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泉州哪家医院的大夫妇科检查做的好泉州处女膜修复泉州新阳光妇产医院农保能报销吗 Phelps Wins Record-tying 7th Olympic Gold菲尔普斯险胜 夺取第七枚金牌  American Michael Phelps has tied legendary swimmer Mark Spitz's Olympic Gold record, winning his seventh gold medal at the Beijing Olympics. Phelps has been winning by world record times in all of his events. His latest time was only an Olympic record. But his margin of victory was a small as it gets. 美国选手菲尔普斯已经平了传奇游泳运动员斯皮茨在一次奥运会上获取7枚金牌的记录。菲尔普斯在北京奥运会上也夺取了7枚金牌。他在获取前六枚金牌时的成绩都打破了世界记录,但是最新的这枚金牌只打破奥运会记录,而且优势微乎其微。In less than the blink of an eye, Michael Phelps touched the wall ahead of Serbia's Milorad Cavic to win the men's 100-meter butterfly. No one in the Water Cube who witnessed the race knew who had won. Neither did Phelps or Cavic. 菲尔普斯在男子一百米蝶泳决赛中获胜,他最后触摸游泳池边的时间只比第二名快了一点点。当时在水立方游泳馆观看比赛的人都不知道究竟是谁赢得了比赛。甚至连菲尔普斯本人和几乎同时到达终点的塞尔维亚选手卡维奇也不知道。The answer came from the electronic timing system, which showed Phelps had touched in 50.58 seconds. He commented on the mere one-100th of one second difference from Cavic. 比赛最终结果是电子计时系统报告的,显示菲尔普斯触到池边的时间是50秒58。因此他以百分之一秒的差距击败了卡维奇。"One -100th (of a second) is the smallest margin of victory in our sport. And it was pretty cool. I guess that is all I can say," he said. 菲尔普斯说,“在游泳比赛中,百分之一秒是取胜的最小差距。这很棒。我也只能说这些了。”Serbia immediately filed a protest once the results were shown on the Water Cube scoreboard. Phelps was only seventh at the 50-meter turn, and it seemed impossible that he could have surged in front at the end. 水立方赛场的赛况显示牌上显示比赛结果后,塞尔维亚立即提出抗议。菲尔普斯在50米处转身的时候只是第七位,似乎不可能在抵达终点时冲到第一名。But officials from FINA, swimming's world governing body, quickly reviewed the finish. Ben Ekumbo of Kenya was the event referee. 但是世界泳联的官员迅速重新审查了冲刺镜头,这次比赛的裁判员肯尼亚人埃库姆波说:"It is evident from the that it was an issue of stroking. One was stroking, and the other was gliding. We use automatic timing systems. And the timing system in this case was in perfect order," he said. “从录像来看,这是两人手的动作问题。他们一个在划水,另一个在滑行。我们用的是自动计时系统。这次比赛中计时系统完全正常。”Cavic was not interested the protest. He was simply thrilled to get a silver medal. 卡维奇对抗议不感兴趣。他为自己获得银牌感到兴奋。"It is a gold medal at stake. It is a difficult thing to lose. But you have to understand, I came into this competition with the goal to win the bronze medal," he said. 他说:“要争的是金牌,确实很不愿意失去金牌;不过呢,你要知道,我这次来参赛之前,目标只是铜牌。”That bronze went to Andrew Lauterstein of Australia. By another margin of one-100th of a second, he edged previous world record holder Ian Crocker of the ed States off the medal podium. 这次比赛的铜牌最后落到了澳大利亚选手劳特斯坦的手里。他比第四名美国选手克罗克也只快了百分之一秒。Phelps is now tied with fellow-American Mark Spitz who won seven gold swimming medals at the 1972 Munich Olympics.  到目前为止,菲尔普斯和前美国奥运冠军斯皮茨一样,创下了在一届奥运会上赢得七枚金牌的记录。施皮茨是在1972年的慕尼黑奥运会上取得上述优异成绩的。"It really shows that no matter what you set your imagination to, anything can happen. If you dream as big as you can dream, then anything is possible," he said. 菲尔普斯说,“这表明,不管你原本的想象如何,任何事情都会发生。只要你有宏大的梦想,什么事情都是可能的!”Michael Phelps's dream is to win an unprecedented eighth gold on Sunday. He will have to rely on his teammates to do it in the difficult four-by-100 meter medley relay final. 菲尔普斯的梦想是要在星期天赢得前所未有的第八枚金牌,打破所有人的记录。要达到这个目标,他不仅要靠自己,而且还要依靠队友们的共同努力,才能在充满挑战的4X100米的混合接力中赢得冠军。200808/46146I have an idea!我有一个主意!But dont you have it saved on your computer?但是你没有在电脑上保存吗?No, it was taking up a lot of space, so I deleted it.没有,它太占空间了,所以我删了。So you have lost the only copy we have. Yes.所以你把我们最后的备份丢了。是的。What idiots! Ive never seen such a disorganised office.真是个笨蛋!我从没见过这么杂乱无章的办公室。Go on, youd better help them, Anna.去吧,你最好帮帮他们,安娜。Can I make a suggestion? Yes, please do!我能提个建议吗?好的,请说吧!Why dont you try looking in your recycle bin? It might still be there.为什么你不看看你的回收站?也许在那里。I did. It isnt.我看了,没有。Have you tried asking your colleagues if theyve seen the memory stick?你有没有问过你的同事看见U盘了吗?I did. They havent.我问了,他们没看到。How about looking through your rubbish bin to see if you threw it away by mistake?翻翻你的垃圾桶怎么样,看看你是不是不小心给扔了?I dont do silly things like that!我才不会做这种蠢事!All very sensible suggestions Anna, thank you.谢谢你这些明智的建议,安娜。Maybe I could do a big office search for you...? Im good at finding things.也许我可以在办公室给你找找?我很擅长找东西。 /201612/479867福建省泉州中医院医生的QQ号码

泉州女性护科医院在哪Conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan Drive Up World Refugee Numbers联合国:世界难民人数持续增加   The U.N. refugee agency says the number of people fleeing violence and repression worldwide has risen to 11.4 million, largely due to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. 联合国难民署说,全球范围逃离暴力和压迫的人数已经上升到1140万人,其中大部分是由于伊拉克和阿富汗冲突造成的。Launching the report, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, said that for the second year in a row the number of people fleeing their countries and displaced from their homes is on the rise.  联合国难民署事务高级专员古特雷斯在发布这个报告时说,今年是逃离自己国家和流离失所人数连续增加的第二年。"We have today 11.4 million refugees worldwide, but we have 26 million people displaced within the borders of their own countries," he said.  他说:“目前全世界的难民人数高达1140万,但是还有2600万人在他们本国沦落得无家可归。”Guterres says conflicts are largely to blame. Refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan alone make up half the world's total. The 11.4 million tally does not include the millions of Palestinians living as refugees in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.  古特雷斯说,这些难民大部分都是冲突造成的。仅伊拉克和阿富汗的难民就占全球难民总人数的一半。但是这1140万难民并不包括在中东和世界其它地区生活的数百万巴勒斯坦难民。Guterres describes a band of conflict and instability that includes mostly Muslim countries. 古特雷斯还提到一些冲突和不稳定情况,其中大部分在穆斯林国家。"Now, together with the Palestinians more than half of the group of refugees are concentrated in the same area," he said. "That area starts in Afghanistan, it includes Iraq, Palestine, Sudan, Chad and Somalia. And this is an area of great concern for us all and I can only ask the international community to be more and more involved together, acting together to make sure that these conflicts find an end." 他说:“如果把巴勒斯坦人加在一起,难民人数的一半以上都集中在同一地区。这个地区包括阿富汗、伊拉克、巴勒斯坦、苏丹、乍得和索马里。这个地区值得我们特别关注,因此我要求国际社会更多地一起参与,共同行动,确保这些冲突最后结束。”While Afghanistan, Iraq and the Darfur region of Sudan are highly publicized hotspots, UNHCR's Guterres says many other refugees are created by lesser known conflicts and hardships - often forgotten by the international community. 虽然阿富汗、伊拉克和苏丹的达尔富尔地区是媒体高度关注的热点,联合国难民署事务高级专员古特雷斯说,一些不太被为人所知的冲突和困境产生的很多难民,常常被国际社会遗忘。"And looking only at one continent Africa, we have been having since the beginning of the year, with people crossing their borders in big numbers, in thousands we are having new arrivals of Darfurians in Chad and Central African Republic, of Chadians in Cameroon, of Central African Republicans in Chad and in Cameroon, of Eritreans in Sudan and in Ethiopia, of Somalis in Yemen, in Kenya, in Djibouti, we have Kenyans crossing the border into Uganda and we are now witnessing the worsening situation in Zimbabwe," he said. "Now, this demonstrates a trend that represents a multiplication of crises, with more and more people on the move." 他说:“仅以非洲大陆为例,从今年初以来,我们一直在看到,大量的人,数以千计的人越境逃难,在乍得和中非共和国,新来了很多达尔富尔人,乍得人逃到喀麦隆,中非共和国人逃到乍得和喀麦隆,厄立特里亚人逃到苏丹和埃塞俄比亚,索马里人逃到也门,肯尼亚和吉布提。我们还看到肯尼亚人越境逃到乌干达,我们目前正在目睹着津巴布韦的局势日益恶化。由于越来越多的人四处逃难,这种情况反映了一种趋势,代表了多重危机。”The U.N. agency says global refugee numbers had fallen for five years before rising again in 2006 and 2007. While conflicts are largely to blame, UNHCR says climate change, the rise in energy and food prices and ensuing poverty are also factors.  联合国难民署说,全球难民人数在2006年和2007年再次增加之前曾连续五年下降。联合国难民署说,虽然大部分情况是冲突造成的,但是气候变化、能源和粮食价格上涨,以及由此造成的贫困加剧,也是一些因素。200806/42233福建医科大学二院怎么样好吗 We are kicking off a new series called Milestones, says, gonna focus on the major life events that we are all facing, like getting married, buying a home and retirement. Today's milestone is all about the high price of bringing up a baby. Lots of due parents rush out to get the crib, and those cute little clothes and too often they are not y for the long-term financial responsibilities. Sam Grobart, senior editor of Money Magazine and expectant father is here with some tips on creating a baby budget. Good morning, Sam. Good morning, Rene, how are you. Well, first of all congratulations to you. (Thank you very much) It's a very exciting time for you (It is) but and/end it, as it is , for a lot of expectant parents, but there are lot of things to consider. You have cribs, and strollers, and diapers, and college for crying out loud, how can one little bundle of toy costs so much money? Well, when you factor in health care, education, food, clothing, shelter, the average amount that the parent is going to spend to raise their child from birth to 18 is about 200, 000 dollars. (wow) And it can be a lot more. Yeah, you, you've got these tips that you've come and you are using them yourself, right? (I am). You are used to doing, you , you are anyway, you are not sucking the joy out of this pregnancy for her, are you? Ah, I hope not. OK, right! The first tip you say is to buy in bulk. Yes, my wife and I, um, have never been to a Cosco before. What? Come on! We just have another way that came up, we're just two adults. (It's great, isn't it? Yeah! ) It's amazing. (Yeah) And now, all of a sudden, we started to kind of check it out cause we know that we are probably gonna be spending a lot of time there. (Yeah! ) The prices are a lot better for things like diapers and formulae and other things, such are just amazingly much more cheaper. You, you also say and I can remember this with the first baby, you want to have the best thing, you want to have the, the newest in all the labels and I remember telling my husband we've got to have this type of stroller. (Right). We really should be buying for the baby, not for us, isn't it? Cause at, at some points it's all about status. (Exactly) Right, I mean you know, there is a certain point when you're buying a good product, and it costs a certain amount and then after that, it's all about what you want and what, you know, you think is important. The baby is a baby, baby is probably not gonna really know the difference. So long as something is safe, you know a good stroller can cost about , maybe 200 dollars at the top end. (All right. ) But there are strollers that go to a thousand dollars and, really, that's just like buying a little BMW for your kid or something. (haa, yeah) Um, you say the other thing is you really need to figure out what your, say a monthly expenses will be an end. To that, you and your wife are sort of budgeting for a baby. You are taking this month (Yup) and tracking everything down to a pack of gum (inaudible)... Absolutely. We walk around with a little piece of paper, during the day, and this is a good idea for anybody to do if they want to get a sense of where the money is going. And when you have a kid, all of that sort of good personal finance ideas really come into play, so I get the soda, I write it down, I take a cab somewhere, I write it down. (Even little things like that? ) Absolutely. Because that's what you are gonna start to see where some of your money is going. And you can say I have no idea I was taking that money taxies or something (inaudible). (Wow) Maybe I shouldn't be , you know, getting a soda every two hours and I should just get a bottle of water and refill latter, things like that. Think about where. Think before you spend another. . . (exactly, yeah) Um, one of the places that a lot of people miscalculate is, is right out of the gate. (Yup) You know, as soon as they leave the hospital, they're, you know , they perhaps don't have the right insurance (right) or what have you and they're paying more out of pocket than they ever thought they would. Absolutely, I mean, the average parent once they're paying about 775 dollars out of pocket when they are going for a birth and the number can be as high as 2000 dollars. So what you want to do is call your insurer before you go to the hospital and find out exactly what's going to be covered and exactly what you'll have to pay for. There is probably not much you you can do at this point to change that but you at least can be prepared. These are an awful lot of expenses. Er, they, when, when the baby comes and all of a sudden, things are, maybe then you were planning for (ur) prop-up, maybe an extra , a visitor tour to the doctor. (ummm) You know, one of the things you say also is that we should save, even if it's just a little bit, we need to save for, what, retirement? For, well, we should save for both college education for your child and retirement. Um, if you can spend, if you can save ten dollars a week, for your child's college education, (40 dollars a month. ) Yeah but 500 dollars a year, you put that into something like a 529 plan or tax shelter that will, you know, grow without affecting your income tax. You have 30, 000 dollars by the time your kids are 18. So you are saving for the college tuition but if you have to choose(oh yah) then the choice is retirement. If you are prioritizing, um, it sounds a little kind of intuitive, but save for retirement. It's not to be cruel, it's just that there is a lot of financial options to pay for college, they're scholarships and financial aids. There are none of those things if you're trying to retire. Ok, now here is the thing you and I were just talking at the green room, (Yeah) these kids outgrow these clothes. Like this. You, you've got an i(dea), yeah, right, you've got an idea that to, to help us there? Well, "go used" is one big idea. I mean talk to your friends who've had children, do a clothing swap, get a circle of people together and do that. Go on eBay, go to the discount stores, I mean, you don't have to spend a lot of money on really fancy newborn equipment, you can just get a T-shirt. Sam Grobart, good luck! (Thank you very much) You've been depending delivery. 200809/47406福建泉州儿童医院做人流

泉州无痛流产手术要多少钱 US Government Takes Over Two Major Financial Firms保尔森:接管两公司以防金融动荡  Amid a continuing housing crisis in the ed States, the Bush administration is taking over two failing mortgage firms in an effort to limit further turmoil in the sector. 就在美国房地产市场继续在危机中挣扎时,布什政府将接管两个陷入困境的住房抵押贷款融资公司,以防止金融市场出现进一步的动荡。The last year has seen a spike in foreclosures among U.S. homeowners, falling housing values in most parts of the country, and tighter credit that has made it more difficult for Americans to acquire loans.  在过去一年中,美国房主因无法偿还贷款而被金融机构收回房屋的情况大幅增加,美国大部分地区的房价下跌,而且市场信贷紧缩使美国人更难获得贷款。In recent months, the picture has grown worse with news that two mortgage giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, were on the verge of insolvency. Combined, the two firms own or guarantee close to half of all home loans in the ed States. 在最近几个月中,情况变得更糟。美国两大住房抵押贷款融资机构房利美和房地美已经频临破产边缘。这两个公司持有或担保的住房抵押贷款几乎占全美住房抵押贷款总量的一半。In a news conference Sunday, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced that the federal government is taking control of the firms - a move he described as necessary to avoid further financial upheaval. 美国财政部长保尔森星期天在新闻发布会上宣布,联邦政府将接管这两个公司,他说,这是为了避免金融市场进一步动荡而采取的必要措施。"Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are so large and so interwoven in our financial system, that a failure of either of them would cause great turmoil in the financial markets here at home and around the globe. This turmoil would directly and negatively impact household wealth, from family budgets to home values, to savings for college and retirement," he said. "And a failure would be harmful to economic growth and job creation." 他说:“房利美和房地美的规模太大,而且它们和美国的财政系统有着千丝万缕的联系。让它们中的任何一个倒闭都会强烈动荡美国及全球的金融市场。而这种动荡将直接给家庭财产带来负面影响,从家庭预算、房产价值到人们为大学教育和退休而储蓄的存款。这两家机构的倒闭会伤害美国的经济发展和就业市场。”The Bush administration says Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are being placed in a government conservatorship with new executive leadership. They will be operated by a government agency until their financial pictures improve and they are no longer at risk of failing.  布什政府说,房利美和房地美目前处于政府接管状态中,政府还任命了这两个机构的新领导人。这两家机构将由一个政府部门来管理,直到它们的财政状况出现好转,不再面临倒闭风险时为止。Paulson says every effort will be made to spare taxpayers from having to assume massive financial burdens stemming from the takeover. 保尔森说,政府会尽全力避免让纳税人承担这次接管所带来的巨大经济负担。Most Americans secure home mortgages through private banks. For decades, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have made it more attractive to banks to make mortgage loans by purchasing the loans from the banks, and then selling them to private investors. 大部分美国人通过私人来获得住房抵押贷款。几十年来,房利美和房地美从手中购买贷款项目,再把它们转卖给私人投资者,以吸引发放更多的抵押贷款。But recent years have seen mortgage loans made to millions of individuals with poor, risky, or insufficient credit - many of whom have either defaulted on the loans or are at risk of doing so. Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's exposure to massive financial losses stemming from the housing crisis has put them on the verge of insolvency. 但是在最近几年里,数百万贫穷、有欠款危险或者信用值不够的个人得到了抵押贷款,现在,他们中的许多人已经或即将无法偿还贷款。房屋市场的危机给房利美和房地美带来了巨额亏损,把它们推到了破产的边缘。News of the government takeover prompted swift reaction from both presidential candidates. Speaking on CBS' Face the Nation program, Republican presidential nominee John McCain said the move "has to be done.""I think that we have got to keep people in their homes. There has got to be restructuring, there has got to be reorganization, and there has got to be some confidence that we have stopped this downward spiral. It is hard, it is tough," said McCain.McCain added that the woes of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are symptomatic of an overall failure of Washington to tackle important issues. He said the federal government has become less effective due to what he termed cronyism and the influence of special interests and lobbyists.His Democratic challenger, Barack Obama, also expressed support for the government takeover. But an Obama ally, Virginia Democratic Governor Tim Kaine, said blame for the financial upheaval lies with President Bush."It is an important step that they [the Bush administration] have taken, but they are way too late. During the Bush administration there has been a complete abdication of responsibility for regulating the nation's financial markets, and so it has come to this," said Kaine.Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have seen their stocks plummet in value in recent months. The federal takeover includes some government purchasing of the firms' stock and an infusion of funds to assure the firms' continued operation.  房利美和房地美的股票价格在最近几个月里大幅度下跌。这次联邦政府的接管计划包括政府购买这两家公司的股票以及向它们注入资金,以保这它们能继续经营下去。Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are government-sponsored enterprises, which are among several financial service corporations created by the ed States Congress. 房利美和房地美是受到政府持的企业,是由美国国会创立的几个金融务公司之中的两个。200809/47735泉州哪家医院治疗外阴白斑好泉州做个宫外孕手术要多少钱



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