overall effort to deal with the spill. All in all, we are confronting the largest environmental disaster in our history with the largest environmental response and recovery effort in our history. Over 27,000 personnel are working to safeguard our coasts and protect endangered wildlife. More than 5,400 skimmers, tugs, barges and other vessels -- some of which you saw as we came into this facility -- are currently responding to the spill. Over 2 million feet of containment boom and over 3 million feet of absorbent boom are being used to contain the spill, and millions of more feet are available. In addition, we have authorized the deployment of 17,500 National Guardsmen and women to assist in the response effort. So far, only about 1,600 have been activated, and the rest stand y to help whenever our governors choose to call on them. Across the Gulf Coast, Guardsmen are supporting local, state, and federal authorities in a number of ways, from reconnaissance to hazardous material training. Guard aircraft are also assisting in the response and helping to coordinate the vessels that are out on the water. Here in Alabama in particular, about 200 of the roughly 450 Guardsmen who've been activated have received specialized training to assist BP with claims processing. So put simply, this is a multi-purpose force that's prepared to handle almost any challenge, and I hope our governors put them to good use. So, the full resources of our government are being mobilized to confront this disaster. But it's not only important for everyone from the federal government on down to do all we can -- it’s also important for us to work together to make sure our efforts are well-coordinated. That’s why Governor Riley and the other Gulf Coast governors have been on a daily call with my administration, seven days a week, since this disaster occurred. That’s why we’re going to continue to work hand in hand with state and local authorities on every front, from containing as much oil as possible to protecting our coasts, until we put this tragic ordeal behind us. Now, I can’t promise folks here in Theodore or across the Gulf Coast that the oil will be cleaned up overnight. It will not be. It's going to take time for things to return to normal. There's going to be a harmful effect on many local businesses and it's going to be painful for a lot of folks. Folks are going to be frustrated and some folks are going to be angry. But I promise you this: that things are going to return to normal. This region that's known a lot of hardship will bounce back, just like it's bounced back before. We are going to do everything we can, 24/7, to make sure that communities get back on their feet. And in the end, I am confident that we're going to be able to leave the Gulf Coast in better shape than it was before. So, Governor Riley, I appreciate all your efforts. To all the local officials here who've been working so hard, we appreciate what you do each and every day. And let me just make one last comment about our Coast Guard and about our National Incident Coordinator, Thad Allen. Thad Allen was about to retire and he has answered the call on behalf of this country and is working as hard as anybody in this country right now to help deal with this crisis. Members of the Coast Guard have been doing outstanding work each and every day, and so I just want to say to all of them that the country is proud of you, grateful to you. Keep up the good work. All right. Thank you very much, everybody. (Applause.) Q (Inaudible.) THE PRESIDENT: I want to take this one question because there's been some reports in the news. I'm going to be meeting with the BP chairman and a number of officials on Wednesday. We have begun preliminary conversations about how do we structure a mechanism so that the legitimate claims that are going to be presented not just tomorrow, not just next week, but over the coming months, are dealt with justly, fairly, promptly. So far, we've had a constructive conversation and my hope is, is that by the time the chairman and I meet on Wednesday, that we've made sufficient progress that we can start actually seeing a structure that would be in place. But it's too early now at this point, Major, for me to make an announcement. By Wednesday, though, my hope is, is that we've made some progress on this front. All right. Q (Inaudible.) THE PRESIDENT: I'm going to let Thad Allen, who's the National Incident Coordinator, address this very quickly because we talked about it during our meeting. ADMIRAL ALLEN: First of all, we have a number of different types of skimming equipment. Some are offshore deep-draft vessels; the skimming equipment is organically built into it. We have other skimming arrays that are towed with boom systems, and we have shallow water skimmers that are deployed inshore. They become the major resource of effectiveness to try and fight this battle offshore, and we know what we're doing near the wellhead. We have to push the enemy, if you will, back 20 or 30 miles offshore and do maximum skimming there. We have over 400 of those skimming vessels that are actually organic -- organically contained skimming equipment. Our goal is to take the smaller equipment that's flexible, put it on vessels of opportunity, and then coordinate better with our local state partners, including National Guard overflights, local fishermen's associations, and so forth, mass our effect and get it pointed up with a command and control system that can attack it on all levels. THE PRESIDENT: All right. Q About the vessels of opportunity, there are a lot of local fishermen that say they're not being -- THE PRESIDENT: The -- this is an issue -- and you're only going to get two questions. This is an issue that's come up across the Gulf. Keep in mind what we're talking about with vessels of opportunity -- that could range from a big shrimp boat to just a little recreation boat that somebody has brought up. So each of them is going to have different capacity. Some of them are going to be able to take swimming -- skimming equipment of the sort that Admiral Allen discussed and actually place it on the boat. Some of them aren't going to have that capacity, but maybe they can act as sentinels to spot oil, or maybe some of them are just shuttling supplies back and forth to these ships. So what we're doing now is we're taking inventory of all the vessels that have presented themselves to determine which ones can go out in deep water -- they've got radio, they've got full equipment, they can actually lay out boom, they can engage in skimming -- which ones aren't able to do that, and that process is going to be coordinated. But keep in mind we've got to do this across four states. And what that means is, is that at any given time, as Thad indicated, the priority might be we just want to get some stuff out 20 miles before it starts coming in closer, which means you're not going to see necessarily a lot of skimmers close in because every resource that we have is being deployed further out. But one of the key points that we made with the regional incident commander is we've got to make sure that we've got a full inventory, we know exactly what the capacity of each of these boats are, we've made sure that people are being trained, and we're matched up folks who are trained with these vessels, and we start actually putting to work as quickly as possible. All right. Q (Inaudible.) THE PRESIDENT: Well, look, I've seen a number of beautiful beaches. I saw some in Mississippi. We saw some beaches flying over. But I'll be honest with you -- that we're going to stop as much of the oil from coming in as possible. That's our number one job. It turns out that if the oil hits the beaches, that's actually probably the easiest to clean up. So it's a concern obviously for tourism, it's a concern for an entire Gulf region that economically depends on the tourist season and this period of time when people are out of school. But those beaches will recover because those big globs of oil, when they hit the beaches, we can send a bunch of people out there and scoop them up, dispose of it properly, and those beaches will look pretty pristine a year or two years from now. The biggest concern we have, actually, are the marshes, the estuaries, the wetlands, where if you start seeing that oil seeping in, that not only can kill oyster beds and other vitally important seafood and ecosystems, but even the repair efforts in those areas can actually destroy the ecology in the region. So we're having to coordinate with the best scientists we've got available. Thad Allen is working with NOAA and all the other agencies to make sure that we are grading priorities in terms of areas that have to be protected first and foremost because they may have the most difficult time to recover. And that means that sometimes, for example, in Mississippi, where I just came from, they just made a decision they're not putting any boom in front of the beaches, because the fact of the matter is if the oil hits there it's bad but it's temporary, whereas in some of these other areas it could end up being permanent. All right. Thank you, everybody. (Applause.)END3:22 P.M. CDT201006/106309

  Good afternoon ,ladies and gentlemen .One day ,in an oral English class my fellow students and I had a heated discussion on the meaning of Beijings bid for the 2008 Olympic Games.下午好,女士们,先生们.有一天,在一堂英语口语课上,我和我的同学对北京申办二零零八年奥运会的意义作了激烈的讨论.They contributed different ideas.Some said,;Beijing s environment with be improved steadily .他们都有不同的观点,有些说,;北京的环境会得到持续改善,Beijing has made a long-term plan for environment improvement.Whether Beijing will finally with the bid or not,北京已经就环境改善的问题做了长远的计划.北京最终是否赢得申办,the plan will remain the same.;Some commented on its meaning in relation to the economy ,arguing that Beijings bid can rally the whole nations spirit to develop economy more rapidly .计划都会保持不变.;有些人就有关经济方面后,争论说北京的申奥可以团结全国人民的精神,加速发展经济.Other said.;Beijing s bid will be of great significance to the Olympic movement since China is the worlds most populous country .其他人说,;北京的申奥对于奥林匹克运动会意义重大因为中国是世界上人口最多的国家,An Olympic event in Beijing will increase the popularity of the Games.;在北京举行奥运会将会提高运动会的受欢迎度.;I admit that I wholly agree with what my fellow students have said.However ,I am more willing to approach the meaning of Beijings bid in another way .我承认我完全同意我同学说的话,但是,我更愿意用另外一种方式探索北京申奥的意义,Id like to view Beijings bid as a special voice.A voice that comes the hearts of all the Chinese people .我把北京申奥作为一种特别的呼声,一种来自全中国人民心里的呼声.What is this voice ?Maybe ,we can find the answer in a true story .More that half a year has passed since the Sydney Olympics.这是怎样的一种呼声?或许我们可以从一个真实的故事里找到.悉尼奥运会结束后,半年多已经过去了.However ,it seems that the intervening days have not diminished the memories.In my memory,one of the most moving scenes of the Sydney Olympics was the moment when Chinas women football team left Canberra for home .但是那些日子还没从我们的记忆中褪去.在我的记忆里,悉尼奥运会中最感人的场面之一就是中国的足球姑娘们离开堪培拉回国的一幕.Chinas team lost the game against Norway ,and was forced out of medal contention .中国队输给挪威,被逼退出奖牌的角逐.After a sleepless night ,the Chinese girls said that they would not cry at the departure .经过一个不眠之夜,中国姑娘们说她们不会在离别的时候哭.However ,tears streamed down their cheeks when they saw the American women footballers standing in a row to see them off.但是,当她们看到美国足球的姑娘们列队送行,泪水禁不住流下了脸颊,Some waved a tearful farewell to them.一些人泪流满面地挥手道别.Why did the tough Chinese girls all burst into tears?I think it is because of the voice ,which echoes in their hearts.为什么坚强的中国姑娘们会掉下来眼泪呢?我想是因为那种回荡在她们心中的呼声吧.Dear friends ,you may have guessed what this voice is .Yet,it is a longing.亲爱的朋友,你可能已经猜到那是什么呼声了.是的,那是一种长久的.It is a longing for mutual understanding and friendship.All the Chinese girls understood that winning was important.渴望的相互理解和友谊的长久的呼声.所有的中国姑娘都知道比赛获胜是重要的,But it was more precious were the friendship and the mutual understanding forged in the Olympics and they would live forever in the hearts of all participants.但更珍贵的是与奥运会相连的友谊和相互理解,而且这种呼声将长存于每一位参赛者的心中.Beijings bid ,in essence ,is a voice of the Chinese pople.It is a longing to understand other poeple in the world ,and to be understood by them.北京申奥本质上是中国人民的呼声,那是了解世界其它民族和为他们所了解的渴望,It is a longing to promote friendship with people from all over the world .那是促进与世界其它民族的友谊的渴望.Chinese peoples longing for mutual understanding and friendship can be traced back 700 years.中国人民对相互了解和友谊的渴望可以追溯到七百年前,The message was brought to Europe by Marco Polo,but this voice was drowned in a sea of disbelief at that time.这种信息由马可.波罗带回欧洲,但他的呼声被当时如海洋般的不信任淹没了.Even on his deathbed, he was urged by his friends to admit that he had made up all the stories about China.甚至在他弥留之际,他的朋友敦促他承认所有关于中国的东西都是谣传.His last words were,;If you do not believe what I said ,just go and see with your own eyes.;他临终之言是:如果你们不相信我所说的话,你们去亲眼看一下.Now ,about 700 years later,in this millennium ,this opportunity presents itself.现在,大约七百年过去了,在新千年里,这种机会体现出来了.If Beijing wins the bid,it will offer a golden chance for the world to come and see China for themselves,那将是世人用自己的眼睛看中国的黄金机会,and for the Chinese people to get person -to -person contact with people from all parts of the world .因为中国人民将与全世界人民面对面接触.Chinese peoples longing is best manifested in Beijings bid,Chinese peoples voice is ringing in Beijings bid.中国人民的愿望充分体现在北京的申奥上,中国人民的呼声在北京申奥中回响着.And I believe that our voice can be heard and appreciated because it echoes the ever-lasting voice in the hearts of all human beings.我相信我们的呼声会被听到和赞赏,因为这各种回响,这种呼声永存在所有的人心中.The voice conveys the common wish and the lofty idea of mankind.呼声传达了一种普通的愿望和人类的崇高理想.The voice is not transient because it has been ringing from the past to the present,and will,of course ,ring into the future.呼声不是瞬间即逝的因为它已经响遍了过去和现在,当然会响到将来.I believe in this voice .I believed that our voice for an opportunity to contribute to the sacred cause of promoting unity ,我相信在这种呼声中,我相信我们为促进团结,friendship and progress will be answered.Thank you .友谊和进步而作出贡献的呼声将得到回应.谢谢.Judge:Um,one of the things that you replied in response to special obligations that university students owe society is that,um ,parents want their children to be successful .评委:大学生对于社会的特殊义务,你回答的其中之一就是父母期望子女成才.If they um,havent had opportunities they would like their children at least to have these opportunities and to be successful in their life.如果他们自身没有机会,他们至少希望自己的子女有机会在他们的人生里成功.Um, what criteria would you use to measure success and when its been reached ?你用来衡量成功的标准是什么?什么时候可以达到?Uh, what would you ,what criteria would you use to determine if someone has been successful in their life?你用什么标准来衡量一个人在他的人生里是成功的?Zhang Cong:Um,yes ,a lot of people think that success means achieving greatness.And we have actually discussed this topic um in last years contest .张聪:是的,很多认为取得巨大的成就才算成功.事实上,我们在去年的演讲比赛中也探讨了这个问题.And as Shakepeare told us,;Some people are born great , some people achieve greatness,others have greatness thrust upon them .;正如莎士比亚告诉我们,有些天生是伟人,有些人努力取得成就,有些人的成就从天而降.So ,I think we have different definitions of greatness.And my definition of achieving greatness is that you have aly um struggled.我想我们对于成功有不同的定义,我对成功的定义是你已经奋斗了,You have strived for success.And if as long as you can do your best, as now Im taking part in a contest like this ,Im very nervous.你曾为成功奋斗过.只要你能竭尽全力,正如我现在参加这次比赛,我非常紧张,But if I have displayed all that I can do.Ive displayed my best.I think this is succes.Ive aly truly gained by participating.Thank you .但我已经展示了我能做的一切,我已经展示了我最好的一面,我想这是成功,通过参赛我已经真正取得成功.谢谢.Judge:Thank you .Um,you said just now that um society has great hopes for university students and university students in return should repay society for this good education .评委:谢谢,你刚才说社会对大学生寄予厚望,大学生也应该用他们的良好教育回报社会.How do you expect students to repay society ,especially you were speaking of the brain drain?你怎样期望学生回报社会,尤其你在说到智力流失?How do you expect people who have um received a good education here and then have gone abroad perhaps,how do you except them to repay?你怎样期望那些在这里接受良好教育而或许已经到国外发展的人,你怎样期望他们回报社会?Zhang Cong:Um,yes,Ive just mentioned in my speech that um a lot of college stuednts go abroad and never thinking about ,think about coming back to their country ,to their society which has reared them .张聪:是的,我已经在我的演讲里提到许多大学生出到国外,就从来没有想过回到培育他们的国家和社会.What I mean is not to call them back.I want them just to think about making contributions for the society.我的意思不是要把他们叫回来,我只希望他们能为社会作贡献.Maybe they can be uh , they can live in American ,or Britain ,uh for those Chinese students they can live in other developed countries ,或许他们可以住美国,或者是英国,那些中国学生可以住在其他发达国家,but they can still make contributions for the society they lived in.We will never forget in the Sydney Olympics,但他们仍然可以为祖国贡献.我们不会忘记在悉尼奥运会上,those overseas students um hand ,handing the national flag in their hands and singing the national anthem.那些华人学生一面手握国旗,一面唱着国歌.Well never forget that.They are also making contributions .I think the problem of brain drain can not be defined into uh confined into a very small limit.我们不会忘记,他们也是在作贡献.我想智力流失的问题不能局限在一个小范围里,Um, we should adapt more open policies to let the students to come back.And if they dont want to come back,我们应该采取更开放的政策让那部分学生回来.如果他们不想回来,they can also make contributions overseas.And ,that is my answer.Thank you .他们也可以在国外为祖国作贡献.这是我的回答.谢谢.09/85507Good afternoon ,ladies and gentlemen:女士们,先生们,下午好:Bidding for the Olympic is ,in a way ,an image-creating undertaking .The first and foremost thing is to let people fall in love with the city at first sight, attracting them by its unique image.申办奥运会在某种程度上是一个创造形象的重任.首先和最重要的事情就是让人们对这个城市一见钟情,用自己独特的形象吸引他们.What image does Beijing intend to create for itself once it has the opportunity to host the 2008 Olympics?一旦北京成为二零零八年奥运会的主办国,她会为自己塑造一个什么样的形象呢?It is known to all that the Beijing Municipal Government has aly set the theme for the future games:New Beijing ,Great Olympics .众所周知,北京市政府已经为这届未来的运动会设立了主题.For me ,the 2008 Olympics will be a great green Olympics illuminated with two more special colors ,yellow and red.对我来说,二零零八年奥运会将会是一届伟大的绿色奥林匹克运动会,与之相交辉映更有另外两种特别的颜色:黄色和红色.First ,yellow is a meaningful color.The yellow River is Chinas Mother River and the cradle of Chinese civilization .首先,黄色是一种意味深长的颜色,黄河是中国的母亲河,是中国文化的发源地.We are of the yellow race and descendants of the Yellow Emperor.This color has a special origin and great significance for the Chinese people.我们是黄种人,是炎黄子孙.这种颜色对中国人民来说有着特殊的根源和重要性.Beijing is teh captial of New China and previously the capital for nine dynasties in Chinese history.北京是新中国的首都,也是先前中国历史上九个王朝的建都之地.So ,yellow naturally add splendor to the 2008 Games.所以,黄色自然会为二零零八年的奥林匹克运动会增添光.Secondly, the 2008 Olympics will be a red pageant.其次,二零零八年的奥林匹克运动会将是一次红色的盛会.Red is another traditionally cherished color for the whole country.We adore red.红色是中国人民珍爱的另一种颜色.我们喜欢红色.On big occasions,we like to decorate our homes in red.在一些大节日里,我们喜爱用红色来装饰我们的家.It is the the color of double happiness, representing joyous moments, auspiciousness, enthusiasm and prosperity .红色是双喜临门的颜色,象征着快乐的时刻,吉祥,热情和繁荣.Red is one of the most suitable colors to descibe the futhre of Beijing .Beijing,together with the whole country,is becoming more and more prosperous in the process of modernizstion .Should the 2008 Olympics be held in Beijing, the whole city will be a sea of red:the red torch ,red flags, red flowers, and the radiant faces of millions of joyful people .红色是一种用来描述未来北京的最适合的颜色之一.北京和祖国一起在四个现代化的进程中变得越来越繁荣富强.如果二零零八年的奥林匹克运动会在北京举行,那整个城市将会成为一个红色的海洋,红火炬,红旗,红花,还有亿万欢乐人民洋溢着红光的脸.Above all ,the 2008 Olmpics will be a green Olympics.最重要的是,二零零八年的奥林匹克运动会将是一届绿色的运动会.Adding a green ingredient is essential in creating an appealing image, as we cant deny the fact the Beijing ,at the moment ,is not as green a city as what we like it to be.在塑造一个吸引人的形象的同时加入绿色的成分是十分必要的,因为我们不能否认北京目前并不是一个让我们满意的绿色城市的事实.Striving for an environmentally appealing city has become a central task for all the citizens of Beijing.努力成为一个环境喜人的城市已经成为北京市民的中心任务.Big efforts have been made in pollution control.replanting and beautification of the city.这个城市在污染控制,植树种花和美化方面都做了几番努力.According to a project entitled The Green Olympic Action Plan , between 1998 and 2007 ,Beijing ,we have invested 100 billion RMB in preserving and protecting the environment.根据一个题为;绿色奥林匹克运动会行动计划;的方案,在一九九八和二零零七年之间,北京会在保存和保护环境方面投入一千亿元人民币.Some 12.5 million trees and over 1 million acres of grass will be planted along the Fourth Ring Road.沿着四环路将会种上一千二百五十一百万亩草.By then ,the citys green area will make up 40% of its total.The city will also dredge its reservoirs and as a water supply to Beijing residents, controlling industrial pollution and moving out the 200 factories presently located within the city proper.到那时候,这个城市的绿化面积将占面积的40%.这个城市还将建立给北京居民供水的水库,控制工业污染和把两目前在规划区域范围内的工厂搬走.Certainly ,all of this is no easy task.But I am sure that all of us have confidence that we will realize these ;green; goals.当然,这可不是一个简单的任务.但我坚信我们有信心实现这些绿色目标,For now we have the full support and participation of the environmentally conscious citizens .因为我们有具备环保意识的市民的全力持和参与.Each citizen is showing great concern for every one of the steps the city government takes.每个市民都热切关注市政府采取的每一个措施.As the saying goes, ;ed ,we stand ,;and a green Beijing will be achieved.俗话说得好,;团结力量大;,绿色的北京一定能实现.When our aspiraton becomes a reality ,it will be a unique Olympics .;New Beijing ,Great Olympics;will be weaved of these three superb colors:yellow , red and green.当我们的期望变成现实,那将是一届独特的奥林匹克运动会.;新北京,新奥运;将会由这三种华丽的颜色:黄色,红色和绿色编织而成.Let us welcome it and look forward to it !Thank you !让我们期望和欢迎它的到来!谢谢!Rick:Thank you contestant number twenty-four.Well lets find out which qualities you look for in boyfriend .里克:谢谢二十四号参赛选手.让我们探讨你找男朋友所需要的品质.QiYue:Uh, well all the audiences laughed because I think ,this,this is a really unexpected question .戚悦:所有的听众都笑了,因为我想这的确是一种意想不到的问题,Not only to me and also to them .So ,uh ,well ,what qualities do I look for in a boyfriend.不仅对我也对他们来说.那么,我找男朋友需要他有什么样的品质?I think different people may come up with different answers because we have got different outlook towards life and the world,and um ,according to some of my male friends they, ever complain to me that they were not so satisfied with their girlfriends.我认为不同的人会有不同的,因为每个人的生活观和世界观都不相同.据我的一些男性朋友向我抱怨,他们对自己的女朋友都不是那么满意.Im sorry to say so but according to them their girl friends were just ,just seem to overdemanding.我很抱歉这样说,但据他们所说,他们的女朋友都似乎要求太多.Um ,because they were just trying to find someone who is able to cook delicious food, or who is , who can do all the housework,including washings and also cleaning of the house.因为她们企图要找一个会煮好菜,或者是一个能做所有家务活,包括洗衣,搞卫生等等的人.And also especially good when they can do massages to them because the girls might get tired after a whole days work.而且最好他们会为她们做一些,因为干一天活下来,女孩子们会累.Well Im sorry to say , we I feel sorry to these girls um ,because to me I think they are just trying to find first a good cook ,then a good servant ,and third ,someone who is good at doing massaging.我很抱歉地说,我对这些女孩子感到遗憾,因为我认为她们要找的首先是一个好厨师,然后是一个好仆人,再就是一个擅长的人.Well this sounds really perfect but I have to say that Im not this kind of girls.这听起来真的很完美,但我必须说我不是这种女孩子.Uh, and what I look for ,and well actually I think this is a personal question but I do not really mind sharing my own requirements of boy friends together with you and what my requirements could be, mainly two things.我要找的是,实际上我认为这是一个私人的问题.但我不介意和大家一起分享我个人对男朋友的要求,我的要求主要有两个方面.And first one that I hope my boyfriend could be well educated ,lets say smart.And second I hope that he can be my bosom friend..第一,我希望的男朋友受过良好的教育,就是说他是聪明人.第二,我希望他能成为我的知己朋友,He can be my soulmate. I dont think I need to explain more about the first point because I think everyone trying to find someone who is smart ,who is well deucation ,because they can always bring passion to your life.他能成为我灵魂上的朋友.我认为我没有必要再去解释第一点,因为我想每个人都想找一个聪明的人,受过良好教育的人,这些人总会给你的生活带来.They can always to come up with different ideas and can make you happy,and bring excitement to your life.他们总能找到不同的点子给你带来欢乐,给你的生活带来刺激.And for me I m just the same .And talking about the second point .I hope that I can find someone who can be also my soulmate.对我来说,我也会一样.谈及第二点,我希望我能找到一个可以成为灵魂上的伴侣的人.That I hope that we two can understand each other.I think this is very important in the relationship of these two people .我希望我们俩能互相了解,我认为这一点两个人的关系上是非常重要的.I mean that uh ,I have come across, not not my myself but my friends has come across this kind of situations.我的意思是,我碰到过,不,不是我而是我的朋友碰到这种情况,That um, these two people they have got differents towards one issue and maybe one of them will say no I can t ,I cant agree with you and I cant stay with you any longer.so lets break up .他们俩对某个问题的看法不同,可能其中一个说不,我不同意你的看法或我再也不能和你相处下去,我们分手吧.And then they broke up .And I think why they did this is that they couldnt understand each other so well.然后他们就分手了.我想他们分手的原因是他们相互之间不是很了解.And for me I just want to find someone who can understand me well and also I hope I can understand him well as well yes.我只想找一个很了解我的人,同时我希望自己对他也很了解.So these are the two main points that I ,uh ,these are the two main requirements that I look for .Thank you .这就是我要说的两点,也是我要寻找男朋友的两个主要要求.谢谢.Judge:Contestan number 24 thank you very much indeed for both you speeches.评委:真的十分感谢二十四号选手的两个演讲.I loved you image of three colors,uh for the Beijing Olympics and you ,you you explained to us very clearly that Beijing has aly gained a great deal as a city merely from bidding ,because of all the changes that are taking place and the improvements.我喜欢你关于三种颜色的想象,关于北京奥林匹克运动会,你很清晰地向我们解释了北京作为一个城市在申奥方面获益匪浅,那是因为发生了很多变化和有了很多的改善.And I just want you to imagine for a moment that you have been called in as an ,as an advisor to the city goverment .我想让你想象一下,如果你作为市政府的顾问召集而来,And if you were asked by them for any further suggestions as to what else uh could be done to make it even better,I wonder what you would say?同时你被他们问到是否有其它的更好的建议去使北京变得更好.我想知道你会怎么说.QiYue:Uh,thank you for your question first.I think if I ,I can be an advisor for the government which is a great honor to me ,I , I hope that I will just emphasize mainly on the environment .戚悦:首先谢谢你的问题.我认为如果我能够成为市政府的顾问,那将是我的一大荣幸.我希望我会把重点放在环境方面.Uh, as I mentioned in my presentation that I do not think that Beijing is as green a city as what we like it to be , I mean that we are trying to build a green Beijing and um ,I, I think that uh, maybe maybe!正如我在演讲中提到的,我认为北京还不是我们想她成为的那样绿色城市,我的意思是我们正努力去建设一个绿色的北京,我想,可能the things I want to do is very simple, I want more tress to be planted and also I want to see more green areas of the city and uh, these are the two things I mainly ask for .Thank you .我想做的事情很简单.我希望种植更多的树木,我还想看到这个城市有更多的绿化面积, 这就是我请求的两件事.谢谢!Judge:Thank you very much.Thank you contestant number 24.Um,Id like to focus back on your boyfriend.评委:谢谢,谢谢二十四号参赛选手.我想把话题说回你的男朋友这一方面.Ha ,ha and um Im assuming that um you will eventually find um, um someone with those qualities and that you will um be very happy.哈,我想你最终能找到一个有那些条件的人,而且你会很幸福.Um,my question has to do with when you decide to get married.Now that youre found the perfect boyfriend um ,what are some of the advantages that you see uh, with regard to waiting a little bit later?我的问题与你决定结婚有关.现在你已经找到了那位完美的男朋友,他要你再迟一点才结婚,你知道这样对你有什么好处吗?Say around 30 or so uh, to get married.Thats a fairly late age to marry someone.比方说30岁左右才结婚,对女人来说这个年龄才嫁人就相当迟了.What would you see as advantages for you to wait?Females to wait?要你这样等,你会看到什么有利条件吗?要女人等?QiYue:Uh, okay,thats a very good question and also very unexpected .Um ,well as unexpected as the question I get um ,the advantages the female if they want ,if they have to wait um ,well actually I think that um, I think it ,Its a good thing.戚悦:好的,这是个很好的问题,同样也很出人意料.我得到的这个问题真是意料之外,如果女人需要有利条件,如果她们必须要等,我想那是一件好事情.I mean that for myself I do not really want to get married at the early age.我的意思是对我来说,我不想太早结婚.I , I think that maybe I will get married at the age of 28 or 30um ,and also at the pressure of my pre...my parents I guess.我想我会在父母的压力下,在28岁或30岁左右结婚.I think this is a good thing because I want to develop myself fully .我认为这是一件好事情是因为我需要发展我自己.Um,after I graduated from the university I ll be about 22, lets say and if I get married too early ,and I do not really have uh ,too much space,too much space for me to develop myself.我大学毕业后大概是22岁,假如我结婚太早,我就不可能拥有自己太多的空间,没有发展自我的空间.I want to work several years and then I want to have some self achievements.我想先工作,取得一些成就.I want to achieve in my ,in my uh in my job lets say.And I want to see those uh , those achievements so I think this is a good thing and I dont really mind waiting .Thank you .我想在自己的事业上有成就.我想看到我自己的那些成就.所以我想这是一件好事情,我也不是很在意等待.谢谢!Judge:Thank you .Um ,you in four first presentation ,you said a lot about what the government ,the munici...the government has done ,uh,in order to prepare for the two-o-o eight Olympic games.评委:谢谢.在你的第一个演讲中,你说了一大堆关于政府方面的东西,政府为准备二零零八年奥林匹克运动会已经做了的事情.Uh, what can ordinary people, particulary college students do to prepare for the two-o-o eight games.那么,普通人,特别是大学生能够为申办二零零八年奥运会做些什么呢?QiYue:Uh, First ,thank you for your question .Actually ,I have been thinking about this for a long time .戚悦:首先谢谢你的问题.实际上,这个问题我已经考虑了很长的一段时间,What can I do as an individual to help bid for the Olympic games?Um ,I think first is that ,um ,uh, I think that by participating in this kind of speech competition ,its a kind of help to bid for the 2008 Olympic games.我个人能为申奥做些什么?我想首先是,参加这届演讲比赛,那也是帮助申办二零零八年奥运会的一种方式.And I just want to express my wish ,and um ,I hope ,I hope that we can successfully bid for the games,and this is one thing I can do for bidding for the games, and this is one thing I can do for bidding for the games.我只是想表达我个人的愿望,我希望我们能成功地申办二零零八年的奥运会,而演讲是我能为申奥所做的一件事情.I want to do tell my ideas to the audience here and want to , I want myself be know .我想把我的想法告诉听众,I, I mean thats my ideas to be know.And secondly ,yes this is something I actually did for bidding for the Olympic games is that I planted some trees.我的意思是我想让人们知道我的想法.其次,我为申奥做的实际事情是我种了几棵树.Uh,well ,on the, on the tree planting day and my ,my family and I we went to the suburbs of Beijing and we planted serval trees there and I hope these young trees are still alive now .在植树节那天,我和我的家人到北京的郊区去,我们在那里种了一些树,我希望那些小树苗现在还活着.Thank you .谢谢.09/84689


  President Bush Discusses Economy THE PRESIDENT: Today's job data reflects the fact that our economy is in a recession. This is in large part because of severe problems in our housing, credit, and financial markets, which have resulted in significant job losses. I'm concerned about our workers who have lost jobs during this downturn, and I'm -- as we work to -- as we work to address the problems of this economy, we've extended unemployment insurance benefits to those who have lost their jobs during this downturn. We are focusing on the root causes of the economic downturn in order to return our economy to health. The most urgent issue facing the economy is the problem in the credit markets. Businesses and consumers need access to credit at affordable rates to spend and invest. And so we're working to stabilize the markets and make credit more affordable and available. We're working with the Federal Reserve and FDIC, and credit is beginning to move. A market that was frozen is thawing. There's still more work to do. But there are some encouraging signs. A root cause of the slowdown is housing, and so we continue to take actions that will avoid preventable foreclosures and speed a return to a healthy housing market. Interest rates help the housing market recover, and interest rates, mortgage rates, are going down. And plus there's a number of programs in place to help Americans stay in their homes, to limit the preventable foreclosures. I am concerned about the viability of the automobile companies. I'm concerned about those who work for the automobile companies and their families. And likewise, I am concerned about taxpayer money being provided to those companies that may not survive. Put out a detailed plan recently that uses money that Congress appropriated last fall for the auto industry -- money that can be used so long as the companies make hard choices on all aspects of their business to prove that they can not only survive but thrive. It is important that Congress act next week on this plan. And it's important to make sure that taxpayers' money be paid back if any is given to the companies. It's going to take time for all the actions we have taken to have their full impact. But I am confident that the steps we're taking will help fix the problems in our economy and return it to strength. My administration is committed to ensuring that our economy succeeds. And I know the incoming administration shares the same commitment. Thank you very much. 参考中文翻译:今天的就业数据表明我们的经济正在衰退。大部分原因是房地产,信贷和金融市场引发了大规模的失业。我很担忧在经济下滑中失去工作的工人。当我们公布经济中存在的问题时,我们已经对经济低迷中失业的人扩大了失业保险范围。为了使经济恢复正常,我们集中精力寻找经济危机的根源。我们的经济面临的最紧要的问题是信贷市场。企业和消费者需要得到利率合适的贷款来消费和投资。所以,我们正致力于稳定信贷市场,使大家可以得到贷款。我们已经与联邦储蓄和FDIC团结一致努力工作,信贷市场开始好转。冻结了市场也开始活动。还有很多工作要做,但是也有一些鼓舞人心的信号。经济下滑的根源是房产市场,所以我们继续采取措施,尽量避免可预防的房产没收,加速房产市场恢复健康。利率帮助房产市场恢复,利率,贷款利率都会降低。另外,还有一系列项目即将到位,帮助美国人保护自己的家园,避免可预防的房屋没收。我很担心汽车公司的生存能力,我也很担心那些在汽车公司就职的人和他们的家人。同时,我担心纳税人的钱被提供给那些无法生存的公司。最近,国会出台了详细的计划以帮助急剧下滑的汽车行业。这些钱可以提供给这些公司,但是他们必须全力以赴的明我们的决策是正确的,他们不仅要生存下去,而且必须繁荣起来。我们所采取的措施要全面发挥作用需要一定的时间。但是我有信心,我们所采取的措施一定能够解决经济中的问题,恢复经济实力。我的政府承诺,我们的经济一定会再创辉煌。我知道,即将上任的新政府也会向大家保这一点。200812/58077。

  PRESIDENT PERES: Our dear friend and President of the ed States and Mrs. George Bush, first of all, mazel tov. Your joy is ours. Welcome to the new Israel, 3,000 years old and going on the 60th. We are grateful to you for gracing this occasion.   Mr. President, you have demonstrated toward us a Biblical attitude, which is very rare; a warm friendship; a determined dedication to the promotion of peace and security in the entire region. In those 60 years, we were able to demonstrate that though outnumbered and outgunned, a democracy could still win seven wars during this period. Furthermore, while fighting, we never postponed democracy even for a single day. And even though many times under attack, we never lost our desire for peace.   Miracles happen when dedicated people make them happen. Mr. President, you stood like nobody else on our side in sunny mornings and stormy weather. So thank you, Mr. President. Your presence here permits us something that we really wanted to do, and that is to celebrate a real thanksgiving party to the ed States from the depth of our heart, expressing our thanks to you, to the greatest phenomena of freedom in history, the ed States of America.   PRIME MINISTER OLMERT: It's an honor and a privilege to welcome the President of the ed States of America, George W. Bush, and Mrs. Bush, in Israel for the second time this year. This is an historic year for the state of Israel, as we mark 60 years of independence. The ideals reflected in America's Declaration of Independence inspired Israel's founding fathers in their quest to shape the character of the state of Israel as a democratic country based on the principles of freedom, justice and equality.   Throughout the years, the strategic alliance with America has become one of the fundamental pillars of our national security. And the bond between our peoples has grown deeper and stronger with time. America has been there at each and every important crossroad in the life of our young country, and stood by us in times of hope and in moments of crisis.   Since assuming office almost eight years ago, President George Bush has been our closest ally and partner. Your decision to celebrate this historic milestone with us is an extraordinary gesture of friendship, and is further evidence of your unending commitment to the security and well being of our country.   I welcome you and Laura to Israel. I thank you for your friendship and decision to come and celebrate this important occasion with us.   Thank you.   PRESIDENT BUSH: Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister, Mrs. Olmert, thank you very much for your warm welcome. It's good to be back again. We're proud to reaffirm the friendship of our peoples, and we're delighted to join you in celebrating the 60th anniversary of the state of Israel.   Our two nations both faced great challenges when they were founded, and our two nations have both relied on the same principles to help us succeed. We've built strong democracies to protect the freedoms given to us by an Almighty God. We've welcomed immigrants, who have helped us thrive. We've built prosperous economies by rewarding innovation and risk-taking and trade. And we've built an enduring alliance to confront terrorists and tyrants.   Americans and Israelis can be proud of our past, and the best way to honor our founders is to continue the work they started. Tomorrow I'm going to address the members of the Knesset and the people of Israel. I look forward to discussing how I believe our two nations can continue to advance our ideals and approach our next 60 years of partnership with confidence and with hope.   Laura and I appreciate your invitation, your kind invitation to share these days of celebration with you. We consider the Holy Land a very special place, and we consider the Israeli people our close friends. 200806/41593

  President Obama discusses the steps he is taking to make America competitive in the short and long terms, and why he chose GE CEO Jeff Immelt to head up the new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.Download mp4 (125MB) | mp3 (3MB) 201101/124376

  点击此处看视频2011年5月23日, 耶鲁大学举行第310届毕业典礼. 汤姆·汉克斯(Tom Hanks)当天受邀发表了一段演讲。201108/149144

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