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听力参考文本:Theres all kinds of testing going on in Flint to try to figure out whats happening in the drinking water system. The state and the Environmental Protection Agency are each doing different kinds of tests.The EPA is about to launch a new kind of test. Its called a pipe rig.Mark Durno is an On-Scene Coordinator with the EPA. He says theyve hooked up four of these pipe rigs to test the treated water leaving the drinking water plant.;A pipe rig is a large apparatus thats tied into the effluent pipes coming from the drinking water treatment plant,; he says.Durno says the city will dig up some lead service lines, and then the EPA will put some of those lines in the pipe rig to test them.Phosphates are added to the water to coat the inside of the pipes. That should eventually keep the pipes from corroding, and keep lead out of the water (Flint didnt control for corrosion after switching to the Flint River in 2014, and lead leached out of the aging infrastructure and got into peoples drinking water).Durno says theyll use the pipe rig to see how well that protective layer is forming.;What the pipe rigs are established to do is actually give us real time water quality data coming off the plant. So well be monitoring concentrations of phosphate in the water, and well evaluate how well the pipes are getting coated with this phosphate material,; he says.He says the information they get from the tests will help them say when Flints water system is in better shape. Durno says theyll also have to evaluate the quality of the water at faucets in peoples homes.Flint Mayor Karen Weaver wants to remove all of the citys lead service lines. Thats expected to start later this week.But Durno says the EPA will still keep testing the water leaving the treatment plant.;Were working under the premise that there are service lines that are going to be in the ground for a long period of time. Now, if that changes and somehow funding is provided, and work is accomplished to rapidly remove lead service lines, that might change the game but theres no guarantees,; he says.He says he expects the testing to start in about three weeks.201603/429103

If you live anywhere near Brooklyn, Michigan, youre probably seeing a lot more RV traffic.Its race weekend at the Michigan International Speedway and NASCARs top drivers will be in town racing for the Firekeepers Casino 400.In honor of the big race, we take the time to tell the story of one of the sports all-time great drivers and personalities: Benny Parsons.In an unlikely underdog story, Parsons went from a Detroit taxi driver to a NASCAR champion before lung cancer claimed his life in 2007.Michigan native and long-time NASCAR reporter Matt Yocum, who will be covering the Firekeepers Casino 400 this weekend for Fox Sports, joined Stateside to tell the story of a man simply known as Benny.Where Parsons grew up, in North Carolina, auto racing is king. When he moved to Detroit after high school, he was a taxi driver for his dads business, the Metropolitan Cab Company (which still exists today) and in a scene right out of a movie, got his break in auto racing.While working at a local gas station, a tow truck hauling a race car, came in to fill up. One thing led to another and the driver of the truck invited Parsons to come to a local short track to take in a race. As the story goes, the regular driver didnt show up and Parsons was thrown into the drivers seat for the race.A few years later, at the age of 22, he broke into NASCAR and began a career that would include 21 wins, highlighted by a dramatic win at the 1975 Daytona 500. While the Daytona 500 is considered the pinnacle race of the sport, the way that he won the 1973 NASCAR championship (then known as the Winston Cup) may have been the best example of how much he was loved and respected by his peers.On the final race of the season in Rockingham, North Carolina—just miles away from his home—Parsons just needed to complete a little over 300 laps in the race to earn enough points to win the title.That title was in jeopardy when he crashed early in the race.In a series of events that the sport will likely never see again, rival pit crews and teams rallied together to fix Parsons car by stripping parts from another teams car, to get him back on the track so he could win the championship.In 1988, Benny Parsons told the story of his dramatic championship win in the final race of 1973.According to Yocum, Parsons was one of the most beloved personalities in the sport and that translated well after his retirement in 1988 as he made the smooth transition into the broadcast booth where he was an award-winning commentator for multiple networks.;He helped change television,; said Yocum. ;When Benny came in, he had (a) little bit of a southern drawl and he had his personality. Whether it was his shtick of Buffet Benny talking about the different restaurants in the area ... but his personality really warmed up the TV audience.;201606/448986

where do you sell them,I sell them...On the internet?你在哪里销售这个 我...在网上吗On the internet.On the website.在网上 通过网站销售How much do they sell for.2.99,Oh,I was gonna for 5.98价格是多少呢 2.99美元 哦 我打算卖5.98一包的All right.So do you want a business partner?好了 那么你想要一个生意伙伴吗Cause I could go in with you.Look,I have a television show.因为我可以和你合伙 你看看 我主持一个电视节目And then,you know,we can do it together and we could make a lot of money.A lot of money.Money.而且 你知道的 我们可以合作 我们可以赚很多的钱 非常多的钱 钱Well,I dont know about that.Frankly,I dont know. -All right.好吧 我不知道 坦白说 我不知道 -好的Well,you have a good office at home? yep.你在家有办公室吗 -有Do you want a better office?I can get... No.那你想要个更好的办公室吗 我可以.. -不Let me rephrase it.Here is your staff.我换种说法好了 这些东西都是你的Come on.Have a look.You have a desk.来吧 来看看 你有一张办公桌Come on.Look you can hoard all your stuff there your roller decks看吧你的东西可以藏这里 还有这是你的便签Its the latest technology.这是最新科技Sofia Vergara will be here after this.接下来是Sofia Vergara. 我们马上回来 /201603/432363

Those planets are all going to be so hot, and you cant develop something as complex as life.那些星球都太热了,如生命这类复杂事物根本无法在那里诞生。Scientists have gone back to the drawing board, looking to find worlds capable of supporting life, small rocky planets like earth.科学家们重新开始了寻找,可持生命的世界的工作,他们的目标是类似地球的小型岩石行星。We dont know that life has to evolve on the surface of small rocket planets. But we know it did once here on earth. And so its a reasonable place to start the search.我们不知道生命是不是,只有在岩石行星上才能出现,但我们知道它在地球上诞生了,所以在这种地方开展搜索是很明智的。Earth is important, because we know that this little planet had everything it needed to create life. And if a distant world has similar conditions, theres at least a possibility life could emerge there too.地球很重要,因为我们知道,她刚好拥有一切创造生命所需的,如果一个遥远世界也有类似的条件,那么那里至少有可能也出现生命。If you were to give a biologist a piece of paper and say write down on every line something you need for life.如果你给生物学家一张纸,并让他列出他认为生命所需的东西。Hell say you need energy source, you need oxygen, you need water, you need carbon, you need organic compounds, you need amino acids, you need all the stuff.他们会说那需要能源,氧气,水,碳,有机化合物,氨基酸等等所有的一切。There is a long list of factors that make our earth special and perfectly suited for life. But the most important is its distance from our energy source, the sun.有一长串的东西使我们的地球与众不同并且适宜生命存在,但最重要的是地球和我们能量来源的距离—太阳。At 93 million miles away the earth is at just the right place for water to exist as a liquid. So why is liquid water important?离地球9300万英里远,地球所处的位置刚刚好,使得水能以液态形式存在,那么为什么液态水这么重要呢?Imagine a world, so much hotter than the earth, there are no oceans, no liquid water all on its surface.想象一个比地球热得多的地方,那里地表上根本没有海洋,没有液态水。Such a place would be like a desert. Without water, there is nothing to let the grains in sand interact.这样的地方会像一个沙漠,没有水,就没有东西可以使这些沙粒相互作用。And in the same way without water, there is nothing to allow the atoms, the carbon and oxygen, and trace elements to form the molecules that would give rise to the chemistry of life.同样的没有水就没有东西可以使原子,碳,氧气,和各种元素形成可产生生命的化学反应的分子。On the other hand, on a world much colder than the earth, water can only exist as ice, and we have another problem.但另一方面,在一个比地球冷得多的地方,水只能以冰的形式存在,这就产生了另一个问题。This frozen block of sand has all the grains in sand locked together. They cant move around and interact.这个冻住的沙块有许多被困住的沙粒,它们无法移动并相互作用。Just the same way that on a frozen world, the atoms in molecules cant move around and interact to from the chemistry necessary for life.同样在一个冰冻的世界,原子和分子无法移动或相互作用,来形成生命必须的化学反应。But if temperatures and conditions are just right like here on earth, you get liquid water.但如果温度和其他条件都很合适,比如在地球上就能有液态水。 译文属201512/416969

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