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高尔夫词汇高阶(英汉释义) -- 18:5: 来源: Foul Stroke - a shot or action that infringes the rules, incurring a penalty  犯规击球 – 将会受到惩罚的违规击球或行为  Free Ball - the option to play at and pot any ball, awarded after a foul shot ends in a snooker  自由球 – 在斯诺克比赛中,在(对方)出现犯规击球后获得的选择权,既可以任意击打一个球,也可以随意把一个球击进球袋  Maximum - a scoring sequence in which the player scores the maximum of 7 points   满杆 – 连续得分,直到选手打出7分的满杆  Miscue - incorrect striking of the cue ball   滑杆 – 击打主球时的失误杆  Object Ball - the target ball   目标球 – 作为目标的球  Pocket - the holes created the balls to be potted into   球袋 – 为使球落袋而设置的球洞  Side Spin - the effect of striking the cue ball off centre   偏杆 – 击打主球球心偏侧位置后所产生的结果  Snooker - when the object ball is obstructed, making it difficult your opponent to make a legal shot   障碍球 – 目标球被其它球阻挡,使对手难于在不违规的情况下击球  Spider - implement cueing over another ball   三角架 – 用于架在另一只球上方以便挥杆击球的用具  Top Spin - the spin placed on the white when struck at the top   高杆 – 击打白球上方后达到的旋转效果  (以上为:高尔夫专业词汇提高(英汉)). 资本资产定价模型6 David falls in love第6章 大卫坠入爱河Agnes had asked me to be polite to Uriah if I met him, and so, when I saw him the next day near the law courts, I was careful not to offend him. He looked even stranger than before, with his small evil head and long thin body, and his wide oily smile. When weshook hands, I noticed how cold and wet his hand felt, just like a fish.阿格尼斯曾要求过我,要是我碰到尤赖亚,一定要对他客气点。所以,当我第二天在法院附近看见他时,我很谨慎不去冒犯他。他看上去比以前更古怪了,阴险的小脑袋,细长的躯体,僵硬、狰狞的笑脸。我们握了握手,他的手是如此的冰冷潮湿,活像捏着那冷血鱼。;Would you—would you like to come to my rooms for coffee, Uriah? ;I offered, trying to hide my horror of him.“你愿意——愿意到我的寓所去喝杯咖啡吗,尤赖亚?”我主动提议,竭力想隐藏对他的恐惧感。;Oh, Master Copperfield, I mean, Mister Copperfield, I should say now! How kind of you! I#39;m too humble to expect such kindness! But I would like that! ;“噢,科波菲尔少爷,我是说科波菲尔先生,我愿意现在就去!你真是好心!我太卑微,不敢奢望如此善意的邀请!但我愿意接受!”And when we reached my flat, he looked at me with an unpleasantly confident smile, and said, ;Perhaps you#39;ve heard that I#39;m going to become Mr Wickfield#39;s partner, Mr Cop perfield?;我们到达寓所时,他以一种令人讨厌的自信笑着看着我,说:“或许你已经听说了,我将成为威克菲尔先生的合伙人,科波菲尔先生?”;Yes, ;I replied. ;Agnes has told me about it. ;“听说了,”我回答,“阿格尼斯跟我说过。”;Ah! I#39;m glad to hear that Miss Agnes knows about it, ;he answered. ;Thank you for that, Mr Copperfield! ;“噢,我很高兴阿格尼斯知道此事,”他答道,“谢谢你告诉我,科波菲尔先生!”I was annoyed with myself for mentioning Agnes#39;s name, and hated hearing him say it, but I said nothing and drank my coffee.我很自恼提到了阿格尼斯的名字,而且讨厌听到他称呼这个名字。可我并没说什么,只顾喝我的咖啡。 /201209/197740

NBA篮球术语- 各种投篮方式 -- 18:6: 来源: (slam) dunk:(强力)灌篮   bank shot:擦板球   double pump:拉杆式投篮(verb)   fade-away shot:后仰式跳投   hook shot:钩射投篮   jump shot:跳投   layup:带球上篮   perimeter shot:中距离投篮   set shot:立定投篮   three-point shot:三分球

英语新词学习:上班族无法避免的"午间危机" --5 :58:58 来源:   马不停蹄地忙了一上午,吃过午饭回到桌前发现还有那么多活儿没干完,这眼睛立马就不想睁着了这样的mid-day crisis大概很多人都经历过吧  Mid-day crisis   refers to the situation when one is in a desperate need a siesta because they become extremely tired in the afternoon and coffee isn't cutting it any longer, or when it's the middle of the day, and you realize you have a lot to do and not enough time to do it. As a result, your mind locks up and you can't work, you just sit and pity yourself.  午间危机指下午特别疲惫急需午睡来恢复精神的情况,这个时候咖啡什么的已经不管用了另外,午间危机也可以指到了中午才意识到还有很多工作要做,而剩下的时间已经不够用的情况在这种情况下,人的大脑就会自动锁定,无法继续工作,只能坐在那里顾影自怜    example:  Perhaps casual chatting with colleagues in the pantry over a cup of tea a good fifteen minutes will soothe the mid-day crisis symptoms.  到餐室喝杯茶,跟同事闲聊个分钟可能会缓解午间危机的症状

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