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锻炼(Exercise) -- :53: 来源: 锻炼(Exercise)   i exercise everyday, usually when i come home from school .and eating habits are pretty good. i try to lot of vegetabies ,usually ten to eieven times a week.and i eat fruit everyday and i drnk milk everyday.  ofcourse,i love junkfood too, but i try to eat it only once a week.oh,and isleep nine hours every night. so you see,i look after my health lifestyle helps me get good grades.  good food exercise help me to study better.四年级英语作文:When I grow up --1 01:59:6 来源: When I grow up, I want to be an artist. I want to use my colorful pencil to draw this wonderful world to everyone.  Some years ago, I did not know how to use the pencil to draw the picture my mother and my father. One day, I found I could draw animals, people, mountai, seaso with the colorful pencils with teacherrsquo help. As a result, I want to be a artist. Even though this dream is very small, but I still make my eft. I can study drawing hardly from now on. An then I think my dream will come true.下周 Next Week --19 :19:9 来源: Next WeekIt’s going to be Spring Festival next week.Next Monday I am going to my cousin’s house. He lives in a village. I am going by ship. Next Tuesday I am going to have a picnic. Next Wednesday I am going to go shopping in Nanhai Plaza and to have K.F.C. Next Thursday I am going to Jihuayuan to fly kites. In the evening I am going to clean my room. Next Friday I am going to visit my uncle’s family and my grandpa. Next Saturday I am going to play football at school. Next Sunday I am going to hot spring in Kaiping.I am going to be very happy.

反映家庭暴力的小学英语话剧 -- :00: 来源: 反映家庭暴力的小学英语话剧爸爸失业在家,心情不好整日酗酒,酒醉后动不动就打骂妻儿,弄到警察局也无济于事孩子的成绩下降了,上课不专心,老师也拿他无可奈何最后爸爸竟然贩卖毒品被抓入狱出狱后的爸爸,会真心悔过,开始新的人生吗?Cast  Sandy (child):  Mr. Lin (Father):  Mrs. Lin (Mother):  Neighbor:  Social worker:  Wader:  Policeman:  May (Sandy’s friend):  Miss Lee (Teacher):  Scene I  (In Sandy’s home)  Father is ing newspaper in the living room.  Father:Sandy, I’m thirsty. Give me some drinks. Bring me bottle more!  Sandy:Dad, please don’t drink any more. It’s enough!  Father:If you don’t bring it to me, I will hit you!  Sandy:Yes, father!  (But when Sandy comes, she falls down. Break the bottle and spill on father. Father is very angry and began to hit Sandy.)  Sandy: Dad!Please don’t beat me …  Father: Hum!(Hold the bottle) Because you are so stupid and not a good child.  Mother:Honey… please stop. Our child is crying. She didn’t do anything wrong.  Sandy:Dad, please… stop hitting me.  Father:Shut up! Or I hit your mother, too.  (In the same time, the neighbor discovers this domestic violence.)  Neighbor:(Calls to 1) There is a father hitting his family now. Please help them  immediately… I’m afraid the child will be in danger. The address is…. Please, hurry up!  Policeman:Ok, I’ll be there soon.  Scene II  (In the police station)  Police:Why do you abuse your child? She was innocent. Don’t you regret to doing it?  Father:It’s none of your business.  Social worker:Mrs. Lin and Sandy, did Mr. Lin often abuse the child?  (First, Mrs. Lin doesn’t say anything, and then she is crying.)  Mother:Since he lost his job, he was drinking all the time. Sandy and I usually were  hit by him. And if I didn’t give him money, he sad he would kill us…  Father:Nonsense!I didn’t do that thing.  Social worker:Mrs. Lin, calm down. If he did it again, please call me. I’ll help you. And I’ll find sometime to talk to him.  Scene III  (In Sandy’s classroom)  Teacher:Sandy, follow me after class.  (Sandy and teacher go to office together.)  Teacher:You are often absent lately and your grades also are not as good as bee. What happened to you?  Sandy:No, it’s nothing. Thanks your concern.  Teacher:Are you sure? Anyway, if you have any problem, tell me, ok?  Sandy:Ok, Miss Lee.  (After the class, Sandy and May are on the home way.)  May:Sandy, I called you home yesterday. You wasn’t at home. Your mother told me that you have a part time job. It’s a surprise to me! What’s the matter with your family? You have to study hard during this year bee you take the entrance examination. This year is very important to you. You can’t let other things distract your studies and deprive of your study time.  Sandy:(crying) I know. But I have no way anymore. My father lost his job, and we  have no money to pay all the spending.  May:Oh, Sandy, Don’t worry. I will help you.  (After the day, May decides to tell the teacher about Sandy’s problem.)  May:Miss Lee, I have to talk to you something about Sandy…  Teacher:May, you are Sandy’s good friend. Do you know what’s wrong with Sandy?  May:Eh…I heard that Sandy’s family has economic crisis, and Sandy has a part time job…  Teacher:Ok, I understand. I will talk to her parents.  Scene IV  (On the road in front of Sandy’s home)  Police:Hold it! Don’t move!  Father:No!(Still running in front of the policeman)  (The police got the father.)  (In the police station)  Policeman:Mr. Lin, You can’t go anywhere unless you promise you won’t sell those drugs. And you should stay in the jail six months, because we found the evidence that you are a drug dealer.  Father:No! Please give me….I was not on purpose.  Mother:(Crying) Please give him a chance to turn over a new leaf. He has to make money the family.  Father:You…shut up! Here is no need of your interjection!  Scene V  (In the social worker’s office)  Teacher:I’ve told you everything about Sandy….  Social worker:I see. Thanks your help. I’ll manage it as soon as I can. ( Turn to talk to the mother) Mrs. Lin, I understand your feeling, but it’s her crucial time to study hard to enter a good senior high school. In another word, she can’t do part time job after class and without review her lessons.  Mother:I know what you want to tell me. But, in fact, her father and I haven’t found jobs…and her father is in jail now because of selling drug. (Crying) Oh! I can’t stand it anymore!  Social worker:Don’t worry it. I can introduce you some work I know. As long as you work hard, you’ll have a steady life with your daughter. Now, Sandy needs a secure and stable environment to grow up and study.  Mother:(Still crying) Thank you very much. If there is not your help, I don’t know how to do…  Scene VI  (After six months, outside the jail)  Warder:I really hope you won’t enter here again.  Father:I won’t. I’m very embarrassed that you are so 反映家庭暴力的小学英语话剧

超市(The supermarket) --01 ::9 来源: 超市(The supermarket)   this is a supermarket .it is big and new. its name is wanjia .you can buy many things in the supermarket .  you can buy food like milk,b ,vegetables,chocolate…… ,you can buy school things like books,rubber,pencil……,you can buy clothes like shorts,trousers,shirt.you can buy cupboard,computer,robot,fun,desk,too.  this is a big supermarket ,it is open hours a day. there are many people here. the shop worker is very hard working. they always y to people .  i like going here.

临涣——三千年历史的古茶镇 -- ::38 来源: 临涣——三千年历史的古茶镇喜欢茶的人会偶尔谈起这座有着三千年历史的古茶镇临涣位于安徽北部,拥有者最原始的茶文化 People who love tea occasionally talk about this ancient town with 3,000-year history. Situated in northern Anhui, the old town owns the most original tea heritage with a history of 600 years - a downright old teahouse with the old tea culture and traditional hookah. Linhuan is a small town, with a circumference of 3 kilometers and ,000 regular residents. There is only one main street in the town. But these could not stop the town from being admired. 3 临涣

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