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A moment of indecision has turned this cat into an Internet sensation.一时的犹豫不决让这只猫咪在网上引起了轰动。Seven-year-old Milk-chan, who lives in Japan, couldn’t decide between using her scratch post and jumping on her bed – and was photographed momentarily stuck with one paw on each.七岁的猫咪牛奶酱现居日本,无法决定到底是该去抓自己的猫柱子,还是去床上蹦跶,这张照片抓拍到猫咪一只爪子在柱子上,另一只抓着床。The hilarity of the picture has been increased by the cat’s slight look of confusion at its predicament.而猫咪进退两难的困惑表情让照片更加好笑了。The picture, posted by her owner, has received over 100,000 likes and retweets and inspired dozens of memes and Photoshopped variations.这张照片是猫咪主人上传的,已经有超过10万人点赞和转发,而且已经衍生出了几十套表情包。One picture shows Milk-chan in her twisted pose playing multiple keyboards, another shows her DJ-ing, her paws on two CD decks.其中有幅图是牛奶酱扭转着身子操纵好几个键盘,另一幅是她在扮DJ,两只爪子放在CD架上。 /201608/461899

You are likely feeling confident, optimistic and enthusiastic today. You feel as though anything is possible for you. And, indeed it is. If you are feeling a bit of wanderlust, and are anxious to explore new places and meet new people, you may soon receive an opportunity to do so. Life for you is one great big adventure. You are fortunate that you have the sort of spirit that embraces all.今天你可能会感到自信、乐观,充满。就好像一切皆有可能。而事实也的确如此。如果你对于探索新地方、结识新朋友感到惊奇不安,那么你可能很快就有这样的机会了。对你来说,生活就是一场盛大的冒险。你很幸运,因为你有拥抱一切的精神。Your well being horoscope幸福运势You may feel a little weary today. It#39;s a good time to take stock of your life. You may have gotten some news about someone around you that has caused you some pain. This is a good time to rely on the support of your relationship in order to reenergize yourself. Take the time to let yourself be taken care of...今天,你可能有点疲劳。现在是盘点生活点滴的好时光。你可能会得到身边人让你痛苦的消息。为了让自己重新元气满满,现在是依赖恋爱一方持的好时节。慢慢来,让别人照顾自己。Your finance horoscope财务运势A depressed friend or aquaintance may need some cheering up, and your ability to listen sympathetically will definitely prove beneficial. Take care, however, not to soak up any of this person#39;s dejection. Your own life should continue to go well with professional success leading to new friendships and new goals. Hang on to your own enthusiasm and optimism while extending a compassionate ear to others.沮丧的朋友或旧相识可能需要你的鼓舞,而你感同身受倾听的本质必定对她/他有益。然而,要注意,不要被他/她的沮丧感染。你自己的生活应该会过得很好:事业成功,同时还可能有新朋友和新目标。在同情聆听他人的同时,也要保持自己的和乐观。Your love horoscope爱情运势This is a good day to write that letter to that old friend you haven#39;t seen in a while. The emphasis of the day is on appreciating loved ones. You should call or write family members who don#39;t speak with you very often. Or maybe you should invite some friends over to get caught up on the latest news. The energy of the day is gentle and social, and you#39;ll be able to enjoy yourself.今天是写信给许久未见老友的好时光。今天的重点是要赞赏所爱之人。你应该打电话或写信给不经常联系的家人。又或许你可以请些朋友叙旧,说说近况。今天的你既温柔又善于社交,因此你应该会很享受。Your career horoscope事业运势An old problem that was bothering you at work could be solved today. Maybe you have been trying to work with a new group of people and iron out personality differences between you. Today you should notice significant progress. Or you could have asked management to address something that was worrying you, and you might get some positive feedback today.工作上困扰你的问题今天可能会得到解决。也许你一直在尝试与新同事合作、消除彼此的个性差异。今天应该会有重大进展。又或者你可以问管理层人士,请他们帮你解决困扰你的问题,你可能会得到一些积极的反馈。译文属 /201608/460132

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