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佛山中医院前列腺炎多少钱佛山治疗淋病去哪家医院Then, when darkness falls, we fire up the spots.天黑之后 我们会开灯照明One of the biggest reasons that people die in blizzards人们死于暴风雪的最大原因之一is that they push on, try and battle the elements,when actually they should just stop.是继续前进 试图抵抗风雪 而正确的是应该原地不动If you#39;ve got high winds, difficult terrain,and zero visibility,如果遇见暴风 地形不利 并且能见度很差if you push on, it#39;s futile.It#39;s like being on a tmill.继续前进就是死路一条 就像原地踏车一样It#39;s gonna beat you, and you#39;re gonna die.它会打败你 你的下场就是死Your number-one priority is protection,and in this case,it#39;s protection from the wind and from the cold.头号大事就是注意保护 在这种情况下 可以抵抗大风和寒冷Okay, fire it up, guys.Okay, let#39;s go.好了 朋友们 启动吧 我们出发Got to try and cover up, best you can, any exposed skin.Okay, get into this.尽力盖住所有裸露在外的皮肤 迎难而上吧As the wind chill kicks in, the temperature dives.当风寒开始起作用 温度开始下跌In winds this high, frostbite can set in in minutes,and there#39;s no natural shelter here.如此强力的风速 片刻之内就会生冻疮 这儿也没有任何天然屏障My only option is to dig.唯一的选择就是挖洞And this is gonna be a good place to dig a snow hole.这儿是挖洞的好地方 You want a lee slope with a big buildup of powdered snow from the wind.你需要一个有大量干末雪的背风斜坡 用于抵挡狂风Also, if you dig into the slope, when you#39;re shoveling,并且如果你要在斜坡挖洞 那铲雪时gravity is gonna take the snow down away from you.Let gravity do the work.地心引力会带走一部分雪 让地心引力帮你的忙It#39;s best to dig horizontally into the snow face.最好与雪地表面平行挖掘Dig downwards, and you#39;ll create a well,向下挖 你就可以挖出一口槽and all the cold air will sink on top of you.所有冷风就只会从你头顶上方吹过Okay, we#39;re y.好的 我都准备好了 Article/201702/494752大良容桂伦教勒流街道男科咨询 The brain is amazing and complex.But a lack of understandings has lead to a grateful idea of myth through out the years.我们的大脑神奇又复杂。但由于缺乏足够足够了解,多年来我们都存在许多误解。Like ;bigger is better,;Well,this may be true for some other organs,You only need to look at sperm whale#39;s brain which is nearly 6 times larger than that of humans,to see this myth fall apart.Yes,there are certainly intelligent animals.but their cognitive skills pale in comparison to our own.比如“越大越好”。这个说话或许对其他器官适应,这个误解看似有一定道理,但只需要用抹香鲸举个例子就可以说明,它们的大脑差不多比人的大脑大6倍。它们确实很聪明,不过认知能力远不及我们人类。Had fun night owl?Don#39;t worry.Alcohol doesn#39;t actually kill your brain cells.Although,it does cause damaging creates problems of conveying messages between neurons,The damage is mostly reversible.Similarily,drugs don#39;t actually create holes in your brain.喝高后也不要太担心大脑受损。酒精并不会杀死我们的脑细胞。虽然酒精可能导致神经元之间的信息传递障碍,但这却是可逆的。同样 药物也不会让大脑内部形成空洞。Though,some can permanently change your brain#39;s functionality and structure,the only thing can not a hole in your brain is physical trauma.Good thing is you have 100 billion brain cells,or not.Surprisingly,it wasn#39;t it until 2009 that scientists discoverd the true mnumber to be closer to 86 billion.Sure,it may seem like a small difference.一些药物确实会永久性改变大脑的机能和物理结构,但只有外部创伤才真正会在脑袋里留下洞洞。我们真的有1000亿个脑细胞吗?恐怕没有。奇怪的是直到2009年科学家们才发现,我们只有大约860亿个脑细胞。可能你会觉得这差别不是很大。But those 14 billion neurons are equal to the size of entire baboon brain,To further put those number in perceptive consider that 1 million seconds is 12 days,while 1 billion seconds is 31 years.So,that 14 billion neuron difference may not be so small after all.但是,狒狒一般情况下也才有这相差的140亿个脑细胞,让我们举个例子进一步说明这个差距有多大,100万秒是约是12天 10亿秒却是31年,这样看来 是不是140亿的差距就不小啦。Regardless we can#39;t use them all,right? Most movies and science books have us believe humans can only use around 10% percent of our brain.which is absolutely nonsense.Thanks to modern brain scanning technology.we known that we use the whole thing all the time.Now,necessarily all at once,when you working,for instance.the part the brain associated with movement are more active than other areas.我们不能完全利用大脑对吗?大多数科教片和科技书籍都误导我们,人类大脑最多可以开发10%左右,这纯属扯淡,有了脑部扫描技术后 我们才得知,我们的大脑随时都在完全运转。比如 当你需要做某种工作时,可以让大脑某部位更加活跃。However,there is no part of the brain that simply doesn#39;t do anything.It presents 3% of the body#39;s weigh,and it just 20% of its energy,that#39;s a busy brain,But we generally use one side more than the other,right? Nope .But you have be convinced that if you more logical or analytical.you more left brained;and if you are more creative and intuitive,you#39;re more brained.It simply not true.不过 其他部位并不是完全闲着。大脑占人体重量的3% 却要消耗20%的能量 它真的很忙,我们更擅长用左脑或是右脑吗?也不是,大多数人会觉得 如果更理智或更聪明,自己就是左脑型;如果创造力和直觉好 就是右脑型。其实都不对。While different sides of our brain are indeed used for special functions.For example,language uses the left hemispherre.while the right hemisphere helps us a emotion.Study on thousands individuals have found,no evidence of left or right dominance in individuals.In other words,you use both sides equally.And you don#39;t actually have 5 senses like you are always told.不过,我们左右脑确实各施其职。比如 说话主要靠左脑,而右脑却帮我们读懂别人的感情。对数千人研究后表明 个体左脑和右脑之间,完全没有主脑和副脑的区别。也就是说 你的两侧大脑完全平等。你也并不只有通常认为的五种感官。In fact,you have a lot more.Like nociception,which is the sense of pain,and proprioception,the sense of how our body are positioned.Not to mention the sense of balance,temperature and passing of time.Scientists at GE Global Research Centers are collaborating with top researchers and institutions to uncover new insides of the brain functionality.实际上,要多得多。比如感觉疼痛的“伤感感受”,以及用于调节体位的“本体感受”。其他还有感觉平衡 温度和时间流逝的感受等。GE全球研究中心的科学家们 正与全球顶尖的研究者和研究中心合作,探究大脑功能的位置奥秘。If you are interested in debunking more myth,or understanding more about the brain.you can follow their progress at the GE reports,as they work together to crack the brain#39;s greatest mysteries.如果对探究奥秘 或者是想了解更多有关大脑知识,可以关注GE的研究报告了解他们揭露的大脑奥秘。 Article/201501/351731顺德医院新地址

佛山妇幼保健院是正规的吗顺德中医院男科妇科网上预约 栏目简介:《英国节日简介》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目通过英式英语视频讲解的形式来介绍英国的节日,能够帮助英语学习爱好者更好地了解英国的节日文化传统,从而加深对英语中一些习惯用语的理解,是提高英语文化素养的好材料。 Article/201509/400258佛山市第三人民医院男科专家

南海区妇幼保健院阳痿早泄价格The Spartan boy is tough as nails,斯巴达男孩坚韧如钉he has to be able to sleep outside他得能睡在户外when it#39;s raining and even snowing,不论是刮风下雨还是大雪纷飞to have to forage and even steal your own food.还得自己搜寻食物 甚至自己做吃的Spartans are armed with the best weapons of the day,斯巴达人拥有当时社会最先进的武器Spears and swords of iron.铁制长矛和宝剑But Sparta cannot fight Persia alone.然而斯巴达并没有能力单独对抗波斯Within Greece, Sparta#39;s rival: Athens.在希腊还有一个与斯巴达对立的城邦: 雅典Also small, vulnerable,它同样的弱小 不堪一击A city of merchants, playwrights, and farmers.这是一个由商人 剧作家和农民组建的城邦But faced with a powerful enemy,面对强大的敌人Athens must decide to accept Persia as its master雅典人必须作出选择 是做波斯人的奴仆Or try and make common cause with its bitter rival.还是竭力抗争 与仇敌斯巴达结盟The decision will determine the future of the western world这个决定将左右西方世界的未来And the story of all of us.以及全人类的历史The age of iron gives power to the people.铁器时代让人民有了力量The small city-state of Athens faces a choice:小城邦雅典面临艰难抉择:Submit to the Persian empire or fight for freedom.是向波斯帝国投降认输 还是为自由而战 Article/201509/398344 栏目简介:《造物小百科How it#39;s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201510/392173佛山看非淋多少钱佛山市第一人民泌尿科医院看泌尿科怎么样



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