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上饶哪个脱毛医院好信州区去痘医院哪家好And Im sure theres some parents out there who can relate to what Im talking about. 我相信 台下有一些家长他们能理解我的意思Yeah. Hmm, everybody upstairs And there were other good reasons for me to show up. 没错 就是上排那些人我来这里的原因不止这个Sure, I got an Academy Award but I never had something called Magic Meatball. 诚然 我获得过奥斯卡金像奖但我还没在餐车前排队等候半个小时后After waiting in line for half an hour at a food truck Yes, ive talked face-to-face with President Obama. 品尝 魔法狮子头 的味道诚然 我曾和奥巴马总统面对面交流过But I never met a guy named Kweder who sings bad cover songs at Smokes on a Tuesday night. 但从没跟一个叫Kweder的家伙说过话他星期二会在Smokes那里高唱不良歌曲Ive never been an Buis ive never been an Hemos. 我从来不是Bui成员也没成为Himo派Yes, I have played a detective battling demons but ive never been to a school in my life. 诚然 我扮演过与恶魔斗争的侦探但是我从来没有去过一所学校Where the squirrel population has gone bananas I mean they break into the dorm rooms. 那里的松鼠群体已经完全失控闯进学生宿舍They walked around the campus I think I saw some carrying books on the way to class. 畅游于校园我还看到有些松鼠拿着书本去上课了So I had to be here. I had to come even though I was afraid I might make a fool of myself. 所以我今天一定要来 我必须来尽管我害怕自己会出洋相In fact, if you really want to know the truth I had to come exactly because... 其实 如果你们真的想知道真相正是因为我有可能出洋相……I had to come exactly because I might make a fool of myself You know what am I talking about?. 正是因为我有可能出洋相 所以我才一定要来我为什么这么说呢?201610/473706上饶韩美整形美容医院双眼皮多少钱 英语会话800句 2 /200608/9052So one day I was hacking something, I was taking it apart, and I had this sudden idea:有一天我正在拆解东西,我突然产生了这样的想法:Could I treat biology like hardware?我能不能把生物体当作硬件?Could I dismantle a biological system, mix and match the parts我能不能拆分一个生物系统,混合并配对拆分出来的部分,and then put it back together in some new and creative way?然后用全新的创造性的方式把它重新拼装?My lab started working on this, and I want to show you the result.于是我的实验室开始了相关的研究,我想给你们展示一下成果。Can any of you guys tell me what fruit this is? Apple!你们有谁能够告诉我这是什么水果吗?苹果!Thats right -- its an apple.没错——这是个苹果。Now, I actually want you to notice as well that this is a lot redder than most apples.我现在也需要你们注意,它比其他苹果要红得多。And thats because we grew human cells into it.原因是我们在其中植入了人类细胞。We took a totally innocent Macintosh apple,我们拿了一个纯正的麦金塔苹果removed all the apple cells and DNA and then implanted human cells.移除所有的苹果细胞和DNA,再植入人类细胞。And what were left with after removing all the apple cells is this cellulose scaffold.移除全部苹果细胞后,剩下的是纤维素骨架。This is the stuff that gives plants their shape and texture.正是纤维素保了植物的形状和质感。And these little holes that you can see, this is where all the apple cells used to be.还有你们看到的这些小孔,就是苹果细胞原来所在的地方。So then we come along, we implant some mammalian cells that you can see in blue.然后我们继续试验,植入了一些哺乳动物细胞,你们可以看到是蓝色的。What happens is, these guys start multiplying and they fill up this entire scaffold.接下来,它们开始繁殖,并充满了整个骨架空隙。As weird as this is, its actually really reminiscent of how our own tissues are organized.听起来有些不可思议,这的确能使我们联想到人体的组织排列方式。And we found in our pre-clinical work that you can implant these scaffolds into the body,我们在临床前试验时发现,你可以把这些纤维素骨架植入体内,and the body will send in cells and a blood supply and actually keep these things alive.而身体会提供细胞和血液供应来维持其生命活动。This is the point when people started asking me, ;Andrew, can you make body parts out of apples?;就在这个时候人们开始问我,“安德鲁,你能从苹果中制造出人体部位吗?”And Im like, ;Youve come to the right place.;我答道:“你来对地方了。”201609/467282波阳县卫生学校附属医院打瘦腿针多少钱

上饶去腋毛的地方Imagine that you invented a device想象你发明了一种设备that can record my memories, my dreams, my ideas, and transmit them to your brain.能记录我的记忆、我的梦想、我的想法,并且传到你的大脑。That would be a game-changing technology, right?那将是改变世界的新科技,对吧?But in fact, we aly possess this device,但事实上,我们已拥有这样的设备,and its called human communication system and effective storytelling.它被称为“人类沟通系统”和“有效率的说故事方式”。To understand how this device works, we have to look into our brains.为了解这系统如何运作,我们得先了解大脑,And we have to formulate the question in a slightly different manner.并且稍稍改变提问的方向。Now we have to ask how these neuron patterns in my brain我们改问:我大脑中跟记忆、想法相关的神经元图像,that are associated with my memories and ideas are transmitted into your brains.是如何被传输到你的脑里呢?And we think there are two factors that enable us to communicate.我们认为人能沟通须有两大因素。First, your brain is now physically coupled to the sound wave that Im transmitting to your brain.首先,你的大脑必须在物理上和我正在对你讲话的声波耦合。And second, we developed a common neural protocol that enabled us to communicate.其次,我们有共通的神经通讯协议使我们能够沟通。So how do we know that?我们何以得知的呢?In my lab in Princeton, we bring people to the fMRI scanner and we scan their brains在普林斯顿的研究室里,我们对受测者进行功能性核磁共振仪扫描,while they are either telling or listening to real-life stories.就在他们讲述或聆听真实故事时扫描他们的大脑。And to give you a sense of the stimulus we are using,为让各位了解我们使用的刺激物,let me play 20 seconds from a story that we used,我从一段故事中截取了20秒来播放,told by a very talented storyteller, Jim OGrady.由非常有才华的说故事人吉姆·奥格雷迪来向我们讲故事。201609/468542玉山县人民医院修眉手术多少钱 And just for contrast, we can do this with any word.相对,你也可以为其他词汇勾勒词景We can take the word ;bye; as in ;good bye.;比如“goog bye”(再见)里的“bye”字And were now zoomed in over the entrance to the house.我们放大到房子大门口附近And we look, and we find, as you would expect,我们看到,我们发现,你也会想到a contrast in the landscape where the word ;bye; occurs much more in a structured way.一幅相对的景象,在那儿你看到“bye“高频率出现的结构So were using these structures to start predicting the order of language acquisition, and thats ongoing work now.我们用这些结构,开始预言学会语言的顺序,这是在持续进行的工作In my lab, which were peering into now, at MIT -- this is at the media lab.在我麻省理工学院的研究室--就是现在看到的,那是在媒体实验室里This has become my favorite way of graphing just about any space.这成了我最喜欢的空间视频制图方法Three of the key people in this project, Philip DeCamp, Rony Kubat and Brandon Roy are pictured here.这个项目的关键人物都在,就是图片里的菲利普·迪坎普,罗尼·库巴特和布兰登·罗伊。Philip has been a close collaborator on all the visualizations youre seeing.菲利普是一个密切的合作者,你们看到的视觉化功能就是他负责的And Michael Fleischman was another Ph.D. student in my lab who worked with me on this home analysis,还有麦克尔·菲莱舍曼是我实验室的另一个士生,和我一起做了家庭视频的分析and he made the following observation:是他发表了以下的观点:that ;just the way that were analyzing how language connects to events which provide common ground for language,“我们分析语言如何与事件相关,这是语言的共同的基础that same idea we can take out of your home, Deb, and we can apply it to the world of public media.;我们可以把同样的思路带出你的家,戴,我们可以把它用到公共媒体上”And so our effort took an unexpected turn.所以我们的研究有了个意想不到的转折Think of mass media as providing common ground and you have the recipe for taking this idea to a whole new place.想到大众媒体提供共同的基础,你就可以把我们的方法运用到一个崭新的地方。201705/508466上饶玉山县自体脂肪移植丰胸哪家好

上饶上饶县隆鼻多少钱Dear Excellencies, Friends and Colleagues, First, I would like to thank all speakers and panellists for the enlightening speeches. My name is Roy Wang, I am a young singer and actor from China – the country that hosts 278 million young people, as the second largest youth population in the world. Until yesterday, I only saw the UN building on TV, so this is the very first time that I am honored to participate in the Youth Forum to raise my voice. I am grateful for this unique opportunity. I was fortunate to work with the ed Nations China Subgroup on Youth to advocate for the Imagine 2030 campaign, which aims at encouraging the young generation in China to reflect and think about the world we want to see in 2030 – the year the Sustainable Development Goals are expected to be achieved. This campaign meaningfully engaged a large number of young people, including millions of left-behind children and other marginalized young people, and provided them with an opportunity to express their views and share their imagination to inspire our world. I submitted a cartoon drawing project. My passion for 2030 is that every young person can access good quality education, girls have the same potential to achieve amazing things as boys. With the support from many young people across the country, the campaign, which has been running for a few months since October 2016, recorded over 500 million views online. Inspired by the campaign, understanding SDGs has become a fashion among the young people. Dear Excellencies, Friends and Colleagues, Taking this opportunity, both as a leader and a young person myself, I want to reassure you of Chinese young peoples motivation to advance and realize (the) SDGs, wherever you are. I truly believe that our youth power can influence the world we live in, and hope that our determination can make a difference. Thank you very much.201702/492572 Its useful, in part, because it reminds us that we all have feelings that we dont act upon, maybe shouldnt act upon.它的好处在于,这种区分提醒我们:我们都有很多并没有付诸行动的,或者本就不该付诸行动的情感和感受。Ill give you an example.比如。Sometimes Im in line, and theres somebody in front of me with one of those bluetooth earpieces on.有时我在排队的时候,前面有个人带着蓝牙耳机叽叽喳喳个没完。And theyre chattering and chattering, completely oblivious to the people behind them, were all waiting while they keep chattering.我行我素,完全不顾及后面被打扰的人的感受。And sometimes, when that happens, I fantasize for just a split second about pulling out a sword and chopping of their ear.而当这种情况出现时,有时我脑海里就会闪现这样的念头:我拔出一把宝剑,一剑下去切掉他的耳朵。Whoosh! I dont act on that feeling; dont act on that feeling.;嗖;的一声,世界清静了。我并没有把这种感受付诸行动。You may have had similar feelings.相信你们也会在某些时候有类似的感受。We all have feelings we dont act upon, and thats part of being a grownup.我们都会产生一些感受,却不遵循它们去行动。这是成熟的表现。Thats part of being a human being; you have self-restraint.这是人的正常表现。你会有自制力。Just because you have a feeling, doesnt mean you ought to act on it, and this distinction reminds us of that.并不仅仅因为你产生了一种感受,就意味着你一定要将其付诸行动。这种区分方法提醒我们这个道理。Its a problematic distinction because it over-simplifies.而另一方面,这种区分方式也存在着过于简化的问题。For one thing, it draws a very sharp contrast between feelings and activities, when the contrast between those things is not always so sharp.比如,它在情感感受与具体行为之间,划出了一条非常清晰的界线,而界线的两边,情感感受和具体行为实际上却往往不是那么泾渭分明的两种事物。Sometimes theyre intimately connected.有时这两者紧密相连。Sometimes who we are and what we do are profoundly connected, and this distinction maybe makes us forget that a little bit.有时,;我们是谁;和;我们要做什么;这两者有着极大的关联,而这种武断的区分,会让我们忘了这一点。Its also problematic because it over-simplifies each of the elements involved, both sexual orientation and sexual activity.这种区分的另一个糟糕之处是它过度简化了问题里相关的元素:性取向和性行为。Let me say something about each of those elements.我不妨解释一下两者。Lets start with activity.先从行为开始。What do I mean when I say, ;homosexual activity?;当我们提到;同性性行为;的时候,我们指的是什么?Well, what do I mean when I say, ;heterosexual activity?;当我们提到;异性性行为;的时候,我们指的又是哪些东西?Intercourse? Sure. What about kissing? Sometimes.是指;性交;吗?当然!那么;接吻;算吗?有时候算。What about holding hands?那么;牵手;呢?What about going for a romantic walk with someone?或者;浪漫地和某人一起散步;?What about making a nice dinner for someone?又或者;给某人做一顿美味佳肴;?What about waiting outside someones door because you have a crush on that person?抑或仅仅是;在暗恋的对象家门前守候;。Yeah, you know who you are.可别想歪了哦。Think about all of the activities that make up our romantic lives, broadly understood.大家想象一下那些构成我们情感生活的所有行为,那么显而易见。When we talk about heterosexuality, we talk about that wide range of activities.当我们讨论异性恋的时候,我们会去讨论上面的这些各种各样的行为。When we talk about homosexuality, we focus on the sex part of it.而当我们讨论同性恋的时候,我们却把所有的焦点集中在;性;这一点上。And that gives us the kind of picture like the bedroom is the only room in the homosexual persons house这给了人们一种错觉,仿佛同性恋家里只有一间屋子,那就是卧室,or the most important part of our lives and relationships, and its a false picture.仿佛性才是我们生活中和情感里最重要的东西,而这大错特错。This is not the only time we get this sort of false contrast.这已经不是第一次遇到这种错误的区别对待了。I mean we say things. We say, yeah, heterosexual people, we talk about relationships.人们讨论问题的时候,当讨论异性恋者,会去他讨论他们的;情感生活;。Homosexual people, we talk about sex.而当说到同性恋者,却只会讨论;性;这个话题。We say heterosexual people have lives; homosexual people have ;lifestyles.;人们会说,异性恋者过的是;生活;,而同性恋者过的是;生活方式;。I teach at a state university.我在州立大学教书。I dont make enough money to have a ;lifestyle.;我挣得那点钱可让我过不上什么;生活方式;。 We say heterosexual people have a moral vision; homosexual people have an agenda.人们会说异性恋者有;伦理道德观;,而同性恋者是;行事态度;。The words we use to talk about these things really affect our way of thinking about them.我们讨论一个事物时用的那些词汇,会真切地影响到我们思考他们的方式。Now, Im going to focus on homosexual sex tonight because thats the part that bothers people,我们今晚将着重谈谈同性恋的性这个话题,因为让很多人感到不安的,正是它。but I dont want you to get this kind of skewed picture但是我不想让你们得到这种歪曲的观念,thats the only part of homosexual activity, homosexual relationships, or homosexual peoples lives.以为性是同性恋行为,同性恋情感关系,或者同性恋群体的人生的全部。201605/443508上饶妇幼保健院脱毛多少钱上饶上饶县治疗黄褐斑多少钱




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